EXO going camping
  • Jongdae:who's bright idea was to come and camp on a hill?
  • *everyone glares at Yixing*
  • Yixing:what? I heard it's a nice view
  • Baekhyun:*huffs* there're nicer views from my hotel window
  • Xiumin:so how do we build the tent?
  • Chanyeol:did you look at the instructions? It was also in the bag
  • Yixing:those were instructions? I thought that was garbage
  • Sehun:seriously, Lay? now where are we gonna sleep?
  • Jongin:we have sleeping bags. lets sleep under the stars!
  • Suho:that's a great idea Jongi-
  • Baekhyun:what're you talking about? that's a horrible idea! i don't wanna get a thousand mosquito bites
  • Kyungsoo:*smacks baek upside the head* first don't shot Jongin's ideas down, second that's not possible
  • Sehun:can someone make a fire? it's freezing
  • Chanyeol:sure. Let's see if theses powers will come in handy
  • Jongdae:are you serious, Chanyeol? Just use a freaking lighter
  • Suho:don't rain on his parade. Just let him have some fun
  • Kyungsoo:this super power nonsense was the stupidest idea exo has ever done
  • Yixing:no its not! My powers are amazing!
  • Sehun:*rolls eyes* the thing is hyung, YOU CANT ACTUALLY HEAL!
  • Yixing:what? Of course I can
  • *exo groans*
  • Xiumin:really, Yixing?
  • Jongin:hyung we don't actually have powers
  • Chanyeol:hey I did it!
  • Baekhyun:yeollie why is your fire so big?
  • Suho:everyone back up! Chanyeol what did you do?
  • Chanyeol:I added a little help *holds up gas tank*
  • *forest catches on fire*
  • Kyungsoo:you idiot! Why would you use gasoline on a camp fire?
  • Sehun:I don't wanna die. I'm too young!
  • Yixing:Suho why aren't you helping? Use your water powers!

hey friends! did you know i’m doing veda? because i’m doing veda.

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Aomine, Kagami, Nijimura and Takao trying to get their girlfriends attention because she's been too focused in a book/game she is playing? Thank you (-:

Aomine Daiki:

Oh how he regretted getting you into video games. Somehow you’d taken an interest in it and now you were glued to the computer, headphones strapped in and your eyes filled with intense concentration as you clicked rapidly away at the screen. Aomine was getting bored. “Oi, ________-chan…”

“What?” you snapped, without turning around. “I’m busy. Hey, what was that?” You leaned forward as you spoke to your teammate on call. “How did you not get him? Ugh, I’ll do it myself, then!” A series of rapid clicks later the screen shone blue, and a “Victory” banner emerged; seizing his chance, Aomine came forwards, resting his chin on top of your head and his arms over your shoulders. “________-chaaaaaan…”

“Quit it, Daiki, I just need to win one more game to—”

“And I’m in a bad mood.” Aomine spun your chair around to face him, impatient. “Come on, you gotta make it all better otherwise I’ll just keep bothering you.”

At last you sighed, yanking off your headphones. “Alright, fine, you big doofus. You owe me a game, though.”

Aomine sincerely hoped you meant a basketball game.

Kagami Taiga:

“Hey, ________.” Kagami mumbled from the couch where he glanced at the back of your head, upside down from where he was lying on his back. “Are you hungry? I could make us some food. You’ve been reading for a really long time.

“I’m not hungry. I just want to finish this chapter.” You’d said that before, too. Kagami flipped over, sulking a little. But to be honest, you hadn’t eaten a lot since you bought those books…maybe there was a way to drag you from those pages…

Ten minutes later you couldn’t take it anymore. You tore your gaze from the book, sniffing the air hopefully. “Kagami-kun? Are you cooking?”

“Mm. Just frying some beef and vegetables.” But as you came around the kitchen counter Kagami was adding salt and pepper into the frying pan with a flourish, and God did that smell amazing. “Can I have some?”

Kagami gave you a withering look. “Maybe. What’s in it for me?”

Breaking into a smile, you lowered your book and leaned over the counter. “If the food’s good, I might start paying more attention to you~”

That brought an immediate blush to poor Kagami’s face, although he quickly blamed it on the steam from the frying pan.

Nijimura Shuuzou:

Being the “older brother slash captain” figure that he was, Nijimura normally wouldn’t be against reading a good book or two. But this was a bit more than “two books”. Not only were you completely ignoring him even now late at night, you were also leaning way too close to the pages, your nose practically touching the book as you read.

“You’re too close, idiot,” he sighed for the umpteenth time, reaching out and poking your forehead to push you back. “You’ll hurt your eyes.”

You weren’t fazed. “Mm.”

The minutes ticked by and Nijimura kept poking your forehead. To his surprise he found that you actually didn’t like it when he broke your concentration from reading. After the nth time you closed your book with a snap and glared at your boyfriend. “Would you stop that?”

“Stop what?” Nijimura asked innocently.

“Poking me!”

Nijimura chuckled at the agitated expression on your face and ruffled the top of your head. “Heh, sorry. But only if you’ll stop ignoring me, mmkay?”

