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For a prompt how about some sam doting on cas and telling him all the thing he loves about him just to see cas blush

(Oh gosh, so much fluff - hope you enjoy, cutie <3)

“Do you know what I love most about you, darling?” Sam asked Cas quietly, running a hand through Cas’ hair as he did so.

They were sitting, cross-legged and across from each other, on Sam’s bed. Cas, still slightly disgruntled that Sam had broken off a particularly heavenly (he would know) kiss to ask this question, shook his head slightly, not sure how to respond.

“It’s your lips,” Sam said, running a hand over them as Cas sat still, merely watching the human and relishing the feeling of Sam’s fingers on his skin. “All the beautiful words you say with them, all the laughs they make - and how wonderful they are to kiss.”

Cas felt his cheeks begin to get warm.

“Or maybe it’s your hands,” Sam said, running his own hands from Cas’ lips and hair down to the angel’s, which Sam drew out of Cas’ lap and began to kiss. “The way you use them with so much care, and so much wisdom. The way their simple touch can make my heart beat faster.”

Speaking of hearts, Cas’ was speeding up noticeably at this point.

“Or maybe… maybe it’s your eyes,” Sam said slowly, thoughtfully, placing a hand on either side of Cas’ face and staring deeply into the his eyes, so deeply that Cas would have looked away if Sam’s hands caressing his cheeks hadn’t felt so amazing. “Eyes that I’ve seen reflect so many feelings - happiness, anger, joy, sorrow… love.”

Cas knew that if Sam didn’t stop complimenting him, sooner or later he was going to -

“No, no. I know what it is I love most about you,” Sam said after a few moments of silence. He withdrew his hands from Cas and just looked at the being he had grown to love so much. Cas tried to stop himself from turning pink, but his efforts were in vain.

“I - I love all of you equally, Cas,” Sam finally declared, smiling at Cas radiantly. “Though, I suppose the thing that most represents all of you is your soul - and that I would have to love that the most.”

Cas couldn’t take it anymore. He blushed a bright shade of red, let his head fall into Sam’s chest, and clung onto Sam tightly.

Sam laughed at his flush-faced, flustered boyfriend whose head was currently buried in his shirt and hugged Cas back, kissing the top of Cas’ head tenderly as he did so.

“I love you, angel.”

“Stop it, Sam, or my face is going to look like this forever,” Cas mumbled, his face still pressed against Sam’s chest.

“Not a chance, Cas. Not a chance.”

Send me a prompt?

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Oh my god. Do you have a reference picture for the Ed from your dragon shapeshifter!AU? Because I want to draw him meeting nonagram!Ed so badly (if I'm allowed)! Edward is best dragon! Sorry if I'm annoying you with this, but your AUs are just so perfect!

I do have indeed, darling! In fact I shall be posting a “reference sheet” of Ed’s looks and his dragon form later tonight!

I warn you that I don’t know how to draw animals (especially dragons) so a shoot out for that xDD

Of course you are allowed to draw “my” Ed meeting nonagram!Ed as long credit is due! In fact I welcome it! <3333

Edward is the most badass dragon! Of that there is no doubt! xDD

Also, thank you so much! I’m excited to know that you love my AU’s and I hope you like the design!

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Would you mind if I used the gif you uploaded of Taylor saying 'I love you' to the crowd at Manchester as my header?? It has mine and my friends signs in the background! I'll credit you if you want:)

Hey darling of course you can use it :) most of the time people doesn’t even ask. And you have no idea how Glad i am that you asked this. I appreciate if you give credit but you dont have to do it ;) thank you :) and damn… you and your friend are so lucky *-*


Happy birthday to this unbearably talented, annoyingly good-looking, devilishly adorable, Las Vegas worshipping, Morrissey-stalking, big mouthed beauty named Brandon Flowers. I do love you, even though you’re all those things. And you’re perfect, did I mention you’re fucking perfect? Like how annoying is that! Ugh. 

You’re getting old, Brando, but we still want you. Even more than we did before! 

