A/N: So, originally, this was supposed to be a thing in my fanfic “Colour Bruise” which I haven’t updated in ages. I am planning on finishing the story but for now, enjoy this. ;-)

Words: 1789
Warnings: lime, a lot of swearing

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Hoseok, Namjoon, and Jimin Reaction to You Trying Running Away From Him After Finding Out He is in a Gang


B.A.P: Part IPart IIPart III; BTS: Part IPart IIPart III; EXO: Part IPart IIPart III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part IPart IIPart III ; Dean


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Inhuman Part One

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Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader (There isn’t enough out there dammit.)

Word Count: 4.5k

Summary: Inhumans are people born with powers, feared by most all over the world. Inhumans are often killed before the age of three or kept locked up and tested on. EXO is a rogue group of Inhumans who broke free and are now looking to free fellow Inhumans as well as get justice for their kind. However, with their powers come limitations. With these limitations, they sometimes need a helping hand.

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Lost and Found (Part 11)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: Language, heartbreak, choo-choo the angst train is leaving the station, mental breakdown…?

Word Count: 1519

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything. I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Texts are in italics. Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Tags: @amarvelouswritings@blackwidow-romanoff@cocosierra94@firstgal34@harleyquinnandscarletwitch @sebstan01 @camigt1999 @elleatrixlestrange@bittersweetunicorm @moonlightimagination@letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked@capandbuck


He moved around you quickly, gathering his bags in his hands. You wanted to run after him, but…your legs wouldn’t move. He said he didn’t want to be in your life, that didn’t mean romantically, that meant your existence in his world was not wanted.

Standing there frozen, you weren’t sure how to move until the door closed behind you, that thud making you jump, then run to your bed where you laid down, crying into the pillow that you shared with Seb. The bed smelled like him still and you curled yourself into the smell, letting the tears freely flow.

How had you both gained him and lost him in the same moment? With one statement he both declared his love for you and told you to let him go. How could he do that to you? How could he give you hope then rip it away? Maybe he was right. Maybe he really wasn’t someone to be with.


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How do you feel?//Ike Evans

Info: Ike is dealing with a lot of stress due to his hotel in some money trouble. One night you notice he isn’t in bed and you help him relax.

Warnings: cursing, smut, choking

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The bed was empty when I went to snuggle into Ike. He was gone and I wanted him in bed. I worried about him with all the hotel drama. He was stressing out, he never took a break and he needed one. He couldn’t even take a break long enough to sleep. I sighed and pulled off my sleep mask and set it on the bedside table. I pulled off the covers and instantly felt a chill run through my body with the sudden change of temperature. When my feet touched the ground, the chill was more intense. I padded my way out of the bedroom and followed the smell of cigar smoke. It led me onto the balcony where Ike stood in his bathrobe, smoking a cigar and looking out onto his hotel. I smiled softly but remembered why I came out here.

I shuffled over and wrapped my arms around him. He tensed up before he touched my bare arm, he sighed as if he knew it was me by touch and relaxed. I giggled softly.

“Where’s your god damn robe? It’s cold out here” He scolded.

“I don’t plan on being here long” I whispered.

“Then why the fuck are you out here?” He asked turning to me with a chuckle.

“You need to relax, Ike” I whine. 

“I can’t fucking relax when my hotel could run into the ground by tomorrow. If I lose this hotel I lose you, the boys and Lauren”

“You’ll still have me, you’ll have us all, Ike. Stop worrying and come back to bed. I’ll make it worth your time” I said with a wink and slowly backed away. 

I watched Ikes eyes flicker from the sky to me, deciding on where to stay. His eye then locked with mine and I knew what he chose. I slid one stop of my nightgown down my shoulder a bit before running off into the penthouse. I ran to the bedroom and laid on the bed, waiting for him to catch up to me. 

When I saw him, my stomach churned in excitement, I won.

He closed the double door behind him and took off his robe revealing his nude body to me. He laid his body above me and kissed me on the lips before moving down to my neck.

“Marry me” He mumbles.

“Already did” I whisper with a smile.

He looked up to me and said “Again” with a smile.

He slid his warm hands up my thighs, bringing my dress up with his movements. He kissed up my thighs and then right on my warm center. I gasped softly at his actions. He took off my underwear and dived into my core. I moaned quietly, making sure I don’t disturb Laurens’ slumber. 

