i cant stop listening to this song for three days now

so Anatomically Incorrect Gay Doodles are a must


“You’re not an investigator…you’re not my son.”

@goathitsuji requested this scene from HTTYD but with Arima and Kaneki! 

and a bonus, because i made myself sad:

Why the Larries still don’t realize someone is trying really fucking hard to make them at least discuss about Ziam ? They literaly push all the Larries’ buttons ! It’s almost copy-paste but 100x more obvious at this point !!!

- Larry friends despite the narrative –> Ziam friends despite the narrative (Liam’s sadness during Cardiff, “for the time being”, “brothers”…)

- Louis shading Eleanor –> Liam shading Sophia (”we’re so over”, the man’s voice in the shower video, ignoring her in pics…) and just… whatever you think about Ziam, I think we can all agree on Perrie being fake as fuck (Zayn was unable to put a fucking fake smile when talking about his engagement to her, the quoting marks when saying “girlfriend”) and just… we heard about all these relationships, sold as private or not, and they all finished in 2015 ?? Isn’t it obvious enough ?


- Louis’ hand on Harry’s IG –> Zayn’s hand on Liam’s IG ! Their WHOLE Ig game actually : they’re going so much harder, I don’t understand how people can overlook that ??? I mean the selfies, “good morning”/“hey angel”, Zayn’s family and their love (obsession) with Liam/Ziam ?? Liam’s sister about Zayn still not being able to be himself in interviews ????

- @Louis being homophobic but not in reality –> @Liam being homophobic but not in reality (Attitude/100% not gay VS “loving these beautiful colors”, lighting up to a sign with rainbow chevrons, Justin Timberlake making him starstruck that way, would like to kiss Drake, simulating BJs with Harry, “you’re a good guy” ??? I mean ??)

- Larry’s matching/complementary tattoos –> Ziam’s fucking matching tattoos (wolf+feathers/I figured it out+feather, getting tattooed a month apart, XF numbers, we are the quiet ones, blank banners and roses for his own birthday and then roses again for Zayn’s !!!!, on opposite arms !!, both have hands tattoos !)

- Harry’s hints (I think about the blue bandana for example) –> Liam’s hints (wearing a ring on his wedding finger before denying engagement’ rumors with Sophia and wearing a Cartier Love bracelet when he’s been officially “dating” Cheryl for 3 months, his delighted face when interviewers joke about adopting kids or going inZayn)

- Harry “dating” famous beards (Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner…) –> Zayn “dating” a famous beard (that a lot of people thought was about to fake-date Harry : Gigi who just is pulling a copy-paste of her relationship with Joe Jonas with Zayn and fuck, did you see Liam’s reaction when he had to hug her at the VMAs ????) and now even LIAM with CHERYL !!!! BOTH BEING CALLED OUT AS BEING STUNTS ???

- press suddenly talking about Larry : late 2014 just linking their names and then around babygate soft outing them –> press suddenly talking about Ziam : mid 2015 just linking their names but NOW fucking TMZ just name-dropped ZIAM FOR NO FUCKING REASON !!!

I mean, at this point, if they were going harder, they would out themselves !! Just because Larries are stuck on Zayn leaving on his own will and terms and being genuinely himself now…

BTS Reaction: They Find You Using Skincare Products


“ hey (y/n), umm..what’s on your face?”

“ oh! it’s a face mask. Wanna wear one?”

Suga: *enters the room and sees you putting the mask on*

“ Why do you even wear those? they dont even work”

“How do you know? you’ve never even tried one”

“ Nah, I’m going to bed” wow yoongi


Jimin: “ why are you putting that on your lips?”

(y/n): “ because it’s supposed to make my lips more hydrated”

Jimin: “ And more kissable?^^”

J-Hope: “ I don’t know how you can stand wearing those jagi”

(y/n): “ I’m not the only one who’s gonna wear one” * holds up a second mask*

J-Hope: “ But I hate wearing those”

Jin: * he enters your room*

“hi ja..”  

(y/n): Wait! Cover your eyes! I don’t want you to see how ridiculous I look right now! xD”

(y/n): “ Jin stop peeking”

“ Fine I wont look” *starts peeking again*


Taehyung: “ I’ve always wondered how those things would feel on my face but i don’t want to try it myself”

(y/n); “ I can let you use one!”

Taehyung: “ oh…. yay”

Rap Monster: “ What are the benefits to using those things anyways?”

* you start going on and on and he stops paying attention*

Rap Monster: “ oh….. ok”


Thank you for requesting and for your patience<3 it is greatly appreciated and i hope you like it! ^–^

~ Admin Dhalia<3

i just rewatched the imitation game and then i saw a sherlock gifset and i just….

this is impossible.

they are not played by the same person, this is not the same actor, you’re all trying to fool me.

i don’t believe in it.

next time you’ll say that he is the villain from star trek into darkness AND julian assange from that dreamworks movie, as if he can be all these different men lol

this is not possible everything is a lie

I think I worry about plot holes in my fanfic more than anyone else does I mean there’s sometimes like a few minutes of story time where something needs to happen to go from the thing before to the thing after and I don’t know how to write it happening because I don’t actually know how it works or something (AMERICANS.) so I just kinda skip over it and then GET REALLY ANNOYED WITH MYSELF FOR IT FDGHJKSGHFK.

by the way I’m not putting up any more of New this morning because I’m writing the next chapter of Infinite and will hopefully have that up within a few hours. Although I’ve only written half so far, so we’ll see. But 98% sure there’ll be an update to -both- my fanfics within the next 24 hours. :)


“The courses of most of his pitches today were far from weak, and yet, he still maintained enough speed and edge in his pitching. But the biggest gain is that he finally throw to the inside in an actual match.”