Saving John Watson

People have been reblogging my John Watson post recently. And I can see why. I re-read it today and I was most struck by this line: 

Sherlock may be an undeniable hurricane-strength force whirling through John’s life but John also chose him.

No, says Sherlock in HLV. John chose Mary. And you can see now why I had an utter meltdown over this, and I may possibly write even more about this at a later point in time, about how Watsons need to love their Holmeses, about how that’s the promise of the AU, about how my John would never *not* choose my Sherlock. 

I could write more about how I’ve figured out that I am blatantly biased in favor of Sherlock Holmes, that he is always The Hero in my stories, how I give him John Watson because I love him so much that I can’t deny him. I thought my stories had co-protagonists, but I’ve realized that’s wrong. My stories are Sherlock’s stories. I use them to *save* *Sherlock.* It should be no surprise I can’t forgive Mary for shooting him. Does she not know how much effort I’ve spent saving him?? Just like I can’t forgive her for playing on his adoration of John from Minute 1, basically.

(You have a huge secret and your husband’s best friend is supposed to be notoriously brilliant at reading people? How do you throw him off your scent? YOU GIVE HIM THE THING HE MOST WANTS IN THE WORLD. YOU GIVE HIM BACK HIS JOHN WATSON. Oh, Mary, it was clever, clever, clever to play on Sherlock’s feelings this way. You were the smartest, because you were the first to realize exactly how deep Sherlock’s feelings run. “I’m a high-functioning sociopath,” Sherlock says in every episode this series, clinging to that identity, when, by the end, he’s the least sociopathic character on the canvas.)

(And then, oh, then, Mary, you’re in a bind and you shoot Sherlock Holmes. Do you know what you don’t do to John Watson when you love him? You don’t take away the people he loves. Ask Sherlock Holmes, who just reminded Sholto of this. Who gives up everything in the universe to give John Watson Mary + baby: the people, as far as Sherlock can tell, that John Watson loves most in the world. Bad, selfish decision there, Mary. Sherlock didn’t die, because Sherlock loves your husband so much that he doesn’t fights himself back from *death* in order to protect him. Do not fight Sherlock Holmes on the John Watson love question, Mary. You are going to lose so, so badly. I almost think that’s why Sherlock doesn’t get Mary’s hysteria to hang onto John. He’s like, “What the hell, you love someone, YOU LET THEM GO, isn’t that the deal?”)

I could write more about how being as in love with Sherlock Holmes as I am, that what I end up doing, in my role in every fic, is I *cast myself as John Watson.* That’s why I write John’s POV so heavily. I *am* John Watson. That’s why I was so furious with John all day today. We John Watsons, we are supposed to love our Sherlock Holmeses. They love us so deeply, so vulnerably, they love with such abandon that they do stupid, self-destructive things and we are supposed to save them. And John Watson in HLV felt like he broke that contract with me. Watsons and Holmeses, in all incarnations, they *love* each other. They are endgame. Platonic, romantic, I genuinely don’t care: they are each other’s heartbeats, they save each other, they fix each other. 

But what I’m doing now is saving John Watson for me. Because I am a John Watson of a stripe who has spent hundreds of thousands of words writing my Sherlock Holmes. I know him so astonishingly well by now, but there was a time when I didn’t, when I was feeling my way, when his headspace was tricky, and when I didn’t realize the secret that this series so unbelievably beautifully confirmed for me: that Sherlock Holmes’s heart is a precious and amazing thing. 

This John Watson, in HLV, he’s a young John Watson, and he didn’t catch up with me, with the rest of us Watsons, until last night. John doesn’t tell Sherlock thank you, or anything emotional at all, in that tarmac scene, because John has finally, finally, *finally* realized that Sherlock Holmes is in love with him. Not just in love with him, but loves him with a brilliant, all-encompassing selflessness that provoked him to kill a man and exile himself just to make sure John Watson could live with the woman he had chosen. Loves him enough to push him back together with that woman even though that woman had *literally* killed him (and also, frankly, in my view, manipulated him for a year, too, by preying on his biggest weakness…a lot like CAM, but I digress). Loves him enough to do all that and never ask for a single thing back, nothing, not even a moment of affection there on that tarmac that Sherlock clearly deserved and doesn’t demand, doesn’t push. Because even on that tarmac, *Sherlock is still loving John Watson to selfless distraction,* *still giving John what he thinks John needs,* which is no emotion, no big scene, no forcing of the question.

