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I just really freakin appreCIATE KIM TAEHYUNG MAN

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How beautiful is it that a servant forgives the one who backbites about him or who slanders him, and stays silent when he could have responded, all for the sake of Allah. How beautiful then will be his meeting with Allah? Imagine Allah saying to you, “You showed Mercy and forgave My slave, so today I forgive you.”

"It's not about who you are."

Let’s just talk about this line because it’s getting lost in translation. THIS LINE IS NOT ABOUT THEIR SEXUALITY OR EVEN THEIR PERSONALITY. It’s about their names and how famous they’ve become over the years. John and Sherlock went from nothing to something overnight. They became famous, they became somebodies instead of nobodies and that’s what this line’s about. Mary is saying that it doesn’t matter how famous you are or how much you’re worth to the media or the rest of the world or how well-known your name is, it’s all about your value to yourselves and each other. It’s about how you see the world, not how the world sees you, and i think that’s a beautiful thing to say. It’s just a shame that nobody else sees the meaning behind those words instead of taking them at face value.

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I love your blog^^! Can I have RFA+ Saeran watching you do your hair and get ready to go out somewhere?

Note: Thanks for liking my blog! I hope you enjoy this request even though it’s pretty short!


  • he thinks you look so cute
  • like, he loves watching you do things
  • and if you want help, he’ll love to help you out
  • because playing with your hair and stuff is so much fun for him


  • she loves watching you do your hair because you look after your hair so well
  • you’re so good at making yourself look even more beautiful and Jaehee wants to know how
  • she literally tells you how beautiful you are every time you’re getting ready
  • it’s pretty sweet


  • hyun gets ready with you
  • actually he takes longer than you,,
  • but tbh he still compliments you as the two of you get ready
  • he always says how perfect you are no matter what


  • jumin had no idea it took you so long to get ready
  • he was kind of surprised by how much you do to get ready
  • but he does tell you how beautiful you are even before you get ready honestly
  • helps you however he can with getting ready so you’re faster


  • is just kinda confused why you’re doing so much
  • like you’re beautiful without doing any of this ??
  • but he’s still fascinated by how much you’re doing
  • he steals some of your makeup tbh though lol 


  • he doesn’t get why you put in so much effort ??
  • like seriously you’re beautiful and you don’t have to put in more effort 
  • he tells you this constantly but still think you’re cute when you’re getting ready anyway

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I... Don't know if you want to answer this.. But how would the RFA members + Saeran also love a s/o when they're.. Chubby? Since I feel veey insecure about my looks I just wanted to ask this question.. Hope you don't mind :/

I am so sorry that I have been gone so long and haven’t posted anything!!! Life’s been hectic!

Jumin: He absolutely adores your chubbiness, and would cherish each and every inch of you. He coule be lying in bed with you, and his hands would stroke each and every inch of you while he told you why he loved each part.

He’ll have clothes tailored perfectly for your shape, and if anyone dares comment about your size, he will be more than simply angry. No one insults the person he finds more beautiful than anything.

Yoosung: Yoosung loves how cute you look. Sure you are a bit chubbier than most, but to him, you are still the most beautiful person in the entire world.

He always kisses you when he sees you, and tells you how pretty you look, and how you are always beautiful in his eyes. He could never understand your insecurity, so he would do anything he could to stop you feeling insecure.

Zen: He would often tell you that it simply meant that there was more of you to love. He would take his time treasuring each and every inch of you, telling you how much he adored his princess.

He would make sure that no one ever commented about your size, by constantly yelling the press how you were so beautiful and perfect. That no matter what size you were, you were the most beautiful person in the world.

707: He loved the sight of you, the feel of you. He just loved each and every part of you. Ever since he saw you through the camera in the apartment, he loved you. He would spend his morning telling you how much he loved every part of you.

He couldn’t stand seeing you so insecure, so would do anything to make you feel better about it. He would help you lose weight if you wanted to, but he would always tell you that yoh were beautiful to him, not matter what size you were.

Jaehee: She would find your insecurity surprising, as she never expected the insecurity about your chubbiness. She adored your size, and would constantly tell you how much she loved you.

She would take you out shopping and show you how there were so many clothes that would compliment your size and shape, and would get many clothes you liked tailored to fit you properly.

Saeran: He wouldn’t see why you were so insecure, because he didn’t see the imperfections you saw. To him, you were beautiful. Like an angel sent from heaven. He would tell you how he loved you, and if you didn’t believe him, he would tell you more often until you did believe him.

He would pull you in front of a mirror, make you undress, then stand behind you and trail his hands down you, telling you how much he loved each and every part of you.

