The creators of Pokemon Go saying that sites like Pokévision are cases of the players hurting themselves because “it takes some of the fun out of the game” and talking about wanting to make it so things like that don’t work really pisses me off lol

Because nothing screams fun like walking for hours til your feet hurt and catching 50 fucking weedles/pidgeys/rattatas in a row in the hope that you might accidentally stumble across something new.

It’s ESPECIALLY fun when you live in a smaller town like mine where pokestops are few and far between so I have to spend a LOT of real money to continue playing because I run out of pokeballs due to those aforementioned basic ass Pokemon breaking out of the balls I catch them in and running away. CONSTANTLY. HOW DO WEEDLES EVEN BREAK OUT OF BALLS ANYWAY, THEYRE JUST WORMS

When y'all haven’t even done shit to fix that three-step glitch you can fuck off with trying to take away something that actually makes the game way less tedious and frustrating. The only purpose the “nearby” tab in the game currently serves is to tell me what to look for in Pokévision. It’s totally useless otherwise

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I read that anon as "talk about how Night Vale provides much needed representation of less represented groups", and I'm pretty sure they weren't genuinely baiting you. Your answer was still nice to hear, though. Well said. :>

It’s extremely, extremely hard to speak about any mature topics on this website without stepping on a landmine of someone completely misinterpreting what you’re actually trying to say. I do the best I can. I’m not afraid to talk about real things (if those real things have to do with our scene, otherwise, why am I even talking?), I’m only afraid of extreme backlash from those who want to ignore intent and use words as weapons against me for their own satisfaction instead of leaving them in their original placement by my keystrokes.

Tumblr is tough. It’s very, very hard to have legitimately mature conversations here where people aren’t twisting things around to throw back at you so it looks like you crafted a fist instead of an open hand.


PALOMA: It’s okay! Maybe there isn’t an explanation for everything that happens in our world. You’re smart enough to understand that not everything can be explained…

PARAKEET: But how can there not be an explanation for what happened to you?! Making imaginary friends real is a common thing nowadays, like, the science lab even sells the potions! Spruce just had to bring in a rare gem to pay for the potion, but they have it! But it has never happened before that someone’s carrying around an imaginary friend and it turning out to be their sibling’s! Where did Spruce’s imaginary friend go to then?!


Because I like sharing pictures of my dogs.

Vincent, how can you look so regal and majestic in this photo when you’re such an goofball in real life? I really don’t know.

And then there’s Tuna, who always looks so sad and betrayed whenever you stop petting him even for just a second.

Vic is still my favorite. Just look at those ears. They’re practically as big as her head.

And of course as usual, Sal is too grumpy too stick around long enough to have her picture taken.
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“I can’t believe you’re actually real that I almost forgot how much I missed being like this, next to you as you space off and ignore me” 

“Wh—what? Sorry baby, as crazy as this is to you it’s even crazier to me” 

“Did you miss home?” 

“Of course I did. I missed being under a roof that isn’t made out of weeds and mud, with AC and next to the best girl I could ever ask for” 

“None of those guys appealed to you, huh” 

“Don’t get me started on those guys. Some of them…nevermind, you’ll get jealous”


“You’re really gonna do this?” I asked, and Ella nodded. Her eyes were expressing kindness, it’s no wonder she was doing a volunteering work. “Wait, how have you become a time traveler?”

“I was born with it. People don’t become timelords, they are born as ones,” she replied. “And yeah. I’ll bring all of you to 2066 if you want. You’ve got a lot of job to do there.”

“Thank you isn’t enough to express all that I’m feeling right now. Is it even real or am I in one of my countless utopian dreams again?”

“I can pinch you if you want,” Ella giggled.

About dieting/nutrition

Guys… you do not need pastry to live. Completely excluding white pasta, bread, rice and so on is actually a great favor for your body. Heck, you don’t even need meat, dairy or other animal products or ANYTHING processed. The minorities with various dietary rules and preferences are REAL and those who do it right, meaning managing their intake of both macro and micro nutrients, are happy, healthy and many times more energetic than an average person.

