okay but thor and steve in aou

-thor saying no mortal can handle this as he pours the asgardian booze into steve’s drink

-chilling with each other drinking beers and laughing

-that thing where thor’s hammer creates a shockwave with the shield

-that thing where thor uses his hammer like a baseball bat to send the shield through more ultrons

-seriously when did they come up with those think of the hours of practice

-and how did they decide to learn how in the first place I bet they were like “bro we couldn’t” “bro maybe we could tho” “bro” “bro”

-that bitchface steve gives thor when he says “is that the best you can do”

-”you had to ask” was not surprised, why would you say that, it was I saw this coming, tired of your shit thor

Pepper “what do you mean you created a genocidal artificial intelligence while I was gone” Potts

Pepper “I went out to buy bread and you nearly died three times” Potts

Pepper “what do you mean the scepter became the red guy with a cape” Potts

Pepper “how many times do we have to rebuild the tower” Potts

Pepper “this is why we don’t have nice things, Tony” Potts

I took this snap while crafting yesterday and I really love how it looked from a groovy birds eye view. My other half and I have been creating like mad men and it has been such a magical joy to spend so many days and evenings doing what we love. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing soul in my life, and I feel so blessed to be able to awaken to this fun and him, each and every day.


OKAY GUYS! So we all know that Bill has his wheel that has a symbol for each person.
But now we know that the author of the journals is Stanley, Grunkle Stan’s twin brother… I saw a theory that said that Stanley most likely knew he was coming back because in the bunker he had food beginning after the year 2010…

The journal was written 30+ years ago.

Stanley created Bill’s wheel.

How did Stanley know about all of the characters? Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Robbie, Gideon, Soos, etc.


Do people realize that joss whedon writing Natasha as feeling horrible about her ability to give birth has nothing to do with how joss feels about women and their reproductive abilities??? Do people realize that he was writing for a character???

Do people realize that no matter how fucking strong you are, no matter how many asses you can kick- being unable to create life the way your body is supposed to do is fucking GUT-WRENCHING.

Why can’t she have an emotional reaction to this???? WHY tumblr????

Because to be a strong female character you can’t have any weakness? To be a strong female character you can’t have any flaws? Who the hell would relate to that??

I’m so tired of all this faux feminism.

All of that said, I understand that women are categorically reduced to female tropes and its utter bullshit. But that one moment of angst from Natasha doesn’t turn her into a weakly written character. It gives her depth. It makes her more relatable.

★ Daily Character Question ★

A Moment of Peace
Pick one of your secondary characters:
Write a scene where this character has a day off for the first time in a very long time. How do they plan to spend this day? Will they seek the company of someone else, of many, or no one?

Any work you create based off this prompt belongs to you, no sourcing is necessary though it would be really appreciated! And don’t forget to tag maxkirin (or tweet @MistreKirin), so that I can check-out your stories!

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I urge ALL who have a Twitter to RETWEET this remarkable letter to JP written by hailywatson

IF you haven’t read the letter, check it out on hailywatson! You will see why I hope you will participate. It is a beautiful letter.

Let us SUPPORT our fellow BONKAI member who has taken the TIME and EFFORT to write a respectful, well written letter to JP expressing ALL our THOUGHTS and QUESTIONS about the fate of Bonkai.

IF you want ANSWERS from JP, then JOIN OUR attempt to get this letter to go VIRAL! This is the ONLY way JP will read it

Our VOICE needs to be HEARD by JP because I know how many of you are UPSET and felt disrespected by JP’s responses on Twitter.

I was so moved by this letter that I decided to create a Twitter account for this purpose.
These lovely bonkai members have already began hailywatson bonkai-kingdom tsyphony

If you do not have a Twitter, create one. if you have a friend who has a Twitter and ships BONKAI, ask them to retweet! Each retweet counts!

You can retweet from @haileylouise @Bonkai_Kingdom @queenxxvibes @deborahhaliu on TWITTER

It has been an amazing experience being a part of this fandom. Bonkamily is truly the BEST. You are all LOVELY and I do not regret joining this ship. IF this ship goes down, I am sinking with it til then…we keep fighting! At the very least we deserve answers from JP.

Remember to support bonkai-kingdom twitter trend as well! “No One On TVD is Boyfriend Material”

Tres Tah to all in advance who help! xx

Overall, I am just so tired of sharing my work and feeling the need to police how others share it. I shouldn’t have to police my work! That is not what Art is about. That is not what expression is about. When all it requires is acknowledging and maintaining the integrity with which a piece was created.

I have lost count how many times I have had to reach out to bloggers to either remove my work from their blog or reblog it as is. It’s a waste of time and energy that can be expended elsewhere. Worst of all are the bloggers who either ignore me, or catch an attitude. I will say that it emphasises the importance of those who are diligent in sharing my work in the manner that I share it. I appreciate you all beyond words.

And, I do sympathise with every Artist who has ever found themselves in a similar space.