And when you realize that somebody loves you like that, and you’ve essentially chosen someone else, you’ve essentially *let him do it,* how can you possibly let yourself acknowledge that out loud? If you did that, how could you ever keep *living*?

mishanarry asked: Can you do one where Dean keeps denying his feelings for Cas and one night they go out to a bar and Cas decides to just go ahead and flirt with another guy to get over Dean who ends up jealous? And fluff? Thank you I love you and your blog :)

“Jeez, how long could it possibly take him to get another round of beers? Do you think he got lost on the way?” Dean asked, mockingly rolling his eyes at his younger brother.

Sam stretched his neck, but it was impossible to see the bar from their table in the back, especially with the place being this crowded. “I don’t see him… Let’s just hope he didn’t fly off again, heaven usually has poor timing.”

Dean shook his head. “The guy at least would’ve told us he’s leaving, right?”

“Unless it was something pressing like the end of the world, yeah, I suppose so.” Sam agreed with a shrug.

“Alright, I’m gonna see what’s taking him so long.” Dean declared as he got up from his chair. “God knows what kind of trouble he could already have gotten himself into. It’s Cas, after all.”

Sam shot him a glance of amusement that Dean didn’t know what to make of, and so he just glared back at his brother, then took off and pushed himself through the crowd in the general direction of the bar.

Okay, so maybe Dean was a tiny bit overprotective when it came to Cas and social situations. Nothing weird about that, he was just trying to protect the angel, who could be a bit naïve when it came to everyday human interactions. There was nothing wrong with wanting to look after your friend…

Dean mumbled ‘excuse me’ on repeat as he made his way through the mass of people. He was relieved when he finally reached the bar, but immediately felt his heart sink to his stomach when he actually spotted Castiel. At first Dean figured that he had to be hallucinating thanks to a beer too many, but when he briefly closed his eyes then opened them again, he was still confronted with the same image. Cas was talking to a guy. Well, they were not just talking, that much Dean could tell, even from where he was standing. Dean kept his distance as he observed them, his mouth falling open wider with each second that passed.

The guy had short blond hair and was not at all unfortunate looking, and he was laughing, apparently at something Cas had said.

“What the hell? What, does he make jokes now?” Dean disbelievingly muttered under his breath to no one but himself.

And for a moment Dean was taken aback. By how much this pissed him off. By how much it bugged him that Cas was making this stranger laugh. Dean should be the one to laugh at Cas’ jokes. On the rare occasions that he made any…

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Just when I thought I lost hope, you stepped into my life; you were a fresh new start, a new beginning. You looked at me no other guy has ever looked at me before. You set your dark cocoa hues on my blue ones and said “you’re perfect.” I denied and denied and denied, I still don’t see how I am but nonetheless, you repeatedly tell me like it’s a mantra stuck in your head. You made me believe that I could actually be held, kissed, and possibly fall in love without causing damage. You made me believe that something greater than repeatedly staring and hoping endlessly at happiness could actually turn into real life.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1175 // i’ll never let you go 

No one can deny that Naruto doesn’t love being a Dad. He calls himself Dad in front of his kid, while he’s working he creates a clone to play with his son (I also think he started doing this so that Boruto would stop defacing the Hokage monument..clearly didn’t work). He plays hide-n-seek with his son. How precious is that? He didn’t have parents growing up so I think it is in his nature to want to spend as much time with his children as possible. For all we know there could be a clone back at the house with Hinata and Himawari.

How Can You Not Think That Suga's Smile Is Cute?

I mean, look at this!

How could you possibly think this is ugly?

This is just adorable.

He’s like a little teddy bear!

He’s so cute and squishy!

His smile is so perfect and gummy! How could anyone deny it? I MEAN, LOOK AT HIM!

He’s just the cutest. Admit it.



Three, ‘Ta’s’, in THoB (and one in TBB)

When someone on the show says something repeatedly, even something seemingly trivial or minor, we must pay attention to a possible message.  The Woman says she knows what people like three times in ASiB and that’s how we know this is a very significant part of the story.  It stands to reason that she could have said that once but no, she says it three times.

In THoB, John says, ‘Ta’, instead of, ‘thank you’, three times.  I have so far only seen it as having relevance as a mirroring of the inn keeper, Gary, who is a foil for John.  This man assumes that John and Sherlock are together and he not only does not deny this but also begins to immediately speak like him.  We don’t see this type of mirroring on the show, from John, like this with anyone.

