he’s quite the fighter


“The things we see are the same things that are within us. There is no reality except the one contained within us. That is why so many people live such an unreal life. They take the images outside them for reality and never allow the world within to assert itself.”

evolution-incarnate  asked:

Looked through your stuff and saw nobody really asked, how does the internal anatomy of some of your dragons work? Like, skeletal and muscular anatomy How does the shoulder joint work in tandem with the wings? How do your dragons produce a breath weapon?

DISCLAIMER: i have 0 idea how anatomy works and biologists are probably going to want to beat me to death but here we go i guess

Ok so to start breath weapons. Most of my fire breathing dragons have an organ in their bodies (usually close to the heart) that synthesizes their respective weapon chemicals and stores them in liquid form, and on a few of the dragons on gaseous form. When they want to breathe them out they can just pump it up their throat and the chemicals should react with the air and produce fire or smth

Rivier, while not a fire dragon, has a similar mechanic, except she needs to eat a certain type of rocks (nonexistent irl) that have the chemicals necessary for her to do her thing
Alex doesnt have this, instead he’s able to break down atoms and produce energy (usually from metals). He breaks them down to hydrogen and then usually breaks the hydrogen down into energy as well. I know physics dont work this way but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The fire he breathes out is just a secondary result to this process

Ok now for the skeletons (oooh spooky bc i dont knwo what the fuck im doing)
Ok so i put up two different dragons to show differences mostly because as shown Cherokee’s wings are in the front and his arms are behind them, and c’s wings are behind her arms instead

Another disclaimer thing: this change for cher is fairly recent bc something about his design was bothering me before and now im just trying out different things

Anyways. Cher’s wings dont have shoulder blades apparently bc i looked it up and birds dont have them + they would probably bump into his arm ones? idk.

c’s however DO have shoulderblades bc her ‘wings’ can act as arms as well when she’s not using them to fly, while cherokee’s wings as they are could only serve as a bit of ground support if he needed it 

wow more eyeburning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯
so yeah i have no idea whats going on here to be honest but it looks like it makes the tiniest bit of sense visually (maybe not practically) so 

same here just some generic looking muscles, and the wings would have similar anatomy as an.. arm maybe,,,..

so yeah the truth come out, does windy is an idiot? yes. i have no idea what im doing

Dragon for sale!

This Umber/Mantis/Ivory skydancer is mildly obsessed with birds.

Well, wings.

Mostly wings.

He finds it bewildering that, unlike skydancers, birds have ONLY feathers on their wings! How do they DO that? How do bird wings work? How do birds work? Why do his pet chickens try to eat his claws? Why do his pet owls sleep only the places that are most inconvenient for him? Why does he seem to attract birds who want to eat his Runes, even though they are part of his skin/scales/feathers/horns/OW I said!!! Get off!

He loves watching birds fly– it’s much more interesting than watching dragons fly– but he’s… um…

constantly covered in not-flying birds?

(His family jokes that they don’t remember what he looks like, under all the birds.)

And Steven!!





Requested by august-sycamore

Jet aircrafts typically cruise at speeds of around 600 miles per hour. According to the pokédex, so does Garchomp! If that’s true, this land-shark dragon pokémon flies more than twice as fast as the speediest bird in our world, the Peregrine Falcon. 

Everyone knows that planes fly faster than birds. But have you ever stopped to consider why? Let’s start by talking about the forces involved in any kind of flight. There are four main ones that we have to work with.

Gravity is a downward force due to the weight of the object. Lift is the upward force generated by the wings (see Latios). Drag is the air resistance and friction which slows the object down, and thrust is the force that pushes an object forward.

Thrust, then, is the force that controls the speed of the flight. In airplanes, thrust is created through their engines. Engines work through understanding Newton’s Third Law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the sake of an airplane, the engines or propellers push the air backwards, which in turn pushes the airplane forwards.

But how do birds create thrust? Bird wings work in the same way that airplane wings do when it comes to creating lift, but birds don’t have engines to create thrust. They obviously move forward when they fly so they must make thrust somehow. Birds actually create thrust by flapping their wings. Their wings don’t flap straight up and down, but rather at an angle. This angle is what creates not just an upward lift, but a forward thrust. Depending on whether a bird is taking off, cruising, or landing, the angle they flap at (and the resulting thrust) change accordingly.

So birds don’t fly as fast as airplanes do because they don’t have engines. Their wing muscles aren’t powerful or efficient enough to create large thrust forces. Garchomp, in order to fly as fast as a jet plane, must use something other than his wings to create enough thrust. It’s pretty obvious where this thrust comes from: they even look like airplane engines.

