4 days- Grayson Dolan *SMUT*

Author: grethansdolans

Pairing: Grayson x Reader

Requested: Yes

Request: Heyy girl (or boy or neither) I love seeing new imagine blogs for the twins! Can I have a Grayson smut where you make a bet with Gray that he can’t last a week without sex and then proceed to tease him until he snaps 4 days in and hard rough sex ensues with cute cuddles after? Thanks and good luck with the new blog ❤️ 

Warnings: Sex, smut, Grayson Dolan, Dom!Grayson, Sub!reader, rough sex, fluff after sex

A/N: This is my very first Dolan twins/Grayson Dolan imagine/smut. I hope you guys like it!

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You and Grayson both lay in bed panting and trying to collect your breaths. This has been around the 5th time you’ve had sex this week, and it was barely Wednesday. You were starting to think your boyfriend is a sex addict. With this in mind, you wanted to see how long he’ll last without sex.

“Hey babe.” You say getting Grayson’s attention as he turns his head to look at you. “Hmm” He hums in response.

“How long do you think you could last without sex?” You ask him.

“2 weeks, maybe 3 weeks tops. Why?” Grayson questions.

“I think you can barely last a week.” You say with a smirk on your face.

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The Matchmakers - Part 5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

A drabble series I’m working on with @setthestarsxnfire​, hope you enjoy! 

