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Small request- brainweird symmetra and Junkrat sharing tips and tricks (how to fight overstimulation, ocd frustration, etc.)? Your posts have me craving this weird ass friendship between the two and I can't get enough honestly

He liked the workshop. It was dark and cool there, shiny tools in neat rows. It was easy to lose hours down there, tinkering with his bombs and mines till Roadhog showed up to drag him off to dinner. It was his domain. Alright, he’d grudgingly admit Torbjorn had been using it longer, and the bots drifted in and out for repairs, but in his heart of hearts, it was his safe space.

The door opened and he shot it an offended glare.

“Hello, Mr Fawkes.”

“Oh, gidday, ‘Metra. Didn’t know it was you.”
“Am I intruding?”

“Nah, go ahead.”

She took the spare bench next to his, the others crowded with Reinhardts armour, awaiting repairs. Mechanical hand glowing, she conjured a seat and a turret, setting to work. Junkrat found his eyes drawn to the turret, a shining treasure that would have been stolen within minutes back home.

“How do those even work?”

She summoned one on the desk in front of him, eyes still locked on her work.

“Feel free to examine it, if you wish.”


There were no seams in the little thing, and he was forced to shatter the casing with a hammer to fiddle with the glowing wires. A soft noise caught his attention, and he glanced over. Symmetra was rocking gently in her seat, swaying more pronounced as she lost herself in her careful adjustments. Looking over, she caught his glance and froze like she’d been caught doing something wrong.

“Oh! P-please forgive my dreadful lapse in concentration. I don’t know what you must think of me…”

Junkrat shrugged, reaching into his pocket.

“No worries, mate. I getcha. 'Ere, have a look at what Roadie bought me a while ago. Called a “stim cube”.”

He tossed the grimy little cube at her and she primly caught it in a field. Buttons, clickers and rollers occupied each side of the little gadget.

“'E said it was better than me getting riled up and blowing something up. I still blow shit up, mind, but not so much these days. Ya can keep that if you like, I can get another.”

“No need.”

A flick of her wrist had a perfect hardlight copy floating next to its grubby twin, and she sent the original back.


She held up the little cube and turned it over in her hands. It had smooth edges that felt good against her fingertips. Her thumb found the roller and the motion appealed, smooth and even and repetitive.  A rhythm to it, almost. She found herself humming softly as her thumb worked the roller and her free hand made adjustments to her work.

She could get used to this.


baby!jily. Thank you eternally to Dee (bobandsmallbob) for beta-reading! 

“So you’re a Muggleborn?” he asked, pushing his too-large-for-his-face glasses up the bridge of his nose. They were standing outside the Potions classroom one scorching afternoon. Professor Slughorn was obviously running late, and Lily was standing outside with the rest of her classmates, waiting with the other Gryffindor girls, because Severus had somehow ingested some Doxy droppings, and was not in class. And somehow, Lily had ended up leaning against the wall next to James Potter.

Immediately, Lily tensed, her fingers fumbling on the clasp of her bag as she went to snap it closed. At thirteen, there were still a few things about the magical world that were relatively new to her. About to embark on her third year at Hogwarts, she still considered herself to be learning, but she still knew enough to know that being a Muggleborn these days was not exactly anybody’s first choice.

She nodded slowly, eyeing the boy warily. By second year, James Potter had a reputation that preceded him, but he was okay, thought Lily. He was close with the nice girl in the year above, Marlene, and Marlene McKinnon had a good judge of character. Despite being in the same house, Lily didn’t have too much interaction with James Potter, except in big groups. But in her head, that didn’t count. She still knew enough about him to know that his blood was as pure as a spring of fresh water, and that girls liked his hair.

But, even as she waited for a dig at her blood (even a relatively soft one, like a snort or a sympathetic pat on the shoulder), the boy started grinning like she had just told him he’d won his own ice cream truck.

“So you grew up with the … uh,” he paused, his eyebrows knitting together.

“The what?” she prompted, not knowing whether to laugh, or to press her books protectively to her chest and march away.

“The box, you know the box, with the pictures,” he chattered, tracing a rectangle in the air with his fingers. Lily looked at him for a few seconds in silence, gobsmacked, just long enough for him to look uneasy. Here was a well-respected Purebood – from ancient, wealthy lineage – who didn’t seem to care that her blood was tainted or ‘impure’. She didn’t know where he was just playing with her before making a rude comment, or if he really was interested in the ‘picture box’. Lily smiled weakly, allowing herself to hope.

“The television?” she supplied quietly. To her surprise, he nodded so enthusiastically Lily thought his head would pop off any second.

“Yeah,” he chirped, grinning. “How do those things even work?” he mused, and Lily, who had limited knowledge of the exact way electricity worked, merely shrugged.

“You just plug it in.”

He looked at her as if she had spoken another language, but was delighted that she had done so. Lily took in his bewildered expression with a small inkling of excitement. As much as she loved the castle, and she did adore it, occasionally she felt a pang for her home, for the simplicity of her Muggle sanctuary. Sev, who hated his home, spoke of the ‘mundane’ Muggle aspect of their lives with disdain, something like a myth, or at the very least, something that made his stomach turn. And most of her friends weren’t Muggleborns, or lived a very different Muggle life to hers. So she had no one to help her bleed out the pangs of homesickness when they did strike her.

Except James Potter, she thought to herself, with whom she shared nothing but a cordial relationship – friendly, pleasant, but hardly a deep one by any means – and he didn’t seem to mind standing with her and asking her about a television, a contraption most wizards would have found dull and far from illuminating. His whole face seemed pretty illuminated as she explained as best she could how a television worked. It felt nice to talk about something she was absolutely sure of, and James listened, rapt.

He seemed like an entirely different boy from the one she saw around Severus.