EXO Reaction to seeing you defend them in a fight vs. the other members

We really made a lot of reactions today! Tbh we love doing them, even tho it’s a little tiring >< ENJOY! Admin A~ <3

/I don’t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Supports you* “This is how you do it Y/N!!”

Kris: *Gives them that look* “Don’t you dare to say something against her… She is always right”

Sehun: *He is touched by your efforts*

Tao: “Hush darling, this is my fight”

Kai: *He is kinda scared of the you being angry* “Wohoa!”

Xiumin: *He knows you don’t want him to intervene so he watches trying to hold himself*

Baekhyun: *Tries to say something but you don’t let him*

Luhan: “Oh no no no you didn’t speak to her like that” *Manly man appears*

Chen: “Way to go girl!” *He knows he has the best girlfriend in the world*

Kyungso: “Are you trying to pick up a fight, man!? Never raise your voice to my girl again!” *Teaches him a lesson*

Lay: *He really doesn’t care what the others say but he loves how cute you look when you are angry and defend him*

Suho: *Is actually proud that someone defends him sometimes*

I have been eavesdropping

On your conversation with God

I heard that your heart cannot bear

The weight of tears that have been shed

Like the ground you walk on

Has turned into an ocean

As you drown in the very depths

Of your stolen bliss

From a love that was never there

I heard that you were angry at Him

Because you feel like He took it away

You even said that you might take

A darker path
because you feel forsaken

Like the fog has thickened in your eyes

And you cannot see clearly

My dear, you were so distraught

Because you think love

Was never yours to have

You proceeded to talk about

How you prayed and prayed

Because you believed in its power

But when it never came to you

You easily gave in to the sorrow

And grief quickly snatched you

Like a thief or a wolf on the hunt

My darling, I do not mean to intrude

But love already heard your heart

Your hurts and your tears all laid

Before His feet and is already

Making you more than you are now

The pain maybe deep

But love is

above and beyond understanding
He knows your heart
better than anyone

There is more to you

The rain that you feel

Is the healing that you need

It kisses you like a mother to child

He kisses you with hope

In the form of

Morning greetings from the sun

And the chorus of birds flying

The air that brushes your hair

And the strength you gain

When you breathe it in

My dear you are loved you see

And please hear me when I say

That there will never be a day

Without a storm chasing you

But you must know

That love is already with you

It is already making you more

I truly believe in you

—  Daughter, should you ever lose your way // Pablo Verzosa

Title: Under your bed (Drabble)

Fandom: Supernatural / Reader Insert (Dean x Reader)

Words: 850

Warnings: fluff, language

Request: Hello - I would like a drabble with Dean please :3 (god, I’m really turning into a Dean-girl, aren’t I?) I hope the sentence isn’t too random: “Dean, what the hell are you doing under my bed?!”

ginny-lily - God, I loved this! Great idea, darling!

“Oh my god, what was that?” you gasped and shot Sam a shocked glare. You couldn’t believe that you had just encountered a ghost in the bunker. In the bunker! This was your safe haven, nothing ever came in there, at least not ghosts or shit like that. Angels, sure. But ghosts?

“I have no idea how he came in, but he’s gone now.” Sam said and looked down at the ingredients of the hex bag he had just burned.

“You think he was mad that his bones were used for something like this?” you wondered and Sam nodded. He walked over to Dean who had been knocked out by the angry ghost a few minutes before and woke him up. He was not injured luckily, except from a small bruise in his face.

Dean groaned when he stood up and held his head. When he remembered what just happened he looked around in panic, but Sam quickly got him to focus on himself.

“We killed him.” He said. Dean nodded slowly and then turned around to you.

“Did he hurt you?” he asked. You shook your head and smiled.

“I’m fine, don’t worry. But I’m tired. The next one better comes during the day.” You yawned and turned around to leave the storage room. All you wanted was to go back to bed, you hated being woken up in the middle of the night, especially when you finally had more time to sleep.

As soon as your head touched the pillow you drifted away again. Before you let go off completely you swore to yourself that you’d torture the next creature that would dare to wake you up during the night.

