GOT7 REACTION - What kind of kissers and cuddlers they are

This somehow became a huge a** post, and trust me I made it as short as I could but this ask just killed me (thank you for requesting btw hehe). I separated in two parts: kissers and cuddlers. This is my opinion, there is no way I would know 100% but I hope you like it anyway.

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Tender or aggressive kisser. The first type, those deep kisses, would show up when he wants to make sure you feel loved or when he simply wants to show you how much you mean to him. The second would come up when you two are in an intimate situation, where you wouldn’t mind being a little rougher.

He would be a possessive cuddler, holding you tight above his chest or having his arm around your waist, always making sure he’s got you. And he would totally be the big spoon, no discussions. (just pretend you’re the pillow)


Bold kisser. He would like to kiss you at all times, when you two are strolling and he stops leaning down to meet your lips, or when you’re watching a movie and he pecks your cheeks flashing you a smile.

He’d love small talk and just feel you close when cuddling, being the bigger spoon and kissing the back of your neck. Mark would also not really care about TPO, he would pull you into hugs everywhere and maybe to his lap, even if the boys are around. (you’re Yugyeom)


Teasing kisser. He would probably kiss you differently every time and make sure to surprise you, like kissing your forehead and then kissing your lips without you expecting or when you are expecting and he only kisses the corner of your lips. But, as soon as you two start, he would be sure to make it slow and great.

He would be a little clingy, once you two start your cuddling session he wouldn’t let you go. He would love to be the big spoon, but laying his head on your collarbone is his most common position.

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Passionate kisser. He seems like the type to kiss you so deeply you’d be breathless in no time. Jinyoung would keep his eyes closed enjoying every second, and would have his hands on you. He would make sure to have you comfortable and in the right situation, so both of you could savor the kiss well. (sorry not sorry, but I couldn’t find a better one. you’re obviously Mark)

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He would love to lay on your lap and feel your fingers through his hair. I think when he’s tired, he would be clingier, enjoying being the little spoon or just being held by you and watching you fondly.

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Long and intimate kisses. He would ask for kisses with his eyes and hold you tight, barely keeping his hands off of you. Sometimes he would be playful, winking and slightly pouting before laughing out loud and reaching out to you himself.

He would love to just lay on your stomach and slowly drift off to sleep, keep holding hands and back hugs with kisses on the back of your neck. Playing with your hair as you lay beside him is a must.

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Honest kisser. He would love to bite your lips and probably give you some hickeys when you two have a heated moment, but he’d also love to just hug you and peck your lips countless times before actually giving in. Simply feeling you and the comfortness between you two.

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He’s definitely into cuddling. Bambam would probably be touching you all the time, holding hands, pulling you into him, being both bigger and smaller spoon, resting his arm around your shoulders.

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Innocent kisser. He’s the maknae after all. Yugyeom would share his affection with multiple pecks where he can reach, you could be watching something and he would peck your cheek and smile shyly. He’d become more confident eventually and show you his romantic side, like leaning forward while holding your cheek to kiss you at your doorstep, slowly and carefully.

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He’d probably be shy as well when cuddling. You’d have to initiate it the first times, but as soon as he knows what you’re comfortable with, he would take the steps himself, pulling you closer when watching a movie or resting his head on your lap.

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When kaneki saved touka from ayato, it kinda makes you sad when you remember that she was completely WRECKED, heart and body by her own brother and yet, all she could've said when she saw him again is "what have they done to you?", while shaking like a baby and almost at the verge of tears.

Goes to show how much Touka puts others before herself. It’s bad enough she was beaten and heartbroken over the path her younger brother went down, but she was able to tell at first glance at Kaneki.. he wasn’t the same person. 

Yes, Kaneki saved her, but Touka saw all through that; she couldn’t believe what Aogiri had done to Kaneki. It’s like she could tell that she was about to lose TWO loved ones… and she was right. :/

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How the RFA reacts to PDA?

