Sokka vs. fish key animation by Myeong Ga Young and Yu Jae Myung.


My Gentle Giant: A Poem for Leo the Giant

Leo, My Love

A gentle giant is he,

Beautiful and graceful as anyone can be.

With dance moves ever so swift,

your heart, he most definitely will lift.

A quiet and shy being,

as pure as a Dove,

he’s like the Big Brother you can’t help but love,

He’s the hero we don’t deserve,

one, who Justice, he’s always willing to serve.

And just hand over all your cash, cause I bet you’ll fall for him in a Flash.  

Leo, My King,

With curls ever flowing,

Like a beautiful black mane he’s proud to be showing. 

He’s a humble little Gem,

doesn’t think he has a voice,

but once you hear him you’ll have no choice, 

but to rejoice. 

My giant, so sweet, just wanna give him some sugar,

but we all know that won’t compare to him getting a tasty burger. 

Last thing I want to say, 

is that at the end of the day,

He is the favorite part of my play. 

Leo, My Love, a gentle giant is he, all I want is for him to just be. 

So I’m inching towards 2k and I thought I’d show how much I love all of you very important people! In bold are my baes, but let it be known that every single one of you is actually my bae. This list was getting pretty long, but I still probably missed people (especially since it seems everyone has changed urls) so I’m very sorry if I did! Anyways, thank you guys so so so much for everything you’ve done for me.

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thank you guys! i love you!