HEY YOU. Yes you.

You should be watching Wynonna Earp.

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It’s my favorite show currently on tv. It has everything, a demon killing gun, sassy dialogue, an amazing sibling relationship (also her sister is bi),

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Then there’s Agent Dolls, badass government demon hunter. 

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Then there’s Doc Holiday, and it’s a mystery where his loyalties lie. But he sure has a fancy mustache. 

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Then we have a cop whose actual name is HAUGHT. Nicole Haught. OFFICER HOT. She appears to be Waverly’s love interest.(the ship name is WayHot how can you resist that)

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There’s also a ton of demons, including a dude who has a VERY strange beard. WHAT IS UP WITH IT? 

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So that’s a good rundown of the characters, but you need to know something about the actors: They are super twitter active/interactive. Livetweeting this show is so fun because the cast is there to play with you.

And Emily Andras, the woman who brought us Lost Girl, is behind this one too. (she also left before Lost Girl went down the tubes, so this show shouldn’t have any Lost Girl season 4/5esque weirdness)

The show isn’t doing too well in ratings which sucks because it’s SO DAMN FUN. 



2016 FearlessRiOT Hot 100/Crush List: #20-11 [RECAP]

#11. Eve Torres-Gracie
The 3x former WWE Divas Champion and new mother of one hasn’t left entertainment completely; she will share the screen with Jackie Chan in the film Skiptrace this year and recently portrayed Maxima on SuperGirl.

#12. Dove Cameron (20)
Her show Liv & Maddie has discussed how women are about more than just their looks, and Cameron’s definitely more than a pretty face, showing comedic wit on the show and gorgeous vocals in The Girl and the Dreamcatcher.

#13. Kat Dennings (29)
2 Broke Girls is one of TV’s most controversial sitcoms, but former Hot 100 #1 Kat Dennings is still always a highlight. You can’t resist her charisma and charm; Josh Groban surely didn’t. An underrated talent of the small screen.

#14. Lauren Alaina
This adorable country cutie released a whole slate of new music in late-2015 for her fans in the form of a self-titled EP, set to be an appetizer for an eventual full-length second album soon. It’d be an honor to be her next boyfriend. 

#15. Tinashe (23)
To me, Tinashe sometimes seems like a throwback artist to the days of successful R&B goddess like Aaliyah and Mya. At the same time, that doesn’t hinder the sexy songstresses’ ability to connect with a current-day audience.

#16. Maria Brink (38)
Maria Brink is the best of both worlds in the hard rock and heavy metal scenes as a vocalist; an expert singer and screamer, the sexy In This Moment frontwoman commands the stage flawlessly with her voice and her costumes.

#17. Alicia Fox (29)
Alicia Fox is one of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE. It seems like she’s always a supporting character rather than grabbing the solo spotlight she deserves. Maybe the foxy one finally  takes that title for herself in 2016?

#18. Allysin Kay (28)
This may be a matter of opinion, but Allysin Kay is kind of total package wrestler. At 5′10″, the stunning Detroit native also has the charisma, the snark, the toughness, the wit, and the skill to go far in the world of pro wrestling.

#19. Zendaya (19)
Whether you’re aware of 19-year old Zendaya from Disney Channel’s K.C. Undercover or recognize her for her numerous red carpet appearances and bold fashion choices, there’s no denying the lovely young star is going places.

#20. Skyler Samuels (21)
While Emma Roberts stole the show as Chanel on Scream Queens, I was more in favor of the former Chloe King, who returned to the spotlight thanks to the FOX show’s popularity (and The Duff), and she totally deserves it.