holiday asks
  • christmas:are there any family traditions you plan on continuing throughout your life?
  • easter:do you believe people deserve forgiveness?
  • groundhog day:what frightens you easily?
  • halloween:if you could curse someone, would you? if so, how?
  • hanukkah:are you comfortable around open flames?
  • kwanzaa:how much social interaction do you like?
  • new year's:have you made/kept any resolutions this year?
  • saint patrick's:which mythical creatures do you connect with?
  • thanksgiving:what are the five things you're most grateful for?
  • valentine's:who are your tumblr crushes?

“But it did happen in the books, only to a different character! And since she’s not in the show it makes total sense that it would happen to Sansa instead!” ah yes because completely different characters with completely different roles in the story are interchangeable like that

(what am I saying, of course they are on this show)

Never mind that D&D are cutting plotlines left and right, even ACTUALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT ONES, so they could easily cut this one. Oh wait, it contains RAPE, of course they couldn’t.

But what makes me hate it so much is not even rape itself, but how this whole storyline shits all over Sansa’s character arc. It is just so unnecessary and redundant. Oh look, our little bird is yet again stuck among the most horrible people of all Westeros! And they are doing horrible things to her! Do you feel sorry for her yet? But she’s ~getting stronger~ for it, so it’s all okay. Endure 10 rapes and get a level in badass. Or something.

Never mind that Horrible Things are not the only thing driving book!Sansa’s development? She doesn’t just magically turn into hardcore Darth Sansa as soon as she gets to the Vale - her growth is a slow and ongoing process, and her interactions with Sweetrobin are an integral part of it, because for once she is in charge - of someone even more helpless than she ever was, someone completely dependent on her, but also someone she could use to her own ends. And this is a situation that gives her an opportunity to grow, until she is finally able to turn the tables and become a player in this game. Not just getting repeatedly shoved into the role of a victim and hit on the head with Horrible Things until she snaps. Even if her current arc in the show ends with her brutally murdering Ramsay and becoming a Queen in the North, it would be so crude and totally missing the point of Sansa’s character that it’s not even funny.

It also wouldn’t be the same thing that happened to Jeyne Poole, so what’s the point of shoving Sansa into her role in the first place? And if she does end up like Jeyne… Oh god, please no. 

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I don't know if you've answered this before because I'm on mobile and can't check but what is your opinion on otherkin and otherkin who use noun self pronouns.

According to some people, it’s supposed to be harmful to me as a trans man, but it’s really not. It’s supposed to make it hard for cis people to take us seriously but it really doesn’t. Cis people will look for any reason to shit on us, so if they can so easily shit on people who don’t use neopronouns because some people do, lol they were looking for an excuse anyway.

I really don’t care what pronouns people use for themselves. It’s so popular to shit on otherkin when why???? If someone wants to use neopronouns, do it, it doesn’t affect me or bother me. People who get angry that “you can’t do that” apparently don’t know how language works and are likely the assholes who will jump your shit if you mix up “your” and “you’re” and use that as an excuse to ignore everything you’re saying. Those assholes generally never say anything worthwhile in my experience.

literally who allowed tooru to be so cute.

Been thinking a lot lately about how mental health care providers do and do not provide reasonable accommodation to our clients, like:

How do we support people with too much anxiety to call (through the miracle of modern technology, is how).

How do we help somebody who is so depressed, and keeps forgetting to pay all their bills, including their therapy bill, like.

Can your client with ADHD find your contact info easily, in like ten different places? Can you text them to remind them of their sessions (yes, and you don’t even have to do it yourself; this is super-easy to automate).

Like–if people have to already be “better” to come and see you, what is the point?

There are things that make it impossible for us to do our jobs, so ok; but–there are a lot of work-arounds that I see people just ignoring (usually because they’re scared of technology; occasionally because they haven’t managed to think about them from a client’s perspective). And, fine, you get to set your own boundaries about who you are and are not equipped to work with. But then how many people get left out because you wouldn’t spend five minutes on the Internet doing a thing?

So I’m curious. What kinds of things have people’s therapists done that were really awesome support/what kinds of things have made you go–“aren’t you supposed to UNDERSTAND this stuff???” Feel free to post from other perspectives than purely mental health diagnoses, too. I won’t post any of it, obv; I’m just working on building an affirming practice, and I know there are ways I’m limited by my own experience. Reblog at will.