You woke up an hour later, frowning. Did you just hear something? Yes, there was a scratch, you were sure of that. Without moving an inch you laid in your bed, trying to breathe slow and calm like you would do while you were asleep. It took a few minutes until the sound occurred again, definitely a scratch. Under your bed. Slowly you took a little bottle from your nightstand that was filled with holy water and shoved to the side of your bed. You took a deep breath, opened the bottle and leaned over the edge. You shook the bottle and spilled the water under the bed before you rolled down, just in case.

“Argh, fuck!” you heard someone curse, then a loud bump was heard. Your eyes widened as you leaned down and looked under your bed. What the fuck?

“Dean, what the hell are you doing under my bed!?” you startled. Dean rubbed his forehead and grunted, then slowly shoved himself into your direction. You still stared at him, confused like hell, but somehow amused at the same time. You had expected anything, really, but Dean? Under your bed?

Dean still didn’t answer, he continued to rub his forehead that he apparently smashed against your bed and then wiped the holy water from his face. Finally he opened his mouth.

“What is it with all of you and the holy water?” he huffed.

“What is it with you under my bed?” you asked and raised your brows. Dean gave you an ashamed look.

“Just checking on you.” He said and grinned.

“Checking on me, right. What did you expect to find under my bed? Possessed panties?” you chuckled and relaxed a little. For a second you really thought a demon was hiding under your mattress… you couldn’t even be mad at him somehow, even if he woke you up.

“Do you have possessed panties?” Dean grinned. You pursed your lips and emptied the rest of the bottle in his face, then burst out into laughter when he started to curse again. He cleaned his face with his shirt and shot you a hurt glare. “That was unnecessary!” he grunted.

“If you wake me up you pay for it.” You shrugged and stood up. “Now get out, I want to sleep.”

“So you won’t ask me to stay?” Dean asked a little sad and you grinned into your pillow.

“Get the hell out of here, Winchester.” You huffed friendly. “Then knock and ask again.”

Dean laughed as he left your room and a few seconds later you heard him knock.

“Nobody’s home!” you yelled and chuckled. Outside Dean groaned.

“Hey, that was not part of the plan!” he whined. Oh god, this man would be your death one day.

“Get your ass in here and shut up!” you laughed. It only took him a few seconds to burst into the room and jump on your bed. He cuddled against you from behind and you could feel his grin against your shoulders. He had planned all of this, definitely.

“Good night, babe.” He said.

“Yeah, fuck you too.” You chuckled and closed your eyes again. At least tonight he wouldn’t wake you up again and, let’s be honest, Dean spooning with you was not the worst thing in the world. He could be so cute sometimes, if he was not hiding under your bed at least…

gif: [x]

It’s dark and every thing is beautiful
The songs they sing fill the air and
What a wonderful sight to behold
Of vast nothingness, of star-littered skies
What a wonderful sight to behold
Of nothing at all but the night
The songs that fill the air are
But songs of our past and our futures
These songs that I have never sang
Sound oddly like home on your tongue
The darkness has a way of turning the
Monsters under our beds into something
Marvelous, mystical, mysterious
And the whisper of wind that I think
Comes from outside my window
How do you know this is not the song
The monsters sing at night
Terrible things can be beautiful too
It’s dark and every thing is beautiful
Even you, my love, even you
—  pmwriteng, nocturnes: i’ve fallen short of a thousand words but darling let’s pretend this is a picture of the night

so i reached 5k which is a pretty massive in my head and instead of a typical follow forever, i thought i would do something a little different. so i decided to honor my top 55 favorite blogs, including a little blurb about my top 10:

top 10 in no particular order: 

(1) youmakemecrazier - ceci you darling, i have so much adoration and love for you and i don’t know why but it’s probably because you are simply the epitome of loveliness. not to mention how quality of a blog you run, hint: it’s fantastic. i also hope you do visit los angeles one day and i get to give you a huge hug.

(2) all-too-well - arlette, you have such an easy humor about you that makes your blog shine. you have wonderful posts and a radiant personality, and aside from having a top notch blog, you’ve also always messaged me with congratulations when good things happened to me and it’s like the cherry on top that you’re also such a sweet person.

