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what do you think of jvp's statement on the dyke march?

like i’ve been saying on josh’s posts, it seems rly bizarre how mismatched their story is to the rest like, in every other story, they approached them because it “might make others feel unsafe” then jvp says they were approached by palestinians? in every other story, jvp isn’t mentioned, but jvp says they were who questioned them? in every story, it was the flag that made them approach, but jvp says they were saying zionist shit? plus, jvp doesn’t even mention the other 2 jews who were kicked out and not found out to be zionist affiliated? it all just seems very fishy and idk why jvp would corroborate something they seem not to have actually been involved with

Kirishima Eijirou’s Past and Other Bits of Speculation

Chapter 134 just reminded us of something. We don’t know what Kirishima’s life was like before entering U.A.

Now, this scene is very telling because it looks like Kirishima empathizes with the villain. He empathizes with him so much that he feels like telling him about his past. Keep in mind, Kirishima empathizes with him after the guy attacked Kirishima, nearly killed civilians, and shot Kirishima’s senpai. I think this is more than Kirishima being a nice guy. Plus, this isn’t the first time Kirishima told this villain that he understands how he feels.

Like the villain, Kirishima wants to become stronger, but I think Kirishima relates to the villain in more ways than that. He wouldn’t feel the need to start sharing his past if he didn’t.

My prediction is Kirishima was once a different person than he is now in the manga. I think he was a darker character, more specifically a criminal or a delinquent. We hardly know anything about Kirishima’s past, so it is possible. It seems like Kirishima went through a change before entering U.A.

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Humans are Weird: Seasons

I was thinking about how Earth is probably one of the rare planets with seasonal climates, due to its wonky tilted axis. So Earth has a crazy variety of climates and weather patterns, and humans have just learned how to deal, much to the confusion of everybody else. 

This was turning into a headcanon about how humans are bizarrely prepared for anything, and then I had a thought- Space Cruises

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After a night of drinking that Farla family decided to check out what was under the grate in their hall. The hole was just big enough to fit through, and what they found was an underground room with documents from the 1930s and an old, rotted cross in the middle of the room. It appeared to be a chapel at some point, of course, possibly when Catholics were persecuted in England and used the bunker as a hidden church. The house itself is dated around 230 years. 

this is the strangest fucking thing to tweet if nothing is going on like please ruminate on this image and how truly bizarre it is if nothing’s going on

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People don’t like Aragorn and Arwen together cause they’re straight??? That’s a shame tbh, I think they’re super cool. 

Most people know Waluigi doesn’t have his own game or had any role in a main series Nintendo game, but I don’t think some people understand how bizarre Waluigi’s situation really is.

He hasn’t just ‘not had a role’, we don’t see him at all. He’s never mentioned, not by his ‘bro’ Wario in Warioware, not by his nemesis Luigi. Not by anyone

Outside of spin-off sports titles, second party games and Smash bros. there are a few hints of him (from my knowledge)

  1. In Game and Watch (not Warioware!), he’s a boxer for a mini-game
  2. In Thousand Year Door, you can get a purple hat and sleeves alt.
  3. In Super Mario maker, he’s a playable mushroom power-up

That’s it.

Waluigi has been in over 50 games and the only sports game in recent memory I can think where he wasn’t playable was Mario kart 7 and even then he had his own course ‘Waluigi Pinball’ in it. Since his creation, there hasn’t been a year where Waluigi has not appeared in a game. 16 years straight of consistent Waluigi right there, folks.

Waluigi has had serious screen time. He has had more voice acting, lines of dialogue and more information dropped about him then some main characters in other games. He’s had considerable parts in the tennis and golf games, with cutscenes and large roles alongside Wario. We all know his character, we’ve seen him around everywhere.

So why have we never seen him in a Nintendo game? Not even as an npc whose only line of dialogue is ‘wah’. Not even as a passing Easter egg? Not even as a poster in the background or in a single line of text from a toad hinting to him?

Its just so strange. It makes him feel like a mass hallucination that only appears when you say the words ‘sports’

5 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as semi non-con, burns and the slightest suggestive smut

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“I’m not waiting outside.” Taehyung commented, being unreasonable.

