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Hi love, i wanted to ask you if you could write an imagine on how namjoon/all of them would react to someone asking if their kid is really theirs ( their s/m is a foreigner )


Jin: would be like “Aw hell naw!  I did not spend 13 hours giving birth for you to come in here and question whether this baby is mine or not ” 

You: “Jin Honey, I was the one in labor for 13 hours”… 

Jin:“My wife did not spend 13 hours in labor…..” 

Jimin: Chim Chim would have silent rage…but he would do what any good parent would and let it role off of his back… “Don’t worry Jagiya I love you both and their opinions don’t matter… I mean look at her!!! how could she not be my daughter? She’s just as cute as I am” *selfie* 

V: Honestly You and Tae would be too busy raising all 12 of your kids to even worry about it..”Okay kids thank your uncles for coming over to save me I mean visit you” #Familyfunday #Adoptthemallplease

Jungkook: Would be like “We made this” 

You: “Fuck yeah we did” 

Rap Monster: would be pulling out the baby pictures  like” Oh yeah?” 

You: “Honey that’s your baby pictures:

Rap monster: “Yeah but look how cute I was” 

J-Hope: Hobi would be do sassy! He would be like 

Hobi: “Bish what?! You did not just say that  Y/N Hold my chains “

Suga: Okay but Yoongi would be the most angry out of all of them

Yoongi: “Is it possible to stab someone with chop sticks?

A/N : I hope you liked this dear and please let me know if you would like more BTS Reactions <3

Might be interested in my trip to the club last night… @feralwomanscreaming
@yes-this-is-not-ok @the-boys-of-online-dating @ all other blogs i’m blanking on

So we had some to drink (btw cucumber watermelon vodka is shit) and went out. We’re at a club so we’re dancing, right? Group of four girls just chilling and dancing on each other and this fucker actually wraps his arms around me, pinning my arms to my side, and tries to dance. I sobered the fuck up real quick and threw him off. Had several more guys grab me and physically pull me to them and had to shove them off with the help of a cute couple I met because I drunkenly told her how pretty she is.

Then, i’m dancing with a friend and guy shoves me off of her. They were sorta dancing but like…I jokingly grabbed her shoulders and he threw me off. Umm?

Meanwhile, my roommate is dancing and twerking and shit. Guys PULLS OUT HIS PHONE AND SNAPCHATS HER WITHOUT PERMISSION. She turned her head, saw the flash on her ass, and bitch slapped him so hard he fell.

The night ended with a guy coming up to me, asking where I was from, what brings me to the club, and shit. Compliments my makeup and outfit and i’m like “oh he’s just being nice”. Introduces me to his friend and we talk maybe 20 seconds before he grabs my waist, I went into resting bitch face, pushed his hand off, and promptly turned away.

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The other day they were talking about police brutality and justin mentioned he's been a victim of it many times and is fortunate to still be okay. Shelbys facial reactions seemed like she disagreed with Dani's opinions on it and she changed topics to chopped. Cute how the plastics don't care about this! Dani/neeley talked about the topic again last night luckily the plastics weren't there to show their racism thru facial expressions

Well Shelby’s facial expressions are always off.

But I hate hate hate when white people just don’t get how bad police brutality is.They deny or change subjects because it doesn’t affect them, like no please acknowledge it. Damn.

Out of context this screencap looks like Marie is fangirling over how cute Crona and Maka are together and it made me think… 

She’d totally ship these two. I mean they’d even remind Marie of herself and Stein, considering the whole loving someone who’s vulnerable to the Kishins Madness theme.

Just imagine her teasing Crona about their crush on Maka… bonus points if Marie and Stein have already adopted them by then

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Hillary Clinton on the toilet might be interesting.

So I finally got some time to work on this commission today, and i whipped up this little sketch as a warmup. So when i saw this suggestion i was just think “Don’t really want to draw a 68 year old lady on the toilet.” But then i thought of the great @therealshadman and his creation Hilloli Clitton and how cute she was and well i couldn’t resist. I hope you guys like it!!