• Joker:So Harley and I broke up idgaf. Whatever.
  • Joker:What do you MEAN you did gOoD deEDs while I was gone?? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU KNOW THERE'S NOTHING I HATE MORE
  • Joker:You wrote erotic fanfiction about YOU and BATBRAIN?? THAT IS THE WORST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE TO ME EVER
  • Joker:Idc if you've got a new guy YOU CAN HAVE HER why would I care I could have like 5 of her if I wanted but MHMMMMMM that skin and-- NO
  • Joker:Wtf Harley has been ignoring me for weeks I'M GOING TO MARRY HER
  • Joker:Hey boy I noticed you had the hots for my girlfriend HAHA I KNOW FUNNY RIGHT anyway here could you just hold that dynamite for me k thx
  • Joker:... I ... suppose you COULD come back. I mean whatever.

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Okay okay but the new game has a musical rendition and everyone is singing and Father Figure is that one guy who doesn't understand why everyone is singing around him while Edge is just screaming to edgy metal

Father Figure: how do you guys know the lyrics

Father Figure: did you all like practice or something

Father Figure: how did you do this spontaneously


What every MBTI type wants most from others

ESTJ- Respect.
“You’re hard work and dedication is admired by us all, and you have earned our respect. How would you like to lead this project?”

ENTJ- Submission (in a good way.)
“I have complete trust that you are doing what is best for us, the decision is in you hands and I’ll follow your lead.”

ESTP- Admiration
“That was really cool what you did back there! I’m very impressed with you and all the rad stuff you do!”

“That’s incredible… how did you pull that off? Your mind never ceases to amaze me, you are truly very intelligent and marvelous.”

ESFJ- To be liked
“You’re always so nice to everybody! You really bring all of us together! Everything just feels so much happier and more harmonious with you around!”

ENFJ- Love
“I love you (ENFJ) you’re really important to me, you’re companionship means a lot to me, thank you for always being so giving and thoughtful.”

ESFP- Applause
“*Crowd goes wild*!!!!”

ENFP- Acceptance
“You are an inspiration to me. You brighten everyone’s day; Keep being the unique and special person you really are.”

ISTJ- Trust
“Your work ethic and consistency says volumes about your character. I know that i can trust you with even the toughest and most important tasks going forward.”

INTJ- Peer-review
“I learn so much from you with every passing conversation, you are free to pick my thoughts any day, as well, if I learn anything new, you’ll be the first to know!”

ISTP- Confidence
“You got this, you’ve proven your ability to thrive on your own, and we’re always impressed with the results you deliver.”

INTP- Autonomy

“Have as much freedom as you need. Your worth is based off of your own merits and no one can take that away. You mind is unique, beautiful and deserves space to breathe.

ISFJ- Thanks
“You are always so kind, patient and giving to everyone. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Not a single good work goes unnoticed.”

INFJ- Understanding
“You are a special snowflake of wonder, and are truly real in a rare way. The same understanding you give everyone should be given to you as well. I will do my very best to understand you” 

ISFP- Acknowledgement
“These artistic expressions are wonderful! You make this world more beautiful. The world would be a cold colorless place without you.” 

INFP- Sincere Validation
“You’re emotions are real and they matter. Your values, ideals and expressions matter. What you do and what you are matters. Very very much.”



Expectations: Toddlers, family activities, a dynamic new environment and world with more places to go and new hobbies to explore, home activities, new traits and aspirations, quirky little things that used to make The Sims franchise so fun and unique.

Reality: Um, more dance clubs. And bars. Oh, and this time an outdoor bar. Oh yeah, and heres a town with the same trees/terrain/feel as Willow Creek but with medieval decor! Um, new phones? Sure. But how do you make something truly innovative? More dancing. Did we mention the outdoor club? And how about a closet? Just wait until you try the closet.

Welcome to the main event, ladies and gents (and victims)

I had debated drawing boomsheika‘s Bill for some time, and when she indirectly challenged me to do it via text post I knew in my heart of hearts I had to…

FeralHeart ask meme

✔ First character you ever made 

♡ Canine or feline model? 

✄ Character you’ll never use again, but you still have 

♦ Favorite marking 

❋ Who’s the first character you see when you log on? 

◯ First group you joined 

✪ How did you find out about FH?

Δ How many characters do you have? 

♣ Ever made a warrior cat?

♥ Favorite map 

☄ One-on-one or group rps?

☆ Randomly pick a character you have and tell us about them 

☾ Favorite group you’ve joined 

☁ What map do you usually rp in? 

Ω Favorite pastime 

✘ Most embarrassing character

☼ When did you join FH? 

♪ Favorite, most scenic place to be 

♛ Ever created your own group? 

