Someone had mentioned the “I care for you” scenes some time ago on Tumblr, and I went back to GIF them. There are so many interesting parallels and differences in how Phryne and Jack respond to Lin and Concetta’s invitations. Phryne has certainly gone through many trials to finally learn how to be independent and make decisions that are healthy for herself and, what she knows in the long run, would be better for Lin. Jack, in a similar vein, tries to do the honorable thing for Concetta and what he believes will also be good for him. Again, echoing what so many have said before, this is one of the reasons why I love Concetta so much. She knows that this arrangement is not right for either of them and that it would really be for convenience, and won’t let Jack accept.

Two incredibly emotional scenes from two great episodes that end beautifully with some awesome Phrack time!!

EXO Reaction to Foreign Girls Performing Their Songs

i thought this was was pretty interesting and ik bts made a video like this and their reactions were pretty funny so here it is

(none of these gifs are mine)

XIUMIN: interesting very INTERESTING 

TAO: please i do it better

SUHO: wow they do that good *dirty thoughts*

SEHUN: i can’t take it they make it look better!!!

LUHAN: *pervy luhan*

LAY: let me show you how its done

KRIS: *imppressed*


D.O: they make it look better yet they look so good doing it

CHEN: i’m already a bad dancer why do you gotta make me look worse? *rude*

CHANYEOL: they look like robots

BAEKHYUN: *speechless* 

I am going to start captioning all of my gifs/edits from now on.

This will start on a new episode of TNG I work on (I am still working on The Last Outpost) where I put the title of the episode plus what number edit/gif it is from that episode (The Last Outpost will not have a number).

This is mainly a better way for me to help file away gifs/edits and too give me a better idea of how I am doing in an episode. Oh yeah, I am totes serious about making content for this and site and you.

Dual monitor this shit! 

I think this will work anyway. I just like the idea.


Jesé’s post match interview | July 27, 2015

“I feel good. I feel better as time goes by and by playing getting playing time. I’m working hard and we’re all doing well as a group”.

Freedom in attack:
“We have much variety in the side and I feel this makes things easier for the coach. That way we can change things around and we all get to play. That’s how I see things working out this season”.

“What I always have in mind: help the team and fight for the white shirt and give my all”.

Improving physically:
“Yes. But one can tell it’s still pre-season. Coming back mid-way through last season as I had to do and not play, then play was far more complicated. I feel better. The injury is well behind me and I feel great”.

Staying at Madrid:
“I never wanted to leave. This club has given me so much and I now have the confidence of the new coach. We’ll fight on”.

Playing as a number nine under Benítez:
“I don’t mind where i play. I like all attacking positions so I can adapt easily”.

“So far so good. He likes to work hard and is worried about every detail. We have no doubts that he is a great coach. He‘s showing this now through his daily training regime with tactical chats and his training sessions. The squad is highly motivated and we aim to do well”.

“Ramos is a Real Madrid player. I’m sure he’ll continue to be too in the future”.

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Exo and shinee reaction to their gf having really bad period cramps to where it hurts to move? Thanks!

I actually already did this one for shinee here!
Xiumin: “Come here babe, do this feel any better?”

Luhan: “Jesus christ how do you handle this every month?”

Kris: “Soo y/n, I’m going out, do you need me to pick you anything up?? Call me if you need me, okay?“

Suho: “Do cramps always hurt this much?” *kinda concerned* "Do you need anything??“

Lay: *at the store trying to find something to make you feel better* “Don’t hot bags work good?? Should I get some Tylenol??”

Baekhyun: *tries to make you feel better by telling a joke* *laughs at his own joke*

Chen: "Well I bought you some chocolates and ice cream, but idk how much that’ll help.” *laughs because he doesn’t know what else to say*

Chanyeol: “And you have to deal with this every month??”

D.O: *kinda awkwardly sits there* “Do you uh…need anything babe?”

