10 Rules of Good Studying

Excerpted from A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel in Math and Science (Even if You Flunked Algebra), by Barbara Oakley, Penguin, July, 2014

1. Use recall.After you read a page, look away and recall the main ideas. Highlight very little, and never highlight anything you haven’t put in your mind first by recalling. Try recalling main ideas when you are walking to class or in a different room from where you originally learned it. An ability to recall—to generate the ideas from inside yourself—is one of the key indicators of good learning.

2. Test yourself.On everything. All the time. Flash cards are your friend.

3. Chunk your problems. Chunking is understanding and practicing with a problem solution so that it can all come to mind in a flash. After you solve a problem, rehearse it. Make sure you can solve it cold—every step. Pretend it’s a song and learn to play it over and over again in your mind, so the information combines into one smooth chunk you can pull up whenever you want.

4. Space your repetition.Spread out your learning in any subject a little every day, just like an athlete. Your brain is like a muscle—it can handle only a limited amount of exercise on one subject at a time.

5. Alternate different problem-solving techniques during your practice.Never practice too long at any one session using only one problem-solving technique—after a while, you are just mimicking what you did on the previous problem. Mix it up and work on different types of problems. This teaches you both how and when to use a technique. (Books generally are not set up this way, so you’ll need to do this on your own.) After every assignment and test, go over your errors, make sure you understand why you made them, and then rework your solutions. To study most effectively, handwrite (don’t type) a problem on one side of a flash card and the solution on the other. (Handwriting builds stronger neural structures in memory than typing.) You might also photograph the card if you want to load it into a study app on your smartphone. Quiz yourself randomly on different types of problems. Another way to do this is to randomly flip through your book, pick out a problem, and see whether you can solve it cold.

6. Take breaks. It is common to be unable to solve problems or figure out concepts in math or science the first time you encounter them. This is why a little study every day is much better than a lot of studying all at once. When you get frustrated with a math or science problem, take a break so that another part of your mind can take over and work in the background.

7. Use explanatory questioning and simple analogies.Whenever you are struggling with a concept, think to yourself, How can I explain this so that a ten-year-old could understand it? Using an analogy really helps, like saying that the flow of electricity is like the flow of water. Don’t just think your explanation—say it out loud or put it in writing. The additional effort of speaking and writing allows you to more deeply encode (that is, convert into neural memory structures) what you are learning.

8. Focus.Turn off all interrupting beeps and alarms on your phone and computer, and then turn on a timer for twenty-five minutes. Focus intently for those twenty-five minutes and try to work as diligently as you can. After the timer goes off, give yourself a small, fun reward. A few of these sessions in a day can really move your studies forward. Try to set up times and places where studying—not glancing at your computer or phone—is just something you naturally do.

9. Eat your frogs first. Do the hardest thing earliest in the day, when you are fresh.

10. Make a mental contrast. Imagine where you’ve come from and contrast that with the dream of where your studies will take you. Post a picture or words in your workspace to remind you of your dream. Look at that when you find your motivation lagging. This work will pay off both for you and those you love!

Ten Rules of Bad Studying

Excerpted from A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel in Math and Science (Even if You Flunked Algebra), by Barbara Oakley, Penguin, July, 2014

Avoid these techniques—they can waste your time even while they fool you into thinking you’re learning!

1. Passive rereading—sitting passively and running your eyes back over a page.Unless you can prove that the material is moving into your brain by recalling the main ideas without looking at the page, rereading is a waste of time.

2. Letting highlights overwhelm you. Highlighting your text can fool your mind into thinking you are putting something in your brain, when all you’re really doing is moving your hand. A little highlighting here and there is okay—sometimes it can be helpful in flagging important points. But if you are using highlighting as a memory tool, make sure that what you mark is also going into your brain.

3. Merely glancing at a problem’s solution and thinking you know how to do it. This is one of the worst errors students make while studying. You need to be able to solve a problem step-by-step, without looking at the solution.