And no,you’re not making yourself suffer by making better choices. It can take a while for your body to get accustomed but you’ll feel disgust towards unhealthy foods you ate before. Try reducing your refined sugar intake and see after a week how bad sweets taste. There’s so much misinformation and false myths about food, open your eyes and try things for yourself because only you can find what works for your own body.

Anyway, don’t worry about BBH not eating rice, worry about the immense amount of stress he put on his body from all the exercise and practice. It will backfire, especially after such a  long period of doing so

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I'm from the Tom side of this weird blended family, but from an outsiders' perspective I'm kind of perplexed why anyone would take 'Calvin-because-it-sounds-like-it-might-be-black''s side, especially since he's been acting like an infant flinging his toys from the pram. Taylor's done nothing but own up to her own work and not GAF about moving on. It's cool if you liked Tayvin, ship and let ship, but after what he's done? You really want her with someone like that? They're like Robsteners, jfc.

I genuinely don’t understand. The key point of what you said is “but after what’s he’s done?”  - that’s my whole hang up. And now with a stan of this dead ship submitting a pile of crap to a magazine - and let’s be real, the only reason is was even posted by said magazine was because it HOT HOT HOT to hate on Taylor right now - I’m just bewildered how you can get to that level of self righteousness and delusion.  But @recklesstreacherous just posted something that I reblogged about Calvin acting a certain way and his *fans* following suit. It wasn’t an angle that I prior considered, but I feel like this article fiasco is testament to that. 

Side Note: Sorry for not getting to all my asks lately. Work has been crazy and I get anxiety seeing the unanswered asks in my box… so my stupid solution is to avoid them. I will try to get back into the swing on answering my asks tho :) Love you guys!

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(not sure if prompt or headcanon tbh haha) Jack likes hearing himself talk, A LOT, so he won't shut up, not even during foreplay and teases Rhys because he always looks so needy and eager, and Jack just knows how to drive him crazy (with and without words). So when Rhys gets fed up with Jack's verbal diarrhea he goes like, "Jack, less talking, more fucking" (Rhys has a sassy mouth and nobody can't convince me otherwise)

AHAHAH oh man total legit headcannon YES. Jack could probably get himself off listening to himself speak (or maybe even he needs it now to get off AHAHA) and Rhys totally is a sassmaster let’s be honest. xD

I literally do not understand how people can ship Alec with a girl.

Alec is gay. A homosexual. He likes boys. He is 150% not interested in girls. And saying he is, even in an AU, is erasing his sexuality - something which is fundamentally a huge part of who he is, as he’s struggled with it his whole life and is finally coming to terms with it. That’s a big deal. And by taking that away, you could be hurting REAL people, by implying that their sexuality is not valid and can just be removed.

However, when people headcanon Clary as bi or a lesbian, that is not erasing her sexuality. Bi is self explanatory- she likes both boys and girls, as in the books she ends up with Jace, but many writers pair her with Izzy, for example. When she is headcanonned as being gay - well, some people believe they are straight for a long time, don’t they? If you’re a book fan - maybe she hadn’t realised she was gay when she got with Jace. There’s no explicit mention that she’s completely, 100% straight - it’s due to heteronormativity that everyone assumes she’s straight. AU’s can explore what would’ve happened should Clary realise she was gay/bi.

AU’s cannot, however, take away something that is fundamental to a character. You wouldn’t take away Clary’s red hair, or Izzy’s whip, or Jace and Alec’s parabatai bond. Why take away something that is just as important as those things?

If you disagree, kindly block me :)

What Hamilton Taught Me

When the revolutionary war started and ended

How to count to ten in French

Who Alexander Hamilton even is

Being the older sister is hard

Lafayette was the real MVP

If your man don’t treat you right burn the stuff he gave you

Things don’t go very well if you wait for it

When the French Revolution started and why

How the French and American revolutions were connected

You can write your way out of anything if you try hard enough

I will never be as successful as Alexander Hamilton

I will also never have the motivation to write like I’m running out of time

Who the ambassador of France was in seventeen se-se-seventeen se-se-seventeen, seventeen eighty nine

Don’t assume anyone is “truly a man of honor” because you’ll probably die

Actually just don’t duel. Like, ever.

