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You're awesome and please don't worry too much about what happened. We all make mistakes and you recognized that and apologized, which makes you an amazing person! I usually obsess over my mistakes and so I completely understand that crappy feeling of "oh no, what did I do?". Also, I'm curious as to how you developed your style as an artist and also how you realized that it was YOUR unique style?

Thank you, lovely! I guess we all have bad days. I was dreading coming in so that’s probably what got me all twisted up on the inside. ^^

I’ve addressed this a few times before, but it’s always good to show others how style works. And style is a really weird thing. Some people come by it easily and others don’t. It took me a long time to sort myself out. Only recently have I sort of come into my own. Even so, my style will continue to change and evolve. It’s just what it does. 

Here’s one of the first Sherlock arts I ever did:

Followed by 



And now it looks like 

I have all sorts of trouble with noses. It’s probably what evolved most over time. You can see a distinct exaggeration. The eyes, too. Went from really small to really big. It’s not something I decided to do consciously. It just…sort of happened because I kept erasing too much, you know? I just steadily starting making things bigger and more cartoony. 

When you feel like you’re cutting corners, you’re really not. That’s your own unique style trying to assert itself. You can see the changes in my hands, too, though it’s not as noticeable. Less angles, more suggestive lines I guess.

In the next year, I guarantee that my art will have changed from the most recent of my drawings. Don’t fight it, just let it happen. :3

In the GO timeline, Terezi said she thought she might be happier in a timeline where she had let Vriska live, even if it meant fading into nothing.

In the retcon timeline, Terezi was eaten up with guilt for something she didn’t do and said she thought she might feel more whole if she could remember more.

Poor Terezi. Always thinking you’ll be happier on the other side. But it’s not about what you know or don’t know or did or didn’t do, not really. It’s about being sick and looking for a reason why. 

tmi tuesday ; mun, muse or both

☀ What side of the bed do you sleep on?

▶ What class did you do the worst in in high school?

♠ Where do you keep your shoes?

▧ Do you crack your knuckles?

◈ When did you stop wetting the bed?

Ψ What TV series did you most recently binge-watch?

ϟ If you killed someone, what would you use?

◎ What cause would your protest for?

❄ What movie do you watch when you’re feeling sad?

✙ Do you wash your hands after using the bathroom?

◑ How often do you do your laundry?

♡ Where did you have your first kiss? Who was it with?

✭ Xbox or Playstation?

♨ Do you clean behind your ears when you shower?
Internal Monologue of a Writer


“did I spell that right?”

“oh god, I hope they aren’t out of character”


“lol what is spelling???”

“Eh, I’ll fix it tomorrow (and then you never do)”

“wait, how did they end up in that position again??”

“good enough!”

“fuck it, I quit!”

“why did I write that? what does that mean?”


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How did you start being vegan? Did you do it all at once or slowly work your way up to it? Any tips? :) (Oh and sorry if you've been asked this before!)

I was a vegetarian for around 5 years until I decided to go completely vegan so it has definitely been a long transition :) I also think this guide is great for how to gradually include more vegan in your daily routine :)xx

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"Be quiet! Look, I just need your car, right now." Cosette spoke quickly as she pushed herself through Courfeyrac's bedroom window. She pulled the hood from her jacket off of her head and waited for his response. She glanced out the window she just came in, the dark from the night oozing in and the wind blowing softly at the curtains.

Courfeyrac, who was still half asleep looked at Cosette as if she were mad. “My car? Why do you need my car. And how did you climb into my window, it’s like two storeys.”

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My father is from Australia so he speaks with an accent and I grew up being able to understand very deep accents. It constantly makes people confused and they say "How did you understand that? It was gibberish!" I do not know why other people cannot understand it. It is all the same language.

It’s because people aren’t used to accents like you are. It’s like trying to understand a baby babble or a toddler still trying to learn how to speak.

Personally I can understand accents as well but sometimes through other people’s ears, they hear something else.

~Admin Alex

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Were there any difficulties when it came to animating the wings? Like their movement in relation to the characters, the way they looked in certain lighting, how they worked when in use, etc.? Did you guys do any research on ordinary butterflies and dragonflies for reference?

Yes definitely, there’s a lot of research done on the movement of wings. Like for Marianne and Dawn we look at butterflies but the wings only behave like actual butterflies when they are in a far shot. On close ups we soften their wings and they behave more like bird wings with more overlaps and curves.

As for Bog, his wings are based on dragonflies and basically any mammal/animal with thin wings. His wings are less complicated to animate than Marianne’s cos hers tend to serve as a cloak too.

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Which death in the Hunger Games trilogy was the most devastating for you? And what did you do when it happened? How do you feel about it now? (I'm singling you ladies out with this (: )

Hey love! Thanks for sending me this!! <3

I feel like there are some obvious answers here, like Finnick, Rue, and Prim.

With Rue and Prim, they were almost too good for this world, though. It’s like the orphans you encounter in Dickens novels… You’re supposed to feel terrible about the world shitting on them and their inevitable demises, but they never feel like realized people. They don’t have flaws to make you really love them. For me they’re static archetypes and not much more, plot devices and gimmicks.  

Which brings us to Finnick. His death devastated me- it happens so quickly and senselessly that you don’t really have time to process it until much later, and in many ways that’s so realistic to the grieving process. His death leaves this massive hole in the story, and that feels so much like when you’re missing someone who just isn’t there anymore. And it’s senseless. Why does he have to die, other than to prove the point that, in war, good people die? He’s been through so much. He deserves his happy ending, and he never gets to have that life he wanted and fought for with Annie and his son. (Although his efforts mean that his son will grow up in a world free of the Games…)

One thing that Gary Ross did right, that really worked for me, was his change to Cato’s death. That monologue on the Cornucopia? Kill me. It made it devastating and awful- this child’s epiphany that he’d been brainwashed and used, that he was always dead. Dead inside, robbed of his childhood and goodness. He foreshadows the monster that Peeta is programmed to become. He was so pitiful and tragic and Shakespearean in that moment. The “big bad” of the Games was never more than a pawn. He was never really the enemy. He was just another gladiator sent into the arena for powerful men’s sport. 

And are you not entertained? 

So yeah. Finnick. And movie Cato. 

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If the world was ending today, and you had only say, 10 hours left, how would you spent them?

Doing nothing different, because if I did do something I’ve always wanted to do I will feel prematurely satisfied and not fulfilled at all; those things would be best left a fantasy because it feels better that way and I’d die with perfect absolutes in mind instead of scared, fleeting versions of them that can never live up to the expectation, rendering me more woefully regretful than if I hadn’t done them.

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Which death in the Hunger Games trilogy was the most devastating for you? And what did you do when it happened? How do you feel about it now? (I'm singling you ladies out with this (: )

Hey, lovely! Great question.

For me, it was Finnick’s death that stunned me the most. It was so fast and poignant that it hurt so much. I had to reread that moment over and over again to make sure I read that right.

Now, I feel like it’s so wrong that he died, especially since in most fanfics he’s one of Peeta’s very good friends. I love Finnick in fanfic, but it’s such a convoluted picture of who he really was, and I think it makes it hurt even more. So, I guess I’m broken. 

Tyrell’s wife is the kind of person that would watch you kill a man and then point out all of the things you did wrong and then demonstrate how to properly do it with a random stranger. She’d then go home and cook dinner for her picture perfect family.

I love her.