So, I was thinking that Sherlock is a graduate chemist.  He has a periodic table on the wall in his bedroom.  Sherlock will use Stapleton’s lab to do some work later on in hounds and we’ve seen him do lab work in ASiP, TGG, ASiB, TRF.  Elements of the periodic table specifically being shown visually in TGG and THoB.

So…  Let’s say that, ‘Ta’, is an element on the periodic table.  Why, yes, it is, it’s called Tantalum.  And it is named after an unfortunate hero named Tantalus.  Now, Tantalus was punished for his wrong doings by being sentenced to forever stand in a lake of water under a fruit tree with a giant rock overhead.  If he gets thirsty and he bends down to drink water, the water recedes and he is unable to do so.  If he is hungry and he reaches up to the fruit on the tree, the branches, likewise, recede.  If he tries to escape the massive boulder will fall on him.

Tantalus’ story is where the word, ‘tantalise’, comes from.  ‘To torment with… the sight of something desired but out of reach.  To provoke, taunt, tempt, frustrate’,

(Couldn’t find the source of the first illustration.  Second image comes from here).

All this fruit imagery makes me think of one of my more obscure visual metas.  It’s about the stag night and the chair covered in grapes in the Baker Street foyer.  Also, this puts the various apples we see on the show in a whole new context: John’s apple in ASiP and Moriarty’s apple in TRF.

Anyway, let’s say that having John say, ‘ta’, in THoB is a meant to be a clue of some kind.  It stands to reason that in a show with as much chemistry as Sherlock this might be a chemical element.  And if so, it’s one named after a man who is in the exact same situation as John.

THoB is the one episode where John tells Sherlock to not pop his collar and try to look cool with his cheekbones and all that.  John is flat out saying, ‘please, don’t look this attractive, it’s torture’.  This is exactly the predicament faced by Tantalus.  

@becumsh has just pointed out that John has previously said, ‘ta’, one time near the end of TBB.  If we go with this idea that Ta = Tantalum = Tantalus then we can see that John was beginning to repress his desires for the first time in TBB (in contrast to lip-licking, ready-to-go John at Angelo’s).  This is how he stays strong dating Sarah despite Sherlock’s seeming reversal on his no-dating policy.  This is the episode where John is tied up and panting in front of raging fires before Sherlock saves him looking as debonair as James Bond.  

We can see at the beginning of THoB that John seems incredibly in control of his impulses as Sherlock falls apart with the desire for, ‘a smoke’.  Then we see that in fact John can’t even stay quiet about Sherlock putting up his coat collar any more.  He’s had enough of the sexual frustration: he’s trying so hard to keep it together and it seems almost as if Sherlock’s purposefully trying to sabotage this.  It seems almost as if Sherlock may have called the inn and tried to get a room with only one bed.  And later, at the lab, Sherlock will try to, ‘stimulate a response’, in John just to see if it’s possible.

All of this goes to the idea that John is trying incredibly hard to be a good platonic friend and Sherlock is doing everything to have him lose his calm.

Now, let’s think of the three things that Tantalus has to deal with, forever: food, drink and a rock.  We can see in TBB that John gets food with Sherlock and has to leave it behind as soon as he puts it to his lips.  We can see him trying to get some food to eat with Sarah and get kidnapped before his takeaway even comes.  We see him try to drink red wine and ditto, he gets interrupted,

In THoB John artfully dodges a question about Sherlock’s snoring with, ‘got any crisps?’.  And then we see him leave the pub with just a beer: he’s totally crispless.  He just have a drink that says, ‘me and that hot guy are just bros’, according to the drink code,

…and speaking of giant rocks overhead, 

THoB has plenty of this particular visual and it’s even got the source of his frustration, Sherlock, right on top of it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  If, ‘ta’, and tantalus really are a clue to us this would be another good explanation for Sherlock being atop this rock in this dramatic way.  I’ve always seen this as Sherlock’s, ‘Heathcliff’, moment and I think that fits with this post really well, actually.  In, ‘Wuthering Heights’, Catherine did nothing if not pine for her true love, someone with whom she was never going to be.

