Bodyguard Luke Pt. 3

This is a submitted series by a writer who wished to stay anonymous, so I will be transferring their submissions to text posts yay! I just wanted to make it known that this work is not mine, and all credits go to the original author that decided to submit their series to my blog. Enjoy!

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Progression Of A Rilaya Shipper:

Stage One: Aw, they’re kinda cute together, I can see why people ship them

Stage Two: Alright, they’re growing on me more than I would admit

Stage Three: Okay, but who wouldn’t ship them? They’re adorable

Stage Four: No other ship could ever compare to them! They’re perfect for each other!

Stage Five: Screw boys! These two adorable little cinnamon rolls only need each other because they’ve been through everything together and they don’t need anyone else!


Happy lesbians

As all this awful shit happens, I love how in Dragon Age Inquisition, of the eight possible relationships, the lesbian is one of two people who actually have weddings.

The Sera romance is great to begin with, but with all the sad or tragic or dead lesbians, having a happy, married lesbian is so refreshing and lovely. And if your player character doesn’t marry her, she gets a super cute girlfriend anyway!

While other characters can flat out die in the epilogue, our adorable lesbian elf - the only lesbian party member - gets a happy ending no matter what.

I want more of that in media, please.

While I subscribe to the ‘Sherlock really loves John, no seriously, look at him’ newsletter, I can at least understand other interpretations of the show. I adore Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and there have been some incarnations that I have shipped and others that I haven’t, so I can see where some people would watch Sherlock and see two men who love one another and would die for each other, but are not romantically or sexually interested. (Though Sherlock certainly makes it difficult to read it as non-romantic, more so than any other version of the Sherlock Holmes I have watched or read, particularly after series 3.)

But I literally cannot figure how else we are supposed to look at HLV, specifically the final scene on the tarmac, as anything other than Sherlock being completely, woefully, in love with John. What are we supposed to think Sherlock was gathering his courage to say before he backed off with the joke about his name? I keep thinking about it. It comes across as being too intimate to be a moment just between two friends. It would be odd for Sherlock to completely back off in the manner he did (in the manner in which it was filmed and written) if he was gathering the courage to say 'I love you because you are my best friend.’ TSoT did that. If there was any doubt in John’s mind about how important he is in Sherlock’s life, that best man’s speech dispelled it, so there was no real need to say how much he cared for John as his best friend because that is damn obvious at that point. And I can’t write it off as a moment where Sherlock was going to reveal something about the situation with Mary as he started by saying it was something he always wanted to say. 

I don’t like to declare that something can be only read in one fashion, so I am curious if anyone else has considered how else to read the scene or if they have other theories beyond it being an aborted confession of love, because right now that is the only way I have been able to read it. I’ve only watched it with people in fandom, who are intensely involved in meta and fanfic. Has anyone watched it with someone who isn’t and heard their thoughts on the scene? 

All of the the Snape vs Sirius fights I see make me really sad because I love them both. I can see why people take sides though; Sirius severely bullied Snape and the two of them pretty much hated each other, but it’s still upsetting to see all of the fighting. Especially since Snape gets more hate than Sirius because of how popular he and the Marauders are which is so unfair because, like Snape, Sirius is FAR from perfect. Am I the only one who adores them both?

– Out of Kotori’s scenes, which part left an impression on you?

Uchida: The scene where Umi and Kotori battled it out with Old Maid in their hotel room left a strong impression on me. Even though Umi would probably be satisfied if she let her win, say, once, Kotori refused to give in. That back-and-forth between them was fascinating.
Mimori: Kotori rather dislikes losing, doesn’t she (laugh). In that scene, we can see an unexpected side to Kotori. Umi’s facial expressions easily reflect how she feels, so she’s poor at Old Maid as always. But that part of her is adorable, too.
Nitta: Umi looks competent, yet is incompetent; in contrast, Kotori seems easygoing but is capable. It’s very interesting to observe the gap between two people like that.

(from the second-years’ interview in the September 2015 issue of Megami Magazine. it’s actually quite a touching and heartwarming interview, but this bit made me laugh.)

