“Is a girl ready to give up her hopes and dreams, her loves and hates, all that makes a girl who she is, forever? No, a girl is not ready to become ‘no one.’ But she is ready to become someone else.”


05x01 “Lucifer Rising”
05x18 “Point of No Return”
09x02 “Devil May Care”
10x20 “Angel Heart”

That Thing about Being A Vessel and Saving the World

Forever Hold Your Peace; Chapter 20

“The glorious Jada Thomas everyone, documenting all my failures since we were first years,” Niall began clapping his hands and I took a small bow forward. “Anyway, speaking of the party, I’m thinking we’ll split into two cars– mine and Harry’s. Think he’d be alright with that, Bird?”

My eyes closed shut tightly at the mention of his name. Harry, what a sour taste in the mouth that left.

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Author’s Note: Hello everyone! So this is my second request (first one I’m uploading! *does a little happy dance*) and I wish to thank the very sweet anon who asked for this! There you go little sunshine, I hope you like this! And I’m definitely going to do a part two for this one! I’m so excited to write more about this!!!

Summary: After Dean was ripped to shreds, not only did he leave behind Sammy and Bobby, but his shy, non-hunter girlfriend… and a little boy with the same striking green eyes.

Warnings: Um, none that I can think of, but if you find any please contact me to let me know! :)

Pairings: Dean x Reader (implied)

“See this one baby? This is your daddy.” You pointed to a picture of you and Dean together, a few weeks before he was ripped to shreds by the hell hounds and dragged to hell. In the picture, you were sitting down on Bobby’s couch, one hand resting atop your enlarged stomach and the other stroking Dean’s hair softly as you both smiled down at your bump. You sniffled, trying to hold back tears at the simple, yet unbelievably cherished memory. No matter how much it hurt to look at older photographs of you and Dean or even reminiscing the older days, you were determined to let your little guy know his daddy.

Your little baby boy. You had both settled on the name James after finding out the gender, an honor to your dad but also a name that had a soft spot in both of your hearts. His middle name? Well as cliché as it sounds, you decided to give him Dean’s name. His full name was James Dean Winchester. Your warm tears had blended together with your radiant smile when you first held him in your hands and you just knew that, that was his name. All the nurses and doctors were awestruck at the little boy that managed to steal their hearts a few mere hours after his birth. As for Sam, he stayed with you for the short remaining of your pregnancy but after seeing his nephew and the striking resemblance he held to his long dead brother drifted away, though there was the occasional call, checking up on the both of you the first couple of weeks after his departure. But the past two months, there was no call, no text, not even a mail. You of course had tried to reach out to him, but all his phones and accounts were disconnected and you couldn’t help but think of the worse. You couldn’t shake the bad feeling at the pit of your stomach every time you thought on Sam.

You were pulled out of your thoughts when baby James was making grabby hands at the picture of Dean and tried to pronounce the word ‘dad’, but only managed to get out the letter ‘d’. “Yes baby, this is your daddy.” You whispered softly, placing a small kiss on top of James’ soft blond tresses. Just then, the door swung open and in came Bobby. Ever since you announced your pregnancy to Dean, he basically begged you to stay with Bobby instead of the cheap motel rooms you usually crashed in. You weren’t a hunter, but that didn’t stop you from travelling with them; nonetheless, Dean wanted to ensure both of your safeties. It was kind of awkward at first, your extremely shy nature not making things easier, but as the month flew by, you grew accustomed to Bobby’s presence and he became like a father to you too and a lovely granddad to James as well.

“Hiya (y/n/n), how are the two of you today?” he smiled, moving towards you and James on the couch. Seeing the pictures of Dean and you, tears sprung to Bobby’s eyes and he immediately looked up to you with a soft expression.

“We’re good Bobby, thank you. Just showing my little man pictures of his Daddy.” You smiled back, voice thick with emotion. Bobby placed a comforting hand on your shoulder and smiled down at the baby boy.

“Weather’s good outside, wanna take him for a walk?”

“I suppose it’s a good idea. What do you think little guy? You up for a walk?” you asked the baby and he eagerly smiled up at you. Both you and Bobby smiled at the gestured and you picked up James, securing him in your arms, taking his bag from Bobby, which you had laying around the living room, with a few of James’ toys and supplies .

“We’ll be back in a while.” You informed Bobby and headed outside after taking James’ small hand and waving at Bobby.

Little did you know that when you’d get back, your whole life was going to be turned upside-down…

“Bobby! We are home!” (y/n) yelled walking in, shutting the door behind her with her foot as her hands were occupied with a wiggling James. Strange. The place wasn’t always crystal clear clean, but the chairs tipped over and papers all over the place were signs of a hustle. Her heart sped up at the sight and she held James closer to her, trying to hush the fussing baby.

“Bobby?” her voice was held barely concealed concern mixed with fear. Since day one of the pregnancy, there had always been this fear that something from the supernatural world would find out of the existence of a baby Winchester and would come after James and her. What if this was the case? What if something broke in and-

“(y/n)? You home?” Bobby asked but something was off about his voice and that set you off even further. He came into view and you immediately took a step back, cradling James to your chest.

“Bobby, what’s going on?” you could feel the change in the air and the tension in the atmosphere could be sliced with a butter knife. Bobby had tears in his eyes and you could see a few tear tracks marking his cheeks.

“(y/n)… there’s someone here and-“ he was cut off by the rising lump in his throat. How was he supposed to break the news to you? There wasn’t exactly a manual, with a step-by-step guidance to break the news to someone that their significant very dead other was-

A dark, familiar silhouette approached the living room with cautious, yet hurried steps and then a hauntingly familiar voice spoke,


And there he was. Dirt and sweat matted his hair to his forehead and smudged his clothes. His brilliant green eyes despite the profound tiredness shone with tears of awe and adoration, all aimed at the innocent baby boy that starred up at the figure with curious eyes that were the exact same copy.

You were speechless. Mouth open, eyes wide with curiosity and absolute fear. This isn’t him. He was dead. You buried him and mourned him and cried and sobbed and asked ‘why?!’ more times than you could count. This had to be a dream. That’s it. You were dreaming. You simply fell asleep on the park bench with James against you. This was all a dream. You were dreaming. You were dre-

“You ain’t dreamin’ (y/n). He’s really here. That’s really-“


I made a rant about RC9GN not being part of the Memorial day weekend marathon and then deleted it because I feel that our fight is pointless…

But, I must ask…

How many fans Did Motorcity have before it was discontinued? Or Thundercats 2011? Does RC9GN have more fans than both of those shows respectively? and if so, why and how? I looke at IMDB and respectively, and apparently this show does not get a lot of discourse on those sites.

I know it has enough fans to generate a second season… but how many does it need for a third? am I just so desperate for entertainment until my other faves like Star Vs, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and SyFy’s Face-Off are back on the air?

I will watch this show till the end of the season… and if it get’s a third, I will watch that one as well.




Supernatural Parody by The Hillywood Show

Emma Thompson is so sexy, she’s SO sexy. Is she single? Guys, if you’re out there and you know Emma Thompson and she’s single, please tell her I want to go out on a date with her. Oh, no? Okay, disregard. I hope they’re happy. She deserves happiness and I hope that she’s found it with him.
—  Jason Mantzoukas loves Emma Thompson (x)