Can we have two blackout days in a row like tomorrow is July 4th and a bunch of white people will spout about how everyone is created equal but erase the very real history of black people being enslaved for 90 more years so let’s do something. Like. Idk a hashtag like #IndependenceDayisforWhites or something. Idk I might be kinda overzealous but I stopped celebrating that shit years ago and I encourage others to do the same in allyship with black people

✿ Daily Story Seed ✿

The Hole In ‘The Wall’
Write about a character who lives in a world that was ravaged by a terrible war that happened years prior, and now their small tribe survives inside a compound surrounded by a concrete wall. Explore this character’s point of view as they’re appointed to look after the most dangerous portion of the wall. How did they end up here? And, do they think they’ll survive the night?

Any work you create based off this prompt belongs to you, no sourcing is necessary though it would be really appreciated! And don’t forget to tag maxkirin (or tweet @MistreKirin), so that I can check-out your stories!

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Hey guys - I want an issue to be discussed here as some of you probably know there’s quite a few Bohemian Rhapsody Choir enthusiast among us.

The idea was born after I had published the post about a dream fans’ choir singing Bo Rhap.I can see there’s at least a few people who want to do a video with us singing together and then send it to Brian or Rog.

I don’t know how many of you actually consider taking part in this so it would be nice to get together somehow and then create a schedule or sth with details like deadline, file format, a song becase maybe you prefer other song like Somebody To Love…. It should be sth really choir-friendly ;-)

But FIRST we need to know wether we want to do it or not? Remember -   it’s not necessary to have a singing ability. If you know the lyrics, you’re in.

FOR NOW I just want to know how do you like the idea.

Feel free to make suggestions, I’ll take every advice.

If anyone wants to help me with workflow later, please contact me.


anonymous asked:

I always start stories off with world building, character development, and plot before even thinking about theme, meaning, and symbolism. How do you create an underlying theme that connects everything together using a story that's already developed? It feels like sailing a raft without tying it all together first, and by then it's out of control.

For me, themes are unconscious additions. It’s easier to write, then look back in retrospect, and see what you’ve been reinforcing through how your character(s) are treated for their views and choices. And then change as needed, if you really want to have a strong theme.

For example, if you’re writing a story where several characters have their good decisions turn around to bite them in the ass, you may realize you’ve been writing a story about how not everything will work out the way you want. But if you’re more optimistic, you may see this and decide to let good decisions turn into good ends, i.e. do good and you’ll be rewarded.

If you are not like me and want a theme right from the start, decide on one, write your plot without thinking of the theme, and then revise to nudge plot points towards your theme as needed.

(symbolism tag)

anonymous asked:

There is no way they don't know about the trinity and how angsty their fans are getting about it so I'm holding onto the weak conspiracy theory that all 3 of them have been working on a joint album since the pinkprint's release and said joint album, when dropped, will create an impact so massive that every artist will drop off the face of the earth and retire to nonexistence like Madonna should've done 15 years ago

I’m sure they do know lol but if they don’t all wanna collab, then *shrugs*.

★ Daily Character Question ★

Puppet Strings
Write a scene where your Protagonist is approached by one of their companions, who soon requests a huge favor that could easily get both of them in trouble. How does your Protagonist react to this? And, above all, do they feel like their friend is taking advantage of them?

Any work you create based off this prompt belongs to you, no sourcing is necessary though it would be really appreciated! And don’t forget to tag maxkirin (or tweet @MistreKirin), so that I can check-out your stories!

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the crusaders
  • so im thinking someone needs to create an instagram account (i can) and we give the password to a select few, and with permission we repost tumblr posts about all this shipping gavin hayden and thinking they are gay madness and shoving it down their throats, or sending threats to the girls, but we also use the account to educate the people doing it, we find them, and we repost a post from tumblr about how its wrong /how it affects people DIRECTLY INTO THEIR DMS , but then also find their comments, or personal posts that talk about the whole ‘they’re gay’ shindig/ death threats to the girls and EDUCATE BUT ALSO TEAR THEM A NEW IN ONE A POSITIVE MANNER
  • haydengavinvigilantes or somethin i dont know a name but we need a name and a motto and lets get this started, kick ass and take names
  • we’ll be notorious for fighting for gavin and haydens/their loved ones comfortability
  • [not saying we’ll attack people who ship them together in real life, just the ones who are avid on their pages about it and obviously put it in a strong light]

gavinmacintrash haydennbyerly judicornstevens

anonymous asked:

Lora, I am very depressed. Everything feels difficult and I don't want to leave bed. Do you have any advice?