The pictures Jihyun had selected to auction off at the next party were perfect, as always. They were different than his usual themes of landscapes and the sky, featuring laughing couples at holiday events, creating a warm atmosphere just by looking at them.
A strange feeling of regret hit Jumin. It would have been nice to have a picture of yesterday, when Zen showed him around the fair and made him try all kinds of things he had never heard of before. He had thoroughly enjoyed it and surprisingly enough, hadn’t thought about work that entire afternoon. That had never happened before.
He noticed Assistant Kang entering his office and greeting his best friend. Just as he was about to ask why she was here, Jihyun gently touched his shoulder and turned his attention back to him.
“Thank you for taking time to look at them Jumin, I appreciate it.”
“Of course.” Something about the timing felt a bit odd, but he couldn’t place his finger on it.
After V left, Jumin returned to his desk with the intent of working the whole evening. His eye fell on a modern apparatus lying on the mahogany. Ah, Jihyun had forgotten his camera. He would be sure to send it back to him via courier.
Next to the camera, there was a stack of contracts accompanied by a DVD box. He picked it up, inspecting the cover. It looked like a romantic story, if all the rose petals and sparkly clouds were an indication. The male lead made him double-check.
Was that… Zen? He was wearing a black wig but there was no mistaking those red eyes and handsome, symmetrical features.
Hmm. Didn’t his father once mention this building had its own cinema?
Unbelievable. Once again Zen found himself in C&R on his way to Jumin’s office. This was starting to look less like a coincidence and more like the God of Fate was actively yanking his chain.
He remembered he had been trying to relax at home, trying not to constantly stare at the two, two!, gifts he had received from Jumin now. The teddy bear sat next to the vase of roses as he was unsure what else to do with it, serving as a reminder of what had happened the past days. Every time he glanced at them, there was a strange tingling sensation in his chest. He did have fun at that fair, no matter how much he wanted to deny it. Why was Jerkmin Han being so nice to him anyway? Could it be that the cold corporate robot was coming out of his shell… because of him?
His phone rang while he had a mini freak-out and Zen picked up, glad for the distraction.
“Hello Zen. How are you?”
“Heya! I’m fine. What’s up, V?”
“I was wondering if you could help me. I left my camera at Jumin’s office and I don’t have time to go back for it now. Could you pick it up for me?
“W-why me?! Surely Jaehee would be better-“
“I asked everyone else but they’re all busy. Please Zen, you’re my last hope.”
“I… Alright.”
“Thank you so much Zen. Please take your time.”
V had helped him many times with his problems, he would be an ass to refuse. In hindsight, he should have asked what the hell he meant with ‘take your time’.
He told a receptionist that he was here to see Jumin. When she directed him to a room that wasn’t his office, Zen was confused. Even more when the sign outside said room read MOTION PICTURES.
Once he entered the small room, he was shocked to see what was displayed on the wide screen. That was him on stage in his hanbok, waxing poetically about lost love. And there was Jumin, sitting on the large U-shaped couch, holding a glass of red wine.
Out of nowhere, a woman with black long hair approached him with a cart full of drinks, asking if he’d like something. When Jumin turned to look at him, he felt like a deer in headlights and mumbled something about a beer. Her smile when she gave him a glass and walked off reminded him way too much of that moment on the fair.
“Zen? Why are you here?”
“Yeah, I came here because… Why are you watching this?” He pointed towards the screen, the glass of beer almost spilling over, forgetting his original mission.
“I found a DVD. I believe Assistant Kang must have accidentally left it behind.”
“Okay… But why are you watching it?”
“I was… curious. To see if your acting was as good as everyone claims it to be.”
Of course his acting was great! Not like he needed Jumin to confirm that! Before he could stop himself, he took a seat next to the executive. It wasn’t because he wanted to know Jumin’s opinion, he told himself. It was because he looked so handsome on the wide screen and he didn’t want to waste a good beer.
“And?” Damn it.
Jumin was smiling, small but it was there, eyes glued to the screen. Zen stared at him in fascination. He had never seen him like this before.
“Had I never met you, I would have sworn this is who you truly are. Very natural. No wonder you have so many fans.”
Wow. A genuine compliment. The biggest grin appeared on his face, accompanying the joyous feeling. As soon as he realized what he was doing, Zen quickly took a big gulp of his beer to hide his face.
They continued to watch the musical, Jumin occasionally pointing out moments he enjoyed, making Zen feel increasingly more fuzzy and flustered. When the heavy dramatic scene came up, they were silent, both immersed in the moment. It then changed into a romantic exchange between the two leads and suddenly Zen felt something warm wrap around him, breaking him out of his movie trance.
Jumin’s arm was around him. Jumin’s freaking arm was around him! It didn’t seem like Jumin was aware of what he was doing as the dark-haired man kept staring at the screen. Zen blushed heavily as thoughts raced through his mind.
‘Okay. Is this happening? This is actually happening. Okay, I really should say something before it gets awkward. Say something. Say something!’
And then Jumin pulled him closer and Zen felt all blood rush to his head as he leant against the warm executive, so fast he was almost dizzy.
‘Oh God I’ve taken too long. Now it’s awkward if I say something. Maybe… maybe he’ll let go soon enough without him noticing.’
With that thought, he resigned to his fate. The combination of body warmth, beer and drowsy atmosphere slowly made his head droop until it rested on something comfortable.
Zen on screen was dying. It took Jumin all he had not to yell out at the injustice of it all, instead opting to hold on tight, as if that would bring comfort to the people in the movie. Despite the drama, he felt quite pleasant. Warm and soft.
His phone buzzed in his pocket and it pulled Jumin back to reality. He had completely forgotten about the planned overseas business call. That was not like him at all.
He almost dropped his empty wine glass when he turned his head, Zen’s hair brushing against his nose. The actor’s head leaned on his shoulder, with his arm around Zen. Jumin shot up from the couch, making Zen fall over with an undignified squawk.
“I need to make a call. Please, feel free to finish watching.” It took all he had not to stutter. He couldn’t even look at Zen, adjusting his tie for no reason.
As he rushed out of the room, trying his hardest to keep down the heat threatening to spread across his complexion, he didn’t see Zen plant his face in his hands behind him.

707: V, I thought you said you sent Zen to Jumin’s office?
V: I did, to pick up the camera I left there.
Jaehee Kang: Like you asked, I also put the DVD near it.
707: Then why don’t I see them both there?
MC: The plan was that they would meet there and hopefully they’d talk about it, right?
Saeran: Are you sure you’re checking the right security cameras?
707: How dare you doubt my God Skills!
MC: Don’t tell me they both missed each other?
Yoosung★: Nooo, not after all that effort!
Jaehee Kang: Looks like this plan was a bust.
V: ^_^;;;
Saeran: Right, enough
Saeran: Let me show you all how it’s done
MC: :O!
Jaehee Kang: Oh dear.

“If you REALLY cared about me you would—”

No. Stop right there. Don’t you dare tell me how I personally need to express affection. Don’t you dare try to manipulate and guilt me into doing something I do not want to do. A request is absolutely fine but the second you start dropping emotional manipulation bombs all over me I’m fucking OUT. How dare you try to make me feel like you doubt my affection; try to make me feel like I need to prove myself to you to earn feeling secure and stable.