Garchomp flies at speeds of 600 mph, which is possible because its wings aren’t the only thing generating thrust. Garchomp’s ear-things act like an airplane’s engines, which push Garchomp forward in its flight.

jykinturah  asked:

Actually a question that I've been dwelling on considering clothing winged anthros... How do you work with it? (Especially if we give them tails and tailfeathers or the like for membranous wings)

This has literally plagued me for years and still is haunting me, so I went ahead and took a crack at it. Given the way the wings actually attach to the body I’d assume they’re have clothing that go completely around the wings or slots for the wings to fit through. I’d imagine putting clothes on could be annoying since they’d be caught on the wings, so I think the best solution would probably be clasps or buttons.

Ignoring the fact that I might need to extend the area of which the wing attaches to the back, these are two of the few solutions I came up with, with the first one being I think the best possible solution. Slots designed for the wing to comfortably fit through without hindering flight, and so the trouble of actually getting it on is also taken care of by the use of an open flap that fits around the wing with buttons/claps that’ll vary in slot-size depending on the size of the wings, if that makes any sense. I might draw more very quick sketches to illustrate it, though. o:

untitled hanschen/moritz friendship fic

I wrote a fic based on this post by @dwsatrash​ and am far too lazy to title it

“I’m coming,” Hanschen called, marking his place in his book and walking to the door, where someone was knocking frantically.  He yanked open the door to find Moritz, one hand still raised, eyes wide.

“What are you doing here?” Hanschen asked.

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veltier  asked:

I've been studying enneagram for some time to know about all the types, but I'm quite confused with how wing vs. tritype work? Do they work together, or are completely separate systems (because someone's wing and tritype can be quite conflicting)? And how does tritype with wings even work? I've seen people saying they're 6w5 2w1 9w8, for example. How does it work to be almost every type? I'm confused... ps. I think your blog & analysis are awesome!

Wings and tritype actually do work together but as to “how” this is going to be a bit more difficult to explain.

The only official statement on this topic can be found in one of Fauvres’ books (page 12) which I will just quote here:

“A Tritype may or may not have a wing type in their Tritype. For example, a Type 7 may or may not have an 8 in their Tritype. If the 7 has a wing type of 8, and has an 8 in the Tritype, the 7 will be heavily influenced by the 8 defense strategies and can often be mistyped as an 8. Further, the 7 with the 8 wing that has the 782 Tritype will have access to 8 through a wing type and by having 8 in the Tritype. The 782 Tritype also has access to the 8 through the line of connection to 8 coming from the 2 in the Tritype. So, the 782 will be a 7 with a very strong flavor of 8.”

So you see that the Fauvre’s who do came up with the tritype only apply wings to the core and not to the other two types within the tritype.
Like in the example its 7w8 (782) and both the 8 and the 2 don’t get wings. In this case the interaction is easily explainable: the 8 just get’s stronger through the core’s wing.
Like instead of 7 (70%) - 8 (20%) - 2 (10%) we would have something like 7 (50%) - 8 (45%) - 2 (5%).

But technically we could also have a 7w6 (782) and this is were things are starting to get complicated.
Obviously the 7 would have the strongest influence. After that you could argue that the 6-wing has to be stronger than the 8 because otherwise we would have a 7w8 core and not a 7w6 one. So 7>6>8>2?

This would also fit with another statement from Katherine Fauvre namely:

“Research shows that the other types in the Tritype are employed for use when the dominant patterns and defenses are no longer effective. The Tritype is therefore usually only engaged when the defenses of both wings and all the lines of connection have been exhausted.“

“Both wings”? Yep, if you are a 9w1 (927) then according to Fauvre you would use both possible 9-wings before even using the other two numbers in your tritype. So 9>1>8>2>7.
That’s one of the reasons why I’m always telling people that the order of the last two numbers in your tritype isn’t all that important. If you are 927 or 972 doesn’t really matter in the long run. It’s nice to know but a lot of things would have to happen before you actually start using either 2 or 7.

And then there is the version where every number within the tritype has their own wings (the 6w5 2w1 9w8 example you mentioned that is widely spread here on tumblr).
This version doesn’t appear in Fauvre’s writings, but it is definitely known in the “official Enneagram world” although I couldn’t locate its source of origin yet.
Following the above theory we would then again use the core first, then both wings, then the next number, then both wings of the second number and so on. 6>5>7>2>1>3>9>8>1 … and the last 1 already appeared before so we might as well scratch that.

