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So you can hate all cis people but when a cis person hates a transgender or anyone of another gender they're terrible people?


This is a submission blog, from angry/scared/terrified trans people who just want to exist in the world but can’t without fearing of their own safety. Don’t come here and talk about how we hate you, we’re just, you know, FUCKING TERRIFIED. The trans panic defense is legal in most of this country for fucks sake. That’s the attitude we’re fighting against.

And if you can’t get why we need to vent, when that is our daily lives, then get the fuck off of this page. You don’t need to be here.

Norman Hate Issue and Shipping

MMB has never cited a great love or cannon in any interview. Nor should she. It hasn’t happened. Neither should Norman one way or the other. It hasn’t played out yet on screen. Until one or both of them die, we just don’t know how their relationship will develop in the future (or not develop). I don’t know any more than you. No one does. Hence the debate that rages. I do agree that Norman and Melissa are likely on the same page when it comes to Caryl and that it’s likely not heading in the romantic direction right now. However, it could change on a dime.

What I do know is that Norman hate would virtually cease to exist on this topic if he would have adopted a similar ship approach as MMB did early on. He can still be his “out there” colorful self without pandering to one side then flipping to the other. Interviewers DO ask Melissa about ship but she gives answers without answering. It’s always generic and vague “bond” “connection” That don’t fall on either side of the fence. Respectful. She keeps the fun in shipping where Normans flip flopping sucks the fun right out like a Dementor.

Sorry Norman but it’s true. The fun in shipping comes from the “What if”…..The anticipation and Possibility that resides in the imaginations of the fans who devote time, their art, writing and feelings to it. It’s Not shameful to do so as some would say. Most of the Caryl community is filled with talented artists, writers and and fans who truly love the ship and hate the drama.
Drama that really would not exist if people with this show would just think before they speak.

I would think even B3*tyl fans could understand this point after Robert Kirkmans Beth/Sofia commentary. Just sayin.

This is all just my opinion for the big pile of steaming nothing it is worth. 😋😉

I have literally never been more angry at Nate. After asking him at least 20 times to not come in the bathroom or barge in when I am using the restroom or have the door closed he just did it again.

And I fucking lost it.

Like do dudes know how often my fucking body is intruded upon? How little safe space exists in the world for me to do anything at all with my body where I do not have to be on edge about what might happen?


And I get fucking pushed and pushed and disrespected and my boundaries are always assumed to be flexible and I just cannot take it anymore. I cannot take it.

You know what I really don’t understand. You have this entire council dedicated to finding vampires and killing them, but all these Founding Families kids are completely blind to the existence of vampires. You’d think that people who know about vampires, what they’re capable of, would go out of their way to protect their kids. Pretty much every single Founding Families kid has been attacked by a vampire some time. How irresponsible as parents do you have to be not to protect your kids from that danger? I mean, the Founding Families, the Council, they all had access to vervain, but they never asked their kids to use it. Why did it take Stefan coming to Mystic Falls for Elena and Caroline and Jenna and Jeremy to start wearing vervain because he gave it to them? Shouldn’t the parents have given their kids jewellery with vervain in it? Or maybe teach the kids to put vervain in their milk or tea and say it’s some new-age kind of thing? Kids pretty much believe anything their parents tell them to believe. You’d think it would be easy to do something to protect your kids from getting chomped on by vampires. Imagine how easier Caroline’s human life would have been if she had vervain on her at all times or she was drinking vervain. 

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What do you believe is past the Amaranthine ocean?

I’m sure we’ll find out eventually, assuming the series goes on long enough.

The Qunari homeland is theoretically out there, beyond the “known world”. They had to come from somewhere before the invasion of Par Vollen. And humans aren’t native to Thedas either, according to legend. From what we can tell, elves and dwarves are the only aboriginal people. What isn’t clear is how they managed to get there. How did humans have the means to arrive, yet do not possess the technology to explore beyond this continent thousands of years later?

I find that very curious.