(3) stayslaystay - chloe babe, i don’t exactly know the origin of our tumblr relationship, but i noticed you always replied to my rambling posts and now on any of my selfies which is such a nice thing to do. and idk you have such a beautiful blog, personality, and face: a tumblr triple threat. but yeah, you are so wonderful and i love following you.

(4) andthatlittleblackdress - madeline, wow i don’t know what to say because i’m intimidated by how smart and witty and creative you are. also i’m really glad you initially reached out to me when you saw what that anon had said to me, and you might not even remember that but i do because that was really really cool of you. anyways, it’s always a good day when i see you on my dash and i’m just very glad i can call you a mutual.

(5) onehandfeel - brooke, so we haven’t really ever talked really but i still feel really close to you in a sense because i feel like i’m always on your blog since you have one of the best quality posts in this fandom. sending you a giant hug.

(6) knowsplaces - tara bby we have talked probably zero times ever but i love that we seem to mutually reblog each other so often. seeing your posts or seeing that i got a little notification saying you’ve reblogged or liked something of mine makes me really happy and you really do make my blogging experience that much better. you run one heck of a real fabulous blog lovely.

(7) youbelongwithmes - so morgan love, i’ve definitely been a fan of your blog for quite some time now and when you followed me i was so !!!!!!!! i mean your blog has the best posts and your edits are like top notch amazing and i get happy seeing you in my notifications every single time.

(8) wonderlandtaylor - fiona, so i haven’t been following you that long, but i can’t believe i haven’t been. you make some of my favorite edits, as you probably know since i’m constantly liking and reblogging them. but yeah, everything you make is beautiful and it’s a joy to see your posts always.

(9) breakburnandends - kylee, you are such a lovely person and create such a real happy environment on this site. you are so gorgeous and the way you spread positivity allows everyone that follows you to believe they are beautiful too. i love following you and you deserve the world because of your humility and kindness.

and last but certainly not least, of course the number one mutual of them all…

(10) taylorswift - taylor, where do i even begin? i can’t believe you ever spent even a thought on me, let alone wanted to meet me? me of all your millions of fans? all those years of my friends and even my family teasing me and making jabs at the time and energy i spent loving you, you helped me show them all just how worth my while it was. and i mean meeting you at the secret sessions wasn’t all just to prove people wrong - that was just an added bonus, because that day was in and of itself meant the world to me. but not only will i be eternally grateful for that day, but i have so much gratitude for the people that have now entered my life since; you’ve introduced an entirely new set of the best friends i could have ever asked for; especially since i’ve always struggled with being able to make lasting friendships with people who actually care about me. anyways, my heart is so full of gratitude and love for you, and not just for that day but for everything you’ve done for ALL your fans, or friends. i think the absolute world of you and that won’t ever change. and i look forward to seeing you again one day (and on tour too, los angeles 8/22 and 8/26!!!!!) but until then, i hope today and tomorrow and everyday and always is beautiful for you. love you.. more than you could ever know.

and for everyone else who’s blog and person makes coming to this site worthwhile or who make my real life good:

afullonrainstorm * alltaywell * andallyourdemonslooklikeme * bemyoldselfagain * betterthansrevenge * cest-le-real-leal * countryvibesdressedlikeadaydream * drinkingmaplelattes * feelingforeverfearless * feelingxxiifellawiththehellagoodhair * graciousswift13heartbeatswift * hellagoodhaylor * howyougethegirl * iconfessbabe * imparalyzedbyitt * julyninths * kingdomlightsshine * mswatswift * neverevers * newromantis * ofloudheartbeat * oldfavoritesong * outofthewoods * outsofthewoods * photoswift * placeswecanhide * rosyxcheeks * shakeitoffs * shakeshitoff * sherlockswiftswiftgallery * swifth * tayl0r1989 * taylor-svift * taylorswiftedit * taylurkin * thanksforsayingthat * theblameisonme * thestarsthatshined * theswiftsource * ts-1989 * whenallthoseshadows 

so that’s all, i hope y’all liked this and i really and thankful for every follower. and to everyone i follow, even if you weren’t on here, thanks for making me not feel so alone and making this site as enjoyable as tumblr can be.

