idk man like ??? it makes me uncomfortable whenever fans ask jensen to remove his jacket/shirt as part of a question ??? like ?????

since I’m getting a lot of questions about husbandry, care and enrichment, I wanna remember people that I literally love giving out advice so much, I’ll write you a full assignment-worthy answer to a single-word question and in addition to that question, will send you pictures and links to even mORE INFO. this has been a warning.

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So I approached my friend about her aphobia and she said it'd be best if we just don't talk about it since we disagree but I want to bring it up again and try to educate her and I don't know how to do it without sounding like I'm picking a fight

ugh thats super harmful. she should really listen to you. just tell her that it makes you really uncomfortable and you cant have her act like that arround you. again, im not super qualified to answer these kind of things, maybe try aphobia-is-real??? im sorry i cant be more helpful im just super bad at social stuff

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Ok I want to follow the nhl next season. The only knowlege i have of hockey is from the aihl (which i started following this season) and i think I've seen Mighty Ducks like once. What should i research and how do i pick a few teams to follow

Just want to apologize in advance for the novel I have written.

So I was super into the AIHL last year but this year the games have just been on to late for me this year. Like 3 am.

First of all the NHL is a lot bigger than the AIHL, obviously. But that means there are a lot of resources on NHL teams and the league as a whole. There are a few really interesting documentaries I would suggest you looking up. 

Kings Ransom - This is a documentary about the trade of one of the biggest NHL players and athletes of all time, Wayne Gretzky. This isn’t a lot of info on like the operations of the league but you’ll hear the phrase “Even Gretzky got traded” as a way of a hockey fan/player/reporter saying “anything can happen” quite a bit. It also shows you how CRAZY the fans can get over this kind of thing. Trades are a big deal and this documentary is a good representation of it.

The Last Gladiators - This documentary centers around what hockey is predominantly known for, which is the goon. However, this also shows how that part of the game is dangerous, harmful and is slowly being removed from the game. It follows former Montreal Canadien, New York Rangers and Boston Bruin Chris Nilan, a Boston native with the nickname “knuckles.” It gets even crazier when you realize all three of the teams he was on were huge rivals. 

NHL 36 - These are short documentaries that follow NHL Players around for the 36 hours before a big game. They show the preparation and other things NHL Players do in their off time. It’s more modern than the others and features mostly current NHL Players.

A Day That Changed The Game: NHL Expansion - Up until 1967 the NHL saw teams come and go except for 6, these teams would be named the original 6. From 1942 to 1967 these 6 teams were the only ones in the NHL. The 67′ expansion saw another 6 teams join the league with only one that is not in operation anymore, RIP golden seals. This Wikipedia page goes through all the expansions, or you could just watch the documentary.

You can also catch all the all-star games, skills competitions, and drafts on youtube! And I would really suggest doing so they’re a lot of fun. There’s also a documentary called Big Shot, it’s not as informative but it is SUPER interesting.

There’s also a youtuber called Steve Dangle, he makes videos about the Toronto Maple LEafs but every now and then he has something to say about other teams, leagues and any huge event in hockey. He has his own channel but also he has videos on the sportsnet channel that are interesting. He also has his own podcast called The Steve Dangle Podcast and they’re like an hour long but they Cover EVERYTHING.

And Now, because this post isn’t long enough, I’ll go through a quick rundown of all the teams and I’ll link to their websites where you can look at full rosters and highlights and stuff.

Anaheim Ducks - This would be the team named after the Mighty Ducks. They used to be the Anaheim Mighty Ducks but they changed the name and the color scheme to something more unique to them. They seem to fluctuate between really good and really bad and were seen as Stanley cup favorites for the past few years, but they’re trending down now. This is a Californian team AND they’re one of the most hated teams on Tumblr. They play a little dirty here and there and I never understood all the hate, but it’s there and it can be a lonely team to love.

Arizona Coyotes - They used to be the phoenix coyotes except they don’t play in phoenix so they changed their names. They were good once and now they seem to be getting better again. There one of the teams that actually doesn’t have cap issues, and they have to work to reach the floor (there’s a cap floor and cap ceiling, you need to stay in between, as in you can only spend so much money on players). They have a lot of good young players but no one is too sure of their future success. Their fan base is definitely one of the smallest, but they’re passionate and no one really hates them.

