i want to praise San Junipero to the moon but i can’t find the words but

it was so beautiful so amazing the story was great - at first i was at a loss (how does this fit the rest of the episodes, they’re not connected but they are) but all my questions were answered - and

i am in love with women in love with each other

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Hii, I really love your videos(: I'm so glad I found your channel, it really helped me come to terms with my romantic orientation(aromantic) <3 I was wondering if you're ok with people calling you "doll," "darling," or "sweetheart"? Some people think it's gender specific, like for females. I personally don't think so, but I wanna know what you think(:

hi, anon. thanks for watching my videos and for the kind message. i really appreciate it. :)

generally speaking, i think that there’s a lot that goes into how any person feels about being referred to by any given “pet name” (term of endearment). as you’ve noted, a term can feel gender neutral to you while at the same time feeling gendered to someone else. neither person is necessarily right or wrong, of course. as i said, a lot– everything from culture to dialect, past experiences to historical usage– goes into how any given person feels about any given term. this is why it’s so important to check in with someone and ask if they’re comfortable with being referred to by a certain term / in a certain way.

i’m not sure whether this ask was meant to ask for my general opinion on the above words or if it was meant to personally ask for my permission to refer to me using the above words, but either way, thanks for asking anon!

……………..having said all that, i personally can’t think of a single “pet name” or term of endearment that i don’t hate. hate hate HATE. including “doll”, “darling” and “sweetheart,” i’m afraid.

while gender isn’t even the only factor at play as to why i hate “pet names”, for me personally i do feel like “doll” is especially female-specific. not only that, for me there’s also a distinct feeling of misogyny……….. again, just my personal impression of the word. “darling,” in my eyes, can be used gender neutrally, but i still hate it. last but not least, “sweetheart” and i have a long history since my dad has always and does always refer to me as that…. and i’ve been gritting my teeth every time he does since what feels like forever.

i’ve always had a sort of quiet feeling of annoyance regarding “pet names” in reference to me which has all but grown into a near rage in recent years, overshadowed by instant guilt because i know that people generally mean well when they use these terms and for some it’s literally just how they naturally talk but fucking hell….

….i’m sorry, anon. i have pent up feelings that got leaked onto your lovely ask. ;(

Heyooooo! :) Me and a couple of pals decided that we’re gonna start doing Town of Salem live streams on twitch! Basically, we’re gonna name ourselves as our muse and play through as many rounds as we feel like it. I strongly encourage that everyone sticks around for a little while to hear how totally amazing we are at this game xD

Also! Anyone who has a TOS account can play! :) Just pm me your user name and I’ll add you as a friend~ Then you can join in whenever you want! 

Go follow me at AkiryaFudo on twitch if you wanna watch~

If you’re new and you still want to join, it’s a free browser game that’s basically a type of murder mystery. 

Here’s the link if you want to play:





disgusting college aus
  • It’s finals week and in the middle of lecture you walk in in pajamas and slippers, slap the hw on the desk, salute the professor and walk out, can I buy you a congratulatory coffee
  • The elevator is stuck on our floor, open, and I wanna spend the night in it “come on, you know you want to”
  • So the elevator closed and started moving while we were asleep and now we have to explain why we were asleep in an elevator to our RA
  • There’s a smash tournament going on in our building and we played each other twice before going against each other in the finals, were both at 150%, next hit wins and everyone is watching
  • “What the FUCK how did you spot dodge a counter I DEMAND a re-match”
  • You’re sleeping with my annoying roommate and they’re a late sleeper but you’re not so its awkward coffee in the kitchen and “GOD how do you stand them”
  • “Wtf why are you reading at a party” “its a very climactic moment”
  • w’re working near each other in the library and its 4am and were supposed to be studying but you started this game of truth or dare and GODDAMMIT I’m too tired for this
  • I work at Starbucks and all you ordered was a venti cup filled with whipped cream and wtf
  • You got high with my roommate but they fell asleep so now I get to hear your stupid fucking thoughts
  • “WHY ISN’T COCONUT MILK BROWN” “I don’t know” “my nose is so soft” “okay”
  • I work in the writing center and you managed to work Alexander Hamilton trivia into an essay about psychological studies of the 1960s

HIIIII. we are having a MASSIVE block party with Jimmy Kimmel Live next Thursday (July 24) !!! we’re gonna shut down Hawthorne Street in LA and play you all a bunch of our songs. if you wanna, you can find info on how you can come here: tickets are freeee & its first come first served, but if you can’t be there you can watch it on ABC Network or on their website after, it’s gonna be sick :) #5SOSKIMMEL