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Headcanon: Hawke and Anders make magic puns constantly. Hawke will be walking down a path, come up on a locked door, and then ask Anders to open it. And Anders will supply his 'what do you think I am? Magic?' joke, and the two will laugh about it, while Fenris rolls his eyes in the background. Then of course there's the times where Anders feels down and Hawke says something like: you know what you make me feel darling? You make me feel like I've been struck by magic. Love magic.

knowing how awakening anders had a punchent for puns this probably absolutely happened a lot. varric appreciates them and merrill does too (when she pays attention enough to), but the rest of the party is just groaning about it tbh and i imagine sometimes around the hawke estate they’ll really get into it and have pun competitions and it is definitely hard to be around them then.

Escaping Neverland // Part two (Peter Pan/OUAT)

“Ignoring me for a week isn’t going to change a thing.” Pan said from behind you as you sat with your arms crossed to hold the blanket, watching the lost boys do everything Peter told them too. “It’s not going to change the outcome, darling. You’ll fall in love with me.” he stated with a proud smirk.

“Like I said 4 days ago, you can’t love a monster.” You snapped, itired of his snarky comments “And you can‘t force love on anyone.”

“Well you’ve got that correct and since you’re so sure that you won’t love me, how come you haven’t spoke to me?” he asked, sitting beside you. “Are you afraid you’ll fall in love with me?”

“I’m not afraid of something impossible.” you replied.

“Days ago you didn’t believe in me, you said I was impossible and I can tell you’re afraid of me.” You stayed silent, turning your attention to the smallest lost boy who dropped his log to wave at you. You smiled and waved back as Peter pulled the blanket from you. “You haven’t seen what this island has to offered you, (Y/N).” he stated, throwing the blanket over a branch before offering his hand. “I would like to show you.”

“Who says I want to see?” You fought him, refusing his hand. His hard demeanor fell as he looked at the hatred you held for him.

“Please, give me a chance.” Pan asked softly before you took his hand. You weren’t giving him a chance but you just wanted to know if there something was like the fairytales about him.

“If I go, you have to answer my questions or I will run again.” he silently agreed before leading you into the forrest. “Why did you take me?” You asked after a couple of minutes.

“I didn’t take you.” he answered. “The shadow did, I didn’t know until you were running from my boys.”

“Why did you take those boys?” You asked, ignoring the feeling to agrue about his answer.

“I take boys that feel unloved and unwanted, giving them a place where they are.”

“They are more like slaves.” You muttered with an eyeroll. He stopped, turning to you.

“I’m not like whatever story you were told.” he replief with a slight angry tone. “I traded my son for eternal youth and I take children who feel like they don’t belong and treat them like my own and they are children forever.” he explained.

“You’re too young to have a son to trade.” You stated in disbelief.

“I wasn’t always this young, darling.” he replied with a grimace.

“Why do you want me?”

“Why does anyone want anything? Power.”

“How can I give you power?”

“Because love is power, you didn’t hear the song and that’s because you feel love and I want to feel that again. The shadow took you because of me, I watched you and fell in love with you.” he ranted.

“That’s creepy.” You breathed as your heart raced.

“Kiss me and if you say that you felt nothing, I’ll send you back.” he whispered before slowly caressing your cheek.

“I’m doing it to go home.” You told him before softly touching his lips against yours. A surge of electricity ran throughout your body, making you pull away and your heart race. “Nothing, not a thing.” You lied as his frowned and looked down.

“You’ll go home tomorrow.” he mumbled before walking back to the camp, leaving you there.


Here’s part two. Some of the request will be up tonight!

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If they touch Itachi's character post-mortem AGAIN for anything else than more canon ItaSasu, I don't know what I will do. Sure, develop Itachi's bonds with Sasuke or Shisui or even Mikoto that ACTUALLY MEANT SOMETHING TO HIM but DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT EVER INVOLVE THE PINK SELF-INSERT DICITIONARY DEFINITION OF FAILURE AND ABUSE OR ANY OTHER SELF-INSERT FANSERVICE GIRL. Just don't, Kishimoney. This is far beyond sacrilegio and grave robbery. Sakura's character ruined the entire fucking manga.

