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There’s no actual good reason to be unpleasant to others based on anything other than the behavior they exhibit. If they’re a dick, sure. I can’t say shit about it. But the world is a genuinely difficult place to live and the only thing we all have in common is we’re stuck here on this occasionally miserable rock until the day we die. There’s no excuse for being negative at all towards someone you know nothing about because they don’t have an appearance you can easily appreciate or something else that’s just as ridiculously petty. Everyone has their own lives and if you do anything to make shit harder on another human being than it absolutely has to be despite having your own shit to deal with and knowing how it feels then there’s honestly got to be something wrong with you. 

Humanity kind of sucks sometimes, you guys. I don’t know why but there it is and it’s depressing. There are millions of amazing people out there who do so much good for the planet and the people around them but there are just as many who get hung up on meaningless things and use those hangups to make life difficult for others and I don’t get it. There’s nothing stopping you from being a positive influence on others. Nobody’s forcing you to ruin a total stranger’s day. Do me and everyone else a huge favor and remember that. We have enough twats out there.

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Could you describe witchcraft to me? I know it's not like harry potter (casting spells with a wand) but what kind of spells can you preform? What the outcomes of certain spells? Does anything happen on a spiritual lvl? And how do u even cast spells?

Oh boy. Let’s get to work. 

Witchcraft is a practice of sorcery, folk magic, and of spirits. It is the craft of the witches. However, what makes it different compared to any other practice? One could easily call themselves a sorcerer or even a cunning folk, so why a witch?

As Peter Gray puts it, “Witchcraft is the work of the enemy. Witchcraft is the sex that other people have, witchcraft the drug that other people take, witchcraft is the rite that other people perform. Witchcraft is the magic that other people do.”

What does this mean? Witchcraft is associated with sin, evil, rebellion. It is a practice that has no moral code and only corresponds with the beast that is nature. A practice of individuals, of whims, a truly crooked path.  it is always an act of rebellion. The witch will always wish for better things, and defy the laws of the oppressors to get it. That is why witches are feared. For we know how to heal ourselves, just as easily as we know how to poison kings.

Now witchcraft isn’t necessarily religious, but it can blend very nicely with the beliefs you already have. There are even religious traditions of witchcraft (some might call Witch Cults) such as Wicca or Feri (feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

Now, witches perform and execute their magic in different ways. Rites, spells, charms, amulets, etc. There are both physical and nonphysical ways of doing so. You can easily find various different kinds of spell books online. I’ll provide a few examples of both historical spells and modern ones.

Now, spell work can go from the most detailed to the simple. Some rites take time and lots of preparation, while others can be done with a few things from your kitchen. 

Some don’t even require physical objects. One such example is sending your fetch beast or familiar spirit out to fulfill your will. 

Now, how do you know if you’re successful? Well, the desire is achieved. Though, my friend does say “if you’re terrified, you know you’re doing something right.” You might also feel very tired, energized, or even dizzy afterwards. 

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Seriously, though … what do you people do to get Solas to yell at you?

He only yelled at my Inquis once. When they had taken from the Well of Sorrows. Which is perfectly understandable for me because Solas is big on freedom and you just willingly enslaved yourself to a powerful ancient being.

But Solas is really not someone who is offended so easily. It’s a miracle for me how you get him to yell at you … Did your Inquisitor act like some gigantic ignorant arsehole that treated him and his belief like a fucking piece of shit? Because that’s really the only explanation I can come up with for Solas yelling at your Inquisitor.

Heck, even Joanna got along with him well, and she did some things that earned major dissaproval from him (like having the Wardens join the Inquisition and taking from the Well), and she did not wholeheartedly agree with his ideas either. 

How do you manage to get Solas to yell on your Inquisitor if not on purpose? 

I will never understand. 

BTS reaction to a young fan speaking Korean and English fluently (request)

So I was asked to do this for Exo and/or BTS, but I chose to do both. It amazes me how easily other people seem to teach themselves multiple languages. I am very jealous and impressed by all of you out there who can speak more than one language fluently. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this reaction. <3

Feel free to request more! I do not own these gifs.

