Something I love about Torchwood is that despite it being science fiction it has a very real aspect to it. Doctor Who is fun, adventurous, and a little less real. With Torchwood there is a darker side to it, and it’s still fun. I love that the show covered the characters back stories. I love that it showed how they all screwed up sometimes and that sometimes it could be fixed, and sometimes you just have to move on and keep going. I love the love story with Jack and Ianto, it’s so important. It shows that you can fall in love with someone regardless of gender, and I think that’s really important.
We also see a more sensitive side of Jack, and as much as I like Jack my-name-is-a-pickup-line Harkness I also like seeing the just Jack side of Jack. The more human side of Jack.

“It’s just different. It’s not… men… it’s just him.  It’s only him. And, I don’t even know what it is really.”
this is one of my favourite lines
It’s so pure. Ianto is so in love with him and he doesn’t necessarily understand it and it’s a new experience for him. It’s so beautiful.

Lights on.

Hello love,I don’t know if your request are open but I was wondering if you could do a fluffy smut where y/n has a little bit of a stomach and she tries to hide it with baggy clothes but harry shows her how much he loves it? Thank you if you do this x

Thank you very much for your request! I changed it up a bit so I’m sorry if you’re not quite happy with it. This is based on Shawn Mendes’ song “Lights on”. I’m planning on doing a few more imagines based on songs from his new album because I’m so in love with it.
This has not been proofread so please forgive mistakes. It’s also quite smutty so don’t read it if you aren’t comfortable with smut. xxx

Harry loved Y/N.
With everything he had.
And he wanted to show her that.
They told each other they loved each other every day because there were no truer words to be said between those two. They weren’t dating for too long but they knew it was true and they knew very well that they loved each other probably more than most other couples out there.
They told each other those three little words whenever they felt like it was the right moment. And even if it wasn’t the right moment they never cared, they told each other anyway. Before they went to bed, in the morning when they both just woke up or over the phone when they couldn’t be together and missed each other dearly because that little phrase made the worst days better.
But Harry never shown her his love.
It wasn’t that he couldn’t do it or something like that but they weren’t there yet.
They weren’t together long enough to take that step and get intimate with each other.
They were taking this whole relationship slowly and step after step without any rush.
And that was good because Harry wasn’t the type of person to do it all at once and rush into anything. He was a gentleman and a bit old fashioned but that was okay because Y/N was the same.
They both wanted to, of course they did but they wanted it to be special and something they both would look back at in the future and smile at the memory.