He slid a finger inside and my back arched off the silk sheets.

“So wet, we barely even talked” He said lowly.

“You don’t need to do much to get me like this” I said.

“I see” He whispered and went right back.

He moved his tongue expertly, getting every area that needed attention. I writhed underneath him. He used his forearm to seat belt me to the bed due to all my moving. The man drives me wild. I grabbed his hair in between my fingers for some control. I felt myself ready to let go but not there yet. He moved his hand farther up my dress and grabbed one of my breasts tightly, he twirled my nipple between his fingers and I came undone. He groaned with satisfaction, he took pride in the way he made me feel.

“Taste so good, baby” He growled, moving to my face.

“I was supposed to help you relax, let you sit back” I whined feeling unaccomplished. 

“I like this, I’d rather watch you come undone under my touch than the other way around. It’s fucking hot” He kissed me.

He took off my nightgown all the way and kissed me again.

“Ready?” He asked.

His eyes were dark with lust. His hair was ruffled from my grabbing. I loved looking at him, so handsome. I was so lucky to land such a great man. I took a deep breath before nodding.

“Say it” Ike breathed out, his hot breath fanned my face lightly.

“Yes, I’m ready” I answer.

He rammed himself into me and I cried out in pleasure. I put a hand over my mouth due to it and kept my screams quiet. 

“Fuck” Ike grunted “I love you”

“I love you too” I say shakily.

He grabbed my throat as he continued to pound into me. I was a complete mess. I was lost in all the pleasure and didn’t know how to react. I pulled Ike close to my body.

“Make love to me, nice and slow” I whispered.

He slowed down instantly, giving me what I wanted. His body was closer to mine, each thrust had a power that the ones before didn’t carry. I held onto him, my legs wrapping around his lower back to keep him close but also let him get deeper. He looked at me with dark, hooded eyes. It took everything in him to go slow right now but he wanted to keep me happy.

“I’m close” I whisper.

“Oh yeah?” He asked, speeding up.

He lifted his body from mine and placed a firm hand on my throat. He was back to his original pace, but harder. He was trying to help me reach my peak. His pelvic bone would press onto my clit with every thrust, the loss of breath I had, it was all adding up to my climax.

“Come for me baby, do it, all over my cock, baby” Ike almost demanded.

He felt my walls clench around him.

“Let go, baby. Yes” He groaned as he thrusted one last time and my body shook.

My legs shook with an orgasm. He let my throat go and I gasped for air. He pulled out and came onto my lower stomach.

“Shit, baby. No body else gets me like you do” Ike says breathlessly.

“Better be the only one” I say with a weak laugh.

He stood up and got a tissue to clean me up. He moved me back into place and put the covers on my before getting into his side of the bed. He held my body to his and kissed the back of my neck.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“Ready to sleep” He said, his breath sent chills down my spine “How do you feel?”


Okay but what if Arkham Knight never had to happen?

Jason was kidnapped by the Joker, tortured for over a year. And by tortured I’m talking like professionally worked on. The Joker knew just how to get into his head but the one the Joker had never counted on was that Jason already knew what the clown was saying. 

Jason knew that he was nothing like Dick. 

Jason knew that while Bruce and Dick were seen as Elites in Gotham, Jason was a street rat. You can take the boy from the streets but you can’t take the streets from the boy after all. 

Jason’s own crippling self-doubts already existed and Joker didn’t know how to work around those. 

So he resorted to physical torture. I mean real nasty physical torture. 

It started off as crude means like breaking Jason’s fingers one by one, sometimes for information like Batman’s identity, other times just to hear Jason’s screams. Jason heard each bone break and knew he was screaming, begging for Batman to come get him but he never screamed out Bruce. 

When breaking the fingers didn’t work Joker started to pull off the finger nails with old, dull, rusted pliers. The pliers didn’t have a good grip so sometimes the Joker would have to try two or three different grips on the nail before he found one that could really get the job done. Once again there were screams and cries but no information was with coming from the kid. 

