Bioware I am calling you out. On what planet do you think it is okay to give plaidweave, the most ungodly piece of cloth to ever grace my inquisitor’s bosom, a cloth so horrible that there is literally only one character in the entire game who can actually pull it off, a higher texture resolution than some of the other, better patterned cloths in the game? The maker didn’t turn his back on his children, you did.

Okay so I heard about the little KKK joke going on by some nasty Shaladin and do I have a few words.

How dare you. How dare you do that. How dare you compare anti Shaladin no no. Not anti Shaladin what was it. “Klux Klux Klance.” No? How dare you compare the slaughters and hangings of my people. The fears of walking into a white man’s school, a white man’s neighborhood. Having nightmares about men cloaked in white hoods that cover their faces. And you want to make a joke? You want to make a joke about how I still cry over hearing the news of another one of my brothers has died. Every single week or day or month, or year non stop. Non stop because that’s how it is for the black community. It’s just over and over again. Don’t compare a ship that’s not problematic to a white supremacist group. I’m enraged. Oh so enraged. Don’t compare the death of my people like that you piece of crap.