We see John fail to get information from Mortimer because Frankland gives him away: he’s investigating for Sherlock.  But, in the not too subtle subtext John is trying to get in Mortimer’s pants and is on the verge of a breakthrough when Frankland basically outs him as going out with Sherlock.  Sherlock’s influence, even via Frankland, manages to cock-block him that night.  They’re drinking white wine which shows things were not getting romantic, anyway.  When she leaves she suggests he go drink with Frankland who, ‘likes’, him, according to her,

Then quite fantastically we cut to,

Sherlock, on the rock.  Again.  In case we didn’t get that John struck out with Mortimer because of Sherlock we literally cut to him, the reason for John’s failure to score with a woman, yet again.  But, bonus: he’s on the giant rock above Tantalus’ head.  

After solving the case, John finally gets to eat: breakfast, he gets to break his fast.  Even though Sherlock brings two coffees of straightness, one for him and one for himself, another Sherlock, Billy, brings him a plate of food including sausage,

I guess we can see this as a bit of progress for Tantalus, he gets to eat but Sherlock will only give him a coffee, again.  Reinforcing their de facto contract to keep things platonic, despite how much it causes them to suffer.

I honestly cannot understand how anyone could deny that ZabuHaku is canon. The two were extremely intimate, and not necessarily in a physical way. It is possible to be in love with someone without having to bang all the time (or at all in this case). 

No, I don’t believe that Haku and Zabuza were ever physically involved in Naruto-verse but I ABSOLUTELY and without a doubt believe that there was definite romantic love. Haku adored Zabuza and committed his ENTIRE life to the man. That’s some strong and very intimate commitment on Haku’s part.

While I think Haku always, from the start, was in love with Zabuza, I believe that it took some time for Zabuza to grow to love Haku. We have to remember that Zabuza was a ruthless killer and he just so happened to pick up this random street urchin on a whim. To him, for a long time, Haku probably was nothing but a tool for his benefit. But I think that Zabuza began to see the light and started to love him. Especially at the very end of their lives when Zabuza realized how he’d mistreated Haku. 

HOW on EARTH can you deny that? You don’t have to like it or ship it but let’s be honest. Those two were in love.


If I’m denied dancing (“dancing”), then at least I can have singing!

Oh, Estelle, would it kill you to make out with Pilfrey just a little bit?

I mean, sure, yeah, Pilfrey is a complete and total loon, but c’mon!  Just look at his adorable little happy face! 

How can that possibly be less appealing than Paul Slippery’s constant expression of gormless gormlessness? 

Zayn Malik the Abusive Fiancé?

Whoever started this rumour has no idea what they have just done, if zayn hears/ reads all of this, imagine what it is going to do to him, imagine what the paps are going to be yelling at him now, imagine how he is going to react around people. Is modest going to tell perrie to go along with this rumour? If she does zerrie could possibly end. Are modest going to tell perrie to completly deny it? I am hoping they do this but even if she does some people wont believe her or continue to make up rumours about it. This rumour has changed everything, zerrie shippers are going to be sticking by perrie (as seen with the trend) and zayn will be the bad guy. Zayn would never ever do such a thing, he is not the kind of person, if you believe that zayn would do that, then there is something seriously wrong with you. I am hoping this relationship ends soon because who knows how much longer zayn can take.

If in the future I have a child who suffers from misophonia, I will never ever ever

  • Be annoyed if they wear earphones at the dinner table
  • Be angry with them for leaving a triggering situation
  • Force them to endure their triggers
  • Blame them for something they cannot control
  • Tell them to ‘get over it’
  • Deny them something that could help
  • Underestimate how much they might be suffering

They will know they’re not alone. And I will give them everything I possibly can to make sure they never feel the anguish that I have.

Cheater Cheater Cameron Dallas (Requested)

“I can’t believe you Cameron! I trusted you! I didn’t think you were the type of guy to go cheating on someone!” I yelled at him. How could he does this? How could he cheat on me? Cameron was the last guy I ever expected to cheat. He always came of as a nice, loving, and caring guy. But now I realize he’s a careless jerk. “Y/n I never cheated on you!” He yelled back. “Oh don’t even try to deny it Cameron. I have witnesses and I believe what I believe. You can’t possibly say that you didn't do anything because I know you did.” I said. He was silent and the both of us looked over at the guys. I had to find out about this at Magcon rehearsal. Whatever I was so done. Done with this relationship. Done with Cameron. “Y/n…” He started to say but I cut him off. “No Cameron don’t try to save yourself. Don’t even try to fix this. You are done. We are done. I obviously chose the wrong person to give my heart too.” I said before turning and walked away as Cameron called after me. I didn't pay any attention to his attempt of calling after me. He lost my trust and broke my heart. Maybe he’ll learn from his mistakes someday. Some day that I won’t be around to see.