-Admin Kat

PS: I did an EXO reaction for the same post

Jin: Jin would be so amazed like a proud mother. Jin is not terrible at English, but he also isn’t great. However, he taught himself Mandarin, so I think he would be amazed that such a young girl was able to teach herself Korean fluently as well. He may even teach her how to greet in Mandarin.

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Suga: He would be very quiet during the fan-meeting, seeing as how he is not very talkative to begin with, but especially because he is not good at speaking English. Once she introduced herself in English but began speaking Korean, he would be very confused. However, he would become more comfortable and may ask her some questions about how she taught herself fluent Korean.

Originally posted by jjungkook

J-Hope: We all know Hobi is pretty confident in his English. He would be very talkative with his fans during the fan-meeting, but would be very surprise once he heard her fluent Korean. “But you are so young? And you taught yourself?” He would tell her several joked in both Korean and English.

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Rapmon: Rapmonster also taught himself fluent English, so I think he would be very amazed that she was only 11 and was able to teach herself. He would probably ask her which language she felt more comfortable speaking and would talk to her in the preferred language the rest of the time. “That is really impressive. Keep up the good studying.”

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Jimin: Like J-Hope, Jimin is pretty confident in his English. Although he would not speak it as much. He would be shocked that she could speak both and even more amazed that she taught herself. He would ask her to translate several words from Korean to English and be shocked at how fast she was able to translate it. He would probably even call V over and show him how cool the girl was.

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V: This little alien loves to think he is good at English even though he struggles. If she kept switching between the two languages, he would get very confused and world result in speaking the only other language he knows, Japanese. It would be a mess of languages unless the fan only spoke to him in Korean.

Originally posted by jiminuh

Jungkook: The moment the fan switched from English to fluent Korean, he would be very surprised. He speaks a little English, as shown in different videos, and a little Japanese. I think he would be a bit jealous at how young she is to have taught herself another language fluently. He would try his best to speak to her in both, but would be focusing a lot on how young she is. He would find it very cool and impressive.

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When you think about how many people see your drawings and have been looking and viewing for so many years (like me! a big fan) do you ever get the heeby jeebies and grow nervous? And if so, does it affect your art? And if so, how do you handle those feelings? If not, please disregard. Thanks for being awesome.

I don’t get nervous. Once it has been drawn I feel separate from it, but I do make many drawings I don’t post. Sometimes because I know they could easily be misinterpreted or because I feel the drawing might say something that I won’t agree with in the future.

My art is different and has changed depending on who the audience is. Much of my Tumblr stuff from 2009-2010 specifically reflects how Tumblr felt like a more of a private place back then. It’s not always obvious, but I notice it.


it breaks my heart to think of how easy it is for people to leave

I think its so very unfortunate that people can just give up so easily on things. “I don’t know what to do anymore, so bye” instead of “tell me what we can do to solve this,” you know? no more fix it and work it out, no more problem solving or remembering why you fell in the first place, just the easy, cowardly way out. it breaks my heart that it’s so easy to say goodbye to someone or something beautiful. love means nothing anymore, marriage means nothing, commitment means nothing. and that just really, really makes me sad.

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I'm thinking about giving up on this guy I'm really into. He seems to be really wishy-washy and I know I'm going to just get hurt in the end because I'm not the type that opens up and falls for people that easily. What should I do?

There are so many factors here that I would need to know to properly answer such a question. Your next move is to bring these issues up with him and see what he has to say about it. What is his explanation for his wishy-washy behavior? What is his perception of how he has acted? Don’t be confrontational or accusatory. Just listen to his side.

Maybe by the end of the discussion you’ll know better what you should do, one way or the other. If not, just go with what your gut tells you. 

SO a long while ago i hooked up with this person twice and the second time they started to like… point out my scars which i was like w/e about since they have some as well and i don’t really care and we recently-ish reconnected and are planning on getting together again but they keep asking about my day and they are asking about how my new job is going and like they’re fun to chat with but like … why do they want to chat with me? i feel as if they just do it so i’ll continue to hook up but i think that’s silly. like if they want to just hook up shouldn’t we just do that? i get emotionally attatched easily and i dont want to become invested in someone who just wants to have a physical relationship with me … people are weird

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hey, ive been doing keto for a while and i dont think im doing it right... do you count net carbs or total carbs? also how many do you consume a day? do you work out?