He’d already been starved and dehydrated since that was the first thing you did in torture but then Joker decided to step things up a notch. He would eat his meals with Jason, from the same pan, at the same time. Sometimes things were poisoned and sometimes they weren’t, Jason never knew what was or wasn’t poisoned. Of course, none of the poisons were deadly and Joker always had the antidotes on hand for when he got poisoned himself but Jason knew he had to keep his strength up or he would die in this hell hole; that wasn’t on his list of things he wanted to do.  

The Joker was impressed, it had already been three months and the kid hadn’t broken. From being beaten, to being tortured and poisoned, the kid still wore a cocky grin underneath that torn and bloody costume. It was time for the Joker to raised the bar a bit. 

Bruce had been looking for Jason for three months with no sign of his second son. He’d broken down and called the league after the first month of him being missing but even after two months of searching there was no sign of the Joker or Jason. Dick had gotten the Young Justice team together to help look but they weren’t faring any better than their mentors in this area. Then the camera came. 

Bruce had scanned it to make sure there were no explosives or any other kinds of booby traps but eventually he had deemed the camera safe for exploration. Hooking the camera up to the League computer in the watchtower Bruce watched the first session of his son being mutilated by the Joker. 

The League didn’t have near the experience with Joker that Batman did so this video was a shock to them. They watched in horror as you Jason was beaten with a crowbar while the Joker laughed and giggled like the lunatic that he was, like it was a game of pin the tail on the donkey at a birthday party. 

“What is the Bat’s name?”

“You just said it.”

Crack. “Funny guy.”

“Well I have spent months with the Clown Prince, had to pick up something.” 

Bruce couldn’t help but smile, even after months of torture his son was still just as strong willed as he’d been when Bruce had first met him years ago. 

“If you tell me I’ll let you live.” 


“I get that for the first few years of my career I dressed up in green fish-scale panties and pixie boots but do you really think I’m that much of an idiot?” 

He heard Dick give a huff next to him as his little brother shot his mouth off to the most notorious villain in Gotham but Bruce felt pride flood his veins; his boy was strong. 

If Jason was still holding on strong, Bruce would stay strong too. 

The tapes kept coming. Everyday a new tape, everyday a new day of watching his son being mutilated and scarred by the Joker in so many different ways. His son was losing a dangerous amount of weight, a tape a few months ago showed Jason being poisoned by the Joker. Bruce had listened to his son screaming as the acids in his stomach revolted against the poison, making him feel like he was burning from the inside out. But he never begged for his life. 

Then one day the Joker decided he’d had enough. Clark had tried to get Bruce to leave once they’d seen the bag of power tools but Bruce had refused, he needed to watch. Joker had been telling Jason that he’d heard there was a new Robin in town but Jason had looked at Joker and told him that he knew even if Bruce had found someone that he’d never stop looking for Jason until his body was found at the very least. Jason had dropped a huge clue in that video; He had said he’d heard Bruce interrogating Quinn and trying to get a lock on Jason’s location, he’d heard that Bruce was still looking for him even after a year. That meant that Bruce had already found the location, had been there, had been so close to Jason and yet he still hadn’t been able to find him. 

The thought was a comfort and unbearable at the same time. 

Now Joker had Jason hanging from chains in the ceiling so his feet barely touched the floor. He’d grown in the past year, not much, not without the proper nutrients, but still he’d gained a few inches. His domino mask was cracked on one side to reveal his beautiful blue eye that still held the fire that made Jason who he was. 

“This ends today little boy. I’ve been a patient and a very generous host but I want a name and I want it now.”

“Go to hell.” 

The whirring of a battery filled the speakers as the Joker pulled out an electric drill.

“Give me a name or the bit goes through your leg.”

Jason merely lifted his leg towards the Joker; he wasn’t giving up a name. 

Screams echoed in the watchtower as the Joker put a nail through Jason’s right thigh. 

“Who is Nightwing.” 

Another nail in the leg

“What is your name?”

This time it was a nail to the left leg. 

“What about Batgirl.”

A nail to the left hip. 

“Obviously this isn’t getting me anywhere, let’s change things up a bit.”

The drill was replaced by a power stapler

“How many members in this crazy clan of Bats are there?” 

A staple hit to the spine

“How do you know the Batman?”

Staple to the shoulder.

“Is he your father?”

Staple to the base of the neck.


Staple to the ribs. 

“Is there anything you will tell me boy?” 


The stapler went down and so did Jason. Joker unlocked his hands so the boy’s body fell with a painful thud onto the cold concrete beneath him. 

