wow so now POC fans are getting blamed for the tweet that BTS anti posted online? The #fansnamjooncantsee hashtag has nothing to do with what happened, nor is it their fault. They didn’t send out that tweet. The person that sent out that tweet wasnt even a POC nor a BTS fan either.

Yes, user twitter user @.bongtans you can be angry at the situation and that someone decided to tweet a direct threat towards namjoon, putting everyone including the fans well being in danger. BUT DONT YOU FUCKING DARE TRY TO INVALIDATE POC ARMY’s ANGER OVER NAMJOON’S COLORIST REMARK BY BLAMING THEM FOR THIS! CALLING THOSE THAT CALLED HIM OUT FOR WHAT HE SAID “FAKE FANS”. Telling someone “their gonna catch these hands” ISN’T the same as AN ACTUAL DEATH THREAT! SOMEONE POSTING A PICTURE OF A  GUN ONLINE, PRETENDING TO BE AT THE VENUE, AND THREATENING THE LIFE OF SOMEONE! HOW DARE YOU!

I DONT CONDONE DEATH THREATS! NOT ONE BIT! The only thing that happened in the Hashtag were selfies. So dont be going around calling POC fans out on this.

Me: *turns into hov lane with car full of blow up love dolls*
Me: *gets pulled over*
Me: Does there seem to be a problem officer?
Cop: You have to have at least three people to be in this lane.
Me: I’m aware. What’s the problem?
Cop: Well you’re the only one in the car.
Me: Are you saying my family is inflatable?
Me: How dare you. This is my family. My wife and my children. How dare you come into my home and call them fake
Cop: I’m sorr-