I was gone the whole day and now I’m back with my face 🐶

I was tagged by @minghyu (twice omg sorry minsi) and @vitaminniedk (vivienne wheres the ugly really????)

Can I make this into a gif selfie tag??

Tagging a mixture of awesome people. Those who I frequently tag (im so sorry) and new mutuals cos yay I need to see your faces!

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I think I worry about plot holes in my fanfic more than anyone else does I mean there’s sometimes like a few minutes of story time where something needs to happen to go from the thing before to the thing after and I don’t know how to write it happening because I don’t actually know how it works or something (AMERICANS.) so I just kinda skip over it and then GET REALLY ANNOYED WITH MYSELF FOR IT FDGHJKSGHFK.

by the way I’m not putting up any more of New this morning because I’m writing the next chapter of Infinite and will hopefully have that up within a few hours. Although I’ve only written half so far, so we’ll see. But 98% sure there’ll be an update to -both- my fanfics within the next 24 hours. :)

the way i view age has really changed since i left high school and hit the 2 decade mark

anyone below my current age of 20 is now A Kid, anyone lower than 18 is An Actual Infant

actual infants are fucking illegal how do those things even work