I don’t know enough to really speculate any further about what exists beyond the reaches of Thedas. As Brother Genetivi wrote:

There must be other lands, continents or islands, perhaps across the Amaranthine or north of Par Vollen, for the Qunari arrived in Thedas from somewhere, but beyond that deduction, we know nothing. The idea that “the world” consists solely of the lands we know about will one day be disproved, and no doubt much to our collective dismay.
Trans* Women in My PTSD Group and Performing Femininity

“As the group went on it became apparent that the trans* women were very distracted with trying to imitate the other women’s expressions of pain and humiliation. I would make a statement about what happened to me, taking a risk tentatively and with unsureness in my voice. Then a trans* women or two would imitate my tone of voice and downtrodden body language. It come across as not just imitative. My pain and the struggle of my trauma was a costume to be tried on. Trans* women were deeply absorbed in not sisterly empathizing with our suffering as much as in studying us to know “how to be a woman.” It came across as not just imitative but also mocking. Our pain was a performance show to them, it did not exist. They were not concerned with the violence that had been done to us, but rather they were engrossed in the task of learning how to perform being the violated. I was heartbroken. I had been seeking to connect with people and instead I was told yet again that my pain did not matter. I felt that my pain was not only imitated but mocked.

Ironically I realized later that my group had been in fact a “perfect” setting in which to learn how to “look like a woman.” In a trauma group where women are attempting to heal from their trauma, a lot of the traits of femininity are exaggerated, such as uncertainty, vulnerability, tentativeness, lack of confidence, submissiveness, fear, shame. Through this experience I came to understand that femininity is basically a display of submission and submissive behavior developed in response to oppression and abuse. This was a deeply upsetting experience and it changed my views on gender.

Gender is a hierarchical social construction, women embody submissiveness to the people on the top of the hierarchy. You definitely want to stay on the good side of someone who might rape you. Femininity and masculinity are not just fun and harmless costumes to try on, you are acting out the dynamics of power, powerlessness, abuse and oppression. You may be trying on a costume and doing a performance but your costume is hierarchical, your performance is the performance of abuse or the mocking of the abused. We understand this in relation to race, we understand why “blackface” is not simply a costume and walking around in blackface is degrading towards black people and mocks their suffering. It makes the evil that has been done to them invisible and erases the evil from our view. We understand that blackface is not diversity or a celebration of diversity and “the race spectrum”. We understand that blackface is not empathy towards black people. Can we please understand the same thing about gender, femininity and woman face ? It is degrading, it erases and mocks our suffering. It makes it hard for us to find healing.”

WoLF is a female-only organization, and we support female-only spaces for survivors of violence and abuse, for women of color and indigenous women, and lesbians.

Our Gender Abolition Task Force:
-Seeks to abolish the gender-caste system.
-Educates about the harms of gender and its centrality to male domination.
Vigorously defends women-only spaces.
-Defends sex-segregation of domestic violence shelters, bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams.
-Supports detransitioners in their struggle to be healed and heard.

I wanna know more about Rose and her pregnancy with Steven, I mean does she make Steven Steven? (If that makes sense) How did she know that she wouldn’t be able to exist at the same time as Steven? (I mean, she must have known about something some how, she must have to be certain) The video told us that they already had a name for him, how did that come about? (I know the name comes from Rebecca’s brother but on behalf of the show) what actually happened during Stevens birth? Did she return to her gem and then BOOM there’s a Steven?
There’s so much more I/we need to knowww!

I’m so sick of the admins sidestepping questions about bugs like they’re running for political office.

Last week, someone was dissatisfied with the short answer to “Are dryads sentient creatures?” and we said “well, it was a simple yes or no question.” Isn’t this one?

How am I supposed to take the phrase “depending on severity” coming from them?

Why wouldn’t they fix all the existing bugs in the rewrite? Do they not think they can be fixed? Do they still not know where the bugs are located? (Probably.) Are they afraid that they won’t actually recognize the bugs, and will write them back in? Why would they release a rewrite that still has the same problems? Do they not check their code?

Why did Aequorin even choose to address this question? All I can gain from it is that Akiri or whoever it is working on the coli rewrite is having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Time doing so, and we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

when kyanite and citrine first came to earth it was when bisky was young-ish, but when they come back with rhodonite it’s a long time afterwards. i don’t know how long, but zushi did not exist when they first showed up.


replied to your post

“As long as Enjoltaire exists, Enjonine will exist. They are both …”

“Tumblr oppression points”?! wtf?? how would oppression even remotely relate to this topic?!?

I don’t know?????  

It’s funny really bc all I did was make a post yesterday after a shipper followed me and then they unfollowed me.  Things worked out for both of us bc neither of us are connected anymore so????  I don’t know where this anon is coming from???

But no, I was whining for oppression points, everyone come and help me, I’m being oppressed!!!!

