So taking into account Duff’s personal vs. professional lives separation talk…
This is Sharon being happy for Andy and for them. But this is also the Captain thinking The electronics room is not the place for this, Lieutenant?


Couldn’t get rid of the watermark, but I love seeing them laughing. They are just so cute, I love how she’s looking at her husband in the second one :)

…..and dear god I hope they got interviewed and we get to see it haha

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Everyone keeps saying how cute frisk is, (and she is, speaking from a purely objective observation) but Chara is also objectively adorable, in my opinion. Again, not flirting, purely an observation.

“In Tea’s defense, one look into those eyes and you’re practically lost.”

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Write a drunk Sakura and Leo is trying not to freak out because omg he has to help her not make a fool of herself

Inspired by @yukiwrites because we exchanged dog pictures. I made it a bit shippy because I know you’re in ship hell right now.

Sakura slammed down her sake cup. “I LOVE DOGS!” She proclaimed loudly, for the world to hear, her cheeks flushed deep red.

“I know, I know,” Leo nodded, taking the bottle from her hands before she poured herself some more. “It’s four am, please tone it down before you wake up the neighbors.”

Sakura was such a quiet timid girl normally, but when she had enough liqour in her, all of that passion she normally hid inside suddenly came out. And his neighbors just happened to own a very cute dog.

“BUT HOW ELSE WILL THEY KNOW I LOVE THEIR DOG?!?” She proclaimed even louder than before.

Leo wanted to argue with her, but decided against it. A drunk Sakura was an impulsive Sakura, if her trying to climb out of the window was any indication.

“What are you doing?”

Her voice was deadly serious. 

“I’m going to steal their dog.”

Leo face palmed himself. “Sakura. No.”

Sakura had the audacity to wink at him while she clumsily lowered herself from the window. If they hadn’t been on the ground floor, Leo would have worried about her. “I’m going to do it. They don’t deserve their dog. T-they… they don’t appreciate him.”

Was she going to cry now too? “Sakura, stop. You’re not a ninja. You’re drunk. Please…” Leo pleaded, pulling her back into the room.

“But… he might be lonely… all alone…”Sakura cried softly, drunkenly falling on top of Leo. 

He patted her shoulder awkwardly. “There there.”

For a second, he thought she might puke on him. Instead, she snuggled into his chest, coming impossibly close. “You smell nice, you know that?” She whispered, making him blush a bright red. “You’re so nice. I almost love you as much as I like dogs.”

“That’s the alcohol talking, I’m sure,” Leo snorted, but Sakura shook her head.

“Nooooo you’re really cute… like a puppy,”she pushed him to the ground, pressing little kisses into his neck. 

Was this a reflection of her true feelings, Leo wondered to himself, or was this only the alcohol speaking?

Before he could figure it out, Sakura stopped, burying her head in the crook of his neck and sighing contently.

“Sakura…” Leo asked, but she did not reply. There was something adorable about it, until he realized…

“Did you just fall asleep on me?”

10 Things I Like

I was tagged by @themadknightuniverse. So sweet! <3

1. Long, luxurious afternoon naps in a nice warm bed.

2. Star Wars. Yeah.

3. Baklava. Delicious, delicious baklava.

4. That particular shade of purple that is rich and deep and almost black but not quite. You see it in flowers sometimes.

5. Setting up plot twists right in front of readers’ faces and then getting to see their reactions when it’s all revealed. 

6. How cute my girlfriend looks when she blushes.

7. Learning foreign languages.

8. Night time, especially with a full moon.

9. Classic fantasy tropes.

10. Writing. :D

I tag, if you’re in the mood for it… @fireflyfish, @laventadorn, @descendya, @mithingthepoint, @with-a-glass-of-mimosa, and anyone else who wants to join in! :)