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hello! i love your blog, and especially noticed how much you love beauty and the beast! I was wondering if you knew where I could get my hands on the original Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve version (translated to english) and where I could read the abridged Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont version? If you have any idea it would be very much appreciated!

Beauty and the Beast by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve (1740)

- Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont (1756)

Villeneuve’s version is like 100+ pages long, and Beaumont’s version is the one that has been adapted more often. 

The version I own of these stories is this book, which is a reprinted collection of different versions of the story that Betsy Hearne collected back in the 70s when she was doing her thesis, which was printed as Beauty and the Beast: Visions and Revisions of an Old Tale. It’s still the most interesting book about Beauty and the Beast that I’ve ever read. 

The Meanings of “Beauty and the Beast”: A Handbook by Jerry Griswold is completely excellent as well. I’ve been planning of going through it and posting quotes sometime.

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Actually, in French the word for "my girlfriend" is "mon petite amie" which translates to "my little friend" and I think that's beautiful


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Ahh im still so pissed off about best animation going to yoi because wtfff???? Its a clear category where it doesnt matter how much you like the series, mp100 had actual original, beautiful, extremely filled-with-diversity animation while yoi???? The art was like the minimum level required for a sports anime (these days lol) and was just... not all that original? Kinda boring cause youve seen it so many times before? I honestly know i shouldnt care but it pisses me off cos yoi didnt deserve it

Yeah, I mean YOI’s animation isn’t bad or anything, it is pretty, but there’s nothing spectacular, out of the ordinary about it. MP100 is unique and not too in-your-face either, it doesn’t overdo it with quirkiness. It’s just enough to emphasize the feeling behind each scene and to boost the fight scenes from “wow” to “holyyyyyy shit!!!!”.


AU where Allison and Isaac are still here and Stalia does not exist.
I’ve noticed that you guys go cuckoo for Theo and Peter but I decided to write about the boys that don’t get enough love: Brett, Liam, and Isaac.

Y/N = Your Name
Warnings: Hot men, cutie pie Liam, dorky Stiles, explicit language??? Oh and sexual content af
Song Inspo
: Company by Tinashe

For as long as you lived in Beacon Hills, things have never brightened up for you. For years you went unnoticed by anyone until Senior year. In your family, your mom was a beautiful landmark. Every man wanted to be with her even if it meant death by their spouse or her beloved husband. Your dad was, to be honest, a sex god. Although, no one could understand how two beautiful people came together to give birth to you. Your hair was thick but dull, always tangled, the hair on your body grew thick so you had to shave every day, you didn’t have bad acne but you would have pimples and zits in unwanted places like around your lips or your forehead. You mom told you not to worry because she went through the same thing, she also said things would go your way around Junior year.

She was right. All throughout Junior year, your body went through “slow” change. By Senior year, you grew a cup size, your body had more defined curves, you had to shave less because your mom took you waxing and your hair grew back finer. Let’s not forget about the hair, your hair had more shine and volume and away the acne, hello radiance! During your come up, you came across a few friends like Danny, Gwen, Josh, Hayden, Mason, Corey, and Allison. Aside from Allison, the seven of you constantly hung out with each other so when you got to Senior year, you weren’t alone.

Here you were on Danny’s bed listening to him talk about your last year together. Josh sat in the corner playing a game on his phone, clearly frustrated that he was losing. You pursed your lips and sat up quickly. “I know what we should do!” Danny widened his eyes and blinked a few times before he could ask what. “It’s something that we all do pretty well,” Danny cocked his head to the side, took a look at Josh then back at you. “Let’s throw a party that we’ll all remember.” That got Josh’s attention, he put the phone down and clasped his hands behind his head, “I’m down.” “What kind of party? I feel like we’re running out of ideas.” You scoffed and reached in your bag for twizzlers, “you’re running out of ideas, let’s have a Coachella theme.”
Josh plopped on the bed next to you with a big grin. The two of you looked at Danny. He smiled and nodded in approval, “I can’t believe I never thought of that. Coachella it is, where are we going to have the venue?” “Why would you ask that?” Josh scoffed, “I know people.” You smiled at the thought of wearing that outfit your mom bought last week. This was going to be fun.

Stiles approached Danny in the locker room. “Hey, good lookin’,” Stiles leaned against his locker with a sneaky smile, “how’s it goin?” Danny sighed and turned to look at him and Scott.