4. Waiting until the last minute to study. Would you cram at the last minute if you were practicing for a track meet? Your brain is like a muscle—it can handle only a limited amount of exercise on one subject at a time.

5. Repeatedly solving problems of the same type that you already know how to solve. If you just sit around solving similar problems during your practice, you’re not actually preparing for a test—it’s like preparing for a big basketball game by just practicing your dribbling.

6. Letting study sessions with friends turn into chat sessions. Checking your problem solving with friends, and quizzing one another on what you know, can make learning more enjoyable, expose flaws in your thinking, and deepen your learning. But if your joint study sessions turn to fun before the work is done, you’re wasting your time and should find another study group.

7. Neglecting to read the textbook before you start working problems. Would you dive into a pool before you knew how to swim? The textbook is your swimming instructor—it guides you toward the answers. You will flounder and waste your time if you don’t bother to read it. Before you begin to read, however, take a quick glance over the chapter or section to get a sense of what it’s about.

8. Not checking with your instructors or classmates to clear up points of confusion. Professors are used to lost students coming in for guidance—it’s our job to help you. The students we worry about are the ones who don’t come in. Don’t be one of those students.

9. Thinking you can learn deeply when you are being constantly distracted. Every tiny pull toward an instant message or conversation means you have less brain power to devote to learning. Every tug of interrupted attention pulls out tiny neural roots before they can grow.

10. Not getting enough sleep. Your brain pieces together problem-solving techniques when you sleep, and it also practices and repeats whatever you put in mind before you go to sleep. Prolonged fatigue allows toxins to build up in the brain that disrupt the neural connections you need to think quickly and well. If you don’t get a good sleep before a test, NOTHING ELSE YOU HAVE DONE WILL MATTER.


supernatural + text posts [10/10] 

[1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  [7]  [8]  [9]  [dean + his pasta]

okay so maybe these are mostly destiel but come on look how many times dean and cas are just staring into each others eyes - okay i’d like to point out to y’all that i’m happily taking requests to make sets of text posts based off a character or a ship or just the show in general (from more shows than just supernatural) so yeah - send away! :-)

In the Shadows (Part 9)

In the Shadows (Part 9)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – Bucky’s mind is finally free from Hydra and he moves into the Avengers Compound.  

Warnings – None

Word Count - 772

Notes – So, this is my way of writing about the first long-haired brunette bad-boy that I fell in love with from the MCU!!  Obviously this is strictly my theory on how I think the magic works.  There was just something about that green light when Loki’s Magic dissipates that gave me the idea.  Anyway, I hope you like this part!  As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10


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Loki took a closer look at you, his head cocked to one side as his eyes squinted in concentration.  “Yes.  I can see the energy you are emitting.  I do believe I can help, but not from within these confines.”

“You will not be allowed out of the cell again, Loki,” Thor explained.  “The three of us will join you as you instruct Lady (Y/N).”

Loki took an exasperated breath as he resigned himself to the arrangement.  He backed away from the energy field as Thor released the barrier.  You and Bucky began walking toward the opening, but Bucky stopped next to Thor.

“You might need this in there,” Bucky told Thor as he reached down and picked up the hammer, holding it out to the dumbfounded god.

Thor hesitantly took the hammer from Bucky’s hand while you looked on in shock. Bucky turned toward you, a look of confusion coming over him as he saw the expression on your face.

“Bucky,” you whispered in awe.  

“What?” he asked, genuinely confused.

“The hammer,” you replied, still too shocked to put a full sentence together.

“Mjolnir is not a common hammer,” Thor explained as the shock finally wore off. “Only those that are worthy to rule Asgard can wield it.  You, my new friend, have been deemed worthy.”

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101 Drabble Prompts

I was in a writing mood today, but am still burdened with writer’s block. So, I made some drabble prompts. I wrote most of them, but I took a few from tv and movies as well. Please feel free to use them and go ahead and change any pronouns you want. *Edit: Please reblog this post. Do not take these prompts to compile your own list and then pass it off as your own.*

1 “Will you please just give me a hand?”

2 “Why is there a drunk man sleeping in the bathtub?”