Boston Bruins - I’m biased because this is my team. They’re one of the Original Six but all that really means is they have a huge fan base and a long history. They’re known for being the Big Bad Bruins but in recent years have tried to trend closer to having a faster game. They were really good from 2010-2013 and then 2014 happened and they’re still fighting back. They went through a mini-rebuild and even the fans don’t really know who's’ on the team. They’re generally seen as the perennial bad guys in the NHL however, the organization as a whole has a really good record of being progressive. Basically, a good team if you like the villain but also have morals.

Buffalo Sabres - Since I started watching hockey years ago, they have always been the bad team, the easy win on the schedule. This is about to change. They have some of the best players in the league going into next season, their only issue seems to be goaltending.  Their big names are Jack Eichel, Kyle Okposo and it doesn’t matter after that. They’re about to surprise the rest of the league in the next few seasons.

Calgary Flames - They fluctuated between really fucking good and “why are they even here” for a bit. They seem to be solid on every front except goaltending and yet the whole team would fall collectively many nights. They just addressed their goaltending issue and with a very hot offense I wouldn’t be surprised if they shot to the top this season. No one really hates the flames and they’re Canadian, so they have a solid fan base.

Carolina Hurricanes - This team is a mess because they aren’t good and they don’t have a lot of fans. They won a cup in this century so that’s a good thing at least. Except they held onto that same lineup and now they’re all dead. They just signed the league’s most mediocre goalie to a 2-year deal and got rid of the face of their franchise, Eric Staal. They have some young talent, but they’re not really special in any way. The team as a whole has a small following but they have some popular players.

Chicago Blackhawks - The Blackhawks have been the most consistently good team in the NHL since 2010. They’ve won 3 Stanley Cups since 2010 while also getting rid of a lot of players after each win. Their core and coaching staff is mainly to thank for the wins. However, their players have been accused of some terrible things and have been known to say some pretty bad things. They’re one of the most popular teams in the NHL now but proceed with caution. 

Colorado Avalanche - They were supposed to be good and nothing happened. They have a lot of really good players but they haven’t been able to do anything with it. Fun fact, they’re also the NHL team who is furthest from any other NHL team. They have a crazy coach named Patrick Roy who is a big deal. They also managed to make Jarome Iginla one of the most iconic and amazing NHL players in HISTORY, irrelevant. Seriously, I’m not sure if the hockey world is aware he still plays. 

Columbus Blue Jackets - I’ll sum this team up with one stat: They have only won 2 playoff games in franchise history. Now in their defense they’ve only been around since 2000….but that’s really not that good of an excuse. The only reason they made the playoffs to begin with, was their goaltender, who was AMAZING, but shouldn’t have had to be. They have an overpaid mediocre lineup. I don’t have much good to say about them because along with being bad at playing hockey they also are dirty and don’t draft well. Their fans are fun actually, blue jackets games look like a blast. Oh and they have a cannon that pisses off the rest of the league.

Dallas Stars - This is the new up and coming team to get into. If you want to feel like you’re following a team to the top start with them. They have a killer lineup that basically destroys teams. Sadly for them you only get 2 points for a win regardless if you win 2-1 or 7-1. THey don’t know how to balance being good in the regular season and being good in the playoffs yet but they’ll get there. You would think a team from texas would have a small fanbase and maybe they do…in texas…but the internet LOVES them and their mediocre looking white boys.

Detroit Red Wings - Only the second original 6 team on this list. They’re pretty legendary honestly. They boast the first Russian player to win the stanley cup, the longest playoff streak, and some of the most iconic names in hockey (Steve Yzerman, Gordie Howe, Nicklas Lidstrom ect.). Recently though they HAVE been making the playoffs just they don’t seem to do much after that. They have a huge fanbase but they’re a pretty middle of the pack team. I think they’re slowly going down hill but Red Wings fans would punch me for that. They also just lost their biggest name, Datsyuk and the rest of their lineup is either old, mediocre or Dylan Larkin.