The thing that was hard though was the fact that Y/N was so damn beautiful. And Harry couldn’t deny that he wanted her.
Especially right now.
He took her out to a nice little restaurant they both liked and she was looking so beautiful in the clothes she was wearing. Harry had difficulties to keep his hands to himself the whole evening because he just wanted to touch her and be close to her.
And now they were home. And alone. And Y/N still looked so damn beautiful.
They were Harry’s bedroom now. They didn’t live together yet because well, it was just far too early for such a big step.
Y/N took off her earrings in front of the big mirror and Harry couldn’t help but stare at her.
“What?” she asked and if Harry wasn’t mistaken he heard a bit of annoyance in her voice.
“S'nothing, love.”
“No. You’ve been doing that the whole evening. You keep staring at me like that.”
“You’re just so damn beautiful.”
Y/N stopped every movement at his words. She wasn’t used to such a compliment. Of course Harry told her he found her beautiful very often but not like this.
Harry stood up from where he was sitting at the edge of the bed and walked over to her. He turned her around with his hands on her hips and then wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back tightly against his chest. Y/N was forced to look at the mirror now and look at the both of them.
“I love you so much.” Harry whispered.
Y/N felt his lips brushing against her neck and a tingle ran up her spine at the contact.
“I love you too.”
Harry sighed and nuzzled his nose into the side of her head and into her hair.
“Let me show you.”
He felt her freeze against his body. They never talked about this beforehand so he almost expected this.
“Please, baby.”
He pressed a soft kiss against the side of her neck where he moved his hair away and to the other side so he had excess to her skin. Y/N locked eyes with him in the mirror and felt goosebumps rising on her skin at how intensely he was looking at her.
She loved him. And yes she wanted to do this but she was still a bit nervous about it.
He’s never seen her naked before so it wasn’t only the first time they would have sex but also the first time he would see all of her.
But she trusted him and she knew that it would be okay.
“Okay.” she whispered so lowly she thought he didn’t hear her but he heard her louder than ever.
His arms pulled her even tighter to him and his lips kept on pressing soft kisses to the skin of her neck. She closed her eyes and relaxed her body against his.
“I love you.” he whispered against her neck and Y/N felt her stomach fluttering at his words.
She turned around in his arms and looked up into his green eyes, the ones she fell so deeply in love with. Somebody once said that you should always fall in love with the eyes of somebody because they will never ever change.
She pressed her lips against his and both of their eyes fluttered shut at the contact. Her hands moved up his chest, to his face where she cupped his cheeks and buried her fingers into his short hair. His hands were around her waist, pressing her to his chest. Their kisses changed from sweet to passionate and needy.
They needed that.
They needed each other. Closer and more.
One of Y/N’s hands wandered to the hem of his shirt and underneath the fabric so she could feel his skin against her palm.
Something she was very excited about was to finally see all of his tattoos. She knew every tattoo but she never saw them all at once and she never saw his fern leave tattoo completely.
Harry pulled back from her and she almost wanted to protest but then she realized that he took off his shirt and the whine died in her throat.
He pulled her towards him again with his hands on her hips and they both closed the distance between them again.
Harry’s hands were underneath her top now, sprawled out on her back. This time it was her who pulled away from their kiss to take off her shirt.
She heard Harry’s quite gasp when her shirt fell to the floor and she almost regretted it. Her head was facing the floor and her cheeks were turning red.
But Harry didn’t mean it the way he knew exactly she understood it. He lifted one of his hands to her face and held her cheek in his. He raised her head up again so she was forced to look at him again.
“You’re so damn beautiful.”
He watched as she bit down on her lower lip and he almost wanted to moan. She didn’t know what she was doing to him. He wanted to bite her lip himself.
He kissed her again then and the moment when their bare chests met felt too good to be true.
His hand wandered to her back and to the clasp of her bra. He didn’t want to open it though, he did not want to force her to do anything she did not want to. Yes, he wanted to see all of her and be as close to her as humanly possible without any barriers between their bodies but he wanted to make sure she was comfortable with every step they took.
He was more than surprised when she reached back and opened her bra herself. He watched as the straps fell down her shoulders and then as the whole bra fell to the floor.
He swallowed as he looked up at her then. He did not want to be an idiot and look at her boobs but he was a boy after all. He took a quick glance and then looked up into her face again. Her cheeks were still a slight shade of pink but he saw that something changed in her eyes. They had that sparkle now, that curious and confident sparkle.
Her hands pulled his face down to hers again and their lips met in another passionate kiss. He felt her boobs against his chest and her nipples brushing against his chest and a low moan left his mouth when he felt her lower half pressing against his.
She reached down between them and opened the button of his tight black jeans. He took them off then because they both knew they were too tight for Y/N to take them off.
While he rid himself of his jeans she did the same and pulled her blue ones down her legs and stepped out of them.
They looked at each other for a moment and they both never felt so much love before. It was breathtaking and the emotions in the air were almost overwhelming.
They laid down on the bed then, still kissing and touching each other bodies. Harry was on top, hovering over her and kissing her lips. His lips wandered down towards her jaw then and down her neck. A quiet moan left her lips when he kissed one certain spot on her neck and suckled on the skin. His kissed wandered down to her chest over her boobs where he suckled softly on her nips, just so much that they would get hard and she would release a little moan. Then he kissed down her stomach, careful not to tickle her skin with his mouth.
When he reached the hem of her panties he pressed open-mouth kissed along the line and onto the skin of her hips. He knew she was a bit insecure about her tummy because she thought it was a bit too much but he loved how soft it was and now that he knew how amazing it was to love on her tummy he never wanted her to be too insecure to wear something too tight or too short ever again.
He looked up at her when he wanted to take the last piece of clothing from her body. She was already looking down at him and he saw that she was nervous. Her lip was wobbling and her eyebrows were the tiniest bit furrowed.
