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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader 

Warnings: Nothing! Just pure fluff :)

Request: Hi Love! Could you do an imagine if it’s not too much trouble where Seb proposes to the reader when they are doing something completely mundane like watching TV because at that very moment, he realised how much he loves them? 

A/N: I’m sorry this took like 5ever to write. I was having problems with my muse :( Anywho, here is your request, it’s a little shorter than usual. You didn’t ask for smut so I didn’t write any but I’m thinking of writing a smutty part two he he he. And also, I got it beta’d by @multi-fandom-crazy-fangirl!!! Thank you for requesting darling :) 

No one had warned him about how deeply he would love you. Not even when he asked you out for the first time after Civil War was released to the public and the chaotic press had swept over and left with their reviews and their details. Not even when you leaned into him and rested your head on his shoulder on the car ride home from the pizza parlor you two had spent your first date at.

No one told him that he’d realise he loved you when you scooped the ugliest, most feral looking kitten that had been abandoned in a trashcan and cradled it in your arms after an evening stroll through New York City. Not even when he discovered that he would continue to fall hopelessly in love with you, even though it had been just three weeks after you began dating, and two weeks since you took that ugly, scrawny cat under your motherly wing and coined it ‘Gandalf.’

No one told him about the little things that you do that would bury him in a wave of love and deep affection.

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Feyre back in Spring pt. 3

Part I | Part II

Feyre: *moseying around Tamlin’s manor, listening as Rhys strokes a mental finger along her inner shields*

Rhys: “… And after we’ve knocked every last picture off the wall, I’m going to lay you on the floor and make slow, sweet love to you until you’re glowing like a newborn star.”

Feyre: *mental purrs* “That’s quite the reunion you have planned, Rhysand.”

Rhys: “Feyre, darling, you don’t know the half of it. The things I’m going to do to you…the entire world will quake.”

Feyre: *cheeks flushing* “Should I find a quiet room then? Someplace no prying eyes can see, no listening ears can hear my moans as you tell me more?”

Rhys: *dark laughter, a mental nod, and a feather-light caress* “I can only imagine how amazing it will feel to be inside you again.”

Feyre: *trips as she rounds corner, stumbling into Lucien’s arms*

Lucien: “What in the blessed Cauldron is wrong with you?”

Feyre: *cursing* “I’m sorry. I was just…distracted.”

Lucien: *metal eye narrows* “Well. Don’t be next time.” *pushes past Feyre*

Feyre: “RHYSAND! You knew he was just around the corner, didn’t you.”

Rhys: *chuckles* “I did.”

Feyre“Prick.” *slams mental shields as Rhys’ laughter echoes through her mind, and searches for that quiet room*

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Hey!! That girl!direction smut you recced the other day was 10/10, do you happen to have more of those

hmm… pure smut? a few are a little plotty still, hope you don’t mind haha. was it the ziam one you loved or the HL one? in any case…. let’s go

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Hey! i was wondering what part of the chart has to do with phobias and fears and how it can be interpreted. Thank you a lot. Love your blog. xoxo

Hey darling. Thank you!

I think Saturn, Pluto, Mars, and Neptune can generate fear and phobias. Saturn the obstruction, self doubt, self contempt, fear of the big and bad world, fear of trouble and reprimand, fear of failure and disdain in the eyes of God. People with Saturn in the 3rd can fear public speaking for example

Pluto can be those phobic fears, paranoias, suspicions, blind spots, obsessions and compulsions. Fear of rape or betrayal, profound soul level victimisation, being traumatised again, fearing our own potential and possibility. Maslow addressed this in his Hierachy of Needs. Neptune is delusions, so fears and phobias that are disproportionate to the situation can arise here.

Mars generates the will to overcome fears, but when Mars is afflicted, like contacting Neptune or Saturn, then our courage can be blunted and manifest in other ways. This needs so much more detail! a post for the future ;)


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OMG you are so reading my mind ..... when Jaebum freezes every time somebody is even breathing next to Youngjae (and I'm not talking about how he is purposely trying to ignore Mark touching/hugging/caressing his Youngjae). My god every time they perform Hooked and Magnetic my heart goes to JB he is so jelous of Jackson (in Hooked) and Mark (in Magnetic). I'm such a 2jae trash I need help xD. Love you lots !!!!

