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Imagine Derek trying to hit on Stiles, and thus he has to pretend to be super cool so he won’t ruin his chances with the man of his dreams. Just as Stiles is about to agree, an old lady that helps Derek learn how to knit shows up and pinches the werewolf’s cheeks while cooing how cute he is. She asks if Stiles is the handsome young man he has been telling her about with stars in his eyes, and Stiles gets threatened by all the old ladies of Beacon Hills if he dares to make Derek cry or hurt him.

Imagine Derek being embarrassed to the point he’s about to cry and it’s only made worse by the fact that Stiles is laughing; but Stiles isn’t laughing at him. After a moments, Derek’s ready to run away and hide in shame, but Stiles just looks at him and says “She seems like a nice lady… So, you’re learning how to knit? That’s pretty cool. I’m taking a catering class so I can make pretty cupcakes.”

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A few days later, Derek has to go visit the old lady and she takes one look at him and says, “I told you you didn’t have to pretend to be a tough guy, he’d love you the way you are.”

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Kerry saying: "thank you to my on-screen Bae Tony Goldwyn. I love you." And he was the first one she thanked. Definitely the highlight from last night. The way her voice changed when she said his name. She is so in love. Awwww 😍😍😍

Her whole body language and smile and how cute she looks when she says it, she does not look like this with anyone else 

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I can't get over how cute Brook is. She's lovely ;v;

@duck-roulette Thanks so much! that means a lot that people actually enjoy her desing for me.

And as for Brook, she never got many complements growning up locked in the studio, so she really apreciates!