Why no one is talking about how disgusting it is that the whole storyline of Lydia’s catatonic state it’s been used to bait Stdia and about Stiles’ pain?

It’s been weeks since the official Twitter account of the show runned by a bias intern it’s been using the scene of Lydia paralyzed in the bed to talk about Stdia or Stiles. She even used a “I’m sill laughing” caption in one of those pictures showing SO little concern about Lydia’s individuality and whole person. Apart from that she posted a picture of Stiles quoting: “if they don’t save her, stiles will never be the same.”

Because what about Lydia’s health in that institution? She’s making Lydia’s pain and suffering all about a fucking boy and if that’s not disgusting I don’t know what to tell you. Some of the stans and those who claim to be Lydia stans are cheering for this treatment when you should be disgusted about how little they care. And those saying Stdia will happen after they rescue her should also be ashamed of themselves because Lydia does not need a man (not Stiles and not Parrish) what she needs is her friends, she needs to focus on the people who loves her and hopefully forget about that horrible time.

Lydia is not even my favorite character and I’m shamed of the treatment their own fandom gives her, starting with the horrible promotion of @teenwolf and those bunch of biased interns.

Please hired a professional next season.

IN GENERAL :: There are muses who are homosexual and don’t mind kissing and snuggling the opposite sex, and then there are those who get grossed out. THAT IS COMPLETELY OKAY. Do NOT be an asshole and tell them that “You’re wrong for being disgusted! How dare you not like them! I can’t believe you!” Making someone feel like shit for things they don’t like is like making someone feel like shit for, say, not liking spiders or being uncomfortable around birds. If you are a real friend, RESPECT BOUNDARIES.

Men are disgusting
How hard is it to lift a toilet seat and aim straight?
Answer not very hard. So go pee all over your own toilet at home not one in a public bathroom.

i got two free sandwich coupons from chik fil a (one for breakfast and one for regular chicken sandwiches) 16 year old me would be so disgusted at how eager i am to use this tomorrow. that bitch would have never expected to be this fucked up and traumatized either but that’s not the point.

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arzaylea only has all her mental illnesses and "panic attacks" when luke is in la. And liking that tweet about abusive relationships? And that app she advertised now follows her was this some kind of promo job how disgusting

I’m glad someone else sees how disgusting she is

i was just watching the talk for a few minutes waiting for my netflix to load and they were discussing theresa giudice from the real housewives of new jersey because she just got out of prison for bankruptcy fraud or something. anyway they posed the question of like whether or not it’s ok for her to “profit off her crime” (because she’s getting paid a lot of money for a tell-all book and interviews and to return to the housewives franchise) and sharon osborne is like mad about it and makes this awful comment about hoping theresa wasn’t raped in prison because she would have “enjoyed it” and like no one said anything about how horrifying and disgusting a thing that was to say???? not to mention why are you all so pressed about her making money off her story???? should she stop living the life she knows and be poverty stricken because you people think what she did was that reprehensible??? like she didn’t kill anyone, she did 12 months why don’t you bitter bitches just like let her live perhaps????

i don’t even know why it angered me so much but it really did and what sharon said was so awful to me like rape is not a thing ANYONE enjoys so maybe you should just shut the fuck up????

anyway if i was theresa i’d do the same thing like i have 4 children and you want me to turn down a 6 figure book deal and 2 million dollars for the real housewives?????

on what planet???? not this one hoe, not on god’s green earth would my black ass.

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the love Rose is getting on twitter today warms me heart, especially after all the hate she's been getting on tumblr

She always has many fans and supporters but the gratuitious hate some are spreading especially on tumblr can sadly overshadow this. There aren’t many of them but sadly they’re making a lot of noise and make a lot of people annoyed and unhappy. This is something that can be witnessed whenever a girl is going out with a popular “hot” male celebrity. I’m trying to read as little thing as possible on internet or in Rose’s tags because it can easily disgust me, how mean and childish people can be, judging people they don’t even know. The best way to deal with this is by using the “block” button and ignoring them. But yes, I’m also always happy whenever I come cross a nice tweets or message about Rose, it’s very nice and heartwraming to see :)

(I also wanted to say to the anon I didn’t reply to because I don’t wanto post any more messages related to this matter : I’ve read all your messages and I totally agree with you.)

The writers must really hate Mickey and Noel, because this shit is fucking nuts. I can’t even wrap my head around how twisted and disgusting it keeps getting.

Stucky AU where people see in black and white until they see their soulmates for the first time (according to fables the first colour you’re supposed to see is the colour of your soulmate’s eyes) and Bucky sees colour as soon as he meet Steve but Steve’s colour blind so he can’t see anything and Bucky has to keep it a secret because he must really be a freak but then Steve gets pumped up with the serum and he can see every colour but blue and everyone is really confused until Steve saves Bucky and looks into his eyes and mumbles “Jesus Buck, your eyes are blue” and Bucky spends the rest of the time joking about how backwards Steve’s always been because of course the last colour he sees in the colour of his soulmate’s eyes, but steve just smiles and says that he hopes to god that will be the last colour he ever sees which makes Bucky smile stupidly and call him a sap.

When Bucky’s hanging on to the train about to fall he smiles brokenly and says ‘You’re eyes are blue too, Stevie.’ and shuts his eyes when he slips.

After a night of Finn and Poe being particularly loud Leia puts up PSA signs with things like “Don’t forget Quiet Hours Start at 11 PM.” that get progressively less vague.  

“Hangars Aren’t Made For Personal Activities.” “Being The Best Pilot In The Resistance Does Not Give You An Excuse To Keep Me Awake.” “Kinkshaming Is Now Allowed Thanks To A Certain X-Wing Pilot.” “Poe Dameron Are You Blind?” “I Know You’ve Seen These.” “Finn You’re Not Innocent Either.” 


has anyone else ever noticed how when phil stares at dan he kinda stops thinking about everything else until dan looks back at him then he comes back to reality or how when dan looks at phil while he is talking he kinda stops himself and then just starts talking again like phil somehow took his breath away

best part is i dont think they realise they do this all the time

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So my high school coach got falsely accused by some girl of having had a romantic affair with her (he now worked at a middle school). After all the "evidence" was presented and he was tried, he was found innocent, but now he can't teach. Some little girl who thought it would be fun to ruin someone's life (and reputation) cost him his job. I hate people.

Well if anyone was looking for some injustice that occurs to men, here it is.