Author’s note: i wish i could give my faves some PDA ;)


  • oh you already KNOW he loves it
  • he loves cuddling 
  • so much
  • like you wanna hold hands while grocery shopping? yes please. what about while doing laundry? only need one hand anyways.
  • andddddd he loves giving it as much as receiving it


  • hugs behind the back are his FAVE
  • also any time you play with his hair he’ll fall asleep even in public it’s actually a problem
  • he’s also all for dramatic kisses in public
  • he just really really REALLY loves showing you off


  • she’s also really big on hand holding
  • she also loves it when you rest your head on her shoulder while you two are waiting for something
  • she’ll get SUPER flustered when you kiss her in public but she still loves it 
  • she also loves forehead kisses those are her favorite kisses 


  • the ice queen king
  • he tries to refrain from PDA to “keep up his image”
  • but that doesn’t stop you from pulling him behind a wall and giving him a kiss
  • he loves it when you hold his hand under the table
  • he feels like it’s you two’s little secret and it makes him feel so special
  • also in private his fave kind of cuddles are when he puts his head in your lap and you play with his hair
  • he will do anything for those


  • but he still gets upset when you don’t hold his hand when you two are walking around
  • he’s really happy with any kind of love 
  • even though it’s super dorky he loves it when you loop your arm around his
  • he also loves when you rustle his hair and laugh at him

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could you do fwb jhope?

hooo boy u asked for it

  • shows up to your place at 1:43 am with condoms, a half-empty bottle of 5 hour energy and a smile that’s a cross between suggestive and apologetic
  • he’s probably been in love with you since he was like 5 but will he ever confess??
  • no he won’t
  • leaves his clothes lying around in hopes that you’ll wear them
  • it’d be cute if not for how sweaty they are, so 9/10 you end up washing them instead
  • orders takeout and has it sent to your address just to freak you out every so often when he hasn’t see you in a while
  • always get your order right, no matter how esoteric
  • snapchat videos of him making fun of kookie’s dancing
  • claims he’s only gonna lay down for 5 minutes, falls asleep and staeals all ur blankets
  • dancing to girl groups together
  • your underwear collection has undergone a SERIOUS upgrade 
  • leaving dumb messages for each other bc all you ever seem to get are missed calls
  • you keep bribing him with nudes in exchange for favors 
  • he’s better at everything than you and he knows it
  • *beatboxes nervously while he watches you get undressed*
  • swapping massages for like 40 minutes and then falling asleep before any head is given bc ur both so relaxed and tired
  • you’re on a first-name basis with his sister and you two get together to talk shit about hobi at least once a month
  • that one time he, jin, and yoongi drunk dialed you and it was literally just 4 solid minutes of them giggling breathlessly into the phone before you hung up on them
  • you can’t talk to him when you’re sad bc he just wants to make you feel better and sometimes you just wanna WALLOW not laugh until you wet ur pants
  • has ur name saved in his phone as a single flower emoji

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There was something about Sam that had always made me feel uneasy, it was the way that his eyes always looked at me with so much intention. He saw me, he really saw me, the invisible girl. I had spent my whole life doing my best to remain anonymous and unreadable, yet from the moment he met me I knew he saw through all of my carefully crafted walls. He could tell what I was thinking with just a glance, and I hated it. I hated it so much that maybe, maybe I fell in love with him for it. I cou

nted on my own stubbornness to avoid being put in such a predicament, but my own brain betrayed me.

He was always so attentive – how can a girl hide when there’s always someone there to see you?

Over and over again I’ve told myself that distance is a good thing. Physical attraction, lust, that’s one thing, but always, ALWAYS keep a certain emotional distance.

And it worked. Until that fucker showed up and insisted on being a part of my life.

It made me uncomfortable in the beginning, those little gestures; the gentle nature of him. It made me question myself; ask myself what I’ve been hiding from all these years – how much have I missed? And I hated him for it.

But Sam, the bastard, is nothing if not diligent.  He kept coming back, like he knew it was only a show I put on. He worked his way under my skin, through my ribcage, aiming for my heart. And man! Does he have good aim!

I didn’t notice at first, but when I think back, it’s laughable how clear it was: how my heart sped up when he entered the room – or just sat a bit closer than usual. The tingling all the way into my toes when his hand accidentally brushed mine. Or the way his golden voice would wake the sleeping butterflies in my stomach.

I should say though, for the record, I never actually hated Sam. I hate demons. I hate werewolves, and wendigos. That feeling is nothing compared to the fire that burned in my chest when I first met Sam and his brother. I was confused, okay? Just leave me alone!

But then, gradually, I realised what was happening. It took some time, yeah, because I’m stupid like that. But once I understood a whole new world opened.