“We can turn the lights off if you want.” he whispered.
But she did not want that. She wanted to see him. Wanted to see his body and his face when he would feel the bliss. She wanted to see his loving eyes looking down at her.
“No. I want to do it with the lights on.”
Harry nodded and pulled her panties down her legs with his thumbs. He kept his eyes on hers the whole time. He wanted her to relax. She was his everything and he wanted to show her that. He wanted to make her feel that.
When he was sure she was relaxed enough he looked at her most private part. And it was okay now because she knew that he wouldn’t judge her. She knew that from the beginning but now she knew it for sure.
He looked up at her again and now he knew as well that she was okay. They haven’t started yet but he knew she wasn’t nervous anymore and neither was he. They were okay and they were in this together.
He moved up so he could kiss her again and he felt her back arching and her chest pressing against his. One of his hands was reaching behind her, onto her back so he could press her to him. They needed each other closer and tighter and just more.
Her hands were reaching into the sides of his boxers, just feeling the skin of his hips there for a moment before she pulled them down to his knees and he kicked them off the bed.
When she looked down to see him a quiet gasp left her lips at how big he was. He thought she would react like that, not that he was cocky or something like that but he knew that he was quite big.
He kissed along her jaw and to her ear where he stopped for a moment. His lips were hovering over the shell of his ear and his nose was nuzzled into her hair.
“You’re sure about this, yeah?”
He felt her head nod and a breath he didn’t even know he was holding left his lips.
“Of course I’m sure.”
She wasn’t a virgin and Harry knew that but it was still somewhat a first time. The first time they would both do it with someone they really loved. The first time with each other.
He pressed a few more gentle kisses against her lips and cheek and jaw before he looked down at himself. One of his hands was reaching down between them. His pointer finger was running down between her lips and to her entrance where he felt how wet she already was. A low moan left her lips when she felt him touching her.
His finger dipped into her softly and as he saw how she responded to that touch his eyes rolled almost into the back of his head. Her back was arched and her eyes were closed. Her lips were parted and released a small gasp.
His finger moved up again to her clit where he just pressed down and then started to gently rub the little bundle. This time another moan left her and he felt his cock twitching at the sound.
She opened her eyes again to look at him and when she saw his green eyes already looking into hers she swallowed hard.
“Please, Harry.”
He smiled softly at her and nodded. He removed his fingers from her and took his shaft into his own hand. He guided his tip to her entrance but before he pushed into her he looked up again. She felt him hesitating and lifted her hands to cup both of his cheeks before she nodded softly.
He pushed inside of her again and they both moaned out at the feeling. Y/N spread her legs even wider so he had enough space to move inside of her. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers in such a loved filled kiss Y/N gasped against his mouth. Harry’s tongue licked in between her lips when he felt her part them.
One of her hands moved from his cheek down his back and to his hip where she grabbed the flesh of his love handles.
“Move.” she whispered against his lips.
She heard him taking a deep breath and then felt him leaning up and balancing his body on his hands beside her head. He gave her a slow thrust and heard her moan out at the feeling.
“So good, baby.” he whispered and pecked her lips.
He then started to really move inside of her and Y/N’s eyes rolled into the back of her head at how good he was feeling inside of her. The air in the bedroom was filling with moans and the sound of their skin meeting.
Harry couldn’t believe how perfect she felt. How perfect they connected and how perfect her skin felt against his.
He leaned down again and took her hand from his shoulder to intertwine their hands beside her head. His other hand was moving down the side of her body and to her thigh where he spread her legs even further and took a hold of it.
Her eyes opened again to look at him and she felt so overwhelmed in that moment. Never did she feel this good and this loved before.
Never did anyone else make love to her before.
“Faster.“ she moaned out.
She needed him closer. She wanted to feel him, all of him against her body. As close as possible.
Harry started to really move then and began to quicken his thrusts inside of her. Her eyes rolled back into her head at the pleasure that was cursing through her body. Harry buried his head into the spot where her shoulder met her neck and Y/N head was nuzzled into his neck. Harry’s moans were muffled against her neck but she heard them loud and clear. A shudder ran down Harry’s spine when he felt her moaning out again and again.
This moment was so perfect it was indescribable.
When he felt her clenching around him and heard her moans getting louder he let go of her leg and reached between the two of them to rubbed her bundle of nerves.
“C'mon, baby.”
He wanted to see her. See her when she was in so much bliss she wasn’t able to think. Wanted to see her body when it would reach its high.
“Harry…” she moaned out.
"I’m here, baby. With me, yeah? Together.”
He quickened his trusts even more and rubbed her clit harder and faster.
It took three more thrusts for the both of them to come undone. Y/N’s back was arched and her chest was tightly pressed against his. Both of them moaned out loud in the air of the bedroom. She felt him releasing inside of her and he felt her clenching even harder around him.
He stayed inside of her, softly rubbing her nerves until he was completely sure she finished and then he pulled out. He laid down inside of her and took hold of one of her hands.
They were both still breathing harshly and their hearts were still racing. When their bodies finally calmed down Harry propped himself up on his elbows to look at her. The hand that wasn’t holding hers reached over and strokes a strand of hair away from her face.
“You okay?”
Y/N heard the nervousness in his voice and the shakiness that made him sound so unsure.
“I’ve never been better.” she smiled at him.
“Was it okay?”
“It was perfect, my love.”
Harry released a shaky breath and leaned down to press a soft kiss against her lips.
“Thank you.”
“For what?” she asked and stroked his cheek with her thumb.
“For letting me see you. With the lights on.”
She smiled at him widely and pulled him down to her so he was practically lying on top of her but that was okay.
It was okay now, everything was. They both didn’t know why they hadn’t done it earlier but they were also happy that they’ve done it now and like this.
She imagined Harry would be good in bed but she didn’t even come close to how amazing he really was.
Never before did she feel so close to him and so connected.