how could we explain some of this stuff. i’m crying at a lifetime show because the dad was nice to his daughter. at the end of the movie nobody holds a grudge and they all go get a nice dinner. or maybe she burned the turkey but they just laugh and take her out to pizza instead. it’s lovely. 

how do i explain why i knew how to lie well by the time i was four. that doesn’t even sound real. my doctors say my reflexes are over-reactive. that’s a real thing people have. i tell this to my friends as a joke. how i should be in the CIA because i can put on a personality and i’m always ready for anything. isn’t that cute. yesterday an acorn hit my car roof and at the noise i had to pull over in order to stop shaking. i’m sorry officer i was just lost i’ll be on my way shortly. 

questions we learned to form early. can you tell i was crying. did i do okay. are you sure you like me. am i being too controlling. was i okay just then? is this okay? are you okay?

are you okay?’re staring

following thirsty kookie, we now have heart eyes!jungkook; 

remember how jungkook hated jimin? 

oh yeah…the hate was REAL. 

yup, since the debut days…

(x) you okay there, jungkook-ssi? does this also count as thirst?

(x) obviously he’s not staring at jimin laughing. no way. 

Originally posted by bottomkook

^ when jimin walked into the room. he totally doesn’t care. 

Originally posted by jiminiemini

when will i get over this moment? answer: never. are you confessing jungkook?

i dont even know what to say…

i can hear his breath hitch because he’s hit once again by how beautiful his jiminie-hyung is *dodges bricks*

jungkook obviously hates jimin. look at that disrespectful way he’s staring at him. 

why does it look like jungkook wants to slam jimin against the nearest wall and kiss the shit out of him? and why does jimin look oblivious as fuck? does this count as thirsty too? idk. 




(x) why does jeon lean over other PEOPLE to STARE at JIMIN???

(x) he’s boring holes to the side of jimin’s face what the fuck jungkook???

listen to me, EVERYONE is looking at hobi bc he’s about to dance, but not jungkook. why is he staring at jimin? 

i feel like this pic is not talked about enough. we are seeing jimin through jungkook’s eyes, literally. he took this picture. jimin looks like an absolute angel, like this pic is so…warm and im in tears bc of this ship once again. 

someone stop me from making these. i realized jungkook stares a lot this could have like 15 parts wtf. 

One thing that I really loved about Mr. Greg (okay, I loved many things) was that Pearl sang that she is wrong to doubt Rose’s love. I really really love that. How many shows/books/real life instances do you see where someone is in love with someone else and they fall in love with someone and so the first person goes to the ultimate lengths to try to get them to break up and basically prove that they belong together and that they were wrong in falling in love with someone else? You could even argue that this feeds into the “If I can’t have you, nobody can” mentality. And it’s really toxic and I love the fact that in one lyric and a cloud gesture, Pearl shows that she should respect Rose’s wishes and not doubt her and her love for Greg. She has a hard time with it, obviously, but it shows that she knows she wasn’t right in trying to get them to break up all those years ago and that she should have faith in Rose’s decision.

What a great message.

If you really love God, maybe it’s time to mature in your faith. Maybe it’s time to realize that true love never takes advantage of the other person’s patience and longsuffering. Love doesn’t ask questions like, ‘How much is too much?’ or ‘How far is too far?’ It doesn’t say, ‘Hey, if I walk away and do my own thing for a while, I can always come back.’ Instead, it grieves over the thought of breaking that precious fellowship even for a moment. It sticks close to home and tries to stay clean. Its desire is always to please and honor the beloved.
—  Focus On The Family, Understanding Sexual Sin: Choices (reading plan on YouVersion)

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Feather facts for wingfic writers

I just realized that as a parrot owner, there’s a public service I should have performed a long time ago.

This is of course all how it works for real-world feather owners.  By nature, any human that has wings and can fly is a fantasy critter, so the real-world rules don’t apply to them except insofar as you want them to.  Also, feathered wings are of course not the only type of wings.  But I hope you find this at least entertaining and maybe inspiring!

* Feathers smell kinda dusty, even when they’re still in.

* Feathers are ‘dead’ structures–like human hair that has already grown in.  If you cut one, the feather’s owner won’t feel it. If you pull it out, it’ll sting but not do real damage.