My darling wonderful Queenie … you know how much I always agree with you about everything ♥
You know my dislike for that pink fodder and how much I was mad and angry for that absurde OOC random poke :/
And I would love to see more Uchiha’s TRUE family stuff too: Itachi, Sasuke, Mikoto and Fugaku .. a family that deserved so much more.
I would love to see more Itachi and Shisui friendship. Their ideals, their hope for a better future, their deep and wonderful friendship.
I would love to see more Itachi and Sasuke beautiful bond ..

.. .so sure .. I’m a bit worried about Itachi’s novel as well. Itachi is truly an amazing character. Itachi and Sasuke’s bond is something .. that you can’t even describe with words because there aren’t words able to explain their deep, complicated and … eternal bond.
I don’t know if their bond or Itachi’s character will be “destroyed” in these novels but .. exactly like Gaiden … I don’t really care anymore … (maybe ^^”).
They … are free to write what they want but .. I KNOW how REAL ITACHI was (exactly as i know how REAL SASUKE is).

Itachi was that kind child who promised to take care of his little brother since the first time he kept him on his arms. And he really did. Until the very end.
He was that child who always had too much responsibility but he never complained about it. Always trying to do his best in everything.
He was that boy who was called a genius and a prodigy but his kind and modest sould never brought him to become arrogant or self-absorbed.
He was that man who was forced to kill everyone who was important to him, because … someone else was more important.
He was that man who lived as a traitors, accepting dishonor and hate, fighiting everyday with his internal ghosts and with external illness just because … someone else was more important.
He was that man who lived and died just for … his most important person.
He was that man who died smiling … because .. this most important person was there with him.
He was that man who even after his own death, did everything he could do in order to protect … his most important person.

We all know who was this person.
This person was Sasuke. His brother, his life, start and end of everything.
His only reason to live, to fight, to die.
Ship or not ship .. Itachi and Sasuke share the strongest bond. Something that can’t be destroyed in anyway.

They want to write a fanfic where Itachi is an het cool guy who goes around to ingravidate random women? OH well .. is full of this stuff. They aren’t even so original…

I (and I’m sure you too ♥) know who is Itachi, that character I love, respect, who is my role model and my everything ♥. And they can’t do anything against it ^^

Itachi was the selfless character who lived, fought and died with a smile on his face …
all for the sake of his beloved brother.
Because ONLY Sasuke was important. ONLY HIM.
And NOTHING can change it.

sorry ^^”” .. I’m very … sentimental when I talk about him *sigh* XDD .. (you already know x//D ♥). But I think and hope that .. people who love Itachi will recognize any bs on this future novel. Exactly like people who love Sasuke agreed that the current Sasuke is not Sasuke anymore :/

yaya-the-elf asked:

how do you even find all of these pieces of incredible literature (or are people like me just not looking hard enough)

The second one, probably, darling, and I’m saying this without knowing you but still. All I do is really read the works of my favourite authors/poets, I stick to my faves and that’s about it mainly. But the real work is to know how to pay attention primarily as a human being and of course as a reader as much conscious as possible of the the writing that affects you on a personal and strictly individual level. Familiarize yourself with the type of literature that has access to your heart; that’s the hardest work: to know what your heart is about. All else follows b/c it is simply required of you to dive right in

fallingslowlyphan asked:

Hey. Look at me. (Well, look at Dan in my icon). You are letting no one down. No one. You don't owe us anything. We are all extremely thankful that this blog exists, but you do this because you enjoy it, and the fact that we do is just a bonus. If it becomes a burden to write, post, anything on here, it's stress that isn't necessary. Deep breath in, and out. It'll all work out just fine, darling :-)

I’m stressed because the time I’m really happy is when I’m writing. Whether it’s my book or a fic, I’m always happy and enjoying myself when I do it so work making me do shit shifts is really getting me down as I can’t do what I love.

It’s all very annoying!! thank you so much you’re honestly so lovely you have no idea how much I appreciate this message!! X


I was tagged by ohhelloholly for my 10 favorite album covers and this one was hard so I thought of ten that always made me smile. Maybe more for memories or the stories that brought them around but I’ll try to put some quick context to all of these.