“Say goodbye Bats.” 

Joker whipped around to shoot Jason only for the boy to move in a way he shouldn’t have been able to. He dodged to the side as Joker shot off another bullet but he crashed into the Joker and knocked them both to the group, gun clattered away from them. 

Jason’s muscles had atrophied far beyond what he’d even known and after just a dodge and a tackle he could barely breathe. Joker had gotten his hands around Jason’s neck and was trying to flip them over so he could press all of his weight onto the Robin. 

They smashed into a table and the bag of tools spilled onto the floor but Joker was much too angry to noticed and Jason was too busy trying to keep the Joker from flipping him over. But Joker succeeded and flipped Jason onto his back, climbing on top of him with a malicious look in his eyes and a feral snarl on his bleached lips. 

“Say good night Robin!” 

Jason threw his hands out to the side, desperately grabbing for something, anything to use as a weapon, fingers brushing something solid. Without checking what it was Jason gave a shout and slammed the hammer into the Joker’s temple. 

A sickening crunch and then the body stopped moving. 

Jason wasn’t going to check if he was dead or not though, he just wanted out of here. Grabbing the camera Jason ran and ran through the maze he’d never seen only to realize something; he was in Arkham. 

He busted through the door and looked at the familiar sight of Gotham in the moonlight, a sight he had not seen in over 15 months. The boy looked down at the camera and made a choice. 

“Don’t come looking for me B, I’ll come home when I’m ready. Thanks for not giving up on me but…I need time B. I’m sorry.” 

That was the last thing Bruce saw of his second robin for years and years. No matter what he did Bruce couldn’t track down his lost bird but there were rumors circling around, rumors of a new vigilante in town. There were a couple close calls but this vigilante was apparently new to Gotham but not new to the hero-ing world. He’d traced sources all over the world stating that this vigilante was the protector of not just a city but of something much bigger. 

It was time for Bruce to meet the Knight. 

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“You looked so good tonight, baby,” Thor said, nuzzling behind Loki’s ear. “I could barely keep my hands off you.”

“That was the idea,” Loki smirked. He leaned back into Thor and tilted his head to the side to give him better access.

Thor ran his hands up Loki’s arms and under the sparkly straps of his dress, drawing them down off of Loki’s shoulders.

“You were the prettiest thing in that room,” Thor murmured against his skin.

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Juke Jam

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The song is by Chance the Rapper (x)

     Ashton stared at the picture of the two of you at a young age. Bright smiles on both your faces, roller skates on your feet, and arms linked. Driving down memory lane was never good, but Ashton couldn’t help it. The two of you had so many opportunities to be with one another. You both always hung out at the roller rink when you were younger. Messing about and just bothering each other. At the time it was a harmless crush, the two of you despised each other in a good way. Still young to believe in cooties, still young to not know what love felt like. As you got older things changed. Ashton found out that all the shawtys with cooties was cute and realized what booties could do. You found out how to navigate around horny guys and get what you wanted. Ashton grew up to be a fine young man and you a beautiful young lady. As time when on the two of you tried to start something with each other, but it never worked. You claimed that Ashton was steady playin’ and he he said the same about you. 

At some point you began to date some dude from school that Ashton couldn’t stand. It was almost hurting him seeing you with someone else. What hurt the most was that you had brought him to yours and Ashton’s spot. You took him to the rink and basically flaunted around. As if Ashton couldn’t already have you, he had to watch some other guy touch you. Though Ashton was a hypocrite. As much as he hated to watch you with this guy, he was the one with a girl hanging off his arm twenty-four seven. As usual you both separated from your dates when your song “Take You Down” by Chris Brown played. It was always reserved for Ashton and no one else. 

     Now after being away from each other because of college, everyone was back for a tiny reunion. It was a juke jam, everyone ready to party, and just wanting to listen to music, like you used to do. Ashton had gotten word that you came with your best friend and come up for the weekend. Not seeing each other for a whole year was stressful. Ashton was ready to see you and he was going to make it his mission to be with you. 