After analysing Caspar’s video yesterday, it seems only fair that I’d be analysing Joe’s counterpart today - also does anyone else remember a time when two Jaspar videos a week were nothing unusual? Oh well

I am repeating myself, but HOW FUCKING CLOSE CAN TWO PEOPLE SIT

Caspar: Who’s your favourite South African?

There is only one answer, Joe, and we all know

Also, can we talk about the fact that Joe is AGAIN sitting on a cushion so he will be of the same height as Caspar


Can we just talk about how Joe looks at Caspar I cannot handle this either

Look at those bloody heart eyes

I think this picture cannot be discussed often enough

Like - they also could have chosen to film something where Joe walks into Caspar’s room, but instead they chose to film themselves both in Joe’s bed


Have you ever seen each other naked?



I think it is also time to bring back this vine

Just Caspar looking at Joe

Joe: I sent you a message earlier on and deleted it. Do you want to know what it said?

Caspar: Yeah



I really, really want to know what it said to make Caspar laugh like this

It was obviously not something he wanted us to know about

Caspar: Joe, draw me like one of your French girls

Of COURSE they chose to reenact the famous Titanic drawing scene

How could they ever have chosen another scene

And we all know what happens after this scene… ahem

Caspar: Won’t you undress me?


Can we also talk about how different his voice sounds compared to normally

Joe: No, what do you think what kind of video this is? There is young girls watching, Caspar!

Yeah, but what if there weren’t, sweetheart… just turn off that camera

Joe: Have some control, Jesus Christ



I will never be over how Caspar looks at Joe

Can I also just point out that Capar is not wearing jeans anymore as he did in the drawing scene


Did they choose to reenact the post-drawing scene


I honestly don’t understand how people can hate the minions so much…. I see so many hate posts about them these days and I just don’t get it!! They are fucking adorable!! And their antics are hilarious.

And you’d think this site would be going crazy over them because THEY’RE ALL GAY!!! Heelllooooo!! PLUS they cross dress and it’s totally accepted and positive!! Does Tumblr not realize how progressive they are??

Really anyone who dislikes them has clearly never seen Despicable Me one or two…. They’re just following the crowd. 

studded-angel-me  asked:

Okay so can we talk about how relationship goals Dan and Phil are? Like I don't care if they're not actually dating, but how their relationship in general, their friendship, their sticking together literally through anything! Even if they never date I still adore their love and affection for each other. There's no denying they actually love each other. Even if it's just a friend kinda love it's still true fucking love. 😍😍😍

Actually me too they have such an awesome bond that i have never seen in any other two people. they just connect so well and they’re always on the same level and they just know everything about each other its insane I admire how they never even get tired of each other they’re truly relationship goals whatever their relationship may be

heartthecat  asked:

OMG I loved the comforting headcanons ^ω^ Could I request how would Reaper,Widowmaker and Sombra would help their s/o to be more confident ? (First time making a request hope you can understand ':3c )

Thank you! And I wasn’t really sure what you meant by confident, so I kinda went to two directions, but anyway, hope you like it!


  • If you’re soft spoken, and bad with people, and go to him wanting help, he’ll be very straightforward.
  • He was a commander for years, so he’s used to talking to people with authority.
  • So, he tells to you talk to him as if he was a commander, and it is kind of hard, considering how intimidating he can be.
  • Ends up laughing when you’re still shy and stuttery, and mentioning how adorable you are.
  • The lessons end up kind of helping, but it’s mainly you trying hard to be intimidating while he just laughs.
  • It’s rare to hear him laugh too, but it’s warm and comforting compared to his edginess!
  • Regarding body confidence, he’s still very straightforward, but it’s supportive. For example, say you’re boobs are too small.
  • “I love your boobs, they’re perfect. Your body is amazing, now stop whining about it.”
  • Every time you try to put yourself down, he’ll pin you down or carry you away and kiss and compliment every part you don’t like until you’re smiling and laughing again.
  • Lots of compliments and tons of terms of endearment in Spanish.
  • People make him out to be heartless, but he’s so affectionate when you’re alone and feeling unconfident!
  • Likes to whisper more intimate comments in Spanish when you’re with others, and smirk under his mask when you go red and the other person you’re talking to is confused.
  • Takes time to drop little comments when you two are alone, complimenting your hair or clothes or anything that catches his attention at the moment.