They held each other the whole night until the sun came up again and the night was gone. They’ve never been happier to wake up then, so close and so in love.

Make Him Crawl (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang Baek-ah)

Type: Fluff

Request: i love baek ah so much so i was wondering if i could have a scenario where his lover sees him being flirty with some of the damiwon ladies so she asks hae soo to give her a makeover that will stop his attention from straying from her, then when she’s had the makeover she ignores him to show how he felt and when he realizes he’s upset her he apologizes and gifts her a beautiful drawing of her that he’d made on the day they met and tells her he loves her and only her.

He seemed to completely forget you were with him when they came around, he made you seem inferior. You rolled your eyes and begin walking away not that he noticed. You instantly stopped “Soo!” you call loudly startling her before you rushed over “you know make up right?” you asked grabbing her arm. She nodded as you pull her along “will you make me pretty?” you ask as “you’re very pretty already Lady Y/N” she compliments as you two walked. You tuned pointing your finger to Baek-ah who was in a deep conversation with one of the Damiwon girls. Soo made a sound as she dragged you away. 

You giggled as the pad brushed against your cheek she was matching your skin tone. Almost 20 minutes later she held a mirror up for you and you cheered “I look so pretty. Thank you so much” you say to her before you wrapped your arms around her. You walked out smiling the whole time. “Sister?” you hear as you pass Jung “what’s with all this?” he asks looking you over “Baek-ah was ignoring me so I’m giving him a taste of his own medicine” you say as he smiles. “You’re very pretty, without all that and he’s dumb if he thinks differently” he tells you as you smile largely. “How are you still not married. You’re so sweet” you tell him as he blushes “thank you” he says before he bows.