Things had changed a lot in over a year. Ashton was in utter awe when he had spotted you from across the room. Your brown skin seemed to glow even more than it had, hair done up, choker around your neck, and you were wearing a cold-shoulder black tight dress. Ashton couldn’t take his eyes off of you. Eyes scanning over your curves from afar and just taking everything in. His heart hammered in his chest and he could feel sweat line his skin. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, you still made Ashton flustered; he desperately needed a drink. He weaved his way through the crowd, finally stopping at the kitchen. Ashton’s hands landed on the counter, head falling down as he caught his breath. “You got this,” he whispered, grabbing an empty red solo cup from off the table. He scanned the bottles of alcohol, deciding on Vodka. Ashton needed the hard stuff if he was going to face you again. 

“I see you’re going in hard tonight,” you said, making Ashton jump in his spot. He turned around with wide eyes and smiled.. 

“Y/N! Hey it’s been a while,” Ashton said, pulling you into a hug. “You look great…really great,” he said while holding you at arms length.

“You look amazing and I see you cut your hair,” you told him, fingers going up to touch the gold locks you had always dreamed about. Your eyes locked for a second and his flickered towards your dark colored lipstick. “So tell me how’s life been treating you?” you asked, reaching around him to grab some orange juice. Ashton watched you open the bottle and poured some of the orange juice in his cup. You weren’t going to let him drink Vodka straight without anything with it. Looking out for him like you had always done.

“Life’s been great ya know?” he replied, “Been doing what I love and whatnot.” You nodded at his words, pouring yourself a drink as well. Ashton smiled at you even more and lifted the cup up to his lips to take a sip. “How’s college? Got any guys falling at your feet?” he asked. You laughed at his questioned, eyes rolling in their sockets. 

“I don’t want to talk about school I came here to party,” you shouted over the music. Ashton nodded at your words and began to chew at his bottom lip. “And I’m single if that’s what you’re asking,” you said seconds later, nudging him in the arm. Ashton hummed in amusement. He licked his bottom lip in thought, then drowned the rest of his drink.

“Single huh? Now how’d that happen?” he questioned. Ashton honestly wanted to know. Guys had practically fell at your feet from the last time he’s checked. Following you around like lost puppies and doing anything they could to get in your pants. You shrugged in response, taking another sip of your drink.

“My mind’s been on other things lately,” you mumbled, eyes down casting to the floor. It was quiet between the two of you and Ashton reached out to grab your hand, tugging on it. 

“Let’s get hammered tonight!” he shouted, “Just like old times.” You smirked at his words, deep down knowing something was on his mind. 

“Sounds like a great idea,” you agreed, grabbing the Vodka bottle and pouring another drink for the two of you. Somehow Ashton felt himself letting out a sigh of relief. Worried that you might have said no to his offer. Once you had your respective cups, you pulled Ashton back into the crowd of people. He began to bob his head to the music and you began to sway a bit. As the beat picked up your dancing began to change. Your hips rolled to beat, cup in one hand and Ashton’s hand in your other.

The whole place was packed with people. Everyone just chilling and having fun. Ashton gulped down some of his drink, feeling the alcohol seep through his veins and make his head fuzzy. This was exactly what he needed right now; a small buzz to get him to say what he wanted. He spun you around and you began to grind on him. Just letting the music carry you both. As Ashton continued to drink his emotion grew and he was getting hit with a lot of flashbacks. You looked over your shoulder at him while biting your bottom lip and his mind went back to a steamy night you two had shared together. Bodies entangled, toes curling, the way your skin contrasted with his almost like a painting, and whimpered names. 

It was all too much and Ashton found himself pulling away from you. He wasn’t sure where he was going. Mind focused on getting out of there before he lost it. Just like he had thought you were fast on his heels. “What’s wrong?” you panted, trying your best to keep up with him in the shoes you were wearing. Ashton let out a frustrated breath, ignoring your question as he swiped one of the bottles of alcohol off the kitchen counter and made his way towards the front door. “Did I do something?” you asked confusedly. Ashton opened the bottle and chugged some of it down at your question. You ended up following him all the way outside. The air cold and crisp, making you wish you had worn a jacket. “Ashton talk to me,” you begged, quickly taking off your shoes and catching up to his pace. You knew where he was going, the route to the park clear as day in your mind. 

“I needed a breather…too hot in there,” Ashton said a few minutes later. Your eyebrow rose, not believing his excuse. Finally you made it to the park and he took a seat on one of the swings. You sat down in the swing next to him, waiting for him to say something. 

