How Does Zevran Feel About Not Being in Inquisition?
  • How Does Zevran Feel About Not Being in Inquisition?

As requested by  calliantabris a fan impression on how Zevran feels about not being in Dragon Age: Inquisition. 

So, I was recently asked how I felt about not being included in Dragon Age: Inquisition. And to be quite honest, I do not mind in the slightest. It is good to take a vacation from being a big daring hero and saving the world every now and then, am I right?

And between you and I, I have been keeping this ‘tears in the fade’ and 'demons threatening the world’ business a secret from our dear Warden. Because I now if they found out they would have to get involved and be in harm’s way and all that self-sacrificing business that comes with being a charming and lovely hero.

And quite frankly, I think one time is more than enough for my warden….so far as my own sanity can put up with….oh braska.

But fortunately so far, I have quite successful in keeping it a sec-Oh! excuse me one moment, would you?

Yes, my dear warden, what do you need?


A giant green tear in the sky, you say? Well surely that is impossible-

What do you mean you are going to 'check it out?’

No, this is nonsense, my dear warden! Please stay, I will get the cheese wheel and the soothing oils and we shall have a lovely-

My warden, I-

Warden! You get back here right now!


Sorry to cut this short but I need to collect my warden!


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How many times do these rude Elounor shippers need to be told that platonic friends get matching tattoos and not complementary ones with romantic undertones. And that platonic male friends don't make overt sexual jokes to/involving each other (despite them trying to claim their friends do). And how do they explain the secret/intimate touches. I get that being a teen has an effect on their perception but come on

Right? It’s not freaking rocket science; there’s a huge difference between two or more identical tattoos and two tattoos with designs that complete each other.

But for anyone still struggling to wrap their head around it, let’s review:

Friends tattoos

Couples tattoos

Friends tattoos

Couples tattoos

Friends tattoos

Couples tattoos




I love how chill all the bats are with their villain regulars. You know what I bet is a thing? Batkids being so done with Bruce’s bullshit that they snitch to the villains, and then Bruce gets told off by literally everybody he knows.

“Batman, I am a trained psychiatrist, and I’ll have you know that you are screwing them up like seriously how dare you??”

“Riddle me this! You know who I saw today? Nightwing! IMAGINE THAT.”

“Looks like I’m not the only no-good, two-faced, double-crossing, secret-keeping bastard around here after all!”

“You know, maybe I do occasionally encase this entire city in ice, but AT LEAST I’M LOOKING OUT FOR MY FAMILY.”

How dare you say you never stopped loving me when the wounds in my heart are so deep?
And how dare you ignore the 4 am nights when we shared our secrets and heartbreaks?
How dare you move on after a week of knowing her and a year of loving me?
How dare you forget
- the promises whispered between kisses?
- the sighs that linger on my mouth?
- the heavy tremble of your fingertips?
- the words tattooed on my neck?
When you try to sleep, are you uneasy? Do you dream of our first kiss? Does every morning remind you that I was the reason you woke up every day, for the better part of a year? Am I still the reason?
Seven days after you told me that you could never be with anyone else, I had to be told by an old friend that you had begun dating someone else.
And maybe you weren’t lying when you said she made you happier than I did. But do you love her like you loved me? Did you love me? I know what we had wasn’t simple, but fuck if you weren’t my entire world. Maybe I didn’t make you the happiest, but I know I made you feel. And when we met, you were barely alive, and making you feel something (anything) was enough.
I will never listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, I will never dream of Miami, I will never order two straws at Steak ‘n Shake, I will never watch the sunset, I will never love again since you left.

And you’re damn right that you never stopped loving me. Because you

—  K.A.B., What I Will Say When You Come Back (Because You Always Do)
awkward and personal questions, share if you dare!

1. how many exes do you have?

2. Has anyone ever attempted dirty talk and failed?

3. why did you and your last ex break up?

4. worst date(s) ever?

5. did you ever meet up with someone who was completely different in real life than they were online?

6. tell me one of your ‘let’s not meet’ stories

7. have you ever met someone with gross/weird habits? 

8. the weirdest thing someone ever asked you?

9. one of the most fucked up/awkward secrets someone has ever told you?

10. a lie someone told about you?

11. tell me the strangest story you have ever heard from a stranger

12. when was the last time you took revenge and why?

13. have you ever send nudes? do you regret it?

14. write a letter for someone you hate (you don’t have to tag them)

15. if you had to delete one year of your life completely, wich one would it be and why?

16. if you could go back in time, would you still start dating the person you are with now?

17. post reletionship advice that you would give to your younger self.

18. are there good reasons for cheating on someone?

19. who will you never forget and why?

