god i offhandedly mentioned something about another coworker (who is a lesbian) to a kid today and she went into this huge fucking schpeel about how cute we would be together and how much she “ships” us and can I just say. I hate the heterosexuals. 2 dykes can’t worok together without being “shipped”. it felt so invasive and creepy and i was so fucking uncomfortable

This is @undermyfeather and I’m writing this because B wants me to tell everyone that she was not hacked on her previous posts.

She really wasn’t hacked. If she was hacked, the post would have said something about how adorable she is. Or how ticklish she is. Or how cute her laugh is. Or how cute she is when she tries to hold in her laughter. Or how she’s ticklish pretty much everywhere.

So yea, just clearing that up. She wasn’t hacked.

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My ultimate bias is Kim Doyeon~ At first I have to admit I was captured by her beauty. Her modelesque feel made me interested in IOI so I gave them a try. She was really different that I what I thought she would be! I can't deny I was a bit surprised when I learnt how warm she actually is. Then I noticed how similair we are e.g. we both haven't found are characters yet and we are always ready to fight for AND with our friends ^^ PS: my favourite (and first) video of her is the dance to Yonce c:

!!! Protect IOI :D Doyeon is genuinely such a cute person and she’s so expressive! I love her a lot too. Look how she changes from a stare to a cute bunny that I just wanna protect T-T!

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Send me your ultimate bias and tell me why you love them~!

no but just imagine all the shit lena and kara put jess through

after they start dating lena is sometimes late to her meetings, consequently she’s late to everything after the first meeting and poor jess having to stall and find excuses for stuff

imagine all the time jess walked in on them

jess having to pretend to believe their excuses every time they break something in lena’s office

jess going into lena’s office later to talk to her abt something except lena isn’t fucking there and??? poor jess not knowing how she disappeared since she didn’t pass through jess’ desk. the first time this happens jess is so fucking worried, she’s panicking and lena isn’t answering her phone bc it’s still at her office and jess is close to calling the police when fucking supergirl herself drops lena off at her balcony

all the times kara ran through jess and barged in on lena’s office

the time kara brought coffee, but she was planning on asking lena out on a date that day and ended up dropping the coffee all over jess’ desk and the paperwork there

honestly, poor jess doesn’t get paid enough to deal with this type of shit

give jess a raise 2k17