Although that’s something where I personally don’t really agree with the Fauvres and I would leave the weaker wings out of the quotation so that it only leaves 6>5>2>1>9>8 … still more than enough numbers.

How does it work to be almost every type?

Well, Enneagram is about fears/desires and as humans we have manifolds of fears and desires don’t we? The 6>5>7>2>1>3>9>8>1 example seeks security > knowledge > stimulation > love >rightness > image > peace > power > rightness in that order.
In the end you get to a point where the system tells us so much that it’s actually telling nothing at all.
But that’s something that happens in every kind of personality system. I personally find Socionics with it’s shadow functions also to be way more mushy than MBTI with only 4 functions for each type. When you start explaining everything with an exception of an exception of an exception, then your system isn’t really sound, but that’s a whole different topic.

Sooo, you are not alone in your confusion. You will find a lot of conflicting theories within Enneagram and since it’s all pseudoscience anyway I would recommend using the system that makes the most sense to you and that helps you the most in character growth.

kithunallen26  asked:

I know this might sound really lame but how do you draw wings? Yours always look so amazing! But I can never get em right. Please share your wisdom >3<

Wings are a bit tricky unless you know how they work, i can admit. But here’s how i do wings -

First you can divide the different parts of the wing into shapes, two main shapes for the inner arm and outer arm and two smaller shapes for the inner feathers.

Then you simply draw the feathers ( either outside, on or within the shape ), remove the “base” and your set!

Though, here’s some more tips -

And if you wanna draw longer wings or shorter wings, just alter the shapes a bit. Hope it helped, and if anythings confusing i’d be happy to explain it further if you want ~


The twins aged up and they couldn’t look more different! xD 

Avignon has Emilia’s skin and eyes and Verdejo’s hair whereas Renown has Verdejo’s skin and eyes and Emilia’s hair.  She also got bright green wings which is an interesting look.  

I don’t really know how wing color works between parent and offspring.  I do however know that customization of wing color is limited because if you have light blue wings and then change the color to a different light blue, it won’t really change the blue on the wings (does that make sense?  I hope I’m not the only one who has noticed).  -_-  


Pairing: Castiel x reader

Song: Kaleidoscope Eyes - Panic! at the Disco

Request: Can you do a Castiel x reader where she frist meets Him but she best friends with Gabriel and so he is trying to set Cas up with her because he knows the they are soulmates and the reader can see Cas’s wings and falls for them first? 

 Words: 1253 

 Warnings: implications of sex. 

 A/N: sorry if this is lacking! I really don’t think it’s a good one. Please let me know what you think, requester and other readers :) also, sorry I’m behind! I’m away.

Your name: submit What is this?


“So, Castiel is coming to meet me to help on your case soon… And it’s about time you met him.” You had gotten used to Gabriel’s surprise appearances. This time it was in the bathroom while you were in the shower, but you didn’t really mind him seeing you exposed. He was your best friend, after all.  

“You know about him, right?” Gabriel continued. “Kind of dorky guy in a trenchcoat… He had a lot of power once, though, no matter how little regard he had for personal space” he smiled, more to himself than anyone else. 

“I’ve heard… Things. But why does that mean I need to meet him?” You spoke slightly louder than normal in order to be heard over the shower. 

“Because… Just because. You have to trust me. You’ll like him." 

"How do you know?” You scoffed, stepping out of the shower and beginning to dry yourself off. 

“Because someone up there” Gabriel gestured above him, assumingly referring to heaven. “Said so."  

"Oh shut up” you were sceptical about this whole affair. “You’re just messing around with me." 

"Excuse me? Has the one and only Cupid that set up John and Mary Winchester been known to "mess around”?“ Gabriel had that classic smirk on his face. 

"Bollocks.” Making it clear to your friend that you didn’t believe him, you wrapped your towel round your body and made your way out of the bathroom, opening your drawers to find some clothes. “Let’s just get this over and done with.” You concluded with a sigh.


“Y/n, right?” Castiel asked you half an hour later. 

You nodded by way of response. 

He was much cuter than you’d imagined. Trenchcoats usually looked creepy on guys, but this one added to his sense of flustered untidyness - the ruffled hair, loose tie… It was a hot look, you had to admit. 

“… Y/n?” Cas asked, having got no reply for the next thing he’d said. 

“Oh, sorry” your attention came back to here and now. “Yes, I’m a hunter."  

"So, I’m guessing you’re… Familiar with Sam and Dean?” The angel inquired on instinct. 

“Met them once or twice. Good guys. I think I’m the only person into guys who hasn’t fallen for at least one of them” you laughed a little and he joined in. 