Danny: What do you want?
Stiles: Why do you assume there’s something I want?
Danny: Because you’re Stiles
Stiles: Point well taken, there is something I actually want
Danny: What?
Scott: We heard you’re having a party?
Danny: Yeah
Stiles: Were you going to invite us?
Danny: To be fair, every time you guys show up, weird stuff happens
Stiles: You ever think it might be you?
Scott: Danny, we won’t be weird, I promise
Danny: *sighs* You guys can come over if you contribute
Stiles: I don’t know if my dance moves are that good but if you really want me to, I guess I can bust a few out the closet
Scott: I think he means contribute by pitching in for the drinks…
Danny: Yeah…I’ll text you the details, later *closes his locker and leaves*
Scott: Dance moves?
Stiles: If you ever bring that up I’ll shove wolfsbane down your throat

At lunch, Danny sat his tray on the table. You and Josh came soon after laughing about an inside joke. “So how’d it go?” Danny told you guys how much people he got in and then you guys discussed the amount of drinks that would have to be bought. There was also a matter of decorations, which for some odd reason, your parents were more happy to provide. They even told you that they’d go out of town for the weekend. “Y/N!” You snapped out of your trance and hummed in response. Josh told you to go ask Allison and Mason if they were still going.

Liam was still sulking after a month of the bite. He couldn’t get a handle on his transformations. For example, Liam looked up to see a sexy girl wearing black pants that pronounced her curves, a jacket to conceal what her white crop top couldn’t. Liam quickly moved his hands under the table, to hide the incoming claws.
You approached Mason and Allison at their table with a smile. “Hey guys, we got a party this Friday if you’re up for it.” Stiles stood with a sly grin, “Danny already invited us,” Scott pulled him down by his arm. You smiled at the cute boy. “Sure, I’m in,” Mason shrugged. Allison smiled and put a hand on Lydia’s shoulder. “Can’t, I’m going shopping with –” “We can shop and go to a party, it’s been a while since I’ve been to one” Lydia took a bite out of her lunch while Allison made her lips into a thin line. You scanned the table and laid eyes on Liam. “What about you?” Liam nearly choked on his tongue trying to speak. “Wait, aren’t you Hayden’s nemesis?” Liam slowly nodded but furrowed a brow once he saw you form your lips into a sexy smirk. “Perfect, you have to come, Liam.” The way you said his name was enough to give him a boner. With that, you told them the theme and walked off.

The party was coming along. A few people came a little too early. People like Scott and Stiles. They helped Danny set up beer kegs and set out drinks. Josh was serious about knowing people. The house was a perfect setup for the party. It was also spacious so the neighbors wouldn’t complain about the noise. Isaac rolled in the house with two coolers. Stiles face palmed himself when they opened the coolers. Each were full of soda and Caprisuns. “Isaac I told you to get drinks!” Isaac gave him a toothy smile and pointed at them, “yeah, I got the good stuff, sprite, mountain dew, Dr. Pepper, and a whole bunch of Caprisuns.” Stiles was about to kill the oblivious boy before you interrupted. “Great thinking, it is Coachella after all.” You reached inside the cooler and grabbed a Caprisun. “Thanks, you can put them over in the kitchen, Stiles.” You gave Isaac a wink then walked away. You could feel his eyes raking over your body, the feeling creating a tiny pool in your shorts.

More people flooded in and the party really started to kick off. The smell of sweat, liquor, smoke, and perfume gave off an intoxicating scent. At one point, someone brought in edible body paint, a table to play beer pong on and a whole bunch of floating for the pool. Brett walked in with his posse. They knew most of the kids attending the party were from Beacon Hills but that what made it fun. A girl bumped into him, he looked down to see a pretty strawberry blonde. Lydia. Behind her was Allison, Malia, Scott, Stiles, and Liam.
Brett smirked at him and ruffled his hair, “aww the little pup is with the big Kids.” Liam bared his teeth at his enemy. Brett couldn’t help but chuckle, “put those away before you accidentally maul someone. Jesus Scott, you don’t train your puppy?” Before Liam could lunge for him, Isaac got there in time to help Scott pull him back. Brett shrugged his shoulders and walked away from the group.
He walked into the kitchen to grab a beer when you walked in. The way your ass was cradled in your shorts made him bite his lip. He’d never seen you before and that made him curious. The choker around your neck turned him on more than it should have. The thought of hearing you moan while his hand tightened around your neck, excited him beyond measure.

“Like what you see?”
“What if I do?”
“Answer the question”
“You answer mine”

You smiled and moved closer. “I guess both of our questions will go unanswered.”
You grabbed the two beers and headed out the kitchen. Brett smiled at what he had just encountered. He loved mysteries and you seemed like a golden one.