✿ A character that you enjoy rping 

☂ Something you’re nostalgic about 

the thing is i really owe so much to dallas les mis like. i just sent them that letter on a whim not expecting any sort of response and then they scanned it and uploaded it to their facebook page and then found me on twitter and dmed me to tell me they were going to fly me and my mom down to texas to see it??? and like fuck there were actors telling me that what i wrote reminded me why they did what they did do you know how much that meant to tiny little me still petrified when it came to sharing my writing with anyone outside the internet bc i had no faith in it??? 

that experience got me to start doing tech at my school which is a whole nother transformation but it also gave me the courage to enter my poetry in this contest that my teacher told me about (because hey these people i admired so much said what i wrote touched them so why not give it a shot) and my poetry won regionally and then nationally??? and winning let me go to new york???? and going to new york let me see les mis on broadway?????? it’s this beautiful completion, this perfect circle and it’s leading me to even greater and more unbelievable things and i just

thank u…… thank u so so much

Calling it now

TPP Mission 3: Rescue Ocelot

“After seeing how Kaz’s kidnapping and torture has brought Kaz and BB closer together, Ocelot walks into a Soviet outpost without any weapon. In the following 3 days he stages his own torture. From outside the prison only screams can be heard, like “that’s not how you do it” and “did you get your torture licence from torture kindergarten??”. When Big Boss comes to rescue him he is met with cheers and tears of joy. From the Soviet soldiers, of course.“

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Ohmygod did you follow me by accident or smth I'm not even a quality blog what how did this happen do you follow back ?? I'm?? What

shhh dearie come’re lemme tell u that i actually noticed u many times on my dash and even followed u on my phone but for god’s sake tumblr mobile hated my guts and put a troll on me, i couldn’t follow u till just now i saw u on my follower list and holy cow im still making weird squealing noises of being overwhelmed…. 

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shhhh…..dun tell anybody but ur one of my fav phan blogs out there kay…shhh

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do u have any siblings? if u do how did they react to you coming out?

I have a lil sis and she’s never chill but she was chill about me coming out and literally .02 seconds after I said I was trans she said “oh, should I like say he now or something”

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How did you get into running? What do you suggest for someone who can barely run 2mins without stopping? Did you follow a plan or did you just gradually push yourself?

Hey lovely.So,to be honest,I can’t really call myself somebody who got into running,since today was only my fifth run,and also,I am somebody who can’t run 2 mins. without stopping.I am very,VERY slow.So here is the story.I am somebody who never thought I will run,like never,and if I would run,it would be on a treadmill.I don’t want anybody to see me,I just don’t like that,people here where I live are terrible and it’s like they have never heard of running or exercising.So,since I have gained back like 16kg in just a few months,i have decided to really start exercising over the summer,and that included running.Well,let’s just say that didn’t happened.I only have 5 more weeks of holidays,and I still haven’t started exercising,but last week,I did start running.I wake up at like 5am and go for a run on this track that goes trough the corn fields.Every day I set a distance I would like to run without stopping,and today I wanted to run half,but when I did I just kept saying just a bit more,just a bit more,and I ran an entire 1k.You wont be able to run a marathon on your first run,but little by little you will be able to run more and more.My friend knew what my goal was,and he is this big athlete,and he said to me that I will achieve it this week,and I didn’t believe him,and he told me ‘Don’t underestimate your body,it is capable to do far more than you think.’So that is my advice,I hope it helped at least a bit <3 xx

couple questions about CH forums

#1: when i create a new topic, this is what it looks like:

is this the same for everyone? i can’t add pictures or links or anything, and it’s frustrating when making a bug report as i take screenshots and dislike having to add them to a reply. it looks the same if i edit, so i can’t even do it that way.

for reference, this is what i get for replies:

#2: i’ve seen links in sig boxes, but like with creating a topic, i don’t have any actual buttons to use for adding them. SO how do you/did you add them? if it’s code, what is it and would it work on the forums?

I know it’s not happening but WOW I want a little mini-episode of the Liars sneaking into Prom because every Prom I have ever heard of requires you to give tickets at the door or you can’t get in how did they do this

Also how did a bunch of people go to the barn, see everyone missing, assume they were at Prom, and then get in themselves?

These are the answers I want.

10 People I Want To Get To Know Better Tag

I was tagged by paperback phoenix​. Thank you dear.

Star Sign: Leo.

Gender: Female.

Height: About 5′1″? Maybe a bit shorter or taller. I’m short. Let’s leave it at that.

Time and Date: 19:05 PM, August 4th.

Average amount of sleeping: About 5-6 hours during the week. About 3-4 hours on the weekends. And about once every 2-3 weeks I binge sleep for like 10 hours one night.

Lucky number: 13.

Last thing I googled: A swedish translation, to confirm I had it right. (I did!)

How many blankets do you sleep with: One. Maybe two.

Favourite fictional character(s): All of them. Susanna. The Darkling. John Watson. Neville. Cricket. I’ll just keep thinking of characters I love now…

Favourite famous people: Hugh Laurie. Stephen Fry. Emma Watson. Chris Pratt.

Favourite books: Harry Potter, Peter Pan, The Phantom Tollbooth, The Jeeves and Wooster books, Pride and Prejudice, and the list goes on.

Favourite musicians: Can I choose my friends who play instruments?

Last movie I saw in the cinema: I believe it was Mad Max: Fury Road.

Dream holiday, dream job: Europe. Actress.

Wearing right now: Black tank top and black leggings.

I now tag: amberthebooklion, poeticteaholic, jasperoura, missesxgene, missdarcy87, theboywhoreadsbooks, paigeinbooks, newtsbookblog, the-evergreen-reader, and charlie-and-books

Have fun guys. And if you’ve already done this and I missed it, sorry! Don’t feel like you need to do it again.