Takao Kazunari:

Takao was running out of patience. He’d already had a bad feeling when you pestered him to introduce the popular mobile game to you. Three days later he’s realized how much of a horrible idea it was.

“Ne… ________-chan,” Takao rubbed his head against your shoulder, desperate for attention. “You done with that game yet?”

You barely looked up, your fingers rapidly tapping across the screen. “Hm? Not yet, I’ve almost beaten my high score,” you muttered. Takao rolled his eyes. Seriously? You were forsaking precious alone time with him for a game?

“But ________-chan, you can play that later! I’m here now,” Takao hated whining, but desperate times call for desperate measures. He snaked his arms around your waist and dug his fingers into you, drawing a loud squeal from you as you jumped, almost dropping your phone.

“BAKAO!! You know I’m ticklish!” “And you know I crave attention,” Takao pouted. “It’s just a game, ________-chan, spend time with meee.”

You rolled your eyes and sighed, the beginnings of a smile at your lips. “You miss me that much, huh?”

“Yes I do,” Takao took the phone from you and placed it on the table before hugging you and kissing your nose. “And you should be, as well.”

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hey, did you take the chem GRE? if so, how did you study for it and how well did you do if you don't mind sharing?


1) Yes, I did take it.
2) Not sharing, sorry! I have a very personal policy to not share my grades, GPA, GRE/SAT scores or any other such personal information. In short, I think it promotes a very unhealthy way of thinking (admittedly, my undergrad was known for high stress competition and pissing contests so it’s something I’m extra sensitive about avoiding). In my opinion, if you tell somebody your GPA they have one of two thought processes a) They have one higher than you and get an ego buff by feeling “better” than somebody else or b) they have one lower than you and then feel bad about being “worse”. Neither is healthy. I think this has to do with “objective” nature of these kinds of things. They aren’t honestly objective but it is very easy to perceive them that way. I also don’t want to invite that kind of comparing/competition into this blog or my personal sphere of academia. Sorry!
3) However, I CAN tell you that I  (apparently) did well enough to get into the graduate schools of my choice and I am super excited to head to UMN.

Alright, real stuff.

To study, I bought a Chemistry GRE prep book and tried to do that about 20 minutes a day. I do chemistry pretty much all the time so it wasn’t my biggest concern at the time. Organic was my weakness because a) haven’t taken it since sophomore year and b) I don’t care for it, so I focused on that most of all. Sorry synth-jocks, just not my thing. 

     I will also share what other graduate students have told my about the subject GRE’s – I cannot be sure this is true but I’ve had it reported to be true from multiple sources. If you are a student from the United States your subject GRE scores are much less important than your transcript and your subject GRE scores are likely to look abnormally low. Why? Well, provided you come from an accredited and respected institution your transcript speaks for itself. If it’s in the U.S., it is very easy for other U.S. Schools to look yours up and be like, “Yeah, legit.” Heck, a lot of U.S. Graduate schools don’t require subject tests but simply “recommend” them (UNLESS you’re coming from outside the U.S.)

     Why might your scores look lower? The GRE is graded on a percentile so you’re graded against other people, not a percentage of correctness. A lot of foreign students apply to the U.S. Schools and for foreign students, the subject tests are almost, always required. This is because not all the people in admissions speak all the languages from applicant countries and don’t feel like they can verify the transcripts. Some schools are worried about falsified transcripts (and I’ve known this to happen, it does at least in undergrad institutions.) OR, they simply don’t read an another alphabet (much less speak the language) and have trouble contacting foreign countries to verify accreditation. I actually had some friends who did research on this issue trying to figure out how best to contact some universities in Russia – turns out it’s really awfully hard, some websites don’t translate well, it’s a whole issue that some professors here are researching as part of an International Relations dealio.  

     Anyway, those foreign students applying know this and they study more “to the test” than I did, or most U.S. Students because we’re lucky in this situation. If you took AP Tests in high school, you might be familiar with this concept of studying “to the test”. Like any standardized test, the subject GRE’s have a rotation questions and with enough time, work, and resources (purchasing practice or obsolete tests) you can study “to the test” just like you might have for AP Tests or if you took any SAT/ACT Prep courses. This skews the percentile so it becomes an important statistic for one subsection of applicants and less important for others. Even if you’re a great chemist, you probably will never out do somebody who has prepared for this specific test. That’s what I was told constantly throughout this process, in any case.

      A final note – your subject GRE is probably the least important part of your application. Probably. I mean, I’m not making the admission decisions but it is one test on one day. As well, standardized tests are falling out of favor more and more – the flaws in the methodology are starting to be more recognized. The most important parts of your application are probably your transcript, then your resume (Experience! Research experience! Diverse skills! Volunteering!), then your personal statement (this really should be well-written, as Herculean as a task as that is), then your general GRE score (a much bigger pool of people take this than subject tests so the skewing isn’t so bad. Most schools have a suggested percentile they want you to achieve), then your subject GRE score, and then maybe other odds and ends that the school may have. 

     Anyway, I hope that helps a little bit and maybe soothes some worries. Sorry I’m not much more helpful but the Chemistry Subject GRE wasn’t nearly my biggest focus in my application.