Baek-ah waited for you to come along looked around but you never came back to see him. He slowly began walking home. He instantly stopped when he saw you sitting there by the water. “Jagi you look amazing. Is this for me?” he asks with a large smirk on his face as you got up again “Y/N” he spoke as you ignored him. He chased after you “Y/N” he called out again. “Why don’t you go hang out in the Damiwon Palace.You seem to enjoy the company there” you told him as you huff before you walked off.

He scoffed lightly before he sat down. He flirted here and there but he always thought you knew it was harmless, he never did it to hurt your feelings. He smiled quickly before rushing to get something that always made you happy. His drawings were something you loved no matter what it was. 


He rushed off to you “Y/N Y/N Y/N” he spoke as he caught your arm. You turned around to him he was holding his art carrier before he slide his hand into your’s. “Follow me” he spoke, he pulled you to the garden and sat you down “so I know I haven’t been a greatest husband” he informs you as he pulls a piece of paper out. “But I know the sure fire way to win your heart is to draw you something” he says as he unrolls it. You gasp as he looked at you with a smile. “I drew this when I first saw you, I know you loved the wood works of the palace. I thought it was weird but a pretty girl who was in love with the palace. I just had to draw” he whispers as you ran your hand over it. “It’s been 3 years” you spoke. 

“3 years ago I wanted nothing more than to draw you. You were my muse then and even now” he whispers. “I love you” he tells you grabbing your chin lightly “and only you” he spoke before he pulled you in for a kiss.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Genji 💚 anon from a while ago! Sorry this took so long. Gengi's S/O has incredibly bad body image issues/body dysmorphia and Genji is absolutely horrified because he thinks they're perfect. Could you write a blurb where he tries to help them or show them how beautiful or handsome they are? I love your writing btw!!!

Requests are open!
I’m not entirely sure how to properly write for body dysmorphia and I don’t wanna mess it up so I hope just some general insecurities are okay!!

It breaks his heart to hear the words from your own mouth. Sure he’d assumed you had some self confidence issues, just because he’s perceptive, but he had no idea they ran so deep. Today must have been a rough day for you, because he didn’t expect you to ever come out and admit to him just how much you sometimes hate yourself.

He hesitates for a moment before reaching across the table to you to hold your hands. For a fleeting moment he wonders just how bad it is: if it’s like what he experienced, or just something that happens every few days, or somehow worse than his own feelings for himself.

“Y/N,” he starts, but you shake your head, turn your face away and try to tug your hands back.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have– bothered you with that,” you murmur, and Genji only holds your hands tighter.

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Gabe Head canon

So contrary to popular belief, I love head canon Gabe as a really physically affectionate person. Like yeah, he’s still the hard ass his troops know and fear but he’s also the guy that casually ruffles hair and offer fist bumps. You could catch him and Morrison walking through base with Gabe’s arm around his shoulder. After a particularly tough training session with Jesse, it’s high fives galore and putting the little knucklehead in a playful headlock to ruffle his hair. And even when something devestating has happened to his men or blackwatch alone, he’ll offer you a shoulder to cry on.

See what I’m getting at? Affectionate Gabriel 2k16!

anonymous asked:

have you watched the new season of z nation?? as in the two episodes so far? what do you think?

I just finished watching the second episode, and I am loving it so far! We got to see my babe Cass again (even if it was just a flashback </3) and we’re getting to see more of how other survivors have fared. Which, fuck yes, sign me the fuck up. Let’s see if I can organise my thoughts a bit on the shit I’m most excited about that got set up in episode 2, given that e1 was a flashback and mostly gave us a touch of backstory for The Man and ZONA.

