I always wondered, how much time does women spend doing hair like Nadine have.. I adore her hairstyle, it really suits her. I thought about this and imagined Nadine with wet hair hah ;) 

Recently I read a lot of fanfiction, RafexReader mainly so.. YEAH. That’s what I do! Draw stuff like this and read fanfiction most of my time! ;>

*by the way.. first time i use english idioms.. yes i am completly moron, i don’t know english well so forgive me if i wrote something wrong xd

males and dicks in female bathrooms is so much better because women and their periods are so scary and gross!!


- ❛ I love you but you don’t know what you’re talking about.  ❜
- ❛ Can you french kiss? ❜
- ❛ Be advised, the two of you will never see each other again.  ❜
- ❛ You’re a traitor to our family.  ❜
- ❛ I’m sorry about this.  ❜
- ❛ You’re a fugitive.  ❜
- ❛ He likes you.  ❜
- ❛ How could I allow myself to do something so stupid?  ❜
- ❛ Women are more emotional.  ❜
- ❛ I hate you.  ❜
- ❛ You’re trying to hurt me.  ❜
- ❛ Why is everything so hard for you? ❜
- ❛ We’re in love. We just want to be together. What’s wrong with that? ❜
- ❛ You’re probably a much more intelligent person than I am. ❜
- ❛ Damn us. ❜
- ❛ He’s emotionally disturbed. ❜
- ❛ In other words, it’s over. ❜
- ❛ Get out of my chimney. ❜
- ❛ Which injuries are you apologizing for specifically? ❜  
- ❛ I hope the roof flies off and I get sucked up into space. ❜
- ❛ Stop feeling sorry for yourself. ❜
- ❛ Your girlfriend stabbed me in the back with lefty scissors. ❜

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i'm a bi woman in a long term relationship with a man which looks like it's going to be kind of forever thing as it's been a few years and we're really planning our future together. I love him but I constantly worry that my bi identity is invalid and struggle with erasure. How do I cope with these feelings? being bi and loving women is really important to me but it feels so dismissed by everyone because I'll probably marry a man :(

That really sucks. Bi women who date/marry men are valid and awesome and bisexual, and who you’re with does not change any of that. Biphobia and erasure is horrible. You could try reading/watching books/shows with bi characters, or getting more involved with wlw communities in person or online as a way to feel more connected.
Hot Flash: Women Who Start Menstruation and Menopause Later More Likely to Live to 90

Women with more than 40 reproductive years enjoyed increased odds of living to advanced age

The number of women living to age 90 in the United States has increased significantly in the past century. Currently estimated at 1.3 million, this demographic is expected to quadruple by 2050. A new study by researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine found that women who start menstruation and experience menopause later in life may have increased chances of surviving nine decades.  

The study, published online July 27, 2016 in Menopause, is the first to evaluate the association of reproductive factors with survival to a specific advanced age, such as 90 years old.

“Achieving longevity is an overarching public health goal with so many of us asking ‘how do I live longer?’ Our study found that women who started menstruation at age 12 or older, experienced menopause, either naturally or surgically, at age 50 or older and had more than 40 reproductive years had increased odds of living to 90-years-old,” said Aladdin Shadyab, PhD, lead author of the study with the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at UC San Diego School of Medicine.

Of the approximately 16,000 participants in the racially and ethnically diverse group, 55 percent survived to age 90. The participants were from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), a national longitudinal investigation of postmenopausal women, and were followed for 21 years.

“Our team found that women who started menstruation at a later age were less likely to have certain health issues, like coronary heart disease, and those who experienced menopause later in life were more likely to be in excellent health overall, which may be a possible explanation for our findings,” said Shadyab.

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How are you going to criticize marvel for young casting and then praise them for casting older in AoS? Maybe, just maybe, they cast whoever they like. Not to mention the Netflix shows Jessica Jones and Daredevil both heavily featuring women over 30.

What do you mean “how am I going to criticize Captain Marvel while praising Aos”? I was literally writing an entire post about how older women are perfectly capable of taking on badass roles; of course I’m going to praise the magnificence that is Ming-Na Wen. 

And yes, I know Marvel casts whoever they like. In this case they cast the youngest woman they could find, because obviously you can’t do something risky with your first (and only) female lead like cast a woman who’s not conventionally attractive or fuckable, right? 

And sure, Jessica Jones and Dardevil have women in their thirties, and even older. Yay for them! But a.) not as leads and b.) I’m still talking about Captain Marvel. Not Jessica Jones, not Daredevil, not AoS. Captain Marvel.