3 “Where did that cat come from?”

4 “How could anyone be that cruel?

5 “Why choose me?”

6 Do you like me? Check yes or no.

7 “I’m sorry, run that by me again.”

8 “It’s not nearly as bad as it looks, Darling.”

9 “Frankly, I couldn’t care less.”

10 “How did you get that to stick to the ceiling?”

11 “I do the best I can.”

12 “I don’t know where she gets it from.”

13 “Honestly, I’m just relieved.”

14 “You broke what?!”

15 “Why don’t you say that to my face?”

16 “Want to know a secret?”

17 “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

18 “Bring your pretty little butt over here.”

19 “Is that what I think it is?”

20 “Is that real?”

21 “We have to pretend to be married.”

22 “Excuse me if I don’t believe your psychic friend.”

23 “Why are you dressed like that?”

24 “I’ll sleep under the sheets, you sleep on top of them.”

25 “I thought we talked about this.”

26 “Why are you lying?”

27 “That guy at the bar keeps staring at you.”

28 “I need you to peel five pounds of potatoes!”

29 “It’s been fun. We’ve had a good run, but you parked in my spot. I’m going to have to kill you now.”

30 “It made a difference to me.”

31 “I shouldn’t have even been there!”

32 “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

33 “You were my new dream.”

34 “I had a nightmare about you and just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

35 “At what point did you think that was a good idea?”

36 “Look, I don’t have much time, but I wanted to say I love you.”

37 “You had me at ‘free pizza!’”

38 “I am not losing to you again!”

39 “Why don’t they just kiss already?”

40 “Are you okay?” “Why do you ask?” “You’re wearing two different shoes.”

41 “I think I picked up your coffee by mistake.”

42 “Is that an apology?”

43 “Why do you always do that?”

44 “I can’t get enough of the stuff!”

45 “Oh, why did I eat that? I think I’m dying!”

46 “All I wanted was your honesty.”

47 “You have to make a choice.”

48 “How did you get up there?”

49 “I found it!”

50 “Do you ever stop eating?”

51 “Why are you always pushing me away?”

52 “Just talk to me!”

53 “I can’t get you out of my head.”

54 “Not a day will go by that I won’t think of you.”

55 “I didn’t ask for any of this!”

56 “The sign said not to push the button, so naturally I had to push it!”

57 “Will you just shut up for a moment so I can say something nice to you!”

58 “Where did you find this?”

59 “I’m so sorry! I will never doubt you again!”

60 “I can’t explain right now, but I really need you to trust me.”

61 “Well, this is awkward.”

62 “That came out wrong.”

63 “I never believed in soulmates until I met you.”

64 “You deserve so much better.”

65 “I think you’re just afraid to be happy.”

66 “I’m up to the challenge.”

67 “I didn’t know you were so competitive.”

68 “I didn’t know you could cook.” “Oh, trust me I can’t.”

69 “You know my name?”

70 “I didn’t realize I needed your permission.”

71 “This is so going on Youtube!”

72 “That is not coming in this house!”

73 “Oh, you beautiful weirdo!”

74 He looked at her like she was the moon. She looked at him like he was the sun.

75 “Guess who’s going to be a father?”

76 “The joke’s on them.”

77 “That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!”

78 “I do not snore, do I?” “Like a chainsaw.”

79 “I never meant for anyone to get hurt!”

80 “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before… and it scares the crap out of me.”

81 “You weren’t supposed to hear that.”

82 “I love you more than anything in this world… which is why you have to stay here.”

83 “I trusted you!”

84 “You have to remember!”

85 “Wake up! Please, please wake up.”

86 “Please just leave.”

87 “I don’t want to hurt you.”

88 “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

89 “Meet me on the roof in ten minutes.”

90 “Meet me on the bridge in an hour.”

91 “You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

92 “You are nothing like them.”

93 “You have the most amazing eyes.”

94 “Are you hitting on her for me?”

95 “What other hidden talents do you have?”

96 “I can manage on my own.”

97 “Since when do you drive a motorcycle?”