20. post a song that reminds you of a person you love

why the signs would take over the world


Taurus: give me ur food


Cancer: I just wanted to sleep…

Leo: the world is my birthright tbh how dare you doubt me


Libra: step aside peasants, i’ll show you how to run this joint

Scorpio: i will murder all of you. one by one. painfully.

Sagittarius: but do i get free food and travel

Capricorn: guys shhh just accept that i can do things better than you shhh

Aquarius: aight first things first we gotta find those aliens

Pisces: You insulted my family. You will all die now.

heads up though - this post is intended for entertainment purposes only. not true reflections of the signs or my opinions of them. pce out ^_^

Can we talk about Kim Possible for a minute?

This show is very important. Kim was a pretty typical teenage girl, doing about a million and five things, still trying to do well in school and balance friends and family. On top of that, she just HAPPENS TO BE A WORLD RENOWNED SECRET AGENT?!?!? AND HER PARENTS JUST ACCEPT IT????

Like her parents aren’t all “Kimberley Anne Possible, how dare you go to Cambodia and fight monkey ninjas???” They are like, “Kimberley Anne, how dare you lie to us about not going trick or treating???” How???? I don’t think you understand how great that is, they totally accept that their daughter and her best friend just casually save the world on a regular basis.

And Kim is very important too. Yeah she does all this really cool stuff, but she is also allowed to be feminine and fragile and uncertain. She kicks major butt and still has time to go shopping with Monique. She kicks major butt because of skills she learned from cheerleading. Like, that is a powerful thing for a little girl to learn. I loved this show and Powerpuff Girls when I was little and now I love them even more because they taught me that femininity and confidence can go hand in hand <3

Itachi is babysitting Sarada! How do the Akatsuki react?

Requested by anon!

Let’s pretend that somehow all the Akatsuki survived to see next gen. If Itachi was asked to babysit Sarada one day, how would the other Akatsuki members react?

1. Pein

Pein: “How dare you bring a resident of Konoha into our secret base.”

Pein: “The whereabouts of this place is CLASSIFIED, Itachi!”

Pein: “And it’s a HAZARD. She might get hurt. Hidan might stab her. Or she might touch some of Deidara’s-”

Itachi: “You sound more concerned for her well being than you do for our location.”

Pein: “I….shut up.”

2. Konan

Konan: “Awww she’s so cute! I love your glasses!”

Sarada: “Thanks! I love your hair flower!”

Konan: “Itachi… please let me babysit her instead.”

Itachi: “No, because all you’re going to do is ask her to make origami with you.”

Konan: “Well NO ONE else will!”

3. Kisame

Kisame: “She looks like the woman Sasuke used to travel with.”

Kisame: “You know err…..Karin. That was her name.”

Kisame: “Are you sure she’s not-”

Itachi: “NO Kisame, she is not, so don’t finish that sentence.”

4. Hidan

Hidan: “Who the fuck is this? Can I sacrifice her?”

Itachi: “No, Hidan.”

Hidan: “Can I at least fatally wound her?”

Itachi: “NO, Hidan.”

5. Kakuzu

Kakuzu: “Children are expensive. I will have no part in this.”

Sarada: “ACTUALLY, I’ve managed to save half of my weekly allowance every week so I can pretty much afford to look after myself.”

Kakuzu: “I like you. Let’s talk business.”

Itachi: “Kakuzu she’s saving for a new outfit don’t even think about it.”

6. Deidara

Deidara: “I thought the minimum age to enter the Akatsuki was like 18??”

Itachi: “She’s not joining us. I’m babysitting for my brother.”

Deidara: “Ohhh she’s Sasuke’s kid!”

Deidara: “I hate her already!”

7. Sasori

Sasori: “Can I borrow her, Itachi?”

Itachi: “Borrow?? For what?!”

Sasori: “I’m trying to build smaller puppets and her body size is PERFECT for a base!”

Sarada: “Ohhh can I?? I love dressing up!”

Itachi: “I….I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

8. Zetsu

W. Zetsu: “Aren’t you just adorable!”

B. Zetsu: “Why is your name Salad??? Do you like vegetables??”

Sarada: “I…..I like some vegetables I guess. I don’t know why I’m called-”

B. Zetsu: “Do you TASTE like vegetables??”

W. Zetsu: “Don’t be so rude!”

9. Tobi/Obito

Obito: “A female Uchiha. I never thought I’d see the day!”

Obito: “This means the clan will finally be restored!”

Sarada: “Why are you talking about my clan like you know it?”