A large group of people agreed to play truth or dare in the living room. Everyone decided it would be easier to play it on an app. The app would take people’s names and it would spin. The group would decide if that person completed the dare correctly. We had a choice of 3-10 rounds, we all chose 10 because we all had nothing better to do. If you choose truth, you have to take two shots of vodka. If you didn’t complete the dare or do it, you had to take two shots of tequila. Truths are worth up to three points depending on how juicy the answer is, dares are worth up to 5 points but you get zero if you chicken out. The most players with the most points win the game.

The game continued, after round four, the dares started to get a little dirty. Lydia had to take a strawberry in her mouth and kiss Aiden for five seconds. When they finished, Aiden seemed hot and flustered while Lydia smiled innocently. Danny had to strip tease the whole group, Mason Eskimo kissed Allison, and Hayden down two shots after refusing to give Liam a hickey. “Y/N, spin a bottle until you land on a guy. Then take off your pants and sit on his crotch until the next round.” You grabbed the empty beer bottle and gave it a good spin. Everyone watched it turn and cheered once it landed on Isaac. He gave you a sly grin and opened his legs a little wider on the couch. You left your comfy position on the floor, slid your shorts off, to sit right on top of Isaac’s member. He kept his hands to the side because he didn’t want to make you feel weird.

Halfway through the next round, you wrapped his arms around your waist so he could get comfortable. You leaned against his chest, unintentionally pressing yourself harder against him. Everyone was laughing at Aiden because he had to draw a smiley face on Stiles’ butt. While you laughed your body vibrated a bit, turning Isaac on. You turned you him and smiled, “you’re enjoying this.” Isaac returned your smile, “a hot girl is sitting on my lap with no pants on, of course, I’m enjoying this.” You bit your lip and subtly grounded into him by moving back in forth, creating friction. His size was unmistakably large and he wasn’t even fully hard. You wanted to moan but you didn’t want to grab too much attention to yourself, Isaac tightened his arms to try and stop you. The feeling was great but he didn’t want everyone to see how aroused he was after she would have to get off of him. Isaac wasn’t going to let you have all the fun, he started whispering dirty, obscene things in your ear and nibbled on your ear lobe. You had to conceal the moan with a heavy sigh and stopped moving so he would let up.

The circle got smaller after Danny had to confess on his dirtiest fantasies. His fantasy included Ethan and small toys. The two raced out the room while everyone groaned. Hayden downed two shots of tequila after calling quits halfway through a dare in which she had to eat raw spaghetti with Stiles. Malia surprised everyone by drinking a tall glass of mixed alcohol without stopping. She didn’t even blink. Moving on from dirty, the dares went very dirty. Allison had to put a piece of ice in her vagina and leave it there, once it melted she had to replace it until it was her turn again. You had to eat whip cream off of Brett. He hooked his hands behind his head and let you go to work. You made sure to trail up his hairy leg quickly, kiss/eat up his arm until you reached his collar bone. You made your tongue flat, making sure you get all of the cream. Brett hummed in approval when you reached his hot neck. You even left a few kisses here and there. Before touching his lips, you cleaned off his chest and used the tip of your tongue to swipe off the cream around the outline of his member. He grinned at the contact. Your hot tongue didn’t throw him off but it pleased him. The people in the room gasped and cooed in agreement. You straddled his waist and licked a line up his throat. Underneath you, Brett shuddered at the sensual act. The unusual feeling sent shockwaves to his sex making it hard for him to pretend that he wasn’t enjoying himself. Brett shocked you by grabbing your lips before you could lick off all the cream. He gave you a smirk afterward and stood up.

The last round was hectic. Almost everyone was drunk except Stiles, You, and Brett. They were going along with the craziest dares to rack up points. A girl named Kelsi gave Stiles a blowjob for two full songs. She pulled him away so they could finish up in the next room. Allison took off her bra to let Kira and Lydia suck on her nipples for one whole minute. Malia masturbated in front of the whole group, Scott had to let Hayden rub his inner thighs and not get hard, and Aiden yanked carried Lydia out of the room so they could have sex. Liam was the last dare. His dare involved you and him for 7 minutes of heaven.

You laughed as Liam fumbled around for a light switch. Drunk and frustrated that you were laughing at him, he accidentally glowed his eyes. At the sudden realization of what he did, he quickly retreated to a corner and grabbed his face in his hands. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, please don’t be scared…” You smiled at his cute behavior.

“I’m a monster, aren’t I?”
“I thought you were a werewolf”
“How’d you…”
“It’s Beacon Hills, right? You can’t be that hot and not be supernatural”
“You think I’m hot?”
“No, I think you’re adorable”
Liam’s voice grew deep and husky.