Edmonton Oilers - OOO boy where do I start with these guys. First of all, they have some of the best forwards int he game on their team and have been the WORST team in the past decade, and that’s not even an exaggeration. As far as I know, no one has looked into a babe ruth-esque curse for trading Gretzky but they should. This team can’t get anything done right. They draft the best players year after year and year after year they come in last (or second last whatever). They have the player who may be the Wayne Gretzky of our generation (Conor McDavid) AND traded one of their best players away and while it was a terrible trade Edmonton still has so many amazing forwards they may have still managed to make their team better. Basically, they could have a breakout season anytime now and maybe you want to jump on now so you can say you’ve been around since they were bad, but don’t hold your breath because they have the worst luck EVER.

Florida Panthers - beware, if you chose this team you will be faced with a lot of “lol they have ice in florida?” which may actually be something you can relate to coming from Australia. They have had their years of being meh, bad and good. It seems like they’re in their good years right now. They have Legend and immortal Jaromir Jagr who is currently the oldest NHL player. THey also have Aaron Ekblad who is very obviously lying about his age and maybe the most loved social media goalie, Roberto Luongo. Their a good pick for a team in my opinion but their fans are few and far between. 

LA Kings - From 2010 to 2015 only three teams won stanley cups, The Chicago Blackhawks in 2010, 2013 and 2015, the Boston Bruins in 2011 and The LA KIngs in 2012 and 2014. For those 5 years they were generally considered one of the best teams in the league as it seemed they always made it far in the playoffs. However, people started questioning them this year when they got knocked out uncharacteristically early. Either way, their part of the team why a California Swing (basically a set of away games that are all in California and usually include all three californian teams) is not considered a relaxing vacation. But also one time a player on the Kings was asked to move his car on a kings game day because Kobe Bryant was coming to watch the game and needed t park his car there. Oh Cali. I hate picking on out of market teams but sometimes it’s too easy.

Minnesota Wild - You know how I said the Carolina hurricanes were old and dying. Well so are the wild and they’re embracing it. They made the playoffs this year but only because the western conference was abysmal this year. Seriously just steer clear of this team. They may have big shiny names like Zach Parise or Ryan Suter or Eric Staal, but don’t be fooled because they are all way past their expiration date. there are better teams in the grocery store. unless of course. you still believe, in which case take it home with you and pray you don’t get food poisoning.

Montreal Canadiens - This team is the exact opposite of the Boston Bruins, and for good reasons considering they are the leagues Biggest Rivals and have been for 90+ years now. I’m not kidding. The rivalry is almost as old as the league. we HATE each other and it’s literally one of the best parts of hockey. Even non hockey fans watch these games because it’s very possible someone might be murdered. So basically the habs are seen as the perennial good guys, and their organization is shit. They just traded their best player who was universally loved by literally EVERYONE but their GM and coach. PK Subban literally donated 10 million dollars (he only makes 9 mil a year BEFORE taxes) to a childrens hospital in Montreal. Everyone was super pissed about it and so was I, but as a bruins fan I was also happy he got out of there.They’re historic, have the most stanley cups by far, speak french all the time and they’re a great franchise. It’s just not the time. Give them a few years. 

Nashville Predators - it’s pretty ironic this team comes after the habs considering this is the team PK Subban got traded to. Their goaltender is either amazing or terrible, they have a really good looking defense, their offense is eh and their logo is an anatomically impossible saber tooth cat. I guess when you’re a vague predator tho you can make shit up. But basically this team is p in the air whether they’ll be better or worse next year remains to be seen.

New Jersey Devils - now a few years ago this teams average age was like 50. They don’t really do anything and honestly they’re so irrelevant I don’t know who’s on the team. Actual conversation I had with a friend of mine: “I don’t even know who their captain is” “They have a captain?” regardless they see to have a good size fan base and they boast one of the best goaltenders of all time, Martin Brodeur. but he retired. so. who cares.

New York Islanders - a few years ago these guys would have been irrelevant to me except then they did this thing where they built literally the worst arena of all time. Like their old arena apparently used to RAIN, IN DOORS, and yet it’s still worse than that. THey built this place in brooklyn like a year ago and they used it for one season and they’re already planning on moving to Queens now. because it’s that bad of an arena. Not to mention they’re the Islanders because they’re frm long island and play in Brooklyn right now. They’re just a mess. But they’re good. So we’ll see. I heard a lot of players wanted to get th ehell out because of the arena but that could have been a rumor. although Okposo, one of their best players, did leave for Buffalo.

