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Oh no Bail super thirsted for shirtless Obi in wild space…… and so did I……… it’s when they’re on the ship heading out to zigoola. Obi Wan decides to practice forms/active meditation in just his leggings and Bail stops what he’s doing to ogle. (Obi got no shoes no shirt but still got service tbh)

😄 😄 😄 I remember this now, and also this comment deserves its own post. 

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What are the sexiest placements of moon/mars/venus?

everyone has a different definition of sexy but the typical ones I would say are Scorpio, Capricorn cause when I think of sexy I think of dark and forbidden and those two sign so it for me!

so those sign in the above placements ! Edit // also Aries !!!! Leo!!!! Taurus !!