I don’t know how to make those feelings stop because they come to me often. But what helps me is listening to myself. Pinpointing what is bothering me and trying to rationalize with myself. (Like no, I’m not a huge useless burden who’s never accomplished anything and embarrasses everyone around me.) I distract myself. I watch something funny. I turn off the sad songs. I make something. Creating something is usually the most effective coping mechanism for me because it distracts me and forces me outside of myself. Also, calling friends. Talking to them. Even if I’m not able to articulate anything that’s weighing me down

anonymous asked:

Do you ever feel like hospital creates a kind of competition of who is more fucked up? Idk I kinda feel this but I'm not sure...

there was this one girl, who someone said something about having an eating disorder & she decided the next day she wouldn’t have lunch & she hasn’t eaten in ‘4 hours’ so she was anorexic clearly
& she’d constantly be like 'oh I’m so fucked up’
& last admission another girl was constantly showing everyone how bad she had it & ugh so triggering & would self harm constantly in the ward & omg
It’s meant to be a safe place but there’s always that one person
Sorry for my rant

how many times do i have to put this out there?

the cancelled shows are not the bands fault, direct the anger you feel away from the band & at the higher ups in management for their silly mistake & sorry organisational skills.

now can someone please translate this to spanish? i feel the language barrier is stopping this getting to them.

i may also ask any freak who signed the rather silly over reaction of a petition, unfollow this blog & halestorm freak out. i understand how disappointed those fans may feel….. but over reacting by creating a petition is off the mark.


This is how we fight back. I can only fight back in the way that I feel like I’m talented. And I feel like the only thing that I can do even a little bit better than most people is create that sort of context, with humor. And that’s my way of not being helpless and not being hopeless.
—  Jon Stewart | Bill Moyers Journal, 2007.04.27

davismoondrago asked:

When are you going to make a video? I miss I them. 😭😭😭

Aw, thanks so much!

I think I’m going to make a video in……October :| 

2015 is turning out to be a very busy year. I’m in two bridal parties this summer/fall (MOH for my sister, and bridesmaid for my friend). So after the wedding celebrations, I’ll have more time to do other things, like the YouTubes.

Another reason why I’m on hiatus is that I’m taking time to reflect on my channel and the content I create. It’ll be 5 years in August, and I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can continue to grow creatively. …I’ll let you know what I figure out in October :)

Have a happy summer, and happy reading.

╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

anonymous asked:

People are complaining that this isn't "the summer of answers" and it's really just going to be "the finale of answers", but my question to them is this… Why would you want them to just come out and say it? The best part of the show is them giving us the run around. It allows for us to come up with theories and it creates drama. And the girls can't just unwrap who Charles is in 1 episode. They have to decipher clues and stuff, that's the whole point of the show… I like "the run around".

I suppose we all have our preferences. I tend to agree with you, I’ve never really had a huge problem with not knowing the answers. I like that it’s so open because that’s how we’ve gotten so many fabulous theories. Because there’s so little that’s fact, you know? I love it. I really do. I’m excited for the answers and for everything to come to a close (although that’ll be bittersweet), but I think it’ll be a little sad not having the open ended questions

the-crazy-geek asked:

If God really did give everyone a soul at the moment of conception then why does he let so many be miscarried or simply flushed out of the womb after failing to implant? That would seem to indicate a God who doesn't really know what the hell they are doing...

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?” (Epicurus)

I get that Christians think that evil has to exist in the world and that it’s part of God’s plan too, but he can’t exactly get mad at abortion when he himself invented things like miscarriage, which affects a fetus that hasn’t committed any evil at all. If miscarriage was created to punish parents for their sins or something, then I don’t know how anyone could justify worshipping a God that would do that. Surely there have to be better ways of punishing people. If they honestly figure that abortion is wrong in God’s eyes, he’s the biggest proponent of “do as I say, not as I do.”

Hey theater side of tumblr! I need some help!

So I’m designing for an new play that is a hip hop/rap musical. This is the second time I’d be designing it and this time around I would like to install LEDs into the set pieces themselves. As they could really get the look the director wants and stay travel ready.

I’m looking at how I should wire them for maximum travel ability. There’s four main set pieces (flats) where LEDs could be placed. These are the set pieces that do not move.

I have come up with a design that uses two LED DMX controllers and power supplies on both sides of the set, prewiring them to the back of the flats and having connectors to link the flats together.

But another cheaper option would be to use one 8 circuit controller located on one side of the set and create a wiring diagram that utilizes much more wiring and connectors.

Our budget isn’t really that big as its a community college. Anyone with more experience with LED’s have an idea for me? This would be my first time using this in a show and not just playing around with LEDs.