Okay, okay. I haven’t been able to keep a username/theme/layout/whatever to save my life, so I’ve finally decided to try my wife’s way of doing thing and just creating side blogs. Everyone will be followed back from this blog, because that’s how it works, but here are my three blogs now: 

xsouthernx - This one, obvs. I’m going to revert it strictly to nature/witchcraft. (And yes, that does include paranormal interaction and what not.) 

necrologies - My dark black and white blog. There’s no porn or graphic gore posted there, but easily scared people might wanna stay away. I do not trigger tag on that blog because we’d be there all day.

kaisousha - My personal blog. For personal stuff and mental health and all the other things that don’t really fit anywhere else. (Hannibal, The Beatles, RHPS, whatevers.) 

Anyway. Yes. Feel free to follow if you want. 


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Why do white people think they know something racist better than a black person? You said Swift appropriated black culture and I love her, but it's true. As a white person, I am not part of black culture so I can't argue for it because it's not my place. And people are like how did she do that? Erm, Google is free. I found multiple answers that way. Asking a black person how do they know something is racist is like asking a gay person how they know something is homophobic. It's annoying

It’s been like that for so long. Oppressed groups are expected and demanded to teach others about their oppression. Of course you can easily find out that information on Google or in library. Black people are expected to teach non-black people about white privilege, systematic racism, etc. Disabled people are expected to teach others about ableist terms, inappropriate commentary regarding their disabilities. Trans-people are expected to prove the acts of violence committed against them and I can go on. They will look online for math equations or even symptoms of illnesses they think they have, but they’ll ask you to prove you’re oppressed because they don’t face the reality of it.

If oppressed groups are explaining their oppression, don’t be a dick and try to counter it because it makes YOU feel uncomfortable. When a trans-person says “Hey, what you said was transphobic”, I’m not going to argue with them or get angry, I’m going to listen. That’s what a decent person does. This is includes “My black/gay/trans/disabled friend it’s okay!” Shut up. Hush your face.

Oppressed people are not required to educate you about their oppression. If they want to, don’t be an ass and try so desperately to argue against it.


gavin tears the wolf packs apart for what they’ve done. how dare they. how dare they do this to him and his people.

he left the reef, yes, because staying there wasn’t for him – he wanted to do more and wanted to be more and he thought it would be okay. they showed mercy to the fallen, they gave them a home when they could have easily killed them and this is how they are repaid? only to learn what’s happening after he is nearly attacked? after he hears all the whispers because the message didn’t get through? 

it’s what fuels him to destroy those packs. even if he does it alone. even if he does it with his fireteam. he’s still going to do it. he’s going to find the source of it all, the one who decided to turn their fallen against them – the cause of his people’s deaths.

he’s going to be the one who kills them. whoever they are. 

(and maybe it’s a bit morbid, maybe it’s a bit too much, but he’s going to bring their god damn head back to lindsay to hang up, to put on a spear, as a warning to others who even think about defying them.)

And poor Natasha oh wow they did her so dirty. How do you just forget that Nat doesn’t get close to people like that so easily? Just because Bruce also has trust issues doesn’t mean that that negates the fact that she has them as well. She shouldn’t be like ‘ I have issues, you have issues, that means we’re even! :DDD’ like it doesn’t fucking work that way. She can empathize with Bruce and even crush on him/sleep with him but she’s not all of a sudden gonna do a 180 and leave so much of herself up to him. 

And wow that line where she says to Fury ‘You assigned me to him; when you sent me to get him, did you always know?’ disgusting. Like Clint, just no fucks given for their actual canon characterization.

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If anyone else that wasn't Alexis said that about fruit you would have thought they were an idiot and ripped them a new asshole. Now you're changing your opinion on fruit because of her. Unfollowing you and supporting vegan blogs that are fruit positive. I actually like Alexis but she could have a ripped body on a vegan lifestyle and then she could eat all the fruit and people that are easily influenced ( such as yourself) wouldn't be saying negatives on fruit.