Who should be at least in her 40′s.


this is what happens if you look up “Ghostbusters Review”.

how much you wanna bet none of these guys are ghostbusters fans and just wanted to bitch and complain about how unfunny women are.

i think i’m going to do a snapchat adventure of me watching these. (follow me, i’m spoony-chan on there.)

please sign this petition!!!

please sign this petition @ to obtain the racial justice that all black men and women deserve. many black people have been slaughtered in many ways throughout history, but recently its gotten out of control. from going to a friend’s birthday party to laughing, these innocent humans have been killed by the police. debate all you want about their murder rates, but youre not looking at their population as a whole. keep in mind there are still tons of people in prison who are wrongfully there, either theyre framed or police found them guilty because of their skin color. police hate crimes are wrongfully, but mostly committed against black people. the criminals are criminals, but dont you ever dare think that all black people are criminals, and you may think so, but if thats your opinion so be it. i dont know when we started collecting data for murder rates, but how many black men and women and *children* were killed? i do not know, but for sure too many to count. why do you use their races murder rates to define them? using one’s crimes to make someone else guilty should not define who the individual is. why torture an innocent man for another’s crimes?

The Stendhal Syndrome (Dario Argento, 1996)

‘works of art have power over us. works of great art have great power.’ yes and the power and privilege structure underlying western art history affects that on certain viewers differently than it does others; as does the structure behind psychoanalysis, crime and justice, etc. finding subjective, active place in the things men do, how they see, define and control women. i’m convinced he casting his daughter asia isn’t a case of nepotism, control, being unable to get who he wanted or to save money, but because she was absolutely the best actor. i’m also convinced that this is his best movie. you heard me.

kosmokhaos replied to your post “pixel-imagination replied to your post “I really hate that I can’t…”

Would getting your tubes tied work too? I’m not even sure how that works but I know a lot of women do it when they don’t want babes.

Yeah like Pixel said below, I just don’t want any of it at all. It’s just an annoyance at this point. Even my family says they wish I could get one so I’d shut up about it. They know by now I’m not having children so like it’s useless at this point.

pixel-imagination replied to your post “pixel-imagination replied to your post “I really hate that I can’t…”

^^you’ll still get a period with tubal ligation, but it is sterilization. The problem with that is trying to get a doctor to even approve doing it. Because if you’re under 30 with no kids, they really won’t don’t he procedure. Their //only// reasoning is what if the patient wants kids one day?

That is literally the only reason and that should be my problem to deal with at that point in time. I should be able to do whatever I want with my body and yet here I am being denied a procedure because they think I may or may not regret it one day :/ The fuck outta here with that mess.

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I'm also totally lost on how to find queer girls. Add to all that the nagging feeling of not being queer enough to actually be bi because I have only made out with women a few times. How do I get confident with girls and in myself as a bi girl? (4/4)

There’s only one way to get confident.. You have to do more of it ^^
You could try visiting LGBT friendly clubs and bars, just try your best to be calm, flirting should be loose and friendly, it should never be forced because it comes across very obviously when it is.. But basically it’s the same for any gender :3
After you’ve had a drink with someone and talked about stuff, you can just make a casual “Oh, I’m in a relationship but it’s open..” and if they’re okay with that let them know upfront that you’re just looking for a friend with benefits situation and you don’t want any misunderstandings about it..
If nothing else comes of it, you’ll have a night out and maybe make friends! At best you’ll find a lady friend ^^
With love,

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My man introduced me to this lifestyle & at first I was angry but after watching him mess around once, I was actually aroused so I decided to try it. I go back and forth always and struggle really hard with it at times because I'm "monogamy trained" like ur post. I struggle w not being good enough and maybe I'm just insecure but I know he loves me. How do you deal ? Your blog helps a lot so ty btw. Also he wants me to find women so they're into US; how do I do that ? Does jay find his own ?

I deal some days better than other days. Right now I am really struggling.

The only thing I can say is to slowly integrate it in your life. Pick your battles. Communicate. And never forget that these Others are human beings with feelings and not just here for our sexual pleasure.

The arousal and the pain are tied so closely together, it is sick and twisty and messy and beautiful and incredible and bonding and difficult and lovely.

I think I usually have a better answer when people ask this question, but it has been a difficult week for us and I haven’t dealt with it in a way that is advice worthy. Maybe it has been more honest or real though.

You can always message me privately anytime and I’m happy to chat. 😘