We’ll build a life together – move in after a respectable amount of time, into a flat with blue walls and herbs that we need to replace every month because we can’t keep them alive on the kitchen windowsill and abstract paintings we did while drunk on the cracked and cobwebbed walls. We’ll play scrabble with fridge magnets and we’ll hardly be able to reach the books on the shelves because of all the photos of us in the way and everywhere you turn there’ll be another reminder that two people have a life here, in the flat with blue walls.

We’ll have a dog – some tiny, fluffy thing named a terrible cliché that still occasionally pees on the carpet no matter what we do – and you’ll openly adore it while I pretend to be indifferent but sneak it scraps of food when I think you’re not looking and pretend to wonder why it’s gaining weight. And we’ll have a cat that’ll sleep between us and we’ll wonder how something so small can take up so much space, but we’ll never be able to bring ourselves to kick it off. And we’ll work our separate jobs and lead our separate lives but at the end of the day we’ll always come home to each other and our flat with blue walls.

And we’ll sit on the faded old couch with the stuffing leaking out of it and watch cooking shows or Friends reruns and poke each other in the shoulder or the leg when we get bored. We’ll cook spaghetti and the sauce will burn because your favourite song came on and you had to dance and obviously I had to dance with you. And I’ll miss you when I close my eyes but it’ll be okay because when I open them again you’ll still be there. And you’ll comfort me during storms and we’ll run through spring showers hand in hand and play Monopoly until 2am and build blanket forts in the living room and eat pizza on the kitchen floor. And it won’t be a lavish life, but we’ll love it, and even though the heating doesn’t work and half the light bulbs are gone, we don’t want to leave the flat with blue walls.

And I can picture this life so clearly and easily, watching you sit and glance around nervously in the little pastel café, and it’s with that in my head that I walk through the door, and the smile that cracks your face when you see me just proves we could have it, this simple, idyllic life in the flat with blue walls.

—  The flat with blue walls

G Dragon and CL are like legit close (no, not just in that “YG Family” way that is always marketed) and honestly I LOVE that. I love when people from different groups or companies are friends and keep in touch and things like that. It must be hard to keep in touch with how busy musicians ,especially two as big as CL and GD, are.CL commented on GD’s IG post “Luv you bro bro.” I’ve seen GD and CL in the club together more than any other two people. That time she kissed him on the cheek was so adorable. 

It’s also cool that it’s platonic. I hate how everybody assumes that a guy and girl can’t be friends and one of them always only hangs out with the other becuase of ulterior motives.

tbh i’m never gonna get over the scene where steven and amethyst reveal smokey to the other two. 

not just pearl and garnet’s reactions, but steven and amethyst’s lead into the fusion (talking/planning amongst themselves leading to ’so you know we had an epic showdown in the beta kindergarten’ etc.). it’s so obvious they planned who would say what and when.

they way they look at each other so they can cue the other in to say ‘but do you know who beat jasper?’ in perfect unison suggests they probably even rehearsed it a few times beforehand and like. how can two people possibly be that adorable, i quit.

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hey, I just finished hustle cat and adored it! reese was my Fav but god if all of them weren't wonderful! I was curious abt goth dad though: does he naturally have two knacks? is that rare, or can witches just develop a number of knacks as they grow? 0:

Thank you!! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Graves does naturally have two knacks… he’s a really, really talented witch so he discovered it easily, but I think of it about how people can develop new passions and talents at different points in their lives. They probably get better with the newer knack as it comes in, but the old knack still is around in some way. I think Graves’s metal knack is a lot more powerful than his cat knack, but just like in a lot of things, you can fall back on old habits if you need to.

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okay but honestly tho doesnt JImin define the saying, "get a man who can do both" from being sexy and sinful to cute and squishy in .000000001 seconds omg i fucking love him



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HOW IS ONE PERSON TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE?? but honestly that’s one of my favorite things about jimin because on one side you have this smoldering hottie that could melt you with one look and then you have an adorable squish with the purest angelic smile!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH 💘

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22, 24, 30, 32, 32 :)!!

22. Favorite Friendship?

Omg how to chooooose people know how I’m crazy about all EXO interactions haha hmm I guess I have to say.. SuLay! There’s something about both of them that gives strength for each other when times are hard. I feel like their connections and understandings for each other are deeper since I think those two bear the heaviest burden when EXO had their downfall back then.. even now we can see how much they just adore and so supportive of each other.

23. Favorite China-line member?


30. Favorite OT12 moment?

First daesang :)

32. Favorite EXODUS song?

Asfksjdfslkfj that’s my favorite album oh my god uhm… El Dorado! I think El Dorado is my favorite EXO song in general.


i just wanna take a second and talk about @kattthecoolkid. katt is the kind of person who would share her umbrella with you, even if she doesn’t know who you are. she’s the kind of person who you can just have casual conversation with and not have it be awkward or anything, just two people talking. she has a large and adorable fascination with animals that always makes me smile. and she will ALWAYS go out of her way to talk and comfort you if she thinks something’s wrong. katt is a very special person to me because she is so kind, caring, cute, and just overall an amazing person. she deserves to be happy, and maybe needs to hear a little but more often about how much she is loved

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♛ - inquisitorataashi


my opinion on;

character in general: I have always said Adahlen is a very well-rounded character. He has so many facets, and histories most people still haven’t explored. He’s really lovely in his own way (and with the right people), but he’s also capable of being fierce as well. I love that there is so much dynamic for him. He’s moving, not standing still. If you want fluff, you can have it. And if you want the deeper Adahlen, you can have that too. As for Gladstone, well…<3 Gladstone forever. Loyal adorable mabari dog friends for the win.

how they play them: I love that this Mun has the variation between Adahlen and Gladstone here. I love that those two often come in pairs because it really sets a scene. There is always something to respond too, and the Mun doesn’t pull punches when it comes to the difficult things either. Adahlen experiences so much of the world, because this Mun doesn’t shy away from it, and it really helps to build both his character and other people’s characters.

the mun: Adahlen-mun is wonderful, lovely, sweet, silly, caring, kind, and always so upbeat. <3 If you’re not playing with Adahlen or Gladstone, you should be, just so you can have a relationship with this mun. <3 

do i;

follow them: Yes <3 

rp with them: Yes. With both Hamin and Sahlin.

want to rp with them: Lol…If I didn’t I wouldn’t be?

ship their character with mine: TBH this one’s hard. Sahlin does what he wants, and they’ve been down that path before. I don’t KNOW right now what will happen, and because it’s a delicate sort of situation between them, I don’t want any thoughts of mine influencing that in any way <3 Hamin and Adahlen seem to get along, but Hamin isn’t the sort to stick around, so…that feels like maybe not something I would call a ship per se? XD

what is my;

overall opinion: Adahlen-mun is really creative, and has taken some of the more fascinating and mysterious aspects of the DA Lore and made this absolutely wonderful, achingly human character. What it says in the promo is right. We are all broken, all beautifully imperfect. That’s Adahlen. And seriously, at LEAST go pet Gladstone, right? XD

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.