No particular order.

1. FEAR - The Record. How can you not love this album? What the hell is not to love about Lee Ving?

2. Ramones. First time I heard this after hearing all the people say how cool this was, I was shocked. Was this supposed to be on 45? Like what the fuck? Years later, this is probably one of the only albums that I still own. Never give this up.

3. Misfits - Die Die My Darling. Ok They did do some cool stuff before I totally forgot about them and that Danzig guy. Cool cover though, right?

4. Jimi Hendrix - Axis. What can I say? If you don’t have the fold out album, you are missing half the picture.

5. Cramps - Bad Music - All around creepy picture. I loved it.

6. Motorhead - Ace of Spades. Original line up. Dressed as Banditos.

7. MDC - MDC. Cool concept with a cool message. Plus I know all the lyrics. If you ever heard this album, you will realize what a feat that is.

8. Black Flag - Annihilate the Week. Not their most famous cover but my favorite. I got it when I was doing stuff all week long so I really identified.

9. Beatles - The Dead Baby One. Not the real title but I just like the idea and wonder what the fuck were they on when they agreed to do this.

10. Tad - 8 Way Santa. Cause the band got sued for this one. Finding an old 70′s picture of some people you don’t know in drawer and making it your album cover might seem like a funny idea at the time.

It was right up to when they saw it.

I’ll tag toosweet4rnr, oldtobegin, party-wok, who else hasn’t done this?

Owen, Cullen?

bandstown asked:

How would exo and bts react if they would see you for the first time with a short sleeve shirt that reveals all your tattoos on your arm? Thank youuu x

if I try to do both bts and exo I might just die and post be hella long so I’m gonna do bts first than exo okay? (I’ll link the exo here)

kim seokjin/jin: *looks like five years old* “Oh my pretty girl?” holds your right arm and squish your fingers with love (lol). “Jin what the…” , “Shh darling, shh I will love you like this too…” you hit him while laughing loudly and he smiles back at you *i love his smile tbh*  “You look amazing Y/N”

park jimin/jimin: *high pitched laugh while jumping* “Look at your arms? Holy crap that looks amazing!” gets closer to you “Wah I never realised your arms was good like this.” and makes a hair flip “Well you are mine so, no doubt you would be so good-looking” *blinks* *gets hit by you* (i couldn’t find my happy jimin gif that’s just sad….)

jeon jungkook/jungkook: *looks at you, looks at your arm again looks at you* maintains a poker face and tries to act normal but when you ask for some attention. he just stops being the cool guy and starts to look around your arm like pokes it touches and stuff. “That’s so cooool.” turns to Rapmon “Can I have one too?”

jung hoseok/j-hope: *insert gif here* “Darling, what the?” you start to laugh “When did you get those?” everyone in bangtan starts to crack up with you because you know j-hope. *gif still continues* *continues for like a five minute* then J-hope jumps of from his chair and comes next to you. fist pumps your arm then says “Yah, my tough girl, they look good.”

kim namjoon/rap monster: gets closer to you holds you from your wrist and smirks at you. “Y/N-ah, you look more sexier now.” you shyly look away. Rapmon opens his shirt showing you his sexy back and says “Should I get one here?” you can almost feel him smirking at you. “Monie stop it!” after that he be like *insert gif here*

min yoongi/suga: *was half sleeping in sofa but wakes up after seeing you* “Hey, do you think my tattoos have some swag?” you try to say with daegu accent. *he acts like he is sleeping* “Hey, Min Suga I’m tellin ya?” accent gets creepier. He can’t handle your accent and starts to laugh, while you hit him to death. “You…*hits* little…*hits*” yoongi grabs your hands and gives you a eskimo kiss. “They look swag.” you two continue to laugh.

kim taehyung/v: *creepily gets closer to you* “Are those for real?” pokes your arm and dunno how but realises that they are real. Jumps *almos hits you* starts to ask questions like “Waaah! Did it hurt?” , “Seriously didn’t it hurt like hell?”  you answer all of his questions while smiling, in the end he kinda calms down but still makes show offs to other bangtan members.