98 “You look good for your age.”

99 “I can arrange that.”

100 “When I come back, that better be exactly where you found it!”

101 “I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and – Oh, screw it!” ((This is preferably where they just go for it with a kiss.))

Well, there you go. Hope you enjoyed! Have fun!

(Want more? Here’s Another 101 Drabble Prompts)

An Important Post

Ok I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while and something’s finally given me reason to so here we go, buckle up kids.

The accent market has gone to shit. There, I said it. 

The “5-10 print customs” thing is crap. Limited run/retiring accents are one thing, but honestly with most of these it’s just an expensive circlejerk status symbol. “Look how many customs from ____ I have! I will trade them but only for other 5-10 print customs so I feel exclusive!”

It leads to people taking advantage of artists, which is shitty. It’s bad enough that a lot of the time accent artists don’t see half the profit their works earn on the secondary market. It’s stagnated the market; good luck trying to find stuff for less common breeds or that isn’t the same boring #aesthetic. Personally, I feel like exclusive customs should stay as either 1-2 prints, or come with some sort of no-resale rider. If you change your mind and want to resell it one day, I mean, fine, but don’t take that as a chance to make an extra 10kg because you’ve got another status symbol to pawn. 

I have heard of accent artists having a commissioner auction a custom and then splitting the profits. And that’s cool. I like that trend. I don’t blame artists for wanting to make customs. They tend to be one of the few things on FR that command a fair price for the time investment. But when it gets to the point that people aren’t buying regular-run accents, but will fall over themselves fighting for custom slots, there’s a problem. 

And don’t get me started on the entitlement I see sometimes. Artists are not obligated to make customs for you, and they’re certainly not obligated to put in a ton of work in for you to take your extra copies and make a ton of money off them.

Stop being shitty to artists. Stop trying to take advantage of custom makers. You know who you are, and I know who you are, the same little circle of users with too much real cash to spend on a dragon game, and yet still you feel the need to be greedy. 

Yes, a lot of this is stemming from a series of incidents with a single person, but I’m vagueing about it because someone involved wants to stay out of drama. If I know you and you are that thirsty for details, I will discuss privately. 

TL;DR the accent market needs to stop doing what it’s doing. 


Noragami: Chapter 67, Pages 11-12

Can I cry now??? Because look at how Yukine remembers Yato smiling and content and omg…

He’s gonna fucking die. Like fuck fuck fuck!!! But no like flashbacks are bad really bad!

But seriously can we appreciate Yukine’s character development from chapter 1-10? Like holy shit he’s grown so much ngh!


I am officially FUH-REAKING OUT. 

I went downstairs and decided to weigh myself just as a check point to make sure that I’m still headed in the direction I wanted to be headed in after I had a bad weekend and what not.  OMG. OMG. LOOK.


I am OFFICIALLY 10.6 pounds down from my starting weight of 205 which was on June 15th.  I’ve been on my journey for 7 weeks now and I could NOT be more impressed with how much progress I’ve made, both mentally and physically.


Get Fit P2: Day 2 is up!!!! Handle it!!

Okay did everyone survive Day 1? It wasn’t too bad right? Well I hope not because it’s pretty much exactly the same with a slight increase in squats… but WE GOT THIS!!! I’ll probably leave the pictures up for a while until we get familiar with the exercises. By request… I’m going to throw in some healthy eating tips from time to time so look out for that. Tag me or #JeanteFit to let me know how the challenge is going for you! Stay motivated and help motivate others!!

*Drink lots of water!!!

Day 2 Exercises:

15 jumping jacks

10 Standing Chop Squats (each side)

10 high knees (each leg)

10 Standing Oblique Crunches (each side)

30 regular squats (stand feet facing out, chest forward, shoulder length apart squeeze butt and exhale at the top)

10 Single Leg Kicks

10 Wide Leg Cross Sit Ups

25 regular squats (stand feet facing out, shoulder length apart, chest forward, squeeze butt and exhale at the top)

15 jumping jacks

Repeat 1 more time for a total of 2 sets altogether excluding regular squats. 

