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do you mind telling me how you did the drawing with MF and Nami? I have never drawn digitally but I love that style, is it a brush? >_< thanks

I made it in an online paintchat site called, and you can watch the replay of the painting here. Just click on the image once and wait for it to load, then click again at anytime to pause/unpause.

Nothing special to it. A solid round brush in 6 preset sizes, a colour wheel, and a point & area colour picker.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I don’t know who I’m supposed to be.”

“Who do you want to be?”


(You have any Owen or even Chris Pratt imagines/stories in mind? Request right away! It’s Jurassic World/Owen Grady week!)

“They gotta be joking. They are joking right? They must be joking” Owen grumbled as he and Barry walked towards the newly set training area.

“Nope they’re not” Barry said matter-of-factly.

“What the hell where they thinking? Building this place again? Even after all the things that happened? Unbelievable” he shook his head.

“Well, people liked the park and as it seems they still do. Did you see how many people there were?” he replied.

“You tell me! People are insane that’s what I have to say. Even after the things that happened here they just keep coming and coming” he said with a sigh.

“And they even rebuilt the Raptor training area” Barry said “Didn’t they call you to come back and work here? They called Claire and most of us that used to work here before.”

“Yeah, yeah they did but I told them I needed time. After losing the girls it was hard to cope with being here again”

“But you did say yes. Isn’t that why you are here?” he asked him.

“Yeah, yeah. Well, Blue is alive so I didn’t feel like just not coming back for her, you know. They said that I should see on the new facilities before I started working again that’s why I am here earlier than needed. To take a look on everything.”

“Well, then I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy this” Barry said and opened the door to the safety cage for him and Owen to enter.

“Raptors” he mumbled with a smile, nodding his head as he took in their looks.

“How long have they been in training?” he asked turning to glance at Barry for a while.

“Uh just a couple months, every since the park opened again”

“Hmh and have they done a good job or not? Is the new trainer better than me or what?” he asked him with a smirk.

“Well, I’m not going to say anything just in case you think I’ve gone nuts.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Owen frowned.

“You’ll have to wait and see for yourself” Barry kept the mystery.

Owen frowned, looking at him for a while and then turned his head to look at the Raptors. It was almost silence for a while until a voice was heard-

“Pig loose!” 

And Owen’s eyes widened as he saw a guy run with a stick to catch it. This hauntingly familiar and he honestly feared what was to happen next.

Because it did.

-To be Continued-

@ the guy that got milk, cereal, flour, and chocolate sauce poured all over his head: how much did 5sos pay you to let them do that?????????

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18 &amp; 31 Chris

18 is right here! 

Chris lets out a breath of relief as he finishes another interview. He knew it came with the job, that he had no right to complain because it showed how lucky he was. But, whenever one of them would mention you, it took all of his patience. Chris had informed every press member that he would not take questions involving you, yet the still tried to find a way to sneak you into their interviews. They knew that the both of you were happily dating, what more could they want? Why did they need to know how you were doing when even Chris didn’t know because he was in these damn interviews with these people?

Chris needed to take a break before the next interview.

So, he wanders over to the snack table and fishes his phone out of his pocket. While he’s picking through the various fruits, Chris shifts his phone so he can send you a quick message. (Because if there’s anyone who could convince him to just smile through it, it’s you.)

Hey sweetheart, since everyone is asking today, how are you? 

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How did you know they attended a party together?

I just do. No more questions about it please. Let’s just focus on the fact that they were spending time together this weekend and ignore everything else :) 

*@ toheart concert* *walks onstage and takes mic from key* 

me: hey how’s everyone doing tonight! just wondering why did you all scream 0.023 decibels louder during key’s solo than woohyun’s? just a harmless question haha have a great night

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Oh my gosh you write beautifully. How on earth did such a young age publish so soon? How'd you do it? I heard getting noticed to even get published is difficult. And they take advantage of young authors too.

Thank you so much. Since professional publishing is so difficult to do, (because it seems all the big publishers are only after youtubers and celebrities over real writers) I decided to self publish. It’s such a long process and I made many mistakes when doing it. But it was worth it because I learned a LOT that I will carry in the future. I plan on publishing a second book, soon. If you or anyone is young and broke lol and looking into self publishing: I used the website It’s great!