The Enders - and the other survivor groups - are probably what had me going “fuck yes!” the most, because oh man, I love when not every survivor ends up being a super gritty, epic, surprisingly attractive and clean master of everything. The Enders, by all rights, are Z slaying badasses. They’re not barbarians, despite their current appearance and behaviour. These are guys who survived Z Day, struggled through Black Summer, and kept on living after that. But that’s the issue, they kept living in a world that keeps dying. Imagine how many times they’ve had to give Mercy, to their friends and loved ones, to strangers, to the point that they stop calling it Mercy. Imagine them having to wake up every day knowing that the next person they see is probably going to be a walking corpse. These are probably people who wouldn’t commit suicide for any number of reasons - a promise they have to keep, a sense of duty to the living or to those they’ve killed, just enough of a survival drive, or faith that they’re still alive for a reason. But just because they’re still “alive” doesn’t mean that the Zs haven’t won with them. It’s unsurprising that there are a huge population of people who have basically lost their minds, especially if the Enders are mostly made up of people who were alone or in small groups (which is my theory; larger groups have a better chance of keeping each other sane)

But not everyone outside of ‘our’ group was Enders! We saw the roller derby chicks, the survivalists, and Grease Monkey (rip very large wrench wielding man). What we did see was that the other groups were clever and very specialized. The roller derby girls were quiet and quick, and they used knives because they would have learned that’s what works best for them. The survivalists had gilly suits and worked well together as a unit in stealth situations. Grease Monkey had brute strength and a weapon that would allow him to use it without the risk of his weapon getting stuck in a Z and wrenched out of his grip, and didn’t require reloading. 

Ahem. Anyway, I really like survivor dynamics, but that’s probably not actually going to play that much of a role in s3, I can rant about that another time if y’all want.

The Man and ZONA. Bro, I honestly don’t give much of a shit about ZONA because we don’t have that much information about their settlement and leadership beyond what we’ve learned through Merch, but their operatives are awesome. I am so intrigued by The Man, because he’s very definitely a villain, but there’s a lack of sadism that makes him a very appealing bad guy to me. Like, he will definitely kill, torture, and kidnap people for ZONA without question, but there’s never really been a sense that he gets any more enjoyment out of it beyond fulfilling his mission. He’s good at killing, and he’s clever, and I really want to know more about him. Is he entirely human? Is he an android? I wouldn’t put it past ZONA to at least have the ability to augment a human, given the pseudo alien tech we saw in s2.

China!!! So fucking pumped that they didn’t have every country fall the same way. Like, obviously not everywhere is going to collapse to the same degree because other countries have different armies, and policies, and even social standards that dictate how they’d react en masse in an apocalypse. That’s not to say there’s a country I think totally 100% survived, or even could have, but different places would have reacted differently and we actually got to see some of that. China still having an intact army and supplies, to an extent, was so freaking awesome. Also I love the doctor, just saying, I’d be down for her and Warren being gfs.

The Blends is going to be interesting to see. Because in s2 we saw the Blends that Murphy left with Lucy had gone full zombie - albeit totally under her control - and I don’t think Murphy knows that. Has his strain of the virus progressed to a point where it won’t deteriorate the human mind over time? Does he care if it does? With 10k being infected, we’ll also get to see how much willpower can play against Murphy’s influence. Because Cassandra was obviously strong willed, but she was in a very fragile and mostly zombified state by the time she joined up with Murphy. Hell, she was almost dead before she got bit. 10k is going from being a mostly alive human, and we know he’s got a will and a half on him. It’ll be fun to see if he can resist Murphy at times, because you know he’s never going to accept Murphy unless he devolves to the point that he no longer thinks about that.

((Also, is he going to be 10k now that he’s stopped counting? Will he be Jeff?))

The thing I’m most nervous about this season is just how hopeless it feels for the main group. We’ve got Murphy building an army and civilisation of his own, which is a very clear and progressable goal. But the main group’s goal just feels so vague because they want to stop Murphy and it’s just… how?? How will they find him?? How can they stop him if they do find him? 

Obviously I’m still 100% into this show, and I’m super pumped for this season, we’ll see how it all falls as the season goes on!

samemi-chan  asked:

Could you show the brush settings of your last drawing's lineart? I really love how it fits your oc's appearance, she looks so cute and sweet~ ╰(*´︶`*)╯

this is it! its pretty much the basic pen settings on sai.. i think? i have some bootleg ass copy of it though LOL
and thank you!!!!

answer questions with song titles tag!