Hi I would say most people do count but I never ever have. The most I do is check labels and google how many carbs are in things because you will be surprised how many foods are packed with hidden sugar. I try and eat under 20g or carbs per day that’s it. I don’t worry about how much protein or fat as long as I know I’m eating some good fat with every meal that’s it. I know Rae lovehealthlift takes this approach and she is queen keto and a personal trainer so think it’s not important and you can easily become obsessed with tracking. I do work out yes but lost 4 stone not working out at all. I literally started the gym 3 weeks ago! Nutrition is the best start point, I would recommend getting that sorted first before putting loads of pressure on yourself to do it all. I made loads of silly mistakes starting keto at first It took me about 2 months to really understand what I should be eating. You might find it beneficial to track but i personally don’t xxx

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Pretty people get more attention very easily, true or false? Think realistically.

Neither true or false.
You can be unattractive and still draw a lot of attention by how ugly you are. Or you can be unattractive and dress promiscuously and get a lot of attention. Or you can be a complete fucking train wreck who loves attention and do everything you can to get it.

You can do a lot of things for attention when you think about it so no, I don’t think pretty people get more attention easily. They may get noticed more often?


How long is a healthy meditation/mental shift? I don’t do them often (voluntarily) at least..

But when I do enter a mental shift through meditation, how long is it safe to stay in it? Some people say its not safe to do it for long periods of time..but for me I can’t even keep my head quiet for too long, so I lose focus easily.. and don’t typically stay in my meditation for long.

But I am rather curious about how long therians should stay in meditation?

Thinking about doing Gishwhes this year. But I am not dedicated or hardworking( I kind of am just not enough). I give up easily and I get anxious and overwhelmed super easily. But I like making people smile and it sounds fun and weird and like after I will be a better person for doing something that might make me overwhelmed and take me out of my comfort zone. But I don't want to let my team down if I can't handle it. I don't know I want to but I don't want to take on more than I can cope with.

What do you think?

Having a stutter really sucks… Like a lot.

I can’t say anything I want to say and people judge based on how I talk. 

However I have found that I can talk really easily when I swear. This almost always works…

I can be having a conversation with my mom and she can be like -

Mom: So how did you like my pie

Me: Your fucking pie was fucking amazing

Mom: Nice! What do you want to do tomorrow?

Me: Well I have shit work and I have to walk over to our fucking cousins house to pick up that fucking bag.

Even though this works I can really ask the worker at jewel where there “motherfucking photo paper” is


Man I feel like trash.

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Character Questions: Fear Edition - 1,5, and 9 :>

1. Does your character have any phobias?

Gwen: she can get panicky if she is alone in a dense forest - doesn’t even have to be very far from where her companions (or clan) are if she is ALONE and the part of the forest is beyond what she knows is safe parameter. She doesn’t actively avoid it or anything and is fine if she doesn’t realize that is what’s going on, but if the thought crosses her mind…
Eirien: ….nnnnnnnoooo I don’t think so? 

5. Do they share their fears with others or do they want to appear fearless?

Both: they don’t really share their fears (unprovoked, or very easily), Gwen even less than Eirien because Eir can’t usually appear fearless no matter how hard he tries and so 1) people will either ask him what’s wrong, or 2) he comes to a breaking point and has to talk about it. Gwen is better at hiding her emotions and tends to not talk about her fears.

9. How do they deal with fear?

Eirien deals with fear by trying to pretend nothing is wrong, getting stomach aches, and avoiding (if possible) anything to do with said fears. He knows that talking about his fears often helps, but is reluctant to do it. Force of habit.