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A poem about someone who lied to you

Snake Jake

Sneaky, Sneaky little Snake,
Breaky, breaky little Jake,
How could you do this?
When all I did was believe in you.

Shaky, shaky little quake,
Fake-y, fake-y little ache,
I lose all my faith in you,
Shattering the trust I gave you.

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I sent you an ask a while ago cuz I was concerned that it was too late for me to start dancing bc I'm 15 already & I just wanted to let you know that I'm starting ballet on the 18th & I am soooooo excited. thanks for letting me know that I can do it.

YES!!! This is what I love to hear. Best of luck with everything, I know you’ll be amazing! Let me know how everything goes.

To anyone else who’s also sent me messages along the same line, let me know how you’re doing. Did you ever start? How are classes going? How do you like it? I really want to know! 

I’m pretty sure I have some followers that are fairly older than me… @ people in/ graduated from college, how did you figure out what you wanted to do? Are you happy with the decisions you’ve made so far (in regards to choosing a school, choosing a major, etc)? Do your passions conflict with your preferred work environment? I’m all ears.

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How did you get the hair colour on your look book pose? Do you have codes for it? Thanks.

slr! Reese’s hair is normally dark to light, but for this particular hair, it went reverse •̌.•̑ 

hair base and tip color codes are under “keep reading” and just in case, you can find the hair here: [ boop ]

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so how old are u since you do piercings and all? how did u get that job position even? lol sorry I'm just wondering bc I'm applying there during the school year

i’m 18 and i was 17 when i started piercing. u may not be trained at all tbh, there are 5 piercers at our store and we have 9 employees. i’m a sales assistant (i was offered supervisor but i had to turn it down last week i’m so pissed) and i didn’t have to have a special interview or anything. don’t sweat it :))

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I've been wanting to livestream, but I'm really nervous because I don't really think my drawings are that good... I'm just wondering how did you decide to stream? Do you have any tips?

To be honest when I first started to live-stream, I was really nervous. I wasn’t sure if anyone would come watch or even enjoy what I was doing. But, if I didn’t at least try, I knew I wouldn’t get anywhere. So, despite feeling nervous as heck, I went ahead and did a couple livstreams for as long as I felt comfortable, and now it’s pretty easy! I still get a bit nervous, but eventually things work out. 
If you really want to stream, I think you should go ahead and try it out! Even if it is nerve-racking knowing people are watching you stream, it’s kind of something you’ll just have to try in order to figure out how you feel about it. 


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How did you meet your chomps?

“Ohh, I do love this tale…

I believe I had accidentally thrown away one of my favorite necklaces. It was my mother’s, and I was desperate to get it back…I came to this little junkyard, and to my…surprise, a pack of Chain Chomps had designated it their territory. They…didn’t take too kindly to my being there.

In fact, they were trying to run me off! And that was when I saw her–this tiny little Chomp in the corner.

I…I couldn’t just leave her there. She was so young…

The other Chain Chomps thought me suspicious when I said I wanted to take her away–Probably assumed I wanted to just chain the little dear up or something. I could understand, they were protective. But I insisted…and they decided to leave it up to her…

And when I asked, she…”

“She ran off and came back with this other child–I couldn’t believe there was another child here! And he was so frightened, too. It seemed like she didn’t want to leave without him…And how could I say ‘no’?

I don’t believe I ever did find my mother’s necklace. But I found two wonderful miracles instead.”

To Write a Paper

Don’t use active form,
this is not about what you did,
but about how nature is.
Don’t use passive form,
it sounds just terrible horrid .
who is going to read this?

What did you do?
Don’t be chronological,
but show how you arrived there
perfectly logical.

Just be upfront,
you’re not writing a mystery book,
but keep the story exiting until the end.
Otherwise no one will take a second look.

Someone reading the paper
should be able to reproduce it,
but leave out all these tiny details on how you made it work,
they sound so unscientific.

Never fake results!
But don’t mention these…
Always be honest!
Not this honest, please…

by Mina Zummers (who really should be writing a paper right now…)