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i’m choosing: halsey

what is your gender? young god

how do you feel? hurricane

if you could go anywhere? roman holiday

favorite mode of transportation? drive

your best friend? ghost

favorite time of day? coming down

if your life was a TV show? haunting

relationship status? strange love

your fear? control

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If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: In New York, preferably at Broadway

Where would you time travel to: The end of Shadowhunters season 2 so I can binge it all

First thing you’d do with lottery money: Put a tone of it away in savings

Fictional character you’d hang out with for a day: Isabelle Lightwood (please teach me how to love myself)

Time right now: 7:20 PM.

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Artist- Panic! At the Disco

1. What’s your gender: Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
2. Describe yourself: Don’t threaten me with a good time 
3. How do you feel: Victorious
4. If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Memories
5. Favorite mode of transportation: The End and the Beginning
6. Your best friend: Let’s kill tonight
7. Favorite time of the day: Nine in The Afternoon
8. If your life was a tv show what would it be called: Girl that you love
9. Relationship Status: All the boys

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Some one must know

Sky came to the office tired but driven. She had mulled over and over what the Other Rommal had shared and not shared with her. Trying not to take it personally or be upset was hard. As much as she hated to admit it her feeling for Lat was one that could best be described as family type love.

Opening the door she let Coffee Imp out out of her bag. She crossed the floor and placed a hand on Big Bears shoulder. It was a out of place gesture of affection for a woman who teased to show she cared.

“What do you know and how do we find her?”
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The artist I am selecting: Nightwish

What is your gender? Ocean Soul

Describe yourself: Stargazers

How do you feel?  Dead to the World

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?  Over the Hills and Far Away

Favourite mode of transportation? The Crow, the Owl, and the Dove

Your best friend? Whoever brings the Night

Favourite time of day? Red Sun Rising

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? Dark Chest of Wonders

Whats is life to you? Wanderlust

Relationship status? Ghost Love Score

Your fear? Planet Hell

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To my beautiful princess

Babygirl, I don’t know how many ways that I can tell you that I love you. You make me smile when I hear your voice. When my phone starts to ring and I see that it’s you calling, my whole day brightens. Or when I get a random text from you and I think of how it feels to have you next to me. The peace and joy it brings me to know that you are mine and you love me as well. Princess, you light my world and show me that there is a great, bright future ahead. Kitten, you have captured my heart and my soul . I would do anything that I could to see your amazing smile light up your face. I love you more than I’ll ever be able to express princess, and I am going to keep you for the rest of our lives!!!


just accept the reality that your fave is never going to have a redemption arc as perfectly written as prince zuko’s



I personally believe Liam is very restrained during You and I cause he cried that first time and *some people* didn’t appreciate it. So he looks fidgety when they are performing this song, and tries to limit his interactions with Zayn, even looking off stage a lot of times. But Ziam themselves are clearly way more than okay, obviously :P


The night was windless, the snow drifting straight down out of a cold black sky, yet the leaves of the heart tree were rustling his name. “Theon,” they seemed to whisper, “Theon.”

The old gods, he thought. They know me. They know my name. I was Theon of House Greyjoy. I was a ward of Eddard Stark, a friend and brother to his children. “Please.” He fell to his knees. “A sword, that’s all I ask. Let me die as Theon, not as Reek.” Tears trickled down his cheeks, impossibly warm. “I was ironborn. A son … a son of Pyke, of the islands.”

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Good Morning Britain-April 28th 2014 (x)

*We’ve seen bits and pieces of this already, but there are a few new clips in here.*

We already heard Harry say, “You and I is a love song. It’s saying that you’re inseparable and nothing can get in the way of you and your love.” But in this clip he also says a short time later, “If you believe in something, then you shouldn’t give up on it. And I think that’s important.”