How did you get into acting? Do you have a training you apply to all roles?

Kit: I’m from a very classical English British Drama School training. There’s not much method in me. I like stepping out of roles at end of the day. I was taken to the theater a lot as a kid, like maybe twice a week. I fell in love with the stage school. Actually, considering that a good 15 of my years.

(I love this man!)

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how did you do the color glitching thing in the cas edit?

ahhh, sorry for taking a month to answer this, i’ve been on vacation and am generally really shitty at answering asks… I’ll walk you through the whole process frame by frame! (don’t worry, there’s only 12 frames and some of them are repeats)

I’m using Photoshop CC, which you can see my tutorial on how to download for free here!

What we’ll be making today is this (god, I feel like I’m on a cooking show):

(Warning: this is actually a lot easier than this tutorial is going to make it sound)

I first created my image without text, then saved it as a .png.

(keeping my watermark on there because well… beware of art theft, kids (it’s happened))

I then opened up a new document with the png and started making all the frames. That (the original image) was the first frame, which is set at 0.5 seconds. This is going to be a frame animation, so open up your timeline and convert it to frame animation! I’m too lazy to explain how to do that, so if you need help feel free to shoot me an ask. Anyways, the second frame of this gif is this:

How I made this is explained here! (thank god i didn’t have to write it out myself omg) Just use ctrl+j to duplicate the first layer and create this. I set that frame at 0.1 seconds.

The third frame is the original image again, set to 0.2 seconds.

The fourth frame is this:

Which is the original image (remember to duplicate your layers so there’s one image per frame!)  with a photo filter on these settings:

The color is #ff0000, in case any of you want to use that exact color or something. This frame was set to 0.1 seconds.

The fifth frame is this:

Which is the previous layer i talked about duplicated and then set to motion blur, idk what my settings were but you can play around with that. This frame was also set to 0.1 seconds.

There’s where the motion blur setting is in case you didn’t know! Make sure your motion blur is at 0 degrees, like this:

Slide that slider around for more or less blur.

The sixth frame is this:

How I made this one was I duplicated the original layer and double clicked the layer. If you do that, this should pop up:

Basically, that [  ] R box should be checked when it pops up: uncheck it! Then press OK and shift that frame a couple spaces to the left. This frame is set at 0.1 seconds. (I know my past tense present tense in this is all over the place in this and i’m so sorry)

The seventh frame is this:

Basically just use the rectangular marquee tool to select some thin strips of the image and ctrl+c ctrl+v them, then shift them to the left or right a bit. (if that made any sense)

This frame was set at 0.1 seconds.

The eighth frame is this: 

which is, apparently, the same image as the fifth frame, just without the photo filter. This frame was set to 0.1 seconds as well.

The ninth frame is the original image again! Yay! i get to take a break from saving all those images… this frame is set to 0.2 seconds.

The tenth frame (hang in there, we’re two frames from the end of this) is this:

This is the original image with motion blur again, just less motion blur than frames five and eight. This frame was set to 0.1 seconds.

The eleventh frame is this:

Remeber the cool 3d effect we did on frame six? This is that again, just shifted a few spaces to the right! But before you do that, you’ve got to do this:

Which is the original image with added noise and motion blur. Here’s how you do the graininess like this:

You can play around with the settings to get the nicest looking grain. Personally, I don’t really like the settings I used because it made my image look spotty instead of grainy, but idk man feel free to use the same setting I did if you want.

Anyway! After you’re done with the grain, dupliacte the layer (ctrl+j), give it some motion blur, then double click it and uncheck the [  ] R box. Then shift that layer afew paces to the right. And you should get the eleventh frame! I set that frame at 0.1 seconds.

The twelfth frame (my spellchecker is mia i’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes) is this!

Which is just the eleventh frame without the layer on top with the motion blur and all that. This frame is set to 0.1 seconds. And you’re done! (phew) Just add your text or whatever you don’t want distorted on there now.

I’d love if you credit my tutorials if you use them, so more people can learn a bit more about photoshop. Have fun with this one!

As always, feel free to ask me questions bout absolutely anything. Cheers!

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Mamas who managed to nurse in pregnancy, how did you do those early months? I don’t want to make him stop but darn my nipples ache…any advice?

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How did you become so good at yoga? Like how did you become balanced enough to do handstand and headstands and stuff like that? Also, do you have any tips for beginners on how to work your way up and get better and more balanced? ❤️

Practice, practice, practice!! I’m still a long way from where I’d like to be but I’m enjoying the process and trusting my body to keep improving! :) check out this tag:
I made a list of tips and links to help get you started and help keep you on track :) good luck lovely! Xxx

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Toby... You were in my dream the other day. :o How did you do it? :3 (It was in my garden)

Most likely your subconscious…I’m not in dreams…I’m in nightmares…

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts: Could a Positive Attitude Help You Lose Weight?

“I’m fat, I’m ugly!” How often do such thoughts cross your mind? Did you know that by constantly putting yourself down, you’re sabotaging your weight loss efforts? Health and fitness demand positive thinking and a cheerful predisposition. Numerous studies suggest that everything going on in your head is having a tremendous impact on what’s happening with your body.

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