“Yes, the Winchester brothers are the focus of much ogling” he agreed, laughing with you. 

“That’s something we can all agree on” Gabriel commented. “Now, I’m gonna go do something somewhere else” he stated, and vanished into thin air. 

“So…” Cas began. “Why do you two need me for this case?" 


 "What do you think?” Gabriel returned after his friend had disappeared.  

“Well, he’s a nice guy” you responded in a nonchalant tone. “He’s sweet." 

"Not bad looking either, right…?” He encouraged, raising an eyebrow. 

You sighed and shook your head slightly. “Yeah, he sure is hot, but… I haven’t exactly fallen for him or anything."  

"I’m working on it” Gabriel muttered inaudibly. 

“What?” You asked, wondering what he’d said. 

“Oh, nothing” he said a little too quickly, disappearing afterwards. 


 "So, are we getting this show on the road?“ You asked. 

Now you and Gabriel knew everything about the case (thanks to Castiel) you were ready to actually go- 

”-Kick some ass, guys.“ Cas told the two of you, earning strange looks in return. "What? I heard Dean say it and thought it seemed appropriate.” He shrugged. 

“You’re getting there, buddy” Gabriel grinned.  

Time to… Well, time travel. You had to go back a few years to alter the course of history just slightly, to avoid the deaths caused by a spirit who died in that time. You couldn’t do it without Gabriel, though, so he was coming with you. 

“Now, y/n, if you just-”


“-ah, 2008. The good old days, when twerking wasn’t so popular.” Gabriel spoke in a hushed tone. 

You appeared to be in the corner of an abandoned, dark warehouse. 

“Where are we?"  

"We’ve-” a flash of what seemed like lightning cut Gabriel’s answer short. You jumped as you saw a figure appear out of the darkness, and another silhouette close to it. "-taken a bit of a detour. This is one of the highlights of ‘08, actually" the arcangel said on a loud whisper. “Now, watch this - you won’t regret it.” He pointed in the direction of the two people as one of their face’s lit up. 

“Castiel” you inhaled in shock. 

You caught a flash of a show on the wall. A very, very large one. 

Cas’s wings. They were beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that you could have replayed that moment a million times over and not get bored, you thought. They were intricate yet simple enough to be appreciated. It was almost as if you got a glimpse into every fibre of Castiel’s being. Every complication, every simplicity, every joy, fear, memory, slither of beauty, streak of darkness… Every part of Cas was laid out in front of you for a split second. Was this Gabriel’s doing? Was this how wings naturally worked? You didn’t know, and you didn’t care to. Your mouth fell open in awe. Castiel was… Cas was… 

“Moving on, now” Gabriel declared, but all you could think for the rest of the day was the end of that sentence. 

… Wonderful. Perfect for you.  


 ~3 years later~ 

“You know when I knew?” You were lying beside Castiel on the bed you shared. He had proposed to you a couple of hours ago, and some “romantic gestures” had followed on that very bed… 

“Knew what, y/n?” Cas’s brow furrowed to form a frown on his face. Still as perfect as it always had been, you noted. 

“That you were the one I wanted to be with forever. That I’d fallen for you. You know when that was?" 

"No, I don’t, y/n. Please tell me it wasn’t too recently” his words were genuine but you laughed anyway. 

“Quite the opposite, actually. It was when Gabe took me back to 2008 on that case… He took me somewhere else first.” When you saw Cas expectantly waiting for you to enlighten him and not giving a response, you carried on telling your story. “Where Dean first saw you… You and your wings." 

"Yes? And?” Cas was usually a patient man, you’d discovered over the years, making this mildly urgent response out of the ordinary. 

“I saw them, and for a second I knew you better than you know yourself. I saw everything about you for a fleeting moment, and even after it passed and I’d forgotten everything - there was so much to remember, Cas! - I still knew I loved that person I’d seen you to be. You. Or I’d grow to love them, at least.” You finished.  

“That was quite profound, y/n” your new fiancé smiled fondly at you. 

“See, this is why I’m worried…” You faked a concerned expression. 

“Why, y/n?" 

"You know that rather intimate thing we did just now? Right here?" 

"Yes…” Castiel honestly didn’t know where this was going. 

“Well… I want to do it again, but it might not be "profound” enough for you" you smirked. 

“Oh, don’t worry… I certainly wouldn’t mind” he caught on to your joke and raised his eyebrows. He rolled so he was on top of you and leaned in to kiss you, his body pressing against yours in the most pleasurable way possible. “I’ll give up "profound” for another round of that.“