Sentence Starters {Nightmare Before Christmas Edition}
  • "Just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean I can't believe it!"
  • "The job I have for you is top secret. It requires skill, craft, cunning..."
  • "What are you going to do?"
  • "It's much more fun, I must confess, with lives on the line."
  • "I had the most terrible vision."
  • "I'm gonna do the best I can!"
  • "I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, sir."
  • "So you're the one everybody's talking about?"
  • "I sense there's something in the wind..."
  • "How dare you treat my friend so shamefully!"
  • "I need your help most of all."
  • "Now look what you've done!"
  • "What's this? What's this?!"
  • "Please listen to me. It's going to be a disaster!"
It's Saturday so let's have a sleepover
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  • Let me know what turns you on/off and I’ll tell you if it does for me too.
  • Tell me your biggest secret.
  • Send me a ♪ and I’ll put my iPod on shuffle, give you a song, and my favorite lyric from that song.

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Gif reaction of the boys when they find out that other member have a girlfriend for a long time but didn't say anything for them about her

omg be prepared for subtle jikook and vhope references

Jin: *frustration* DAMMIT SUUUGA give me your gift with women please

Rap Monster: *confused after Jungkook reveals his gf* But I’m a rapper…where are my hoes?

J-Hope: *does not believe him* We haven’t seen her, do we even know if V’s girlfriend really exists?! 

Suga: *holding back laughter* That is a very funny joke Rap Monster…girlfriend…ahaha

Jimin: Jungkookie has a girlfriend…buT I AM HYUNG I AM SUPPOSED TO BE FIRST. 

V: Hobi, you kept this secret from us?! How dare you!

Jungkook: *true disblief* Whaaat, someone is actually attracted to you Jimin?

omfg i’m sorry

|Admin Raine|

Curiosity will be the death of me

Just like how you could manipulate an ESTP with a dare or an ESFJ with a guilt trip, you could manipulate an INTP by playing with their thirst for knowledge. Even if I recognize that someone is trying to manipulate me, my curiosity would usually get the best of me. I will play people’s games because my curiosity demands it. What are they planning? What do they really want? What will happen next? I just need to know.

Ps. Where can I sell my soul for all secrets of the universe?

“omg i dont want them to be on camera everyone’s gonna find out about them :((” do you even understand what youre saying like ?? yes how dare this band gain new fans how dare they be successful shame on them they should stay your mediocre secret forever

  • Hook:*makes innuendo* *flirts*
  • Fandumb:H00K is a rapist!!! HE TOTES PROMOTES R4PE CU1TURE!!!! DOWN WITH ONCE UPON A H00k!!!! C$ IS ABUSIVE!!!
  • Regina:*actually physically rapes a man over the course of 28 years* *perpetuates abuse on everyone she knows* *justifies everything because a 10 year old told a secret*
  • Fandumb:awww look at that babygirl being a cute little villain!!! and having fun sexy times with the hot huntsman!!! you go girl yeah girl power!!!! you do you!!! she's soooo misunderstood!!!! how dare anyone say this cute little angelic cupcake is anything but perfect!!! We will justify everything she has ever done!!! She is the victim!!!
Ode to Tom's complete and total lack of chill

I mean.

This guy.

Is an actor.

Who plays a SPY.

And yet…

Like, I’d maybe give him this one:

because at least he tries, but … compare with Nicole. She’s all cool denial “oh this question again sigh I’m so tired of it” and meanwhile he’s just like “GASP HOW VERY DARE YOU WHY I NEVER” - it’s the textbook definition of bad lying: you never overreact when lying! That’s rule one, that’s a dead giveaway! Come on dude! Even I know that and I never lie! 

(Although I could do a whole ‘nother post on how Nicole has her hand infront of her mouth 9 times out of 10 when I see her and I do believe that also is a telltale sign that someone has a secret. You pick up weird things watching TV, sometimes even true and useful stuff. But Tom does it too, although in his case it’s more nervous beard-petting.) 

The words I want to tell the signs (about living)


What are you doing seriously? proving your always right? and miss this beat this moment for what nothing you GOT NOTHING to loose but at this rate you will loose all of these memories 


Please stop being there for everyone everyones crying shoulder be there for you be there when you make the change stop saying hello to anyone making their livesokay and and if simething doesn’t tearing you apart and your running out of time for nothing then don’t do anything your not the only one who keeps their own secrets 


There is a party and you won’t go for what ohh wait let me see ohh wait nothing you want to see the world so comfortably by being prepared to show the world you are tell how good you are but your so scared to enter the room where people are accepting something you are that something different you need to know that. 