My darling anon,

Ahh! I am so glad we’re on the same page about this! If nothing nothing else, we are at least 2jae trash together! Although this reply comes incredibly delayed! Jaebum’s jealousy where Mark is concerned in general is certainly obvious and telling! ( x x x x ) But you’re right, my darling anon, that he has far more instances of somewhat more subtle or not jealousy!

As much as Jaebum tends to sneak frequent glances at Youngjae during live performances, this habit gets even more pronounced when it comes to choreography that puts Youngjae into direct interaction with one of the other members, and you can tell that he’s suffering having to watch someone else be close with his baby him. Hooked and Magnetic are excellent examples, and definitely moments deserving of Jaebum sympathy! I mean, in this recording of Hooked, just look at how Jaebum instantly starts paying attention as soon as Jackson goes over towards Youngjae, and his eyes track both of them until there’s space between them! And even then, it’s only when he’s close to Youngjae again that his smile comes back. And I feel such sympathy when I see how stiff and frozen he gets in Magnetic!

And, of course, it’s not only during dances and performances that you find instances of a tense, jealous Jaebum when Youngjae’s near someone else! To point out just a few recent ones that have been on my mind lately not that I think about Jealous Jaebum regularly… daily… hourly... I present four moments of awkward freezing and tension on the part of Youngjae’s biggest fanboy~

1) Do you see Jaebum’s completely unjustified jealous tension in this moment? ( x ) I mean, let’s be real. Only a moment before he was doing fanservice with Mark, but the moment he notices Jinyoung put an arm around a jealous looking Youngjae, his expression changes completely. Surely I’m not the only one who thinks that reeks of jealousy?

2) Honestly, I also love this moment ( x ) so much because it’s so ridiculous for Jaebum to get jealous at Jackson and Youngjae just playing together, but he goes from laughing at Jackson’s antics to trying to ignore them as soon as Youngjae gets involved, and look how quick he is to step between them after Jackson hugs his Youngjae. Plus, let’s not ignore Jackson’s quick glance over as soon as he does so.

3) And then there’s the interview at The Show where the members are asked who they think is the most attractive, and Jaebum subtly glances towards Youngjae, but Jackson grabs him first, and Jaebum’s hand just drops back down and he gets all awkward. Perhaps I’m reading too much into this… but I don’t think I’m making up the jealousy here!

4) Last, but not least… Ah, my darling anon, I know this has mostly been referring to instances of Jaebum’s subtle jealousy, but… do let me mention this moment despite the lack of ANY SUBTLETY because not only does Jaebum freeze, but look at how awkward he gets with the way he starts wandering around like he has no idea what to do with himself! He’s clearly distracted and worked up about the way Jackson is messing with and touching Youngjae, and it honestly looks like he’s considering taking action when Jinyoung wisely decides to intervene! In a discussion of body language, I cannot possibly ignore this situation!

Thank you for this ask, my darling anon, and the excuse to ramble about Jealous Jaebum! I just really love watching the way he acts when others (especially Mark and Jackson) get close to Youngjae! Even though 2jae seem to try to keep things between them to themselves, Jaebum’s jealousy is so visible if you pay attention to his body language. Whether it be as a boyfriend or simply as a protective hyung however much I think his behavior feels excessive for just hyung duty… Jaebum certainly has a tendency of getting tense and jealous when others are stealing Youngjae’s attention. Though, he tends to work hard for that attention to be turned on him, so I do suppose I can understand where he’s coming from!

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I really love your blog💕 especially the preferences!! could you do one how they hold hands (in public?) or where they go on a first date?! thanks xx

Charles: He thought he looked so cool as he took you hand and walked you, yes walked you, into this fancy restaurant after a dazzling performance on Broadway. “What did you think darling? Not bad for the first date?”

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Erik: He was a gentleman, took you to a very expensive restaurant, then took you to an art museum because he knew how much you liked beautiful things. “This gallery is nice but it’s missing the most beautiful piece of all, you.”

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Raven: Your first date was spent watching a movie. She had dragged you out to a movie that you both thought was cheesy but cute and then you decided on ice cream and a walk in the park. “Whatever you want tonight.”

Hank: He set up a picnic on the lawn under the stars complete with all your favorite foods. He wasn’t sure what to say but he kept trying. He set up his telescope letting you look at every planet and constellation. It was the best date ever and ended with a kiss. “Does this mean there’s a second date?”

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Jean: She was surprised you had asked her but she was happy you had. She had been noticing your nervousness for weeks. Your idea of a date was tea and pastries in a local shop that didn’t mind mutants. “We have to come back here again. Date number two?”