Tao: “I saw somewhere the herbal tea helps, so I picked some up for you on the way home. I also bought some Tylenol just in case that didn’t help.”  *super caring and would love taking care of you*

Kai: *walks in the room* "Y/n~,I brought you a hot water bag, let me know if you need anything else!” *‘god how does she live with this???’*

Sehun: “I brought you a blanket and some food. Maybe we could watch a movie or something?” *also enjoys taking care of you*

EXO Reaction to mafia girl coming after Lay (Mafia reaction part 2)

So if you haven’t read the Mafia request yet I’ll leave you the link HERE. I’m not sure how to make this one but I hope you like it. Admin A~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Really worried* “Lay! Lay!!! There’s a girl… oh no she found him!”

Kris: *Badass Kris mode one* “It’s time to protect our Yixing and show that girl who’s the boss here”

Sehun: *Feels really threatened and decides to train to be better* “I’m going to be Lay’s bodyguard now! I wont let anyone do anything to him! Not even if it’s a woman!”

Tao:”Your charms won’t make me weak! I will call my guys if necessary”

Kai: *Not really aware of what’s going on in the dorms… he is always asleep when they are home*

Xiumin: *Is really entertained by the movie scene he is having in his own dorm*

Baekhyun: *Tries to use his charms to distract her for a while until the reinforcements arrive* “I’m going to shoot you with my love”

Luhan: *Not really getting the situation* “Oh Lay! If you are going to bring a girl home, close the door!”

Chen: *Distracts the girl with anything that crosses his mind* “Hey Hey girl I’m Chen Chen!! The adorable of the beagle line!!!”

Kyungsoo: *Realizes it’s an emergency and the pack of wolves need to take action* “It’s time boys… it’s going to get pretty serious”

Lay: “What.. what are you doing here… you weren’t supposed to find this place” *Faints*

Suho: “Lay told me he could handle it.. but I think it’s time for me to get in and solve this matter… I’m the leader of the pack after all” *Alfa Suho*

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This may seem annoying but how do you make your gifs? I've been recently trying to make some but I can't figure out the right things to use.

I use Photoshop. I explain it a bit better here, including a tip about getting a free version of Photoshop.

Imagine coming home after a long, dreadful day at work. You drag yourself upstairs, kick off your shoes and let yourself fall onto the bed with a grunt. Henry walks out of the bathroom right in that moment, obviously coming from the shower.

‘Awwww bad day honey?’ He sits down next to you and caresses your head.

‘I hate everyone at work’ you mumble into the pillows. Then you feel the weight of his body next to you on the bed.

‘How about some cuddling… I’m sure that will make you feel better… what do you say?’

For Anon!

*not my gif, let me credit you*

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Hii!! Do you mind sharing some of your favourite gifs of Kris pleasee? I'm not feeling to well and seeing him might brighten up my day. Thanks so much! I really love your blog! .xxx

I hope you feel better, and tbh kris makes my day better too. And thank you!!

(oh my god id kill to be her tbh)

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I go weak for him with sofia okay how could you not love this my heart is melting

Originally posted by kpop430

Now that I’ve got a better quality version of this moment, the higher quality gif just makes me have even more feelings.

Is Benji trying to smile? Or is he trying to say something to Ethan? Why can’t he say anything? Why is he just sitting there? Why isn’t he warning the civilians? I’m guessing the earpiece he is wearing (which is far too obvious for IMF tech) has something to do with it. Are his captors ordering him to stay quiet? How are they stopping him just standing up and yelling for everyone to run? I’m sure he wouldn’t care if it made him look like the person trying to bomb the place, if it got the civilians out, I’m sure he would do it.

Also, this shot here really shows how bad things are for him, how scared he must be. Benji is the guy who always finds a way to smile, even if it’s a forced one to hide his feelings. But here, he can’t. He’s so scared that he can’t even manage a facade of a smile to pretend he’s ok. Because he is so far from ok.

I just… I need this poor boy to be ok because he really deserves a hug and a massage after this movie.

