What my mom told me:

“Your shorts are too short.”

What I told her:

“There the only shorts I have. I’m not going anywhere.”

What I should have told her:

“My thighs are killer and I wear what I want.”

LOOK AT THIS. LOOK AT THIS, TUMBLR. This photo is incontrovertible evidence of two facts: 1) I am a ridiculous human being, and 2) The universe is conspiring against me.

I came to Hongdae today, intending to go on a coin machine spree, not stopping until I had myself a tiny sleepy penguin. As you can see above, there was indeed a spree, but for some cruel and unfathomable reason, I have been deemed unworthy of the tiny sleepy penguin. (Whyyyyyyyy universe, whyyyy!) I own literally every animal in the series EXCEPT tiny penguin.

And, to make matters worse, while I was in the middle of my dejected, penguin-less flailing, a girl came up beside me, telling her friends about how she had the penguin and it was super cute. RUDE. (Can you not see that I NEED tiny penguin, cruel stranger???)

danedear and lumeleopard hellllllllpppp meeee! I plan to keep the red panda, kitty, and corgi, but you can have all the others in exchange for a tiny penguin if you’re willing to give him up!

anonymous asked:

so im a girl and my crush lives across the country but knows i like her, she said she'd totally date me if it wasnt a ldr. and recently when we've been skyping ive been catching her watching me with like adoration in her eyes and she always tells me how cute i am or how adorable i am and loves to fluster me and ahhh shes so amazing i want to just kiss her all the time

AWWWWWW I WANT TO HUG YOU YOURE SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE GOD! people too scared of ldrs just try it out if it doesnt work it doesnt! omg but awwww