It was a bit distracting at first; always having Sam run through my mind, being forced to notice those perfectly sculpted shoulders and arms every time it was too hot to wear any more than a t-shirt – oh, who am I kidding? He can wear seven layers of thick coats, do his best Michelin Man impression, and I’d still notice those shoulders. He would probably pass out from the heat by then, and then I’d have to — Anyway, my point is: being around Sam Winchester almost became a health hazard.

In Dean’s car? No problem. I could just sit back and enjoy the view, so to speak, but in the proximity of monsters? I always seemed to trip over my own feet or step on some twig so it snapped… Didn’t help that Sam always insisted on placing himself between me and whatever it was we were after. Sure way to reduce me to an incoherent, babbling mess.

Dean used to tease me, joking about how I should just up and confess already, making Sam blush and protest fiercely. That’s Sam for you: always standing up for his friends.

I managed to hide my reactions to Dean’s teasing well enough. It always ended with laughter and poorly dispensed sarcasm. Don’t think Dean ever knew how close he was to the truth.

Eventually, though, I learned to control my instincts around Sam. It took ages to perfect, and now I can look at him coming out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel almost without drooling as his wet hair clings to his neck, skin all fresh and flushed… mmm… Hm, where was I? Oh, yeah. I can look at him without giving away a thing. I’m basically a stone statue.

But it was hard to learn the craft, I tell you. How anyone can not be rendered useless in the vicinity of him is a mystery. Though… I’ve seen how other people react sometimes. Most women we encounter during hunts, be it law enforcement or witnesses, or just random bystanders, they all melt into a puddle when he turns his attention on them. Many men too: I’ve actually seen a couple walk straight into a parked car – too preoccupied with checking him out. And I don’t blame them. Not at all. It takes most of my mental strength to not fall to my knees in front of him.

I realise I may come across as slightly shallow right now; only focusing on that gorgeous body, but there’s more to that man than rock hard abs and legs that go on forever. Sam is one of the gentlest, kindest persons I know. He constantly puts others before his own needs, and I’ve frequently have had to remind him that he has to take care of himself too.

He sees me for who I am; always finds the best in me, and he works so hard to make me shine. But no-one shines as brightly as Sam does. When he smiles it’s like the sun is drowned out – I would do anything to see Sam smile.

And sometimes, when I’m really lucky, he treats me to one of his bone-crushing hugs. The ones that engulf you completely; flooding your senses with his warmth and his scent. Oh god! That scent. If they found a way to bottle it, I’m pretty sure world peace would be accomplished at once.

To make a long story short: today I am gonna go way out of my comfort zone, and do something I should have done several years ago. Today I’m gonna tell Sam how he makes my knees weak, how his voice sends chills down my spine. And I hope he will smile and take my hand and pull me close to him. I hope he will whisper to me that he feels the same, and that he has been waiting for me to realise what that dizziness and those butterflies mean.

I just need a little bit of courage, hence the outfit. Where’s my heels? Ah, there they are. And now for the finishing touches…  Okay! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Here goes nothing. Wish me luck.

I don’t think I can manage any more drabble requests now: there’s quite a few more I have to write, and considering the turtle pace with which I write, I’ll be doing this for some time. Thank you to all who participated, and all your kind words. It really means a lot to me!

Thank you all so much.

Okay, I’ve been bottling up my emotions about this for a long time, and now I just wanna cut it clear and tell all of you how amazing you are to me.

@oneeyecat, I’m so glad I can be friends with you, talking and streaming with you is always a blast, you make incredible art, and I’m so happy that I was able to have the chance of becoming your friend, because it’s really an honor.

@seashelbby, you’re an amazing friend and I love your unique artstyle. I’m so glad I could show you UKSRT (and your reactions get funnier every time XD) and I’m happy to consider you a good friend, if you consider me one.

@sin-artist, you’re one of the biggest goddamn cinnamon rolls I’ve met on this site, and your artstyle’s completely unique to you and you alone. Honestly, whenever I see you on my dash it just brightens my day. Thank you for being friends with a nerd like me all this time…

@memerie, thank you for being an amazing buddy to hang out with. I’m so happy that we’re able to stream together, and it honestly just gets funnier and funnier every stream, so thanks for being a great pal to hang with. X3

@salty-bacon, you’re probably one of the best friends I’ve ever had in a long while. Just everything about you just hits the right note with me, and I love every damn minute we talk to each other. Your art is special, you’re special, and I’m so happy i had the opportunity to become friends with someone like you.