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Scott: He really didn’t have much experience talking girls on dates so he did what he could. You two drove out to a diner, ate and talked until two am, then drove to a nice secluded area and watched the stars. This ended in a make out session. “How about date number two this Friday?”

Storm: She wasn’t very experienced in the way of dating. She had to ask Jean and Jubilee how to ask you out nevertheless what to do when you were out. She took you out for a coffee, simple, but effective. You two talked for hours about everything you could think of and by the end of the night you were holding hands. “We should do this again, maybe on Thursday?”

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Kurt: He had to rehearse everything for several days before doing it. He was dressed nicely and was doing his best to be calm. He teleported you to a movie, romance movie of all things, he put his arm around you, like Peter taught him, and you cuddled with him despite how cheesy it was. “Do you wanna do zhis again vith me?”

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Peter: Well, it wasn’t boring. He held onto you and took you to the beach. You both stripped into bathing suits and went swimming all alone under the full moon. “So, did I do okay?”

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Warren: He hadn’t asked someone out in a long, long time. He wasn’t even sure he knew how a date was supposed to go anymore. So, your night consisted of him flying you both to an outdoor concert, splitting a bottle of Jack, and making out until the sun came up. “Plenty more where this came from.” 

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Jubilee: She had never really been on a date so she knew nothing about them except what she saw in movies. You took her out for the closest thing you could get to authentic Vietnamese food you could find. She loved how hard you tried. “You’ve definitely earned our second date.”

Alex: He did it all, a movie, dinner, a long walk in the park. He talked a bit but he wanted you to talk more. By the end of the night you both were laughing and smiling with your fingers laced together. “The first of many date nights.” 

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Sean: Yeah, he took you to the aquarium. You knew it was coming. That was where Charles and Erik had recruited him after all. You two spent hours walking around surveying the fish. Now and then he would make them all swim away with his power. He cracked joke after joke making you smile. The night ended with a sushi dinner and his first kiss. “Is it too early to plan the second date?”

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Kol x Reader

3. “Please, don’t leave.”

9. “Don’t you ever do that again!”

As always, let me know what you think!

You stormed furiously into the Mikaelson mansion. “What the hell was that?” You shouted into the empty space. In moments Kol was in front of you, a slight smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth. 

“Love, I don’t know what you’re referring to.”

“Cut the crap Kol. You know exactly what I’m talking about, you just nearly got yourself, and half of my friends for that matter, killed. Don’t you ever do that again!”

“I believe they wanted to kill me first, darling. I seem to have acquired a target on my back recently.”

“That’s no excuse, Kol! Anything could have happened, and you didn’t even think to tell me what you were planning. How is this going to work if you constantly leave me in the dark?”

He took a few steps closer to you, his smirk disappearing. “Y/N, if I had known you would be this hurt by my actions then I promise I would have told you. I didn’t think-”

“That’s just it Kol, you never think. It’s always just about you and what’s best for yourself. You need to grow up, and stop being so selfish! It’s not just you anymore, okay? I actually care about you, for whatever stupid reason, and I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you.” Tears had started to prick at the backs of your eyes, but you hastily blinked them away. Kol reached for your hand, but you snatched it away. “Not now,” you said softly, before turning and walking away from him the same way you’d come in. 

“Y/N, wait,” he called after you, but didn’t move from where he stood. “Please, don’t leave. I’m sorry.” His voice cracked on the last syllable, and you turned back to see Kol looking close to tears himself. “I can’t lose you either, I just never realised…”

“It’s a little too late for that now, isn’t it,” you replied, still too angry with him for forgiveness to be an option right now. You turned on your heel and stalked out, letting the door slam behind you before you allowed the tears to begin to fall.

Ok. So I keep my Selection books in the following order:
- The Selection Stories
- The Selection
- The Elite
- The One
- The Heir
- The Crown
- Happily Ever After
I want to know how everyone else in this fandom organizes their books. What order do you keep them in? And where do you put The Siren (I have mine after HEA)? Are they organized by release date?

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And @partylikeawordstar what order are your books in?

do not love me only when it’s convenient because, darling, all i have are graveyards filled with the names of all the storms that went by. i have dug my own grave, waiting for the words to dry on my tombstone. when you told me you love me, did you mean to say that you also love the mornings of despair and the cries of help? do not love me with an image of me wearing a yellow dress with my heart on my sleeves, bright smiles, and red lips. i tore apart the straps of my dress to stop myself from letting everyone know how ruined i am. i painted my red lips to hide the blood of my newest wounds. i am the beginning of a thunderstorm. 

do not love me only when it’s convenient because, darling, i am nowhere near convenient.