The two of you were shopping in the heart of Seoul, you needed more clothes and general bits and pieces if you were expected to live with him and the others at the manor house. You’d told Jin that you wanted to go shopping for skincare products and other necessities, knowing he would instantly understand and take you. Unfortunately for you Jin was with Jimin all day, meaning somebody else had to play bodyguard.

“You’re not coming in with me!” You whisper-shouted, not wanting to cause a scene. “I don’t want you to see my underwear.” You explained, the two of you stood arguing outside an expensive lingerie store.

“Technically it’s not your underwear.” He protested, his large feline eyes rolling heavenward at your complaints. “You’re not going in alone.”

Yes I am.” You spat, handing him your other shopping bags as you stormed into the gorgeous floral scented shop. Suddenly a large hand grabbed onto yours, tugging you back until you crashed against something hard and unyielding. Snapping your head up you were met with the boxy smile of Taehyung, his brows wiggling animatedly as he stared down at you.

What are you doing?!” You tried to tear your hand away from his but it was useless, his grip was like that of a bear trap. You looked to his other hand, where he held five heavy shopping bags effortlessly in his giant palm, how was that even possible?

“Hi, yes-, hello.” Taehyung cooed at the slender sales assistant you hadn’t even noticed approaching you, disappointment washed over her delicate features as her eyes eventually landed on yours and Taehyung’s entwined fingers.
“My girlfriend needs some lingerie, is anybody available?”

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na, tessék, akkor a Poi-e után itt van Új-Zéland másik gyilkos csapása a kilencvenes évek könnyűzenéjére, az OMC, ami szerényen az Otara Millionaires Club-ból rövidült. 

Hát Otara mondjuk… hogyismondjam, East Tamaki, Papatoetoe és Otahuhu közöt terül el, a legszegényebb kerületek közé számít (Millionaires, eh) és egyetlen dolgot érdemes tudni róla, hogy ott lehet európaiaknak szánt pasifika csecsebecsét venni a piacon, meg lóhúst. 

A Tasti is ezért választotta a kiwiana kliséviharból összerakott kis klipjéhez a How Bizarre c. örökbecsűt, illetve az átiratát amely, nem viccelek one of the greatest New Zealand songs of all time.

‘96-ban itthon eladtak belőle harmincötezret, egy évvel később Ausztráliában százötvenezer kislemezt (platina!), egy évvel később, harminckét hétig volt a Mainstream TOp40-ben az usában, és 1997-ben első helyre is került, és gyorsan szétszaladt Európában is.

Sajnos az előadók már nincsenek köztünk (2005-ben meghalt Phil és 2010-ben Pauly Fuemana) de az életművük örökké megmarad, köszönhetően a dallamtapadás jelenségének. 

Sajnos a többi számuk is szar, de legalább helyi (amit azért a kiejtésből elég jól be lehet saccolni). Mármint úgy helyi, hogy apukája Niue anyukája maori a Taranakiból, ő már itt született Aucklandben, Otarában.

How bizarre.


“One of the things that’s strange to me is that this doesn’t feel strange. When I first started playing in Paramore in 2007, if you had told me at a certain point it would be Zac and Hayley and I, to try and get there in my head, there’s just no way. Over the last ten years, a lot of things have changed, but it feels like we’ve been in this form of our band for a long time, and it feels so comfortable. We’re still just as broken, but it’s just bizarre how good it feels right now. In the past when things felt good, we would hold onto them so tightly, and we wanted everyone to see and we forced them to see it, but this time, like Hayley and Zac have been saying, it’s cool to not feel like we have to be presentable when we’re broken, just to be ourselves and let people draw whatever conclusion they want.” - Taylor York

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But is jjba THAT bizarre tho??

Imagine one day you’re minding your own business, going for a walk - pretty normal right? Suddenly you see a rainbow - you look at it for a moment and admire how pretty it is - pretty normal, right? Wrong! As you resume your walk, your steps get slower and slower and you begin to feel stranger and stranger. You fall to your knees and elbows and suddenly you realise you are literally turning into a snail. You are now a human sized snail and salt is now your worst enemy, congratulations. THAT’S how bizarre JJBA can get.