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I love your blog so much I check it religiously!! And welp I'm going through a real tough breakup.. Could you please help cheer a girl up with some sehun pleeeaseeee

D: Things about the heart… you should read smut! xD jk jk I’m sorry honey… I really am. We know how hard it is, and we hope we can make you feel better with what we do <3. I think we have a pending Sehun scenario but I’ll leave some gifs over here :D Admin A,M&Myun <3

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Uniq Reaction: Their girlfriend trying to comfort them after they had a bad stage.

*I actually really liked your request thank you.* -X

Yixuan: *He messed up is rap while he was performing, and is mad at himself for not practicing more.* 

Y/N: “One mistake doesn’t mean you’re a bad rapper, you’ll do better next time." 

Yixuan: "You always know how to make me feel better. Thank you Y/N." 

Sungjoo: *He wasn’t able to hit one of the higher notes while he was performing so he’s been in a bad mood since.* 

Y/N: "I’m sure it wasn’t that bad." 

Sungjoo: "It was that bad, stop acting like you understand." 

Y/N: "I might not understand but that doesn’t mean I can’t comfort you." 

Sungjoo: "I’m sorry jagi, I’m just not in a good mood." 

Wenhan: *He’ll pretend he’s fine even though on the inside he feels like crap. He won’t talk to anyone and when people ask if he’s fine, he’ll tell them he is.*

Y/N: "I know you’re unhappy right now, you don’t have to pretend with me. Whatever happened on stage now is over and you can learn from your mistakes to help you in the future." 

Wenhan: "Thank you for caring, you always seem to know the right words to use." 

Seungyoun: *He didn’t do as well as he expected on stage, even though everyone told him he did well he doesn’t believe them.* 

Y/N: "Seungyoun please cheer up, seeing you like this hurts me. No matter what happened you’re still perfect in my eyes." 

*He would slightly become happier but it takes him a while to full get back to his happy self.* 

Yibo: *He made a small mistake while dancing the choreography, so he feels like he’s let the whole group down.* 

"How can I be the main dancer if I can’t even dance our own choreography." 

Y/N: "It’s not the end of the world babe, there’s going to be so many other chances for you to redeem yourself. One tiny screw up doesn’t make you a bad dancer, besides no one noticed it." 

Yibo: "But I noticed Y/N, God what was I thinking?" 

*He won’t change his mind right away, and he’ll be mad at himself for a while. He’ll eventually realize that it wasn’t that big of a problem and his mood will eventually change.* 


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hello do you have any tipson how to make gifs look better quality? i'm asking you because yours always look so good even when they're from low quality videos (like bts' self cams for example)

the only thing i can really say is to dl the video you plan on gifing in the highest quality available! coloring and sharpening can always enhance the quality sometimes but if the video is really low quality, just go with black and white instead of coloring!

here’s here i color and sharpen


This tutorial is about giffing videos with very yellow lighting without washing people out. A lot of people just brighten to get rid of it, but there are better ways to use the colors already in the vid.

Note: The layers in this tutorial will need to be changed depending on how extreme the lighting is, how bright the room is, etc. but it will give you a good outline of what to do. You can then color as you would normally afterwards.



If you want to follow along using the same video, it can be found here.

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!!!! thank you everyone so much for following this silly blog of mine !!!!

you are all amazing and lovely and i want to do something for you guys so! i will be taking some graphics requests!

the requests can be for:

  1. a simple character sketch
  2. a panel/chapter cover coloring
  3. a gif/photo set of a certain character/scene

so please ask away! and thank you all SO MUCH \(*T▽T*)/ 

so i’m feeling kinda down and i just want you guys to know how much you all mean to me. i know for a fact that there are more talented rpers out there. people who can make gifs, banners, and fancy texts. i can’t do any of that stuff and i only have my jokes to make up for it. yet you guys support me. it’s really amazing considering all the better people out there. why me? there are better stars. btw, i especially love every rper in the svtfoe community. i feel like i don’t thank any of you enough. you are all wonderful and i just wanna say thanks for sticking with me even though i’m not all that fancy.