New York Rangers - Okay I’m biased again because this is my least favorite team but I’ll do my best to stay straight forward. Basically they were pretty good for the past few years but couldn’t get anything done. They brag about having the best goaltender in the league. And their original 6 team. that’s all i could do. Anything else i could say would be tainted by my hatred. But their huge, a lot of people love them and i knew a kid who was named after them, not fucking joking.

Ottawa Senators - So basically they’re kind of screwed. Their team is okay at best, their best player is their only good player and they have an internal cap, meaning they have less money than the league says they can spend on players. They’re not doing too good and HAVE to make the playoffs next year just to have enough money to exist. and People are wondering why they aren’t putting a new team in canada, Y’all can’t even handle 7 and you want 8? chill.

Philadelphia Flyers - This team, similar to the boston bruins, is the perennial bad guy. They were the Broad Street Bullies and now they’re just Claude Giroux, Wayne Simmonds, and the highlighter boys. They’re not Terrible but they’re not necessarily getting any better either. Only choose this team if you have a good pair of sunglasses because those jerseys are AW-FUL.

Pittsburgh Penguins - They’re the Montreal Canadians to the Flyers Bruins. They’re generally seen as the good guys, and they hate the flyers (they also hate the bruins, go figure). They boast the best players in hockey like Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Marc Andre-FLeury. And they just won the stanley cup. This is probably the team new fans would pick. Either way, if you decide to hate them you have to promise not to make any sidney crosby crybaby jokes because they’re uninspired and douchey. 

Saint Louis Blues - Okay this is an interesting team. They’ve been at the “should win the Stanley cup” level of talent recently and yet have not been able to actually do it. They made a lot of moves and lost a few players this offseason and I’m honestly not sure if they got better or worse. If you want to hate the blackhawks like most of us do, this is a good team to root for instead. Plus their named after a music genre and they have a music note as their logo, that’s pretty unique.

San Jose Sharks - Listen, they’re good, they’re pretty damn good actually, but they’re not getting better. This team is old and they have great players but they could all conceivably be my father. Their goaltending is pretty amazing but they rely on guys like Joe Thronton and Joe Pavelski who are great but past thier prime. otherwise, they don’t really do anything to hate them for. one time Joe Thronton said he would masturbate if he scored four goals during another teams interview so that’s cool. They also made the stanley cup final this year so they have a few more years of being good.

Tampa Bay Lightning - Look, I’m not in love with this team so this next part may sound biased, but it’s all fact. THis team is about to murder all of the other teams and crush their way to a cup. I’m not joking they have every single piece they could ask for. They got both of their best player sto take a 2 million paycut AND they have a bunch of other players you could argue are their best players. The Lightning are set up for success right now and it’s REEALLY exciting. THey also have the cheapest tickets in the whole league, so if you ever take a trip out to tampa why not go to a game maybe??

Toronto Maple Leafs - hahahahhahaha all i can do is laugh. they’re such a big mess i don’t know where to start. I guess the good news is their probably going to be one of the best teams in a few years. Like their prospects are amazing, but the past few years has been ridiculously entertaining. This would be why you watch Steve Dangle, cause even if you don’t like the leafs, they’re doing some weird shit that you want to hear about. They’re also the biggest franchise in the league, the most popular and are set up to be very good. They’re a good choice if you want all of canada to hate you. On the flip side if you want leaf fans to cry just say “it was 4-1″ they’ll all get it (this will also simultaneously make a bruins fan very happy so use wisely). 

Vancouver Canucks - Just stay away from them. They were really good for a few years and now when you talk about them and you want to say something nice you gotta be like “well…the view is nice” there’s just no good about this team. They keep getting rid of good players. like seriously. they let go of two goaltenders in the past few years and both of them have arguably turned into the best goaltenders in the league right now. Their GM Jim Benning may not even be a real person. just, avoid them.

Washington Capitals - Literally th e most exciting team right now. They have Alex Ovechkin, I would say be their fan just for that reason alone. Ovi is the best scorer in the NHL right now maybe one of the best of all time (no scratch that he is one of the best of all time). Ovechkin is the answer to the NHL’s prayers because he’s fun, he’s AMAZING, his personality could light up literally any room, and he encompasses everything that makes hockey exciting. And yet they still shit on him because he’s russian and the NHL hates russians (that’ll become clearer the more you get into it). They won the presidents trophy which just means they were the best regular season team this year, their goalie won the vezina for best goaltender. This is just a good team to watch.