You five have all made my life SO GODDAMN SPECIAL, and I’m so happy that you’re all here and that you can bring the BEST shit to my dash. You’ve all made my life so special and I’m always excited to come home everyday to talk to you guys n gals. Your art and the stuff you make inspire me to reach further in life, and I just wanna say thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being my friends, for making amazing art, for having amazing personalities, just…

Thank you.

I love y'all

I love you guys so much. I wish I could find a way to show it, but I just want y'all to know how much I care about you. If you ever need anything, message me. Even if you just need a distraction, I’m here.

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hi, i've been following you for a while now and i rlly look up to you so thanks for being a perpetual source of inspiration!! that being said, i know you're both an academic and a creative and i was wondering abt how you balance that. i myself aspire to get into astrophysics, but at the same time i love writing/art/theatre, and can't seem to find enough time to indulge in both fairly. do you have any tips on how you manage to live, balacing your science work and writing career? thank u so much x

addition to above

also, since you’re like the epitome of a cool as hell space nerd and legitimately intelligent scientist (srsly i can never get enough of your facts) i was wondering if you could recommend any resources on becoming as knowledgeable as u? any books, or documentaries, or films or tv shows or websites or things to sign up to- anything, really. again thank u so much and thank u for always brightening my dashboard with ur swag cosmic ways!!


Hey there!! For some reason, now I feel like I need a space tshirt with the words, “Cosmic Swag.” Swag cosmic ways….. XD I love it!

Thanks so much! And I’m glad that I can be a source of inspiration! Sharing knowledge and trying to inspire people is definitely something I’m striving for, so I’m glad that it’s working :)

As for how I balance all this….well….if you’ve seen some of the posts I wrote about, like, wow. 5-6 months ago now (has it really been that long???), you’d see that balancing everything in my life didn’t come easy. It takes a ton of work, planning, scheduling, and personal changes. I used to always let my writing get in the way of school (to the point of totally shutting college out of my life), so I was a horrible student until almost two years ago. Like, I was awful. Skipping classes, purposefully failing things, not studying or doing homework…. It was bad. The road wasn’t easy, but I’m now in a totally new mindset, with all sorts of new motivation and goals, and I work every day to improve who I am and further my pursuit of success.

So, to balance work/academic/creative life, learning to manage time and work efficiently is CRUCIAL. While I’m writing a book (like I am now), I know that I’m going to wake up at either 530 am or 630 am and go to Panera and write for 2-3 hours. I give myself that block every single day specifically to write. Then I go to work, and in the afternoon, I either go for a run, or go do a cardio workout at the tennis courts, or, on Wednesday evenings, play tennis doubles at the country club I go to a clinic at! On Monday and Tuesday, I have my graduate classes at night, and they wrap up my day. So my days are generally structured like that, and it’s rare that I ever have what people would call “free time,” even though some people think my “free time” is when I’m writing my book.

But it’s not. Writing my book is work.

It hasn’t always been like this. Learning to structure my life has been an immense challenge and an outright emotional roller coaster. I can’t say it was fun. It wasn’t. Not in the slightest. But becoming who I am now, and being *where* I am now–in grad school, with a job, writing my 6th book, with a B&N book signing coming up, and an active, sporty lifestyle–was worth the struggle not against the world, but against myself.

So that’s my advice! Structure your life in such a way that you’re always active, always doing something you’re passionate about, while working in time to sorta slow down here and there, maybe to go stargazing, or read a book, or watch a movie (every night for the past week, I’ve watched an hour of Lord of the Rings before bed). Holding to an active structure will naturally motivate you to stick to it and fill it with everything you want to! (Also I only sleep maybe 5-6 hours a night, which gives me plenty of time in the day to work with).

As for resources to read up on science and such…. definitely go on Netflix and satisfy your childhood with Bill Nye! I think they released a few more seasons? And also watch Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson!!! Soooooo beautiful. The Universe, from the History Channel, is a show I watched a looooonggggg time ago (it’s also on Netflix now).