Okayyyyyyydokayyyyyy I actually do get problems in digestion when having fruit after a cooked meal lol even freelee says that do u understand how much fruit I eat ? Of course I think she should be vegan I’m saying because she isn’t that’s why she’s so scared of fruit jesus I’m glad you’re unfollowing me, don’t need people who are so quick to judge on a 16 year old u seem like there’s something up your ass

like? im dependant on ppl easily so i know i have trouble leaving people, like i couldnt leave my abuser even when it started to be clear they couldnt meet my needs and were just guilting me and giving bullshit promises sometimes

so i wonder if false promises could be a mental health thing and in some context not abusive?? i mean imo it feels, bad and wrong to do but idk. idk how my logic goes here (ive been gaslighted a lot about these sort of things so my brain kinda. cant do thinking the same way as usually)


thanks for the tag sleepsleepingslept :)

What was your:

Last Drink: water

Last Song You Listened To: currently, papercute by troye sivan

Last Time You Cried: last night watching joeys music video

Have you ever: 

Dated Someone Twice: no

Cheated On: no

Kissed Someone And Regretted It: no

Lost Someone Special: no

Been Depressed: nopee

Drunk And Thrown Up: no

List 3 favorite colors: coral, aqua, yellow

In the last year have you: 

Made A New Friend: yas many friends 

Of Love: no

Laughed Until You Cried: so many times man i cry easily 

Met Someone Who Changed You: well yeah (troye, con, colleen)

Found Out Who Your True Friends Are: yeah, definitely

Found Out Someone Was Talking About You: no 

Kissed Anyone On Your FB: noo


How Many People On Your FB Friends Do You Know IRL: all the friends 

Do You Have Any Pets: two puppies 

Do You Want To Change Your Name: no thank u

What Did You Do For Your Last B-day Party: chill get together w cool music and cool friends

What Time Did You Wake Up Today: 6:30 am

What Were You Doing At Midnight Last Night: sleeping

Name Something You CANNOT Wait For: going to gREECE!!

Last Time You Saw Your Mother: this morning but i believe she just came home

What Is One Thing You Wish You Could Change About Your Life: i wish i could sing, damn. 

What Are You Listening To Rn: irreplaceable, beyonce 

Have You Ever Talked To A Person Named Tom: yas good ol uncle tom

What’s Getting On Your Nerves Rn: i got a dumb grade back today 

Blood Type: who knows their blood type??????pls 

Nickname(s): literally nothing. 

Relationship Status: single 

Zodiac Sign: aquarius 

Pronouns: she/her

Favorite TV Show: dance moms

Favorite movie: tangled, titanic

High School: currently

College: nope not yet no thoughts no thank u 

Hair Color: brown

Long Or Short: longish 

Do You Have A Crush On Someone: nahh

What Do You Like About Yourself: my always changing eye colour

Tattoos: nah

Righty Or Lefty: righty

First Surgery: yike never have i ever

First Piercing: ears

First Best Friend: zali

First Sport You Joined: dancing/swimming i donno what came first

First Vaca: sydney

First Pair Of Trainers(sneakers): what! is! this! question!


Eating: i ate a cookie before

Drinking: i drank some water with my cookie

I’m About To: finish my exam note ew ew

Listening To: keep your head up, andy grammer

Waiting For: my holiday!!

Want Kids: yas many big happy family pls

Get Married: yes!!

Career: pls dont ask i donno

Which Is Better:

Lips Or Eyes: eyes!!!!!!!!!

Hugs or Kisses: hugsssssss

Shorter Or Taller: i dont know many people shorter than me so

Older Or Younger: eh if theyre cool theyre cool 

Romantic Or Spontaneous: ??????donno

Nose, Stomach Or Nice Arms: man, theyre all features i like in a person

Sensitive Or Loud: not too loud pls not too sensitive pls

Hookup Or Relationship: relationship

Troublemaker Or Hesitant: in between 

Have you ever:

Kissed A Stranger: no no 

Drank Hard Liquor: nooo im a baby child

Lost Glasses/Contacts: i have good eyes

Sex On First Date: pls chill

Broke Someone’s Heart: welll there was this one,,,,, no. 

Been Arrested: noooo

Turn Someone Down: a boy at my yr6 disco asked me to go with him and i said no. 

Cried When Someone Died: yes

Fallen For A Friend:noo

Do you believe:

In Yourself: yas believe in urself ur gr9 i promise

Miracles: i dont not believe in them

Love At First Sight: lust at first sight

Heaven: no


Kiss At First Date:  depends how long u have known them i guess???