“Pass the bottle,” you demanded, grabbing it from his hands and turning it up, partly drowning it. Your eyes squeezed shut at how the alcohol burned going down your throat. You passed it back to Ashton and he began to take tiny sips here or there. The two of you hadn’t even been at the juke jam long and already Ashton was on the verge of being drunk.

We’ve got so much history baby,” Ashton sighed, looking over at you with bloodshot eyes. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Yeah you two had a lot of history, but you weren’t sure what he was getting at. “Somehow we keep coming back to each other and I know we’ve had our ups and downs, Y/N…” He licked at his bottom lip, staring at you intently. “At one point we tried to make us a thing, but it wasn’t the right time,” he said.

“Ashton,” you whispered, only to have him shake his head.

“No, Y/N let me finish. I need to say this because if I go one more minute without telling you I’m going to lose it,” he interrupted. Your mouth closed shut and you watched him take another drink. That’s when you noticed he was crying, his emotions on high and the alcohol was only elevating it. Liquid courage was a bitch sometimes. “M-Maybe you and I were meant to be,” Ashton continued, he ran a hand through his hair. “Maybe I’m crazy, but I do know I’m crazy about you.” Ashton stood up, grabbing the chains of the swing you were sitting in. You looked up at him, seeing so much hurt and pain in his eyes. You drove him mad. Turned him down so many times, toyed with each others feelings, fucked the life out of one another. Ashton felt like nothing without you, he needed you. “I can’t let you go back to school without telling you how I feel,” he whispered this time. Ashton sat the bottle in your hands and brushed his thumb over your cheek. He looked at you with so much love and passion and it made a tingle slip down your spine. 

“How do you feel?” you asked, staring back at him with the same intensity he was doing to you. 

“I feel scared. I feel like my world’s going to crash down without you,” he replied. You reached out to wipe the tears falling down his cheeks. Ashton’s eyes closed in comfort and he took a deep breath. “I love you, Y/N.” The words came out soft, almost sounding vulnerable as Ashton finally let his walls crash down. It was only for you and he was hoping it was worth it. You felt the same about him too. It’s the whole reason you came back this weekend. As complicated as your relationship with Ashton had been he was right. The two of you always found your way back to each other. “Please say something,” Ashton whispered, the silence becoming unbearable for him.

“I love you too,” you sniffled, seeing the smile form on his face at your words. You smiled too, his hands cupping your cheeks and he leaned down to give you a passionate kiss. You had waited so long to feel his lips on yours again. His tongue tasting of alcohol and mint. It felt so right. After so many years it seemed like this was the time for you two to be together. There was no childish games, no other people in your life, and you were both old enough to realize this was what you wanted all along. To be with each other and love unconditionally. You two were going to do this again the right way and Ashton was never going to let go ever again. 

Ok I’m done (I try to animate the crusader sprite (Darkest Dungeon) with Spine)