As for books, I really like Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, and Bill Nye’s Undeniable and Unstoppable, both very good reads about planetary science, evolution, natural mechanics, and climate change :)

When it comes to websites, join the Planetary Society! You’ll get a quarterly magazine about recent announcements and discoveries in space science, a nifty t-shirt, a membership card, and you can attend national meetings (this past February they made a call for people to register for a litigation event in Washington D.C., where you got to speak with real members of Congress and advocate for space exploration (I’m sure NASA’s recent Mars Bill is some result of that, too). If you have a Facebook, join the group “SpaceX,” or “I Love Astronomy - VIP Club,” and others, where you’ll always be engaged in group discussions about day-to-day space news! It’s very exciting :D

Thanks for reaching out! Awesome to hear from you, and stay inspired!!!

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Saw photos of Rose in Belfast today. Could this mean she's making a cameo in GoT, maybe showing up in one of Bran's FB? I haven't seen her hanging out in Belfast before, not even last year when kit spent a month there shooting the battle. So this could totally mean she's in town for filming, right?

I would absolutely love that and considering how D&D loved Rose I don’t think that’s totally impossible that they bring her back for a few seconds (especially considering Jason Momoa is also in Belfast, but he’s good friend with D&D so he might just visit too - edit: I’ve been told he was there doing things for Guiness) but I wouldn’t be too hopeful about it to avoid disappointment. She could also be there for several reasons, maybe just to have the chance to see Kit and her friends from the cast, we can’t know for sure. Fingers crossed that she’ll make a cameo before the show ends though !! :D

However I woke up to so many asks ranting about Rose’s private life because she’s in Belfast and as much as I’m grateful for the interest you have in the blog or my opinion, I hope you’ll understand that I won’t answer them as I said before. Just one last rant because this is honestly getting insane : we can’t know what is happening in actor’s lives and it’s their business anyway. I know that it’s hard to wait for news and so the focus is on her private life right now and what is she doing here or there and why isn’t she doing this and blah blah blah, but I don’t wish to know what is happening during her private life and do not care. I love her as an actress and she seems lovely as a person but I don’t enjoy speculating on her every moves. It’s her life, she’s a grown-up, she has the right to do whatever the hell she wants without being judged 24/24. As to people who blame her for all the gossip articles showing up when you google her name, I tried to google a few actresses and let’s see which article comes up first : “Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes move in together after secretly dating for a year while shooting Victoria” , “Game Of Thrones’ Carice van Houten shares kiss with boyfriend Guy…”, “War And Peace’s Tuppence Middleton shows off boyfriend at event”. This is a fucked up world where there are more articles about actors’ private life than their talent, you just have to accept it and ignore it. And if you want to stop following her career or don’t want to be a fan just because stupid gossip sites write about her private’s life or because she doesn’t seem to work enough for your taste when you actually know 1% of what she’s doing in her everyday life, no one’s stopping you. No one’s telling you how to live your life so I don’t get why so many people tell Rose’s how she should live hers especially through this blog. I’m just here to share my love for her/her talent and bring news and even though it always makes me happy to see other fans supporting her I won’t sleep less because some others don’t want to be fans anymore or whatever. There are honestly worse things in the world and I don’t have time for negativity. I don’t know about you but I have enough with taking care of my own life to care about someone’s I don’t even know personnally and I always said that I want to respect her privacy. Thank you for understanding. :)

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yes! I loved Hanna+Holbrook, but when I saw him kissing Ali(it was her if I remember right) I lost all the love I had for him ): That being said, I HATED how they ruined Caleb and Spencer's friendship. Why can't they just let them be very good friends and just that? If Emily wasn't gay they would have probably made her and Toby date too. It's just so sad to see them try to pair everyone. People can be alone and happy.

You know, I’m torn because I loved Caleb and Spencer together romantically, but it does bother me because if they never meant to keep them together, why would they ruin a friendship just for drama? It’s tiring and such a cliche. The best part about this show was always the girls friendship and how nothing could break it, but I don’t think the writers suspected we’d get attached to other friendships too. Idk. I agree though, people can be alone and happy and I think that’s been one of the biggest mistakes this show has made


“yes?” Camilla said. Juniper pulled her from her chair and got down on one knee. “oh my god…”

“Camilla Mason, I have loved you since I met you three years ago at my sister’s wedding. You are beautiful, talented, and the light of my life. You taught me how to see the world in a diffrent way and you showed me what real love is like- it’s not like the movies where everything is perfect and wonderful and glorious all the time, we had fights and there were days where we ust didn’t feel like doing anything but curling up on the sofa and crying, but we got through it all. I don’t think there is anyone else in the world that I could possibly ask this question, so I’m going to ask you now.” Juniper pulled the box from er jacket pocket, where it had been consealed all evening. 