I got back into our room and started gathering my stuff together. I decided I’d just try to catch a flight back home so I don’t have to stay around with Cameron. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. I went over to it expecting either Nash or Matt or one of the other boys to be there and talk to me. But was I so wrong. Once the door opened Cameron stood there, his smile long gone and replaced with a sad expression. “What do you want?” I asked walking back into the room continuing to pack my stuff. “Can we just talk?” He asked closing the door behind him. “There’s nothing to talk about Cameron.” I said. “Come on stop packing.” He said and grabbed my wrist a stopping me from doing anything. I looked up at him with anger in my eyes. “There’s nothing you can say that’ll get me to forgive you.” I said tears almost forming in my eyes at the sight of him. “But you should forgive me.” He said letting his hands fall from my wrists to rest on my waist. “And why should I do that?” I said annoyed with him. “Because you know me. I would never mean to hurt you in any way. It was stupid of me to do that. I don’t even know why I did. But I do know it was the worst mistake I’ve ever made and I hate myself for doing it. If I could go back in time and change it I would y/n and you know that.” He said. I stayed silent and just looked down at the ground. “You’ve said it yourself before… Everyone deserves a second chance…” He said putting his hand under my chin and turning me to face him once again. “So why not give me a second chance now.” He continued and leaned down to kiss me. Our lips crashed together and I melted under his touch. I couldn’t resist kissing back, so I did as my arms wrapped around his neck.

“You get one more chance. But if you mess up again… we’re done. For good.” I said as we pulled apart from each other. He laughed a little to himself and I stared at him. “So I guess we have a deal huh?” He said. “I guess we do. So you better not break it.” I said. “I won’t because there’s no doubt in my mind that you are the one I love. I really do and don’t you forget it.” He said grabbing onto my face. I smiled and leaned into him crashing our lips together once again. “I’ll be watching you Dallas.” I said. “Fine with me. Just as long as I can watch you too.” He laughed. I punched his arm and rolled my eyes before going back to unpacking my stuff. I knew that if me and him would break up that would just make things in my life worse. Cam did have a good point. I’ve always said that everyone in this world deserves a second chance. So who would I be if I didn’t give the one I loved a second chance? Maybe this would test his true love for me. Maybe this would make our future better and maybe I’ll get to see who he really is inside.

A/N—I know it’s pretty short but it’s still good right? Probably not. Hope you guys enjoyed this requested imagine. I know I haven’t done requests in a while and it’s shocking to see one today. But I just can’t say no sometimes. :)
GOP Candidate Under Fire For Calling Melissa Harris Perry An Ape

Nope, I can’t see how this could possibly be misconstrued as racist, no siree.

via Ny Daily News, video also:

ALBANY — A Dutchess County official has touched off a furor by telling a black MSNBC news anchor on Twitter, “Keep your stinking paws off my kid, you damned dirty ape.”

The remark by Jim Coughlan, the Dutchess County controller and a candidate for state Senate, was directed at Melissa Harris-Perry in response to remarks she made about child-rearing that upset many conservatives.

Coughlan said he had no idea that Harris-Perry is black and denied the comment had racist undertones, saying he simply repeating a “well-known quote from the Planet of the Apes.

Even republican party insiders aren’t that thrilled with Coughlan and would probably just as soon wash their hands of him.

Some Republicans said they fear his Twitter history could keep them from regaining a Senate seat they long held until two years ago.

“Jim Coughlan is toxic,” said one. “The Democrats are dying to run against him in November because they know he’s the best chance they have of keeping this seat in Democratic hands.“


“Ah yes our lovely son, so special to me, and I am proud. He’s been accepted to a full scholarship upstate, where he can have access to a schooling system of his level, he applied on his own. He was always such a gifted student, I am not surprised.”

“Boarding school?”

“He didn’t want to tell you himself because he is sure you will deny him privilege to join. You frighten him quite easily.”

“I do not see why that is so, he is my son. If he needs to explain to me his life I am open to possibilities. Curriculums necessary to his education, how could I be disapproving?”

“You’re difficult to speak to, one can’t deny this observation as anything less than accurate. The pamphlets are on the dining room table, he is excited.”

