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Sometimes it makes me laugh how hard I want Lena to be good and cute and pure and how destroyed will I be if she turns out to be bad when Katie is probably rooting and dying for her to be the most evil villain in the show! Sorry, Katie, my beautiful apple pie, but lets us have this one okay?

Hahaha! Very true! Though I must admit that Katie looks amazing and acts so well when she’s playing evil. I mean Morgana and Oriane were fantastic! I will never get over those two. So yeah, I have no doubt our girl wanted Lena to be a bad girl. Or to at least have a a bit of a mean streak to her? 😈😈

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But yes, I am definitely pulling for Lena to be as good as she has been claiming to be this whole time. I live for good Lena! Agreed! Let us have this one. Please and thank you. 😇

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Um hi um, I hate to bother you, but I was wondering if um you could write a nyo mafia Italy where she stalks her s/o, and leaves surprise gifts like candies and roses in her room, but s/o is like 13 please! If it's not too much trouble! I love your writing so much, I hope I'm not bothering you! Thank you for your time!

Alice loved her little angel. She was so beautiful and cute. She didn’t even realise how adorable she was. Oh her poor love thought so lowly of herself. Well in her eyes she had never met someone more beautiful and kind.

She didn’t care that was so young. Love was love. Plus a few years there and there wasn’t that bad anyway. She bought more roses to her and her favourite chocolates. She climbed into her bedroom and quietly opened the window, slowly and quietly stepping inside.

She looked so innocent and pure in her nightgown. Just like a true angel. Her beautiful angel. Nobody would ever take her away from herself. Once the time was right she would reveal herself, and them they could be together. Forever and ever and ever.

She ran her fingers through her angel’s hair. She sniffed it and Kissed her lips gently.

“One day, my little angel. We’ll be together, and live together happily. Forever.”

She left her love note besides the bed and then jumped out of the window. Soon so soon. All her dreams would be true.

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Emma's design is literally The Cutest™ please continue this AU and draw Cas if you can ❤

Thank you! I was also surprised by how cute she turned out! :O

(Which makes me want to edit Sam and Dean so that they are also this cute.)

no but just imagine all the shit lena and kara put jess through

after they start dating lena is sometimes late to her meetings, consequently she’s late to everything after the first meeting and poor jess having to stall and find excuses for stuff

imagine all the time jess walked in on them

jess having to pretend to believe their excuses every time they break something in lena’s office

jess going into lena’s office later to talk to her abt something except lena isn’t fucking there and??? poor jess not knowing how she disappeared since she didn’t pass through jess’ desk. the first time this happens jess is so fucking worried, she’s panicking and lena isn’t answering her phone bc it’s still at her office and jess is close to calling the police when fucking supergirl herself drops lena off at her balcony

all the times kara ran through jess and barged in on lena’s office

the time kara brought coffee, but she was planning on asking lena out on a date that day and ended up dropping the coffee all over jess’ desk and the paperwork there

honestly, poor jess doesn’t get paid enough to deal with this type of shit

give jess a raise 2k17