Gwen doesn’t try to pretend that she’s not scared; and instead she gets angry - usually at the thing she is afraid of, and less so at herself, and the anger helps her deal with being scared. She is better at being angry than scared. ^^

35 in-depth character questions

1. How does your character think of their father? What do they hate and love about him? What influence - literal or imagined - did the father have?

Ephram had a very strained relationship with Harlan for a long time, since Harlan left Ephram & Lulie to go be with his other woman, Loretta. It was only in his early twenties that the two reconciled, although they’re still not close. Ephram hates Harlan’s fickleness and how easily everything has come to him, but he does admire the way that Harlan sticks to his own moral code, no matter how little sense it might make to other people. Ephram doesn’t try to be like or unlike his father, but Harlan was a notorious womanizer, so perhaps that stuck true in the bloodline.

2. Their mother? How do they think of her? What do they hate? Love? What influence - literal or imagined - did the mother have?

Ephram loves his mother fiercely, but he also harbours a lot of anger towards her for the years between about 13-19 when Lulie was drinking and often wasn’t able to feed him or look after him. He tells himself that it could have been worse, she could have abandoned him altogether or had boyfriends who mistreated them, but even still, the pain of that time has stuck with Ephram. He works hard at forgiving his mother for it but growing up like that has left Ephram with a predilection for women who are addicted, self-involved, distant, or otherwise emotionally compromised/unavailable.

3. Brothers, sisters? Who do they like? Why? What do they despise about their siblings?: Ephram has three half-sisters from Harlan’s marriage to Loretta: Darla, Pinkie, and Harleen. He gets along best with Pinkie out of the three of them. He’s closest with his step-sister Cheyenne (Loretta’s daughter pre-Harlan), who’s four years older and did her best to take care of him when Lulie was drinking. Cheyenne made a concerted effort to include Ephram in her side of the family when Harlan remarried, and always looked out for him as much as she could.

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okay Idk if u use tarot cards but I asked my cards if I had been cursed and straight up got ten of swords. and when I asked who cursed me I got king of pentacles reversed. if that's not clear message Idk what is. I'm so scared tho what do I do?

So the thing about divination is that it is easily influenced by your fears and expectations. Like if people knew how much power they had in making certain cards appear everyone would feel like a badass witch.

My tarot cards have also sternly told me I was under magical attack and even who was doing it. Ultimately they had done nothing but mimic my conscious fears.

Why did you ask your cards if you were cursed? Have you been experiencing symptoms of attack or was it a “I wonder…” type of thing? 

this fandom is fucking confusing as fuck like do you go around telling people they are/aren’t racist just because they date people of their skin colour or not? THAT’S RUDE OKAY? Y’all do what you want but don’t drag other people to your messed up shit bc of dating. Jeez… this is an example of how some people on this website get butthurt so easily and think it’s all a fucking conspiracy. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

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It's okay if stuff is hard -- don't let anyone make you feel like you are a failure if things don't come easily. You can do it. You can do lots of things. You are great at lots of things, and you inspire lots of people. We believe in you!

thank you so much….today has honestly been so dismal for me and like….this is so helpful to me idk how to even express it

Here be spoilers.

I can buy into a separation only if after the failed invasion Mulder became obsessed with his work again. We have all seen what happens when he gets too deep into his work. He does the ditching routine, the whole tunnel vision thing. If this happened then he would have pushed Scully away unintentionally…or even intentionally if he was doing he old routine of “get as far away from me as you can”. Additionally I can’t see Scully wanting to go through that again, especially after her little weird breakdown in IWTB.

Just a little add about this rumour that Scully dated this Tad OMalley guy. Really? Salt to the wounds there? Do we really want to know that Scully moved on and dated other people. How exactly long have they been separated?! Hoping this is not true! Tad does not look like Scullys type!

Still, I think it’s odd that they would both give up so easily after all they have been through.

I seriously hope there is a big plot twist and we find out that the separation was fake. So for some reason Mulder and Scully are trying to draw someone to them.

Otherwise it’s a big FUCK YOU to Chris Carter and co for going all soap opera and yet again trying to break down the best relationship in TV history.

Hopefully it will all work out and the fandom won’t end up as being as pissed as they were with IWTB.