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I was waiting for a book like that for a really…really long time. Thanks Sarah…


Johndave Fic Recs

My favourite Johndave from AO3


Talent shows~ Dave decides the best way to woo John is through the school talent show.

Christmas Laws~ John’s and Dave’s mistletoe kiss. Need I say more?

untitled dave/john~ Dave thinks about his relationship with John.

John Dave Fluff Thing~ Dave invites John to the music room after school.

John and Dave Write a Bad Smut Scene~ John and Dave co-write a fanfic. Note: this one has sexual content, though not between the boys.

John/Dave Drabble~ Awkward moments.

Hey Dave~ Another Awkward moment.

The Dave Chronicles~ John meets Dave after getting into a mild car crash.

Dave: Be The Match==>~ John’s been sick most of his life.

John: Meet Alpha!Dave~ What alpha!Dave is thinking about when he meets John.

Dave Strider; Adventurer~ Dave learns a lot about John.

In Which John and Dave Meet in a Little Coffee Shop and All the Little Things Suddenly matter~ Coffee Shop AU!

Dave==> Be an Arteest~ Dave has mad art skills and John thinks its great.


Dave jerks off and John walks in.~ The title is pretty self explanatory. Have a little poetry.

Dave: Spy on John~ Dave sees more than he should have.

[Never to be finished] Sub!Dave Fic~ getting kinky.


in which dave strider is flamingly gay and john egbert has a crush.~ Pretty self explanatory title. Cuteness happens. 

Silence is Golden~ a mute!John fic with a side of DirkJake

The Heir and His Knight~ A medieval AU with a side of Rosemary.

In Which Dave Strider is a Celebrity~ Dave Strider is a famous musician. John is a guy at the club.

dave striders journal alternatively titled why do i listen to my sister alternatively titled how do i hold in all these feels alternatively titled god dammit ~ Dave accidentally emails John his journal. Whoops.

anonymous asked:

What's your fav johndave fic?

all of them, if im going to be honest fhjkdhsfjkdhs listen i dont care if its badly written or whatever if u have passion enough for my two most favorite characters to actually write and make content? i love you. and i love the content you put out

but hey, here are some that have stayed with me, under the cut because im giving descriptions and ratings hehe

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bulbasours  asked:

Can you rec any good johndave fics?

this post is titled “2011-2013 simulator”

anonymous asked:

For the johdave fics, I'll take any suggestions so long as they're well written

alright, cool

The Finer Details of Gay Cluckbeast is a goddamn classic johndave fic. its 24 chapters long and its about john and dave playing gay chicken and slowly falling in love and being dumb. i dont think they have sex explicitly written in this fic, but its been awhile since i read it. ill mark it lightly NSFW

The Pianist on the Subway another classic hot DAMN this is by far one of my favourite johndave fics out there. 21 chapters of cute interaction and john n dave falling in love. i havent read it in awhile so im not sure if this fic is completely SFW or not. 

bear and bull is a good SFW one, its 5 chapters long. its a really cute story about dave getting a neighbour, who is john, and at first he hates his guts but slowly falls in love. its really good ok. its also pretty sad at times just a warning

CJK237em1Vx: a modern epic. kind of. not actually. is a NSFW fic about john and dave being broke college roommates who have a tough time paying the bills, so they kinda turn to the porn business together to make money. theres a bit of dubcon near the beginning depending on how you look at it (john isnt gay and he has to do gay porn with dave for money so,)

dave striders journal alternatively titled why do i listen to my sister alternatively titled how do i hold all these feels alternatively titled god dammit is another NSFW fic. dave sends john the wrong file and accidentally sends him his personal diary where he talks about john a lot

Nerds In A Superstore is a mostly fluff fic, with a bit of NSFW stuff near the end. dave meets john in a walmart at 1am during a terrible storm

Postcard a super cute soulmate fic! its super fluffy but also has some NSFW chapters. currently 11/12 have been posted as i write this, but its worth a read

Take Me Away In Your DeLorean is a NSFW fic series that includes bdsm. in this one (aka the beginning) john finds himself having a huge crush on a cute guy on campus and ends up having anonymous sex. the whole series of these fics are p dang good.

(Never) What You Wanted is a tragic fic that is mostly NSFW. its about john being an idiot & an asshole who doesnt realize his emotions/doesnt think about what hes doing and fucks up his relationship with dave. its 5/10 chapters currently, and is really long. its very heartbreaking, you might cry or get really angry.

Beans & Bones a cute coffee shop au fic. kinda NSFW. dave is a weirdo who likes skulls and john is a college kid who falls in love with him. theres some angst in this one. 6/10 chapters have been posted on this fic.

uhhh ill leave it at this i guess!!! if you read like, most or all of these haha rip sorry these are just some of my faves

you know that fandom you never really intended to be in but then suddenly you are and ugh you never wanted this, you never wanted any of those feelings and now that you have them you don’t know what to do with them and they’re just all over the place and yeah, ugh