“Camilla, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

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Band / Artist : Beyonce

What’s your gender? “Who Run The World (Girls)”

Describe yourself : “Halo”

How do you feel ? “Flawless”

If you could go anywhere ? “7/11″

Favorite mode of transportation ? “Rocket”

Your bestfriend ? “Irreplaceable”

Favorite time of day?  “All Night″

If your life was a tv show? “Bonnie & Clyde”

Relationship status? “Crazy In Love“

Your fear? “Don’t Hurt Yourself”

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You know what you need, you need a bowl of ice cream with cookies, a nice comfy couch and a warm blanket. With some YouTube videos and that beautiful smile that you have on your face. Please never be hesitate to tell your followers how you're feeling, never think that we will ignore you, because we won't. Never be afraid to cry, crying does not mean you're weak, it means that you are strong enough to let go of your problems and show your feelings. If I could hug you right now I would. I love you

Thank you so much. <3 that means a lot. <3

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<P>Band/Artist: Childish Gambino
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<br>How do you feel?: Sober
<br>If you could go anywhere?: Late Night in Kauai
<br>Favourite mode of transportation?: Crawl
<br>Your best friend?: Backpackers
<br>Favourite time of day?: Sunrise
<br>If your life was a TV show?: The Worst Guys
<br>Relationship status?: Sweatpants
<br>Your fear?: Shadows

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What’s your gender ? Senorita

Describe yourself : What goes Around Comes Around

How do you feel ? Cry Me a River

If you could go anywhere ? Blue Ocean Floor

Favorite mode of transportation ? Spaceship Coupe

Your bestfriend ? Pusher Love Girl

Favorite time of day ? Take Back the Night

If your life was a tv show ? Can’t Stop the Feeling

Relationship status ? Drink You Away

Your fear?   Tunnel Vision

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im still salty abt that “we kept amethyst” line and pearl OVER laughing like you know when you’re trying to rub something into someones face and you over-exaggerate your reaction? that was that is and as much as i’d love an episode where pearl and amethyst meet for the first time im not sure if its gon be good cause that was clear, bonafide foreshadowing that pearl didnt want amethyst around at first. but i guess it could show how much they’ve come to like each other. but still

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If you could go anywhere? The Carpal Tunnel of Love

Favorite mode of transportation?

Your best friend? Uma Thurman

Favorite time of day? Eternal Summer

If your life was a tv show? Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued

Relationship status? I Don’t Care 

Your fear? Dead on Arrival

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Hello ^-^ next year I'm starting highschool and none of my friends are going to the same one as me. Ive been worrying about for months since I'll be all lonely, Im a very shy person so I don't know if I'll be able to make new friends. Any advice?? (P.s. I love you and Tobi so much your both such awesome people! ❤️)

Thank you, @vegetaisnotme.   I wish I could help you, but I’m very introverted, and go to a school without friends as well, but it doesn’t harm me. So my advices are actualy not good at all. I would just suggest you to take the chance if someone comes up to you. Or if you see someone with the same interest, secretly show that interest so you make sure that they see how you are the same. Could be reading, series, anything. 
Or maybe..just take a Sheldon. Say this to a person in your class though. Somebody must feel the same way.

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Rules: using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer the ten questions and tag ten people.

Band/Artist: Melanie Martinez

What is your gender?: Alphabet Boy

Describe yourself?: Mad Hatter

How do you feel?: Dead To Me

If you could go anywhere?: Carousel

Favourite mode of transportation?: Training Wheels

Your best friend?: Mrs Potato Head

Favourite time of day?: Play Date

If your life was a TV show?: Pity Party

Relationship status?: Cry Baby

Your fear?: Soap

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Jess Mariano Appreciation Week Day 2

Day 2: Favorite Relationship - Jess and Luke

For all the literati love I may squeal about, I truly love the relationship between Jess and Luke. Gilmore Girls as a show is primarily about familial relationships and this is no exception. I could go on and on about how much I love Jess and Luke, but if you need any convincing, just watch the ‘reciprocation’ scene. I cry every time.

Fic Recommendation: Thank you for being here. Follows the Jess/Luke relationship both throughout the show and after. All the stories are amazing, but if the last one doesn’t make you cry you have no soul. Absolutely amazingly written!