* On the other hand, they’re still attached to the feather-owner at the follicle, so they can still feel it when the feather is touched.  In fact, much like fur, this translates the sensation a little bit into the skin, making them fairly sensitive to touch.

* Parts of a feather: there is the shaft–the long rigid bit up the middle.  The soft hairlike bits that come off either side of it are called barbs.  Each barb also has tiny ‘barbules’ which come off the sides of that and are what make the feather sides stick together in those sleek shapes when you stroke it.

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You all keep saying babygate gate is going to end on this date and that date and when it doesn't happen, you move it back to a later date and so on. Louis accidentally knocked up someone and is now a father. Larry could've been a thing and now it's not. Get over it.

I need to take a moment to fully comprehend how moronic you sound. It’s just…I find it quite ironic that you’re telling me to get over something when you’re over here getting heated in my inbox about my opinions which have absolutely nothing to do with you. 

I’m usually up for a civilised debate or discussion or explanation about why it is that I feel the way I do, but in order to do that I try to understand where the other person is coming from first, and I really can’t even try to drop my intelligence that low to be on your level.

The whole “Larry is real but Louis had sex with a woman” thing is so unfathomably misguided. And wrong. 

I can’t even hear you as you float in the sea of wrong whilst I go by on my ship of right. 

This situation has nothing to do with with Larry. It is, however, truly testament to 1DHQ’s assessment of the average intelligence of 1D fans. Clearly some people like yourself are unable to do anything but take everything at face value despite blatant and wildly contradictory actions from literally everyone in One Direction.

If we rewind to that dark day in January, this is what ACTUALLY happened…


1. Louis knocked up someone he wasn’t dating, who happened to be part of an organised pap shot

2. Louis remained completely silent on the claims until GMA and his only words were

3. Father to be continues clubbing, taking home various girls, smoking weed, and generally carrying on with his carefree, laddy-lad single life

4. Nothing more is said about the baby, with many reporters claiming that it is a blacklisted topic during MITAM promo

5. Literally no-one, from his large, child-loving family to his child-loving bandmate, Harry Styles, has said a word about this baby. They have nothing to say about this?

6. Up until hours before this birth, Louis is parading around with a new girlfriend while his baby mama is going through this entire pregnancy by herself, without Louis ever saying her name or acknowledging her as the mother his child.

7. Louis went to see the birth of his son and then immediately thought, you know what would make this life event even better? Sunglasses.

8. An update account claims that Louis, on the evening of the birth of his first child, decides to go clubbing in West Hollywood. The Sun claims that Louis is now a “devoted dad” since he attended the birth because apparently all men have to do is show up to be a devoted father. After straight up blanking questions about the baby hours earlier, Louis tweets that the baby has been born and then minutes later One Direction’s official account tweets about The Brits

9. Because one tweet about fatherhood isn’t enough after nine months of almost complete silence, Louis (apparently still clubbing in West Hollywood) tweets “Daddy daddy cool” followed by a string of smiley faces, still neglecting to mention the mother and still not having said any actual words out of his face about this child.

…Keep calm indeed.

While stories of Louis’ philanthropy and his love for children have been buried over the past year as claims that he is a womanising, deadbeat father have run rampant, it is clear that there has been a steady and aggressive attempt at complete character assassination. If Louis was actually the kind of person who would act this way, no publicist in their right mind would let a word of that run rampant around the media and yet One Direction’s management has been downright negligent in the handling of Louis Tomlinson’s image.  

Why, as One Direction is beginning a hiatus, would they focus so much negative energy on Louis? With rumours that One Direction are leaving Syco, it almost seems like the kind of attack one would make on someone who isn’t your client, like someone who could be competition. Someone who started their own record label last January…

Would you really put it past Simon Cowell to try and destroy someone in such a manner?

I have never claimed to know when this shit is going to end. I have pointed out hints and shared shady anons, but other than that, whoTF knows. I certainly don’t and I’ve always been honest of the fact that I don’t know. You should probably calm down a bit and get over this weird compulsion to anonymously send strangers your completely irrelevant opinions that you use to try and hurt or insult other people with. In case you haven’t noticed, the people still around and still talking about everything that’s wrong Babygate have pretty thick skin. I personally am not going anywhere. Get over it.