  • Also very straightforward, but she has more of a way with words and with people.
  • If you’re quiet and bad with people, she’ll tell you need to be more attentive to emotions and behaviors, after all, she’s an assassin.
  • When you tell her you’re just shy, you don’t need to know how to do all that, she just tells you to be more authoritative, and stop thinking so much about what people think.
  • Also tries to get you to talk to her as if you were a commander of something, but doesn’t laugh as much when you mess up.
  • Still thinks you’re cute when you try to be intimidating though.
  • If you’re not that confident about your body, she’ll be so annoyed, and sad at the same time.
  • You’re beautiful, and she hates that you don’t realize that, so she’ll go on a small rant, saying everything she likes about you.
  • Kisses you with every compliment, and holds you close as she talks, overall so romantic and loving for someone who’s supposed to have no emotions.
  • Emotions are dulled for her (In my mind, for her to be dating an s/o, she would slightly regain her emotions), but she does love you, and reminds you of that.


  • A very loud supporter, when it comes to you being shy or timid with people, basically.
  • She’s the girlfriend who will yell, “Kick his ass, baby!” if you’re making a comeback or the threatening someone.
  • Her mentality is pretty much; ignore what people think and just say what you want to.
  • Regarding your body, she’s still very obvious about it, but it’s all compliments and encouragement!
  • If she sees you being sad, or you put yourself down, she’ll tell you to shut up and that you’re so beautiful and amazing!
  • Will kiss you all over your face and whoever else you don’t like, and it will probably turn into a tickle fight!
  • Lots of tickle fights!
  • Compliments you all the time and kisses your face constantly in public, expect to have purple lipstick on your face and neck every day!
  • Also likes to say  stuff in Spanish, compliments, and more intimate things, but she says it out loud or yells it across the room. I’m sorry doesn’t you when there’s people who understand around you guys!

I love that post that gives a title to all four sides of the love square cause it sums up what I love about the four dynamics so perfectly

1) the heroic (ladynoir) - how their strengths are highlighted when they put themselves on the line everyday to protect Paris. The trust and loyalty that comes from such a close partnership.

2) the everyday (adrienette) - how those strengths can manifest in subtle, everyday occurrences. how even though they’re superheroes they could have the normalcy of being together and in love in their civilian lives.


4) the natural (marichat) - how there is an easiness around them in which they can tease and make fun of each other because they accept each other as they are and expect nothing else.

all put together makes such a strong and healthy dynamic between two clueless people that literally the best otp elements and it makes me want to DIE

These two absolutely adorable and lovely girls (tanith: sheloveseating on IG and lissi tobefre-ed (Aspoonfullofhealth_ on IG) visited me for 2-3 days and i’m soo happy to met them in real life! We already communicated through instagram and tumblr before and i’m surprised about how good social network friendships can work in real life. Both of them were super Kind and friendly and I felt so comfortable around them. It was such a good and relaxed athmosphere and it was a lot of fun to meet people with similiar interests and eating habits 🙊❤ i can’t wait to visit them the next time and i’m just really thankful to be able to meet such intresting people from other cities 😊🌸💕

There is nothing quite as adorable as two best friends playing video games together. I LOVE James & Mike Mondays.

Not even from the standpoint of shipping them romantically, but just the sheer depth of the bond Souji and Yosuke share is overwhelming in the best way. It’s so healthy and positive and truly LOVING.

They love each other. This has been stated, with the word “love” being used by Yukiko in reference to their friendship in the English loc. They changed each other completely and went through so much together and their bond goes so, so deep.

The adoration when they talk to each other and just the sense you get that they have a bond that transcends terms like “best friend” and the ideas most people have about how close two people can be is so, so heartwarming. It makes me so happy. It’s just. One of the best, most pure forms of love, imo.