Lena comes to game night and is so quiet and soft and unimposing because casual friendship, people spending time together just because they like each other, is still such a foreign concept to her that she’s desperate not to screw it up. And she does a good job at staying soft and subdued for almost the entire night until they pull out monopoly, and no amount of careful subservience can erase a lifetime of Luthor training. within thirty minutes she owns half the board, draining every other player of their money with a quiet ruthlessness until the moment Kara lands on her most expensive property and looks at it in a sad sort of way, and Lena realizes she doesn’t have enough money to pay.

Kara looks up at her then with that same sad look, earning a groan of disapproval from alex, and Lena isn’t even aware of the words until she’s already said them: “don’t worry about it,” she says, and alex groans even louder, “today is customer appreciation day.”

“Kara, you know it’s cheating when you do that,” Alex complains, but Kara just holds her nose up snootily.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she says, and Lena is just starting to realize that maybe she got played when Kara leans over and wraps her in a hug and suddenly all Lena can focus on is how good it feels to be wrapped up like that, how nice Kara smells, how warm she is, how her arms are running up and down her back and she vaguely hears alex grumble “Watch your money,” but all Lena really cares about watching is Kara’s beaming smile as she pulls back before shouting that it’s Winn’s turn.

And if maybe she notices her stack of money has gotten a little smaller, or that Kara suddenly has enough money to pay for a property she couldn’t previously afford, Lena thinks nothing of it.

Kara could take everything Lena has for all she cares if it meant she’d keep holding her hand and smiling at her like that.