If anyone knows how to do animation with Spine… my privates messages are open :D

So I’m still working on this obviously but I thought I’d share

Jason had actually been enjoying Venice up until the point where giant, noxious demon cows had started chasing him and Hazel through the city.
“So much for not dangerous!” She shouted as they knocked over another café table running from the stampede, “Maybe we should have brought Frank after all! He’s good with animals!”
“I don’t really think these things qualify as the type of animals he’s good with,” Jason vaulted a vespa, “Whatever they are.” He skidded to a stop and pulled Hazel to his chest in one quick, fluid motion. “Come on,” he said, “We can’t run forever!”
“Jason what are you-AGH! JASON!” She squirmed in his arms as he ascended into the air. The beasts bellow bellowed and huffed their poisonous breath but it was blown away by the hot, summer wind.
Well, Jason thought, At least they can’t fly, too. “Hold still, Hazel.”
“I don’t like flying, Jason.” Hazel looked nauseous, “You know that I don’t-”
“What else were we going to do? We can’t fight all of them at once, and we have to go find this ‘Frezzeria casa la…nera…or whatever.” His tongue felt heavy with the unfamiliar foreign words. You’d think a life time of Latin would have him at least a little capable of understanding romantic languages, but apparently not. The instructions weren’t any clearer than they had been when they puzzled over them on the Argo II.
He heard Hazel huff, “Well, we’re out of the way now so can you put me down?”
“Uh, right.” Jason took them down to land in a (relatively) uncrowded square. There didn’t seem to be any murderous cows around, at least for now. He sighed. “Sorry, I just-”
“It’s ok,” Hazel rubbed her arms like she was cold, “Just…warn me next time.”
“Right. Uhm,” He looked around awkwardly, “So, any ideas? Like, where we should start looking for…”
“La Casa Nera,” She made a face which she had to have learned from Piper, which was unfair, “Come on Jason.”
It was his turn to huff, “So I don’t know Italian, ok? Do you?”
“Well, no but-”
“Should we ask someone then?” Jason looked around and the milling crowds. Tourists, natives, teenagers, elderly couples…surely one of them knew what they were looking for.
“I don’t know about that, Jason. We don’t know who we can trust.”
“What other options do we have?” He clicked his tongue. He didn’t like the idea either, but every minute they spent out here instead of on their way to Greece was…well, it wasn’t good. Not to mention the angry venti that had been hovering around the ship- he hadn’t felt confident leaving them alone without him there to control them, but him and Hazel seemed like the best people for the recon mission - Hazel with her mist and uncanny ability to find important things and Jason with a big sword and abilities of flight to get them out of trouble quick and intimidating Son of Jupiter presence to negotiate.
Well, at least he’d done one job right.
“So, what? Do we just wander around until we see a giant sign that says CASA NERA or DIE DEMIGOD SCUM! or what?”
He was a little relieved to see the corners of Hazel’s mouth turn up, “Might as well. Maybe we’ll get lucky.”
“Yeah,” He grinned back, “Us, lucky. Sure.”

Jason would have to remind Hazel of that conversation later, he decided. It must have been their natural demigod luck that had them stumble through the crowd and back into a pack of poison cow monsters.
“Of course.” Jason gritted his teeth and moved so he was standing back to back with Hazel, “Run or fly?”
“There’s only a few,” Hazel didn’t sound confidant. There were less than last time, apparently the monsters had dispersed since, but the idea of fighting them or worse, incurring another stampede, seemed depressing at best, “And they don’t seem angry anymore?”
“And with our luck how long do you think that will last?”
“Good point.”
Jason had been moving to very carefully fly them out again when it happened. A flash of black, a silver arrow flying over his ear, a strangled choking noise and an explosion of dust where the nearest monster had been.
It was quickly followed by three more grunts and dusty bursts and the area was suddenly clear of any demigod hungry beasts.
Jason had been through too much to think it was safe to let his guard down. His sword was in his hand in an instant, and he saw Hazel take on a fighting stance next to him. His eyes darted around to try to find the source of the interruption and landed on two…teenagers?
Yeah, they were…definitely teenagers. A girl, around his age probably, wearing a stylishly patterned flowy top and ripped jean shorts with a bow in her hand and a quiver over her back. Across from her was a boy, shorter, but with his chin jilted up in a triumphant grin. He had a t-shirt that didn’t fit him right, black jeans, and a chain instead of a belt. His hands held a sword darker than Hades that was almost as long as he was. He looked a little silly, honestly, but he had also just slaughtered two of the monsters Jason and Hazel had been running from for the better part of the day, and Jason knew better than to judge by appearances.
“Ci sono piu?” The girl asked, adjusting her quiver and looking around warily. Obviously, she had been trained in some sort of combat- her eyes were too sharp to belong to someone who wasn’t constantly watching their back.
“Lo spero. Ho bisogno di più pratica con la mia spada-” The boy waved his sword impressively.
“Nico!” The girl snapped and the boy rolled his eyes.
“Stavo facendo uno scherzo. Relax , Bianca.”
Jason cleared his throat and tensed his shoulders and the two seemed to realize they were there for the first time. The girl narrowed her eyes and moved to draw an arrow before the boys hand clasped on her wrist.
“Attendere, sguardo-” He said and gestured at Jason’s sword, “Imperial gold,” He looked at Jason and his eyes were unsettling in a way Jason couldn’t quite place, “Sì?”
“Uh,” Jason tried to refocus, the kids eyes were REALLY distracting. He ran the last line of dialogue over in his head. Imperial gold? How did he know that? “Yes,” Jason answered and paused, “Uh, si.”
The boy whispered something in the girl’s ear and she frowned, but lowered the bow slightly. “Sei tu…semidei?”
Clearly she had just asked a question but Jason just found himself blinking dazedly. He turned to Hazel who shrugged and seemed almost as distracted as he was, if not more. She was staring at the two like she knew them, or remembered them, or…something.
The girl seemed to take their silence and owlish stares the right way, “Non parli Italiano? English? Do you speak English?”
Well, at least they were going somewhere. Jason nodded and the strangers exchanged knowing glances.
The boy said, “American?”
“Yes,” Replied Hazel and her voice seemed distant, “Hey, do I…”
The stylish girl cut her off, “You are from…the camp? In America, the demigod camp, yes? Your weapons-” She indicated Jason’s sword and Hazel’s spatha.
Jason felt a chill run down his spine, “How do you know that?”
“Semidio,” The boy’s voice had shifted into something that was almost…excitement, “Demigods! They’re demigods, too, Bianca!”
Hazel and Jason exchanged looks again. She mouthed the word “too?” and he nodded. He had thought the same thing. Well, they didn’t LOOK like monsters, and hadn’t attacked yet. And the way the boy was smiling and bouncing on the balls of his feet didn’t seem like a magical beast. But you could never be too careful.
“You’re demigods?” He asked cautiously.
“Yes!” The boy took a step towards Jason, “My sister and I, we-”
“Nico!” The girl who had been identified now as sister snapped, “We don’t know if we can trust them.”
“You can trust us.” Jason raised his eyebrows at Hazel who had moved forward to meet the boy…Nico? She extended a hand and Jason had to commend her bravery.
“I’m Hazel, and this is Jason. We aren’t here to hurt anyone, we’re on a quest.”
“A quest?” Nico’s eyes widened, “For what?”
“We need to find…uhm…” Jason tried to pronounce the worlds correctly, “La Casa Nera? Calle…Frezzeria?”
Nico and Bianca looked at each other and frowned. “Why?” Bianca said, “What business do you have there?”
“So you know where it is!” Hazel smiled, “You can help us find it!”
“Uh…” Nico frowned, “Yes. Why…well, there is nothing for you there I think. Why do you want there?”
“It’s part of our quest,” Jason shrugged, “Why don’t we want to go there?”
The girl hesitated before she stepped forward and joined her brother, “I think you should probably come with us. Maybe we should talk.”



