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okay so heres everything i got going on rn incase anyone is interested or super borded and looking for new shit to follow

@violetteviolence - my main blog. multi fandom oriented, heavy on the voltron rn. preemptive warning that i ship shi//eth and sha///llura. i tag spoilers. Sfw

@thesirenofbelial - soft magical aesthetic blog. heavy on the magical girl/mermaids. Also has stim stuff. Sfw

@kingkacchan - Boku No Hero / My Hero Academia blog. heavy katsuki focus, multishipping galore. I ship bakudeku and will fight about it if given shit. Sfw

@cardiaccannibal - my nsfw sideblog. has a mix of irl porn as well as art. TW for light gore (no torture or degredation), vore, terato & xeno, bdsm, ect. 18+ only but preferably 21+

I just realized The CW queerbaited me with lady kisses into watching most of their shows...

First Sara & Nyssa on Arrow which was barely a thing.

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Then Clarke & Lexa on The 100..I don’t wanna talk about this.

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Also they got me with Luisa & Rose on Jane the Virgin who NEED to be on the show more!

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Lastly, Betty & Veronica on Riverdale whose friendship I adore, but I still wish they were gay.

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innocent gamer friend: hey how come u been playin so much overwatch lately? should i be gettin into that?

what i said: yeah! its a lot of fun. i play a lot of mobas, so kinda cool to dive into an fps w a lot of moba strategy elements.

what was actually true: gabriel reyes is my life and you should absolutely not under no circumstances get into this trash game bc then you too will want the good dad and the bad dad to hold hands and you will be Trapped Forever

"I wrote love letters to Eliza till she fell!"

He wrote until she fell….

Until she fell… love…..with him……..


WhAt THe AcTuaL FuCk