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Considering that is hooper cross' doll and if you actually fucking went and looked, she changed that dolls face up so that face up doesn't even exist anymore so stop re blogging that shit

First of all I admire how filthy your mouth is when it comes to trying to sound civilized. If you have noticed I posted and followers reblog? That’s how tumblr works you know? So blame them by being an anon and going to their inbox. Even if the user gave a new faceup to their new head good for them. Looks great and they did an amazing job! I did go and look into their posts if you are wondering, and they did delete the post but that does not hide the fact by copying my boy’s known style. As the adult here I did not name the user out in respect. But as the child you are, you did. And I wonder. How did you know that’s the user deleted their old post? Kay.

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Another righteous foreigner in Korea, speaking on the Korean language like an expert and it's supposed "racism", despite barely knowing it. You whine about white ppl all day on their high horse but you come and preach like them. Your tiny sample of anecdotes mean nothing, it seems you just look for racism, your obsessed with being a victim

Another Anon to add to my collection!

(I did say that my tiny sample of anecdotes was MY personal experience that resulted in ME being uncomfortable  and not a condemnation of the word or a definitive statement of any sort, so what’s your point, dude?)

(And how can a language be racist?  The language itself is not racist.  But if you’re going to come into my inbox and claim that racism does not exist in Korea, buddy, you know jack shit about Korea.)

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What's 9+10

Well my friend

This has been an issue with human beings for a long time now. But it’s time to break the ice and give this equation a forever remaining solution.

Alright, so what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you say 9? Exactly. The 9 different accents that surf the UNITED STATES.

Which accent of those is the most famous? Mexican. That is common knowledge, so let’s move on. Now how many types of hot Mexican sauces do you know exist in every branch of Walmart? 10. Did you get the image yet?

No? Don’t worry you’re not alone. So now that we have all the clues. Let’s do the math.

9 + 10 = Mexican + Mexican. Where did we get the Mexicans from? From the amount of times I’ve mentioned the word “Mexican” in the last paragraph. Now we have Mexican, Accents and Walmart. Each consist of 7 characters. Add them all together and you get 21 characters. And that my friend, is your answer. Let’s review this again

9 + 10 = Mexican + Mexican.
Mexican = Accents + Walmart.
So 9 + 10 = Mexican + (Accents + Walmart)
That makes 9 + 10 = 7 + 14
Which results in 9 + 10 = 21.


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One song: Dreams by Beck (i don’t know how it happened it just did)

Two Movies: Mad Max: Fury Road and This is where I leave you

Three Shows: Bobs Burgers, Steven Universe, and Hunter x Hunter

Four People: Maggie, Mahira (can’t wait till you come home), Nia (can’t wait till you come home too), and Hannah

Five Foods: Sushi (Mahira I miss our sushi dates), paella, gelato, hibachi (Maggie can we go! Tuesday’s have a special price), and burgers

I tag avagueidea, justlikeswitchblades, colourfromtheheart, 6shotsofespresso, blueskiesbrowneyes, and ninja-taco685

sister: i’m going to live with you in your apartment for an undisclosed amount of time until i can find a job 

me: have you submitted your resume anywhere? because my apartments have rules about guests and parking passes and such and you are always yelling at me about having a pet bc i’m not aloud to

sister: no i haven’t submitted my resume anywhere

me: why? you can’t stay with me a month i can get in trouble 

sister: where am i suppose to apply? and they won’t get you in trouble for a guest

me: did you know the internet and phone calling exist and you can arrange interviews and have interviews like that so you already have a job walking into the city you want to live

sister: whatever i’m waiting to talk to career services and i’ll do that when i come to knox

me: how long will that take? because i can get in trouble if you are there too long

sister: i don’t know

and repeat

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Literally everyone knows that the U.S. Created the Taliban. We learned it in 8th grade man

I didn’t know you spoke for ~320 million Americans or better yet 7 billion Earthlings…you do know every state as it’s own education policies, right? You do know that there are places in the US that are not taught about American slavery? You do know your head from your ass, right??? America’s still not trying to admit shit it did 500 years ago and you really think we’re publicly speaking about our fault in the Middle East that happened only 30 years ago and where conflict still exists today??? Why did you come here? How can you believe you’re this right, but be this wrong? Why do y’all act like I don’t know what I’m talking about when I repeatedly shown you my receipts?