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Any headcanons for Reaper, Mccree, and Hanzo with a s/o that has self-doubt and self-esteem issues? (Ur blog is gr8 by the way)

Here you go, and thank you very much!


  • He’s the kind of guy that you don’t know is helping you honestly
  • Like he’s just always there and protective
  • Basically he’s supportive in a very subtle way
  • Will make sure that everyone respects you


  • I feel like he would show his love for you in that McCree sort of way
  • He’d call you all sorts of adoring nicknames to support you
  • Darling, sugar plum, sweet pea any of those
  • Overall he’d make sure to know that you were loved, but wouldn’t really know what else to do


  • Awkward bean alert
  • He doesn’t know what the hell to do with someone who doesn’t get how amazing they are
  • “But you’re gorgeous and kind…”
  • I feel like he would just compliment you more than often to show you that you don’t have to doubt yourself

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Ahh can I ask for how the matsus would care for a sick s/o? (I love this blog btw!)

Aww thank you so much darling! Here ya go~

Osomatsu: He’s oddly professional at it, but it’s too expected when you have to care for 5 other people.  He’d get you over the counter medicine and a can of soup to heat up as well as some of your favorite movies and cuddle next to you.  If you couldn’t talk because your throat he will do all the talking just going off about his days and telling some of the most funny and bizarre stories to make you laugh.  He will get annoyed if you make him get up every 5 minutes for something and warn you if he gets sick he’s gonna make you go through hoops when it’s your turn to take care of him.  He will expect you to think of creative ways to pay him pack for all his hard work.

Karamatsu: He’s basically your butler, he would give a whistle or bell to summon him so you don’t strain your voice and will happily get up as many time as you need to him to.  He’d try making you soup himself with the freshest ingredients he could find to show off his culinary skills (he totally stole his mom’s recipe) and would wrap you up in blankets.  He’d check on you every now and again.  If you want snuggle  with him he’d never deny of you that.  He’d happily watch any show you want and would always ask if you needed anything during commercials.

Choromatsu:  Would be a little nervous, he’d ask his mother to prepare you some soup in fear that he’d somehow manage to mess that up and make you even more sick.  He’d try to give you your space but would end up hovering over you because he wants to make sure you’re ok.  He’d bring all kind of games over because he knows how boring being sick is.  He would try to stay somewhat close to you, but would want a little distance because he doesn’t want to catch your cold.

Ichimatsu:  He could care less if he get’s your cold he likes to lay as close a possible to you to keep you warm.  He doesn’t mind heating you up some soup or getting your medicine he secretly like being ordered around.  He’ll tease you ever once in awhile but holding your food or medicine just out of reach so you have to beg but would NOT pull the ichimatsu-sama stunt.  Little teases are fine but he doesn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable with something that drastic ,plus he wants you get better so you can make it all up to him later.

Jyushimatsu:  He’d be a little upset since you can’t move around that much but try his best to get you back to health.  He’d bring over tons of games and activities for the two of you to do and would try his best to make you laugh, he devoutly believes it’s the best medicine.  He’d take you out of the house for just a bit because fresh air is very important for getting better.  He’s make a pillow fort for the two of you cuddle up in, he may mess up pouring the medicine but he makes up for in snuggles and affection.

Todomatsu: He has no problem making runs or food for you but don’t expect him to be too close to you.  He’s a germaphobe and hates getting sick.  He probably has a germicidal air purifier back at his place that he brings over to yours so you can get better faster.  He’d quickly enter you room to drop off blankets, food, movies, and medicine and hightail it outta there and shut the door.

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I love your artwork. Every time I see it I squeal a little because it's so cute. No real questions from me, just appreciation I guess? Maybe the generic "How did you get so good at art?" Do you have a favorite cat from Neko Atsume? Have a nice day

thank you very much i’m really grateful for your words ; ▽ ////;! i just like to share my love for the cats and stuff tho..

about the fav cat question. i actually have many favs.. like willie, spooky, dottie, callie and a lot more. but if i can only choose one i probably will always choose to support chatora-san/fred!! i love this friendly and generous cat they are just so sweet and darling also charming probably!! ;-///; i cry over how cute/good chatora is almost every day tbh..

have a nice day to you too~ >uo)b

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can you do a "dating Vision would include..."? :D

  • helping him understand sarcasm
  • having long debates about humanity and how we solve problems
  • him calling you ‘darling’ or’ ‘love’ or ‘sweetheart’
  • forehead and nose kisses
  • trying to convince him to take you flying
  • getting him to wearing matching clothes
  • helping him with human emotions
  • him explaining complex concepts to you
  • cooking and baking together
  • him being the first to say “I love you” because you were scared he wouldn’t know what you meant
  • shopping together
  • working on projects in the tower together
  • him being worried when you off on a mission alone and vice versa

Masterlist (One-Shots) | (Preferences)

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“We didn’t wake you, did we?”