He didn’t have to glow his eyes to know where you were. He walked towards you calmly and pinned you against the wall. Your breath hitched as you felt his heated presence hovering over you. Liam was tired of being treated like a kid, he was going to show you that he wasn’t. Not being able to see heightened your sense, making you more sensitive. You jumped at the touch of his warm, steady hands, gliding from your hips to the small of your back. At the same time, Liam leaned in to breathe heavily against your ear, “are you scared?” You could feel your folds being slick with your sweet juices at the sound of his rough voice. You shook your head no. Liam planted a wet kiss on your neck then growled against your soft skin, the vibrations making you feel good. “You should be.”
Liam ran a claw down your neck to ensure to felt how sharp it was. He trailed down and tugged at the front of your bralette, threatening to snap it and let your breasts fly freely. You moaned in anticipation, urging the wolf inside Liam to continue. Liam was scared of hurting you so he backed up just as the closet door opened. At the end of the game, Mason totaled the points. You and Brett tied since Stiles left the room.

Everyone left the room and the ache between your legs could not be subsided by a toy. You had to have sex and you needed it now. There was only one problem, well three. Who would you choose to accompany you for the night?

The Overconfident Brett?
Isaac The Smooth Panty Dropper?

Angel-face Liam?

Choose your lucky suitor. Inbox me about who you would like. I’ll update polls daily.

003. Quirks

Summary: The little things he loves about you.

Ch: Tommy, Arthur, John, Michael and Finn

Warnings: none

Tommy: Tommy would never admit it being a man of total honor and respect but he loved the way you stick up for yourself, especially against him. No matter what the case would be, you’d always find a side to argue and agree on. Just watching you get all flustered, red chest, pushing chest and deep breathing, it just turned him on.

Arthur: Unlike himself he loves how calm you are, content with just staying home, reading books and sometimes visiting the theater. He enjoys the simple view of watching you, sipping his gin, noticing how much you really are into the book you haven’t left in hours. And admitting how beautiful you truly are.

John: No matter of how much of a shit day he’s had, you always make it better. As soon as you see that look on his face you know the day was rough. You usually make him his favorite dinner, followed with tons of kissing on the lips, cheeks and forehead, lastly giving a back rub before bed, not asking him about what happened because you already knew he didn’t want to talk.

Finn: Finn loves how sweet you are, no matter where someone is from you greet them with open arms and heart. You will help anyone you see, homeless, tired, hungry, thirsty, etc. This also include animals due to you bringing them home from the cold and him not being able to say no to that beautiful face.

Michael: There is something so sexy to Michael about how independent you are. No matter man or woman you will state your opinion and give them hell. Even though it annoys him when you constantly fight him on almost everything he secretly loves it but will never admit it.

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you're so beautiful, Cartia there are only two people in this world that I look up too, and that's my mum and you thank you for being such a beautiful soul

aww this made me smile

thank you

how epic are mums… !!!

Creep |Conor Maynard|

|Word Count - 326|

|Request - Yes|

“I can feel you staring you creep.” You mumbled snuggling into your pillow. Conor let out a small chuckle from his side of the bed continuing to face you.

“I could watch you forever and ever.” You let a small awe opening your eyes to look at him. He continued to smile at you as you pushed away the strands of hair in your face. 

“Do you know how wonderful it is to wake up every day knowing I have you? You’re perfect. I love you.” You let out another awe as your cheeks became flushed. You put your face into the pillow so Conor couldn’t see your reaction.

“You’re too sweet. I love you too Con.”

“How do you look so beautiful all the time?” Conor asked making you stifle a laugh. 

“I just woke up, I look like poop. My hair is messy, my face is breaking out. How are you able to call me beautiful?” You questioned sitting up as you pulled your hair back into a bun. Conor gave you a confused face making you laugh.

“You look so cute when you laugh.” Conor responded making you blush again.

“Okay Conor, my turn to compliment on this bright and early morning.” Conor sat up facing you as he waited for the compliments. 

“You make me laugh harder than anyone else. I love when you scrunch up your face, it’s the cutest thing. And your voice, oh my lord, it’s angelic. And how you are with your friends, you love them so much. And I’m so happy you’re in my life, you’re not just my boyfriend, you’re my best friend.” Now it was Conor’s turn to blush.

“You guys are too mushy gushy.” Jack said from the doorway making the three of you laugh. Conor pulled you forward into him as he gave you hug. 

“You’re adorable.” Conor pulled you into a kiss making Jack groan louder.

“Guys stop being cute, I’m jealous.”