“I will look into it, if pleasant then further steps will be made.”

“Wonderful. Now what is this about me no longer hearing your jokes?”

“..Hitomi.. I am leaving..”

“Yes of course I’m aware, you have a home too, don’t be silly.”

“No, please understand me correctly. I am leaving to Tokyo.”

“A business trip, how lovely. You know I have my parents there.. maybe we can go together.. it can be fun.”

“It is not a trip Hitomi, I will not be returning.”

“..I-I don’t understand.”

Blurb #7: Truth or Dare

“Oh my god, why are we playing this?” Sousuke bitches.

“It’s because you let Kisumi decide.” Rin says helpfully. “Remember?”

Sousuke groans. “Well it’s not like I can deny him that on his damn birthday.”

“Hey! I’m right here you know!” Kisumi waves his hands at the muttering pair. “Sou, pick already!”

“It’s not even a dare,” Rin reasons. “How bad could that possibly be?”

Sousuke flops backwards onto his back in defeat. “What was the question again?”

Rin rolls his eyes. “You’re just stalling!”

Kisumi seems happy enough to ask again. “The question is, if you had to pick one, would you rather have Rin kiss me, or you?”

“Seriously, Kisumi.” Rin sighs. “You’re taking too much joy in torturing him.”

“Me.” Sousuke grunts without looking away from the ceiling from his place on the floor.

“Oooh.” Kisumi sniggers. “That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“Move on. Rin’s turn.” Sousuke grumbles.

“Kisumi,” Rin picks, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Kisumi answers after a second of deliberation.

“Ok,” Rin grins crookedly, “which one of us would you kiss?”

Kisumi laughs. “That’s easy. Both of you!”

Sousuke chokes and abruptly sits up, hitting his chest and coughing. Rin seems a little disturbed, and absently pats Sousuke on the back a few times.

“What, you are both smoking. Who wouldn’t want some of that?” Kisumi says innocently.

“That’s a bit promiscuous, isn’t it?” Sousuke says grumpily.

“I should have seen that coming.” Rin sighs more.

“That’s what she said.” Kisumi replies helpfully. “Also, it’s your turn Sousuke.”


“I think Sousuke’s in shock, Kisumi, you have to give him a minute.”

Sousuke huffs. “Rin, truth or dare?”

Rin rolls up his sleeves. “Dare!”

Sousuke thinks for a while. Rin kicks him and tells him to hurry his ass.

“Ow, fine, I dare you to not cry for the entire week.”

“Really?” Kisumi asks.

“I do not cry that much!” Rin fumes and hits Sousuke on the knee.

“Then it’ll be an easy dare right?” Sousuke shrugs.

“What are you trying to say, bastard?” Rin narrows his eyes.

“Maybe I just don’t like to see you cry.”

“Awwwww~” Kisumi clasps his hands and wiggles.


“Rin, are you crying already?”

“Nooo!” Rin wails while not-crying.

“He’s right, his eyes are only a little bit wet.” Kisumi says observantly, ignoring Rin’s glare. “But, it’s my turn now right? Yay!”

Sousuke groans, like Kisumi is making him do homework instead of play a party game. “I swear, if you ask me another uncomfortable question…”

Kisumi’s toothy smile is a little unsettling. “Truth or dare, Sou~”


“Wimp.” Rin jabs.

Kisumi grins more. “Ok, if-”

“No, no I take it back. Dare.”

“Ok, ok.” Kisumi bounces a little, then slithers to Sousuke and whispers, “Kiss Rin.”

Sousuke jumps back with a hand over his ear and stares at Kisumi in horror. “WHY?!”

Kisumi continues his performance of the cheshire cat.

“What? What did he say?” Rin prods Sousuke.


“Just do it Sousuke! You know want to.”

Sousuke stares dumbly at Rin.

“You know he wants to.” Kisumi adds. “He wanted you to do the dare.”

“What do I want?” Rin asks, arms crossed. “Tell mee!”

Sousuke swallows and scoots closer to Rin.

Rin freezes. “What?”

“Don’t move, ok?”

“Why can’t I mo-”

And then Sousuke plants one on him, to Kisumi’s great surprise. And then they’re breaking apart and giggling so hard Kisumi doubts they can breathe.

“What-?” Kisumi starts, perplexed, because what is going on?

“Oh my god, he totally fell for it.” Sousuke wheezes.

Rin only continues laughing, and fist bumps Sousuke.