—  Teff

i’m still just sitting here and half laughing half being hella pissed off because that fan art wasn’t meant to be about bellarke as a couple in the first place LIKE DON’T YOU THINK BELLAMY WOULD CARRY A DEAD CLARKE??? DON’T YOU THINK HE WOULD DO THAT MUCH??? THAT IT WOULD BE THE ONLY DAMN THING THAT HE WOULD BE ABLE TO DO? DO YOU REALLY SET THE EXPECTATIONS TO SO LITTLE ABOUT THE CHARACTERS YOU CREATED AND THE CHEMISTRY YOU WORKED ON BETWEEN THEM AND THEIR WHOLE STORYLINE? like yeah no big deal if she would die i mean it’s not like he would ever carry her dead body because i mean he wasn’t her lover?? they weren’t a couple? why would he do that? we are not playing by those rules around here. must be canon for that. it’s not gonna happen. THAT’S KIND OF HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS WHOLE THING RIGHT NOW AND I’M NOT OKAY. 

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How do I integrate myself into the Panic! circles here? I really wanna share a lot of stuff, but I don't really have any followers or such :(

My best advice is to just start. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get any notes or followers, just create and contribute no matter what it is and eventually people will start to notice, every popular blog had 0 followers and no content at one point! But as well as that message people, tell them how much you appreciate their content and they will do the same for you 😊 also if you tag my url in anything you make I’ll look at it and probably reblog it if you want me too!! Best of luck creating!! 💕

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Is it too dumb if I ask you how this term "schweinski" was born? Was it created by the fans, media or? I know it started with the wc 2006 or something but I was wondering if Poldi and Basti are okay with it. I asked this some time ago but I don't know if you didn't receive or ignored for being a stupid ask.

hey! first of all - your question is neither dumb nor do you bother me, dear. Your ask got probably eaten by tumblr as well  the first time :/

Well, of course the fans but most of all the media started calling them Schweinski. Back in 2006 when it all started the media hyped their relationship - it was everywhere. The new faces of the DFB - they even liked to describe their friendship as ‘marriage’. So when it all started there were two names for them; Schweinski and Podolsteiger. And yes, Lukas and Basti were and still are very aware of it (and have obviously no problem with it at all). Cause they’re the main reason it settled to Schweinski. Because this one time a reporter asked them which of the terms they’d prefer. And they both agreed that they liked the term ‘schweinski’ better and so it all was born :)

How do you describe or even start to commit to being happy OR unhappy when you know you have a great life and you are privileged and you know are worth something but you have long successions of terrible nights? You want go say how unhappy you are but you know the big picture is amazing and worth living for and the future is bright but holy fuck is it hard to get through every single day while still trying to create the puzzle pieces that will make you happy in the future. Yeah. What a sentence. I should say I. I am struggling. I’m sorry, whatever.

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sometimes i feel like we over-romanticize troye and connor's relationship. idk it's just that we always build up these grand ideas of how they got together and how they feel about each other, that maybe they don't have a perfect relationship and they're just normal. This could be me being pessimistic, but everything we've created in our minds for them seems so unrealistic, ya know?

Yeah I know what you mean, of course they don’t have the perfect relationship, but tbh I don’t see how it could be too difficult for them. I mean, they are both young sappy guys having fun and they have money to burn. It’s kinda clear that they enjoy a great deal of adventures and excursions, so if we have rosy-googles looking in on their relationship, it’s only bc i think they do too (but that’s bc it’s fun and the whole lot of us are romantics). Even so, relationships with a touch of realism are the ones that last longer and actually have a fighting shot. And tbh they may easily fall into that category, which is a good thing :) They are happy not stupid, yfm?

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where is baby Charming in all of this tho???? how is he?? why are his parents not with him? why are they not showing us emma bond with her little brother and take care of her baby brother instead of pushing this dumb plot and making her spend most of her time with a murderous woman??? i hate how this show passes on much more interesting plots; plots that makes sense for their characters and their development, and go around creating new dumb, illogical, useless problems...

I am honestly so sad with what they are doing. They focus so much on Regina’s story they forget everyone else. I miss the Charmings

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I used to be a very creative person, and was very good at keeping my mind and myself occupied throughout hours, days and weeks on my own. But somehow, in the last 6 months, I find it difficult to come up with ideas, let alone find the motivation to do anything. Of course it also ruins my already nonexistent self esteem, and makes me even more depressed than I was in the first place. Any idea how can I break the circle and get myself back to create and keep my mind working?

Hi Anon,

This could very well be part of the creative process to be honest. Many creative types can suffer through months and sometimes even years of coming up with nothing. 

The best way to deal with this and break the circle is to start doing something totally different. A different field of study, a different job, a different environment… New and different things challenge the mind and offer new perspectives. 

Also, look at any possible triggers in the past six months. Did something peculiar happen? Something stressful? Something that threw you off balance? It might not be one thing, but a set of events, however small. Or it could be nothing. But it’s always worth it to look back and see what you might find.

Underneath are links on also helping you with your low self-esteem. I hope these will help!

Take care,


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tips on how to dominate the world? I've assimilated into sweden, but I'm stumped on what to do next. thanks. also I love your art/blog, take care.

create a rly popular cartoon/comic/whatever and the fandom will probably help you

good luck! :^)

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How many seasons of SVU do you think there will be, because I don't think I can live without it!

hopefully at least 84. I can’t live without it either sincerely! I want to be 99 years old and still watch the show on Wednesdays and cry over my favorite characters and create a svu club in the senior residence