“why exactly are we shitting on guys that wanna accessorize their beards”

maybe because women have had to watch for years as “beard culture” has become even more fucking ridiculous and disgusting by the day and guys are eating ramen and funneling beers from their beards meanwhile we can’t even walk out of the house with hair on our legs and faces lmfao

Dizzy on the Comedown - Turnover, Peripheral Vision (2015), released via Run For Cover Records

Up and down like a red rubber ball, you’re always back and forth like the clock on the wall. I wanna know about you, I’m spinning all around you. If I stay do you think that we could change your routine? I know a trick, I’ve always got a few up my sleeve. This life is controlled confusion, it’s just a grand illusion. And you asked me, “How do you feel when you’re away?” And you asked me, “How do you pass the days?” Sing along to a song that I know, it goes ba ba bada, sing it over and over. Let it hypnotize you, I’m still here right beside you. Hold my hand you can follow my lead, you’re like a ballerina twirling ‘round on your feet. And watching is so fantastic, I wanna ask you. Would you come here and spin with me? I’ve been dying to get you dizzy. Find a way up into your head, so I can make you feel like new again. Would you come here and spin with me? I’ve been dying to get you dizzy. Find a way up into your head, so I can make you feel like new again. Now collapse, take delight in the fall, and catch your breath I know you feel the ring from it all. So try and collect yourself now, it’s a euphoric comedown. And you asked me, “How do you feel when you’re away?” And you asked me, “How do you pass the days?” Cause I can still remember when you were afraid of the dark and I told you to come. And you followed where I asked you to go, you to go. Would you come here and spin with me? I’ve been dying to get you dizzy. Find a way up into your head, so I can make you feel like new again. Would you come here and spin with me? I’ve been dying to get you dizzy. Find a way up into your head, so I can make you feel like new again.

For fans of: Basement, LVL Up, Modern Baseball, Dowsing

For the people complaining about the Musical like…..calm down. “It’s gonna be hard to take the show seriously” no it isn’t. Let them have fun with it, DCTV was blessed with an assload of multitalented actors and now they’re gonna give a treat to the fans who wanted this to happen. You don’t have to watch it, it probably won’t take away from the plot of the show. A lot of the actors are excited to do this and I’m excited to see what they do with it, to see how they’ll have fun with it. I dunno…I just feel like…there’s nothing problematic about it? It’s not offensive…what harm can really come of seeing Jesse motherfucking L. Martin in a musical again?? I mean…like forreal don’t watch it if you don’t wanna see it but like let other people enjoy this. 


Chel the Chimp doesn’t wanna see you unhappy, Rebby-Roo…

Okay this probably isn’t how I should introduce this OC, but Rebornica has been really sad lately. Idk how they’re feeling now, and I can’t exactly time it right to watch the streams, but I figured they could use this maybe?

Sorryforthecrappyart, you’re awesome Rebs!

21 Things Gay Women Are Sick of Hearing

1.You probably haven’t met the right man yet
Yes, and I bet that’s you. Go away.\
2 How do you know you’re a lesbian if you haven’t been with a guy?
How do you know you’re heterosexual if you haven’t been with a person of your own gender?
3 You’re a lesbian?! But you’re so feminine!
My gender performance has nothing to do with my sexual orientations, thank you very much!
4 How come you’re attracted to butch women? They’re practically men!
Because they’re damn HOT! That’s why
5 So which one of you is the man and which is the woman?
Mmmmmm… This is a lesbian relationship, only women here.
6 Can I join in???
Hell NO!
7 So can I watch???
We said NO! We are not entertainment, we are two people in love!
8 Wanna hang and check out girls together!
No. Just because you hit on me and didn’t get your way, does not mean we’re going to best buds instead.
9 So, how do lesbians have sex?
10 So you’ve never been with a guy?
So have you ever minded your own damn business????
11 Are you sisters?
HAHAHA! No, that would be wrong!
12 What, you’re a lesbian?! Does that mean you’re attracted to me? ‘Cause I’m straight!
Gurlll… Calm down! I’m not attracted to ALL women, and with that attitude, especially not to you.
13 Do you hate men?
No, but I really dislike stupid people.
14 I like girls too, I guess that makes me a lesbian!
15 I bet you really like Ellen.
Yes, and I bet you really like… Well, heterosexual celebrities…
16 My girlfriend and I are looking for another girl to get with, wanna join?
No, but your girlfriend sounds somewhat dissatisfied. Have her call me, K?17 How do you know when to stop?
Never, unlike you, we can go all night…
18 Are you sure this lesbian thing isn’t just a phase?
Are you sure that heterosexuality thing is not a phase?
19 Is your life really like the “L Word”?!
Why, is your life really the “OC”?
20 I wish I was a lesbian, but guys are so hot though…
I wish I was an astronaut but the ground feels so safe though..
21I bet lesbian sex is really delicate and nice.
If I’ll hear another word from you I’m gonna tie you to a chair and smack you!