“No. I told you I don’t sleep much anymore.”

“How is she?”

“She is the most precious thing in the world.”

“Are you alright?”

“I feel wonderful. Still tired, but I’ll be okay.”

Val was glad to hear that, but he was still going to keep an eye on her.

“What do you want to call her?”

“I was thinking her name will be Dolores, but we’d call her Dottie.”

“Dottie Hart. I like that. You finish up feeding her. I’m going to go grab a drink myself.”

“Okay. I love you, Val.”

“Love you too, Darling.”


I’m finally back in front of my computer, and I am loving it! I’ve already put out the fourth part of Dick’s soul mark AU, and I have updated all the master lists! Links are down below. In other news, I will soon start writing a short series about the secret identities of all the  DC Superheroes being exposed and how it would change things. Debating including Batmom, what do you think? Send me your thoughts darlings!

Headcannon Master List:

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To be written Mater List:

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Hello I hope this isn't too personal, but I was wondering how you came to worship your goddess? I'm currently feeling strongly for a few different goddesses and I'm not sure what to do

Hello my darling anon! Thats not too personal at all! I love talking about my beginnings with the radiant Aphrodite! It’s actually good timing because I just got back from clothing shopping which always makes me think about how far I’ve come thanks to her!

Anyway, so It all started about 2 years ago when i was finding myself after a long and abusive relationship. I got myself back into witchcraft and discovered that I could worship the gods that I have loved and cherished since I was young. So i began doing some research to figure out who I should worship. Apollo had always been my favorite, but since I was a Sea Witch I really wanted to work with a sea deity. For some reason Poseidon and Amphitrite just didn’t feel right to me, so I began looking at sea deities from all different pantheons even though I knew my heart was really with the Greek Pantheon.

As I was researching I came to find out that Aphrodite was considered a sea deity since she was born from sea foam and I can admit now that I FELT the pull, but at the time I didn’t want to believe it. I still saw Aphrodite as that vain mean girl who only had interest in a certain type of person, a person that I wasn’t and would never be. So I just tried to convince myself that she was not the goddess for me, even though deep down I knew she was.

So I know theres a belief in the community that gods “call” upon you for worship. They may or they may not. Its really your choice. You can worship whoever you want without them having to knock on your door. Now for me, at the time I felt like Aphrodite was calling me, but It could have also been me looking for an excuse to worship her since my low self esteem was preventing me from making the decision on my own. Either way, I looked more into Aphrodite and discovered the REAL her and in my mind I looked back and saw signs that pointed right to her. I just knew I needed her in my life to help me learn to love myself and to live my life with love for others. And its really been one of the best things I have ever done!

So my advice to you is to trust yourself and your feelings. You really can’t make a wrong decision and you can eventually start worshiping more than one if you want. I hope that helped! And good luck!! Let me know how everything works out!

…it’s all for good measure, you know. Talking it out. Because sometimes you find things out about yourself just by moving your lips. So talk. Talk and ramble and laugh and rant. Tell me how you feel. Feel like you’re talking to much? No, no. Keep doing it. ‘Cause I’m listening, darling. I’m not going to see you for a long time, so I’m gonna have to make you talk so much it’ll make up for it. Words are weapons but sometimes you have to be lethal.
—  he said this to me today and it was something I laughed at at the time but now that I think of it I’ve never felt more loved

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how do you think Ethel would feel/treat Jimmys s.o ?

I think it depends on who his s.o is. There wasn’t much time for Ethel and Maggie interaction but I think that the former wasn’t too thrilled with the latter because she could sense she wasn’t the person for Jimmy. It all depends on how they treat her son. If they truly loved him and cared about what was good for him, and made sure to put his needs first, then I believe Ethel would approve of his choice. Ethel would treat them like one of her own children, ready to fight tooth and nail for them, and would expect many grandbabies soon.