I don’t wanna look you in the eyes, you might call me away
I don’t wanna give you the chance to make me stay
And the hardest part in all of this is
I know my way back, I don’t want to go
And let you see all that has become of me

– The Grey [Icon For Hire]

“How dare you doubt yourself now?! You made your choice! Now live with it like the rest of us had to!

I’ve been really invested in my ongoing FE:Fates RPs recently, and especially the relationship between my two “Kamuis“, Miyu [My main, Nohr] and Sorako [Hoshido]. And then, I stumbled across this song. A perfect Kamui song. And my mind started going to places.

  • Friend A: Do you think Laxus is at his limit or will he tough it out to the end?
  • Friend B: He's done :/
  • Me: Considering what occurred in the anime's Tartaros Arc, I think he'll fight until he can no longer physically move or is dead.
  • Friend A: Hopefully someone can back him up.
  • Manga: -magic barrier particles cancel; Laxus "Raikou Akamikazuchi!"-
Delightful shit Richard (xstentatious) said sentence meme
  • Wow that dude looks like he has HUGE BALLS!
  • Okay where are the butt pushup boxers?
  • But actually, what better to quote than… me?
  • I don’t wanna brag. I want others to say how cool I am!
  • Oh no, my duck slipped through my fingers and fell to the ground.
  • I drank two martinis, but I’m absolutely fine.
  • I also have open fire, so that could change by the second.
  • You don’t think I’m humble? I am a very hurt narcissist right now.
  • Yes, I am, you’re just not trying hard enough.
  • My eyes look weird on every picture of me.
  • The real question is… do I drink another glass or am I funny enough?
  • You are absolutely right, I was funny before I started drinking, I should have another.
  • Weird, I definitely heard you agree with me.
  • Who am I to disobey when people tell me to do exactly what I wanted to do all along? I’m not that much of a nonconformist.
  • I don’t know, I’M still trying to figure out just how fast I get drunk now that I weigh so little.
  • I used to be able to drink so much.
  • Seriously I didn’t drink much.
  • I am not even tipsy.
  • I’m listening to the wind… it says… death and destruction to all the living.
  • Well, there’s nobody to cuddle and a lot to drink around here right now.
  • Put that on the list, it’s a great quote.
  • So I surrender to the warm embrace of alcohol.
  • I don’t remember much of it and I think that already says it all.
  • Alcohol is evil.
  • I’m very talented with a cream whipper. What’s it called? Whisk. Or like we germans say snow broom.
  • You ever ask yourself if you love yourself too much and then think… nay.
  • I’m so glad I made someone believe that I’m usually right. I can feel the power.
  • See? Feels great!
  • I tried being a queen, didn’t like it. I’m more of a king person.
  • Did you just say your presence makes me dumber? Stay away, Satan.
  • What, like you’re canceling the marriage.
  • You love my honesty, devil’s child.
  • Oh shit, she figured out she doesn’t need a man. I’m screwed, I had literally no other arguments.
  • I do really look great.
  • I said I was gonna go to the gym.
  • I own a Yoga mat, just so you know. And saying that makes me feel only 14% less manly.
  • Okay, we both know I have a great personality.
  • Imagine how much money we could save on taxes if we would marry. This is how I will propose.
  • I’m sorry, that must be my charm. I will try to tone it down a bit for you.
  • I would know, because people have tried to shoot me before.
  • Damn it, I can never resist a challenge.
  • Is this disbelief I taste in the air like a fresh graveyard breeze? How dare you doubt me, philistine.
  • I don’t believe you not believing me. Have you tried listening to the song Believer?
  • I’m gonna ask the duck for advice.
  • It said everything is a dare, if you just look at it the right way.
  • No just kidding, it said nothing, it’s made of plastic.
  • Sounds like it’s made with a hint of… danger. That’s exactly how I make my food.
  • Danger doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It tastes good like 50% of the time.
  • I’m the mortal god of spices.
  • I can spice up anything right, including but not limited to… your life. *wink wink double hand pistols*
  • It’s okay, people kinda always think I’m drunk before I start drinking.
  • I’m trying to shoot James Bond.