EXO Reaction: The members trying to embarrass eachother in front of their girlfriend

Suho: *closes eyes and counts to 10*…why must you always do this to me?

Baekhyun: How dare you try to out sass me in front of my girlfriend

Chanyeol: You did not just tell my girlfriend to call me Yoda?

D.O: *the second his girlfriend leaves the room* What are you doing?! Why are you trying to embarrass me? *goes to hit him*

Kai: *sends the members death glares* Don’t you dare ruin this for me

Sehun: *gets blackmail material ready* You think I won’t tell her any of your secrets, hyungs?

Kris: Grab your coat, Babe! We are out of here!

Luhan: *judges them long and hard as they mention how he looks like a pretty girl* 

Xiumin: *puts on a fake laugh and hits Chanyeol* Hahaha! Don’t worry he’s just joking, right? remember who the eldest hyung is

Lay: *sighs* Not again, why are you telling her that I smoke weed?…I DON’T GET HIGH!

Chen: *sass mode:on* They’re just playing with you, babe. If they say anything else tell me, I’ll sort them out.

Tao: Its hard for her to believe anything you losers say when I look this good *diva*

I hate the fake geek girl meme so much

how dare she makes a mistake to a question about comics, video games, etc that you don’t even know the answer too. Girls aren’t allowed to have a genuine interests in anything without those who feel threatened ridiculed them for it.  It’s horseshit. 

Let them be interested in whatever the hell they want.