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twitter things dundundun

"Oh my god! How can you ship that its so - "

Let me explain you a thing. It starts out like this, you see two characters and you kind of just

and the more you see these characters together you just

and then after awhile it gets out of hand even if they aren’t talking to each other, you just see them in the same place, just coexisting and you

and then there’s the fan fiction stage where people will ask you if you know any good fics and somehow you can do this

you may not know when you accumulated all of these stories, but you have them now and that’s what matters. and then you’re watching the show and sighing at your tv like

and usually the worst part is, you have no idea how you got to this place, one day you were just minding your own business, the next all you can think about is two fictional characters doing the do, and other cute and fluffy things and you just

so, you wanna know how I can ship something, all I can say is this

Leap of Faith: Arrow 5X03 Review (A Matter of Trust)

I am not a wrestling fan. The WWE is where Stephen and I go separate ways. Well… WWE and Ninja Turtles. So, I was a little nervous about Cody Rhodes.  I didn’t know if this was going to turn into the WWE round 2, but it turns out that Mr. Rhodes can ACT. Who knew right? I see a future for you sir post wrestling. Think about it.

Arrow finally delved into Felicity’s PTSD storyline a little deeper. How Arrow has presented Felicity’s S5 storyline in the press has been one of many hot button issues in the fandom.  My number one rule whenever is comes to Arrow is “wait and watch.” Thus far, Arrow hasn’t let me down this season.

Let’s dig in…

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“Songs that make you smile” segment, what song did you choose?

dude I feel like zazzle is vastly underutilized

you can put whatever pictures you want on a shit ton of items… not just your standard shirts and key chains yada yada

maybe you want a photo of chicken nuggets on a skateboard

how about a watch with your face on it??

or maybe you wanna pay $70 for a custom gem-cut faceted acrylic octagon award with the obama not bad meme

zazzle, man

heads up to the people who will complain that rt won’t keep up their schedule right now

  • one of their long time employees and close friend is in serious medical trouble and they don’t know if he’ll recover can you imagine how stressful that would be
  • DONT
  • IF
  • THEY
  • DONT
  • KEEP
  • also if after all this u do complain i just wanna say that u are a piece of shit
SVT as teachers
  • <p><b>S.Coups:</b> The English teacher that basically carried you through your senior year.<p/><b>Jeonghan:</b> Pretty ass art teacher that teaches you how to make beautiful flower crowns but can't draw.<p/><b>Joshua:</b> Teaches 2nd Grade math and comforts all the kids who get frustrated and cry.<p/><b>Jun:</b> The overwhelming but funny theatre teacher. You either hate him or love him.<p/><b>Hoshi:</b> Everyone's favorite substitute teacher cuz he doesn't wanna do anything but watch Pixar movies.<p/><b>Wonwoo:</b> Teaches history or literature so everyone thinks he's a lame. Actually the most creative and least annoying teacher.<p/><b>Woozi:</b> Strict music teacher that's kinda scary. But he's always ready to help his students when they're struggling.<p/><b>DK:</b> Doesn't even follow curriculum and uses weird dances to help kids remember stuff.<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> The teacher who plays in every student vs staff game. Also the reason the teachers never win those games.<p/><b>Minghao:</b> That new teacher. The one kids are nice to since they have no clue what he's capable of.<p/><b>Seungkwan:</b> Teaches high school kids and roasts anyone that doesn't pay attention in class. Talks shit in the teacher's lounge with Jun.<p/><b>Vernon:</b> The weird substitute teacher who just walks around the room talking about his "genius" conspiracy theories.<p/><b>Dino:</b> Student teacher under Woozi. Almost as scary as Woozi cuz he thinks every lesson should be a competition.<p/></p>
Do You Wanna Help Me Study?
  • Do You Wanna Help Me Study?

Do You Wanna Help Me Study?

Do you wanna help me study?

I’ve messed around all day

I just can’t focus anymore

I’m gonna fail for sure

Won’t make an ‘A’

I used to do my homework

And now I can’t

But I’ll give it the college try

Do you wanna help me study?

I really need your help to study…

(How long did you spend on this?  Don’t you have a test tomo–)

Okay bye…

Do you wanna help me study?

I can’t learn anything at all

I think a little break is overdue

Let’s watch a show or two

I’ve hit a wall

It gets so overwhelming

All this work to do

And watching the hours race by…

Now I can’t remember sunlight

Or gentle breezes through fresh air

They say hang in there, and I’m trying to

Just gotta make it through

I just don’t care

The final is tomorrow

I’m out of time

What am I gonna do?

Do you wanna help me study?