so, i was having an interesting discussion on twitter recently with the lovely beans there about the possibility of asexual!klaine aus, and well, fic happened.

written for my perfect princess yesim <33

Kurt tapped his fingers against the wheel nervously, drumming out the too-fast beat of his heart. He swallowed. It was dark, and the road was empty, the streetlamps creating puddles of yellow light on the sidewalk.

Suddenly there was a tap tap on the passenger window and he jumped, clutching the steering wheel in relief at Blaine’s excited grin. He hit the unlock button and Blaine jumped in, closing the door behind him quietly and strapping in his seatbelt.

“Hey Kurt!” he exclaimed. “You ready to go?”

Kurt nodded, unsure whether he could trust his voice right now. He was nervous as hell. If he could actually summon up the courage to do it, Blaine’s happy grin could well be gone in a couple of hours.

He started the engine again and rolled away from Blaine’s house down the street. He could feel Blaine’s eyes on him.

“Are you okay, Kurt? You’ve barely said a word since I got in the car.”

“I’m–fine. Just, um,” terrified that you’re never going to want anything to do with me again, “tired, I guess.”

“You should have called, we could have postponed our date to a later–”

“No, no, it’s fine.” He needed to get this over and done with as soon as possible. He considered telling Blaine now, but–well, he was being selfish. He wanted a last couple of happy hours with Blaine before he ruined everything.

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^^^ Normally I just ignore tweets from Delphine haters coz everybody got their own opinions but this account crossed the line when she/he sent hate tweets straight to Evelyne’s twitter account. Please don’t be this pathetic.

So Clone Club, I hope you guys can send positive tweets to Evelyne and let her know that we all love her very much. She didn’t deserve this.

I had tried to forget the way your face looked in the sun, but even when I saw you in the middle of the night, everything came back.
I remember the way your hands looked, a cigarette balanced between two fingers.
I wanted to look at you. I didn’t want to take my eyes away, I didn’t know how long you would want to see me this time and I knew if I wasted a second on blinking I would regret it immediately.
but instead, I watched the smoke dance in swirls and ripples, staying, floating in the air.
I remember not wanting to say goodbye. I didn’t want to open the car door I didn’t want to be any farther away from you then I already was,
but I wasn’t the one spreading the distance
it was you with your hands on the steering wheel, foot on the gas pedal, ready to leave.
I remember standing in the street watching you pull away
I wanted to run back to the car,  grab your hand and kiss you.
I wanted to make sure you knew that I fucking missed you every single day you were gone.
but with these thoughts in my head I watched your car get smaller and smaller, and when I was sure you wouldn’t stop to turn around
I walked down to the dead end and found myself missing everything all over again.
—  i live on a dead end street and its always quite at night