Relax! Know that your scared of everything but sometimes a bad choice and little daring spirt won’t make you stupid it makes you smarter with a choice. these moments you say you regret it will make a good story and its not in any typical book 


You want to please everyone for what seriously remind me again everything this happens this life its not you your dreams are as important as anyones and if you don’t think so then you need to know  you can never please anyone you cannot apologize to anyone for being you theres so much hope and people take that away from you thats not friendship thats called sucking up to everyone


You are needed and also sometimes not thats for you to figure i never wanted to hurt you but also your not a victim nor are those around but sometimes the best moments are yet to come and if your telling everyone whats right and whats not why not just do that and maybe see what happens when you trust you than any other person  


Stop playing safe you know how to live you know,how to breathe so tell me what are you doing wrong if you know this a memory that you won’t forget and if you want to escape then whats stoping you. YOU are okay you wait and pretend this is what it means to be free but its not you know that 


You know.. the competition is rising not to succeed but to laugh, to cry, to feel something and also those who you know that don’t mean harm to you and change maybe good but at the same time can treat you like some goddamn cigarette: only using you just don’t wait for none, because people can make or change their happiness and everything till be good or bad you never know.    


There are people who love to see you fail but just because you think your a failure and realize hey maybe being typical person who does practically nothing is your definition of living then here’s the sad truth its not


I get it that your scared of nothing you know this will happen like you prepared but dear what if it doesn’t if something amazing happens what will you do act surprised and not enjoy the moment? 


Look there was a time you lived you were you and the world could go and fuck themselves what happened to that person because sometimes although one experience is so triggering doesn’t mean everything will be like that thing change you need to know that also.


 Your guilt is literally like some thing you live on it consumes your trying to fix everything for what they don’t care okay. theres so much to see to explore and so much to feel you daydream the thing is freedom is everywhere what are you waiting for people to look back no one is perfect and its not a movie go out and see whats out then.

“Truth or dare?”

“Come on, Harry. This is a stupid game.”

“Oh, don’t be such a party-pooper.” Harry said, leaning back against the headboard. “What could you possibly tell me that I don’t already know?”

I felt my cheeks flush red and tried to duck my head so he couldn’t see. It was true, there weren’t many things about me that Harry didn’t already know, considering how long we had known each other. But there was one secret I had been hiding for years that I just wasn’t prepared to tell him yet.

“Fine.” I replied. “But you go first. Truth or dare?”

He laughed. “Alright, alright. Truth.”

I suddenly panicked because I had absolutely no idea what to ask him.

“Um…favorite ice cream flavor?”

“You already know the answer to that, (Y/N). Come on, what do you really want to ask me?”

I went quiet and then looked up at him. His gaze caught mine and his smile fell.

“I…I don’t know.” I said, shifting in my seat.

“Yes you do.” He said, quietly.

My heart was pounding as I saw him get up off the bed and walk slowly over to the chair I was sitting in.

“Ask me how I feel about you.” He said, his voice low and serious.

“Harry -”

“The truth,” Harry began without letting me finish, “is that I am pretty crazy about you. And that I think you are the most amazing and beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”

I could feel my face flush again and I was sure my heart was going to explode.

He leaned both hands on the arms of the chairs so his face was hovering mere inches from mine. “Now, dare me to kiss you.”

I couldn’t make the words come out, but after several breaths and gulps I finally managed to whisper, “Kiss me.”

The next second, Harry’s hand was on my cheek and his lips were on mine. The kiss lasted only a few short seconds, but it was the most magical kiss I had ever had.

He pulled away and smiled. “Now it’s your turn. Truth or dare?”

I managed to finally find my voice. “Dare me to kiss you again.”

Harry grinned at me. “Oh, you don’t even have to ask, love.”

EXO Reaction: The members trying to embarrass eachother in front of their girlfriend

Suho: *closes eyes and counts to 10*…why must you always do this to me?

Baekhyun: How dare you try to out sass me in front of my girlfriend

Chanyeol: You did not just tell my girlfriend to call me Yoda?

D.O: *the second his girlfriend leaves the room* What are you doing?! Why are you trying to embarrass me? *goes to hit him*

Kai: *sends the members death glares* Don’t you dare ruin this for me

Sehun: *gets blackmail material ready* You think I won’t tell her any of your secrets, hyungs?

Kris: Grab your coat, Babe! We are out of here!

Luhan: *judges them long and hard as they mention how he looks like a pretty girl* 

Xiumin: *puts on a fake laugh and hits Chanyeol* Hahaha! Don’t worry he’s just joking, right? remember who the eldest hyung is

Lay: *sighs* Not again, why are you telling her that I smoke weed?…I DON’T GET HIGH!

Chen: *sass mode:on* They’re just playing with you, babe. If they say anything else tell me, I’ll sort them out.

Tao: Its hard for her to believe anything you losers say when I look this good *diva*