Angels: nope

okay im rlly lazy and im only gonna tag troyeboyish and awsugg there u go guys, happy procrastinating with this long list of q’s :))))) ily

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I am getting worse with Anorexia these days. My best friends, who know about my illnes, ascused me of not trying my best to recover, because "just eat is simple". Now they turned their backs on me and "this is what you get, at least people with broken leg or arm tried to get help. How about you?". I am heartbroken, but part of me knows they are saying the truth. I am starting to believe this is all my fault.

An eating disorder is not your fault sweetheart - it’s the same as developing any other illness; you didn’t choose to get sick. Based on their comments, it sounds as though your friends do not know anything about eating disorders, nor do they realise that suffering from a mental illness is not something that can be so easily “fixed” as a broken bone - it is not as simple as “just eat”, and even when you manage to eat and renourish your body, that doesn’t mean you are immediately better either, since there’s all the psychological issues that need to be addressed and overcome first. Recovering from an eating disorder is a process which takes time, and their understanding and support during this period is something that could be very beneficial to you. Firstly, please do not allow your friends’ ignorance make you feel bad about yourself or feel as though your suffering is somehow your fault. In terms of your friends, I suggest you have a conversation with them and explain how their comments and lack of understanding hurt you. Explain to them a little about eating disorders and the way yours affects you, and that their support - rather than their criticism - would really help you out right now. I’m sure that as your friends they will be happy to listen and try to understand, just remember that your friends aren’t mind readers, so giving them guidance on how they can best support you through this is likely to benefit all of you. All the best to you.

sheaintcoalnomore asked:

21,22,30 :)))

21. do you love easily?

I tend to want to like people. I’d say I do love easily. Most people have something lovable in them–so I think I default to trying to be positive about that unless and until someone gives me a reason to step away. I tend to think love is about recognizing someone as another person, and caring about how there’s a whole universe inside them, just like inside you. So love’s sort of the “default setting” for real human interaction. In the end, I think we’re all the same, after all.

22. list the top five things you spend the most time doing, in order.

This one is a little embarrassing, because I’ve been quite ill the last couple years. I don’t go outside much, and I get easily exhausted. So probably sleeping and resting are the highest on the list. After that, probably reading, drawing, and writing. Basic self care sometimes gets achieved as well. I deserve a medal if I manage to feed myself, shower, and do some household chores all in one day, lately.

23. pick one of your favorite quotes.

I’ll post the poem in its entirety, though it’s the last two lines that really get me. It’s “The Mower”, by Philip Larkin. This poem makes me cry. It’s full of truth that cuts to the quick.

The mower stalled, twice; kneeling, I found  
A hedgehog jammed up against the blades,  
Killed. It had been in the long grass.

I had seen it before, and even fed it, once.  
Now I had mauled its unobtrusive world  
Unmendably. Burial was no help:

Next morning I got up and it did not.
The first day after a death, the new absence  
Is always the same; we should be careful

Of each other, we should be kind  
While there is still time.

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Do you think sandy hook really happened? I know a ton of people this is was all faked but I don't see how something so big could be faked that easily

i believe sandy hook definitely happened, yeah. i think that people create conspiracy theories about things like this because they cant accept that one person is capable of such an extreme act, and they need to find a bigger influence to blame it on because the thought that it could be one person is terrifying.

i do sometimes find it odd that compared to columbine, theres barely any information available about sandy hook, but then i remember its been sixteen years since columbine and not even three years since sandy hook, and more and more information is getting released so there will one day be similar amounts of information available. i think people forget that columbine happened in a time when the information age was just beginning and so information was both readily available and easier backed up and spread, with little to no regulations. now, with investigators aware that once something is on the internet it’s never going away, information is released a lot slower and a lot less freely. im sure with patience we’ll see more and more evidence being released.

the conspiracy theories are interesting and definitely fun to entertain, but all the major facts have been disproved and evidence is still stacking up against the conspiracy theories. im always gonna remain openminded, but until there’s solid proof that it was faked, im gonna go where the evidence is and say it’s real.

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i fear rejection. it's so hard to love right now. i'm so tired of feeling impotent, i'm so tired of being afraid, i'm so tired of loving. i can't trust easily, i can't say how i feel for him, i can't deal with this consuming emptiness... what must i do?

Sadly all of these things are part of the process we call “romantic love” or eros. Why can’t you trust? If you have been hurt by another then you must realize that people are not all the same. If you do not take the chance then you will never be with him. If you are rejected then you are no worse than you are now. As for the emptiness, this can never be permanently filled by another. You must find your own fulfillment.