“Do you think I could build one?” James asked her, drumming his fingers on his leg as his eyes darted around.

“I’m not sure,” Lily admitted, her cheeks going pink as she laughed. “You could always try, I suppose.”

“Ah, I reckon me and Sirius could figure it out. We’re looking for a new hobby…”

Lily shook her head, smiling at him. “And then, of course, there’s the cinema.” He motioned for her to elaborate. “Well, those pictures that you see on the television, the programs?” He nodded. “Well, sometimes people make much longer ones, and they’re called films, and whenever a new one comes out, they put it on the cinema – er, it’s sort of like a theatre, but instead of a stage, there’s a massive screen where the picture plays.”

He was looking at her now like there was pure gold flowing from her mouth instead of words. “How do I not know any of this?” he hissed, more to himself than to her.

Lily smiled timidly, nudging his elbow. “The Pureblood is lost.”

He blinked at her for a second, and then broke out into a brilliant grin – a smile made of pure sunshine, that somehow had the effect that made everyone feel warm and accepted and cheerful. “Hey, let’s not start with that, yeah? I don’t have much time for that start of thing. Blood is blood. The only thing you really need to worry about is not losing too much of it.”

He didn’t seem to think that much of what he’d just said, but to Lily it was a miracle. It was sweet, and it was said so simply, as if that should have been obvious. He’d probably not contemplated the differences in bloodlines late at night when he couldn’t sleep. He probably didn’t think about it all. Because to him, there weren’t any differences. It brought her a little faith, somehow.

James had already moved on. “So can you help me with my Muggle Studies homework? I don’t know why, but there aren’t a lot of books in the library about it, you know? They keep telling us, “Go find Muggle inventions and do a report” and “Explain the circus culture” but how am I supposed to do that if there aren’t any books on it?”

Lily blinked over at him and grinned. His eyes lit up with fascination. “Yeah. Yeah, I can help you.”

“And you know what me and Sirius really love? Motorcycles! We found some magazines this summer, and they were so wicked!”

Lily just laughed quietly. “Yeah, they are pretty cool.” She sat back, happily listening to James jump from topic to topic, Muggle contraptions the focal point of most of them. Here was the real difference, she thought, between the people in the wizarding world. She’d never been more proud. In years to come, she’d remember that moment, before James Potter had grown his head too big, when he would babble on with her about things from the Muggle world. She saw more and more of that James Potter in later years, and it was that moment that reminded her just how much she liked that boy, the one who liked motorcycles and couldn’t care less what blood she had. This James Potter was someone she liked to have around.

Advice to Premeds: What should I ask the doctor I'm shadowing?

I just started shadowing a doctor and I already ask him quite a few questions but I think my questions are somewhat generalized and he might be getting a little irritated. Do you have any suggestions on the kind of questions or topics I should bring up? What kind of questions did you ask the doctors when you were shadowing? Thank you! :) -universalprecaution

I really don’t remember what I asked way back in the day. I tend to learn a lot from observing, so I don’t usually ask a lot of questions, which can be misconstrued as disinterest on my part. But I can think of things that I would hope a good med student or shadower would be asking in their minds while they watched on. Since you’re a pre-med, it is to be expected that your questions will be fairly general. But here’s some suggestions:

1) ask about the specific patients you’ve seen with him. How did he arrive at the diagnosis? What other diagnoses was he considering? How is Mr. so and so from a month ago doing? Has he followed up yet?

2) Ask for explanations of treatment choices. Why did he order that x-ray or that ultrasound? Did he pick that blood pressure med at random or what was his reason for picking that one? Why that antidepressant? Why that antibiotic? What if the patient had been allergic, what would he have used then? How do those meds even work?

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So apparently while I was gone for the weekend my roommates male friend found my tampons on the tank of the toilet...
  • Friend: Why are there Taquitos on your toilet?
  • Roommate: Omg no, those are my roommates tampons
  • Friend: ...How do those even work?
  • Roommate: Well uhhh, here *Takes tampon and opens it* So this is a vagina *makes an O with her hand*
  • Friend: uh huh...
  • Roommate: Well you just stick it in there *Inserts tampon into hand*
  • Friend: *Flinches* OH MY GOD
  • Roommate: Then you push this part in
  • Friend: Oh Shit, ow oh fuck
  • Roommate: Then you take the plastic part away and that's it
  • Friend: THEN WHAT?? What about that string?
  • Roommate: That just dangles there
  • Friend: OUT OF HER VAGINA??
  • Roommate: Yeah it's how you pull it out when it's done soaking up blood

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HI so an NCT Reaction to their girlfriend having double hip piercings and a belly button piercing? I love those, they're fascinating! Thanks! -Jaehyun anon

i love them too smh

Taeil: *wouldn’t have noticed until you’re like super close* “… For how long has
 she had them”

Hansol: *pretending to be cool* *actually really fascinated*

Johnny: *would preach god* *he’d love it*

Taeyong: “How can those not get stuck everywhere”

Yuta: “How can those not be painful though?” *would be a little concerned for you* *bc those are hot but* *it looks like they would hurt*

Kun: *teehee* *likes it*

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I think I worry about plot holes in my fanfic more than anyone else does I mean there’s sometimes like a few minutes of story time where something needs to happen to go from the thing before to the thing after and I don’t know how to write it happening because I don’t actually know how it works or something (AMERICANS.) so I just kinda skip over it and then GET REALLY ANNOYED WITH MYSELF FOR IT FDGHJKSGHFK.

by the way I’m not putting up any more of New this morning because I’m writing the next chapter of Infinite and will hopefully have that up within a few hours. Although I’ve only written half so far, so we’ll see. But 98% sure there’ll be an update to -both- my fanfics within the next 24 hours. :)