Got7 reaction when they embarrass themselves in front of you

Anonymous said to sayigotbangscenarios:Hello! Can you please make a Got7 reaction of when they embarrass themselves in front of you? Thank you so much! (:

Hello lovely! thankyou for requesting ^_^ i hope you like it!


trying to be himself give a lot of aegyo to avert your attention from what had just happened

gif says it all/ look how cute he is/ this gif kills me every time

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trying to laugh it off then go like “okay not funny I know”

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“embarrass? why bother? jUST RELAX”

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he is gonna be pouty af and you have to kiss him to comfort this cutie

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“…” gonna act like nothing had happened

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he believes that aegyo is the only best solution

i mean, who can resist his aEGYO JUST WHO CAN?!

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giggling like a cutie as usual

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Gifs are not my own, credit to the lovely owner;
It was solely based on my opinion, I hope that you like it :)

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Teen Titans for the otp/notp post

Oh gosh this one is hard because I like, actively ship EVERYONE on this show? *deep look of concentration*

lowkey otp: robin/raven. They just work very well together and are fun to write when I get the chance.

highkey notp: robin/slade because WHY YOU HORRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS

(softly) don’t notp: starfire/beast boy? Like, I see it, you’re trying to put the happiness together but also…no.

highkey otp but I’m scared of saying it because it’s not very popular: ROBIN/TERRA. Let me tell you about the DEEP PIT I fell into shipping those two and I’m still not sure how to get out of it???

highkey otp and everyone on my tumblr knows it: robin/starfire because how can you resist these cuties?

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As to whether having a VK collection grow that fast is normal? It's more than normal. I've been in since late 2010 and I have two crammed full and bulging shelves, plus stuff in boxes.

Thank you cutie,you make me feel better ^^ I thought that maybe I was the only one to be obsessed about owning Visual Kei CDs ;-; the friend who introduced me to Visual Kei have been listening to it for way longer than me but she downloads everything and I actually gave her her first Visual Kei CDs ever on her birthday ^^; (I sincerely don’t know how she can resist ;-; actually I know, Visual Kei is not easy to find in France, but still ;-;). And my mom and my wallet are not happy about my Visual Kei collection growing like this, but thank you, thanks to you I do not have complex anymore !! *go buy some new Visual Kei stuffs* u.u I’m kidding, I promised I would not buy anything until Versailles’ new single this summer u.u But Visual Kei albums are just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart !! ;-; How can we resist that ? ;-; Ah I’m sorry, I am so talkative ;-; thank you for reading me and have a nice day, fellow Visual Kei collector ^3^ May 2016 bring us a lot of beautiful CDs to add to our collection *v*

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