How Do You Want To DnD This 2

1 Ao3

“So,” Lila said with a sly smile that sent a chill down everyone’s spine, “How do you want to do  this?”


A week ago

AdrienIsAWishYourHeartMakes: The deed is done.

DJBubbleBoi: You did it???? She did it?

Bee-ootyiful: Not only did I do it, I crushed it.

DJBubbleBoi: what does that mean??? chloe what did you do

AdrienIsAWishYourHeartMakes: :3

DJBubbleBoi: don’t you 3 mouth me

AdrienIsAWishYourHeartMakes: Two words: Sleepover.

LadybugLookalike: That’s one word you beautiful sheltered nerd

AdrienIsAWishYourHeartMakes: You think I’m beautiful???

WayPastBruel: Adrien, everyone thinks you’re beautiful this isn’t news.


Chloé rose before dawn a week after her victory, on a pristine Saturday. She was absolutely buzzing with excitement as she rummaged through her closet to find her most comfortable lounge clothes and nightwear. She grinned as she packed her essentials into her custom Ladybug backpack and flopped on her bed.

“Miles, can you bring the car around? We’re making some stops before I head over to Adrien’s,” She said brightly into her phone. Her butler, Pierre, entered the room a moment later and escorted her downstairs. Chloé looked out the window of the car, resting her chin in her palm once it started moving.

Chloé, to be quite honest, had been surprised that Gabriel had said yes.

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anonymous asked:

Im not even joking Im just pointing out that you have daddy issues. I mean ... your father looks VERY close to a certain someone

*For a second or two their face is frozen in a puzzled expression.

*You feel your sins crawling up your spine.

“How do you even know what my-”

*Their sentence is cut in half. They shut their mouth and the scowl that threatened to form on their face quickly gives way to their usual deadpan expression.

“..I don’t have a father. I came straight from hell. Now go away before I send you back to my homeplace.”

*Who could the greyface mean?

*You’re not sure you want to know.