“Guuuuyys please explain.” Kisumi whines.

“You do know we’re already together, right? It was perfect.” Rin wheezes.

Kisumi gasps. “You played me? You’re together and I didn’t know about it? Can I get some of that action?”

“Definitely not.” Sousuke answers very quickly, no longer laughing.

Other Blurbs

You can say what you want about the characters on HxH, specifically Killua, but you cannot deny the character development. I mean Killua was raised by ASSASSINS who have no mercy if it doesn’t benefit them and yet here’s Killua who manages to smile despite all the pain he must feel, someone who cries when he sees his best friend cry, someone who manages to have his own ideals despite being tortured into having someone else’s. I don’t know how you could possibly deny how well-written that character is.

I think part of why I hate the Spartan-IVs aren’t real Spartans argument so much is…it almost implies that they had it EASY that their lives were too SOFT to be Spartans.

And like…I’ll preface this by saying I have no intention of diminishing what the Spartan IIs went through AT ALL, but like I’m just trying to show how Spartan IVs might feel about it.

Like the Spartan IIs went through brutal training but it was always in a controlled setting, with them not being tested with things their trainers did not think they could handle. And the Spartan IIs, always had access to basic nessessities, food, clean water, a roof over their head. (I say access because I know if they didn’t perform well, basic necessities could be denied) And also as sad as it is to say, I don’t think it occurred to many of them that another life could have been possible. (I honestly feel like an asshole even saying all this, because I really do not mean to diminish their suffering at all)

But the Spartan IVs, other then Buck it seems like a lot of them grew up during the war. They grew up thinking everything good they had could be taken from them in an instant. That one day everything could be fine, and then the next day they’re fighting for their lives. And for many of them, that IS what happened, but even like the threat of that can fuck up a person. And they probably heard the adults around them talk about how, yeah maybe things weren’t peaceful, but at least with the Insurrection some part of the human race would survive most likely. They knew that another life could have been possible, but this was the one they were stuck with.

I just..I’m glad we’re seeing so many more characters that did grow up during the war, and how that affected them. Because its a huge generation gap probably, and a lot of fans seem to not realize that.

Piece of Mind
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  • Before Meteor: FINAL FANTASY XIV

These eyes will not be fooled– something weighs heavily on your mind. If I were to hazard a guess, the prospect of entreating the succor of the selfsame beings you once slew seems less than attractive? Heh. I’ll not deny it’s ironic. As you well know, aether is the source of all life. Bereft of its blessing, Eorzea would be naught but a dried-up husk of a realm. By whatever name they are called, gods drink of the land’s aether for their sustenance. The Twelve are no different. Summoning them would be tantamount to bleeding the life out of the land. Yet without their aid, Eorzea is most assuredly doomed. Dalamud will fall, and the land will die. Even should aether still flow, life may never again blossom here. We cannot allow that to come to pass. Even as we move to stay Dalamud’s descent, ever must we be mindful of the toll our actions take upon Eorzea’s longevity. We spare the present at a cost to the future. It will be no easy thing, this balancing act.

Yet we must see it through to the bitter end, no matter the hardship. Take heart, my friend, for all will be well. Victory will surely smile upon us. Whence comes my confidence, you ask?

It comes from you, ______. Yours is the fire of hope that will light our darkest hour.

“moderate muslims” who deny europeans right to oppose mass immigration despite the huge wave of violence it causes in their land are hypocrites and their tribalism dominates over rational thinking.

when i hear about my people being overrepresented in crime in the UK, i don’t deny the british the right to oppose the influx of migrants just because said migrants speak my language. if a british person tells me they’re against it because their wage lowered due to competition with immigrants, i understand it as well. i don’t know how i could possibly expect such person to support something that obviously contradicts their personal interest and interpret it as an attack on me as a person or even on my nation.

why? because in my world view my countrymen aren’t entitled to that person’s land.

a muslim who calls you an islamophobe for mentioned reasons - thinks their people are.

That’s a really frustrating situation. Know that your feelings are valid and that you’re not overreacting. You deserve to be able to express your emotions, no matter what they are. It’s troubling that your husband keeps trying to deny you the opportunity to express how you’re feeling, and it’s really telling that he’s only dismissive of emotions that are in some way negative toward him. 

I would suggest that both of you see a marriage counselor, if that’s a possibility for you. This is an important issue, and if it’s not addressed it could get worse.