Winnipeg Jets - Okay they somehow made the stanely cup playoffs two seasons ago but last season were one of the worst teams in the league. go figure. Their fans LOVE them but that’s about it. They will be exciting very soon because their prospect pool is amazing, however right now they’re bad to okay. I don’t really have a lot to say about them honestly.

Well that was really long and extensive. Hope that answered your question. If you have any more questions feel free to send them to me. Also consider checking out leagues like the NWHL and CWHL. women’s hockey is also super awesome and fun.


Quem viver, verá

He who lives shall see.

half of me wants no tattoos and perfect skin and long flowing hair and flower crowns 

and the other half wants to cover myself in tattoos and piercings and wear heels and studded things constantly

thoughts on the new rbw group vromance

i dont know what peoples thoughts on the new “little brother” group of mamamoo vromance are but personally i really like them. im really a fan of pop music revisiting old styles of music and i especially like vocal focused show tune/broadway like music. like i usually dont like broadway type singing but the instrumentals are really good. theres just something about pop music that has elements of broadway show tunes, classicial music, and jazz/swing music etc thats really refreshing, especially in the kpop scene.

that being said im not sure theyll be that much of a hit within todays kpop fans. i feel like the audience theyre trying to appeal to is obviously a mature audience in their late 20s+. a lot of kpop fans nowadays are preteens and young teens. vromance’s ages range from 22-27 and theyre not “””conventionally attractive””” and they dont do any dancing from what ive see so far. their concept is very classy and mature.

vromance is just about the complete opposite of rookie groups debuting in kpop today but i really really hope their music reaches the younger kpop fans so theyre forced to focus on singing and music at its core. with other groups young fans will get so tied up in the members looks and performance (which is all good and well) but they tend to ignore the most important part, the music. i really hope vromance can succeed in opening peoples eyes to, just, classic singing and music and instrumentals since that seems to be the only thing theyre focusing on in their debut.

edit ALSO i think its rly important that a member of vromance is 27 and just debuted. its never too late to pursue your dreams guys

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oh man like there's this one fic that's Hermione/Luna that I read one time on a whim bc I was curious about the pairing AND I FREAKING LOVED IT OMG ITS SO CUTE AND FLUFFY AND THERES ALSO THIS REALLY FUNNY PIECE OF DIALOGUE IN IT WHICH IS JUST MY FAV it's called "not yet" if you wanna check that out


That Character Tidbit Thing

NAME: Farwyn Ken’doranel
FACE CLAIM: Channing Tatum
AGE: Over 200 yrs. (Roughly 45 equivalent)
HEIGHT: 6′4″
SPECIES: Sin’dorei
NATIONALITY: Quel’thalassian (Haha yas.)
BIRTHDAY: April 4th
SUN SIGN: Ares (Go figure)
RESIDENCE: Ghostlands (Dawnhollow Rd.)
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
DRINK: Water
FOOD: Anything someone else cooks well.
DAY OR NIGHT: Late Night.
SNACKS: Beef jerky and tiny sandwiches.
SONGS: Nobody’s Praying For Me - Seether (Random pick from the list.)
PET: Durai (Orgrimmaran War Wolf), Lily (Dire Grey Wolf)
COLOR: Grey-Green
FLOWER: Some kind of old, stubborn pine tree. (Flowers. Pff.)
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
BODY TYPE: Athletic, particularly broad in the shoulders.
EYE COLOR: Dim slate green
HAIR COLOR: Vibrant blonde, usually has a tinge of red towards the ends. 

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Still Got It

Request:  Hi can you do an imagine where bucky tries flirting with a girl but his pick up lines are cheesy and outta date, but she agrees to a date. Really fluffy please.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: cheesy pick-up lines, fluff, bucky being the absolute dork he is

Word Count: 1239

i’m so sorry. i got carried away but i mean, nervous bucky and cheesy pick up lines are my favorite things. it’s a little long and not the best thing i’ve ever written but i hope this fits your request nonnie! (also, sorry i didn’t know how to do out of date pick up lines with bucky since it’s from the 40′s so i just used some slang and a ton of cheesy pick up lines) :)

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gonestagrams (part 5.25)