Squat Chop – Stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms overhead.  You can use a 5 or 6 pound medicine ball or dumbbell.  Squat down as you bring the ball down to the right side.  Return to starting position and squat, bringing ball down to left side. Continue to alternate right and left.

External image

Squat Chop

 Standing Oblique Crunch - Stand with feet shoulder width apart and left arm overhead; right hand on right hip. Pull left elbow down to side as you lift the left knee to the elbow. Repeat on the right side.

External image


Single Leg Lifts – Lie on your back with both arms overhead and legs straight out in front of you. As you sit up, alternate lifting your legs one at a time.

External image

Wide Leg Cross Sit Up - Lie on your back as shown in the picture below.  As you sit up, reach the left hand to the right toe. Go back to starting position and sit up crossing left hand to right toe. Continue to alternate right and left.

External image

Happy Exercising!!! 

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10 Little Things: Arrow Season 2

Feels like just last week I made this list now it’s done. Time to give the list one final assessment and cross stuff off to see how well I did.  Or how well Arrow did. Hm. Depends on how you look at it. LOL.

My Top 10 Little Things for Oliver & Felicity (Season 2)

I want….

 1.  Oliver to confide something personal to Felicity

 2. Felicity to visit Oliver at the Queen Mansion for some reason

 3. A fancy party/gala type night with both Oliver and Felicity in attendance

 4. Oliver to physically step in between Felicity and a threat/bad guy (purrrrrr!)

 5. Oliver to visit Felicity’s home/apartment

 6. Oliver & Felicity to hug

 7. Felicity to hide Oliver from someone

 8. Felicity to save Oliver’s life

 9. Oliver to tackle Felicity out of harm’s way (bullet, car, falling urn. I don’t care. I’m easy here)

10. Oliver to have at least one on-screen scene teaching Felicity self-defense

so 7 out of 10 for Season 2. I can totally live with that.  Now on to the fun stuff. ;)

anonymous asked:

Trump parody game, from 1 to 10 how much of a bad idea that is?

unless you’re actually doing something new with the concept or have put thought into the satire, I’d say a solid 7.

Like, it’s a bad idea not because you’ll get backlash or anything, it’s a bad idea if you don’t actually put any thought into the darn thing.  I mean, look at all this junk.  You can probably find even more just by googling “donald trump game” or searching “donald trump” on gamejolt, newgrounds, or any other free games site.  

How are you going to parody him?  Or are you making a satire?  Are you parodying the way he acts, his wishy washy stance on ideas, his life choices - what part of him are you going to parody? Or are you just going to continuously insult him (which is not something I’m against ) and dress him up in a little clown costume and have a bunch of memes in the background? I highly discourage the latter.

How are you going to reflect it via the gameplay?  If you’re asking me, I assume you’re making this on RPG Maker.  Would you have the gameplay be an RPG where he runs around and fights his political opponents, with the game having a message on why he’s wrong or it’s the wrong thing to do?  Are you going to have him just be this terrible overlord with a player character who disagrees with his ideals?  You’ll run into strawmanning if you do that, and might make your side look worse in the process (although if you want to make him be a strawman for comedy’s sake, sure).  Maybe you want to make an adventure game - you could simulate a day in the life of Trump, and show how you think his thought process works and parody/satirize his choices.  

Basically, it’s a bad idea if you’re gonna be lazy and put memes everywhere, but not bad if you at least put some thought into it. And hey, if you’re just making it to get some coding experience or for shits and giggles, well, there aren’t any bad ideas for that, only practice. It’s as bad of an idea as you make of it.    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

11 facts abt me

hi @spaceweekes tagged me for this so i guess ill just write 11 facts abt myself ang tag some people? k cool lets go

1. i cant ride a bike

2. i have 3 pet chickens and they are my children i love them so much 
3. im lack toast and tolerant

4. ive sprained my right ankle 3 times, every single time from falling down stairs 
5. im rlly clumsy

6. my favorite holiday is christmas 
7. i look very bad in hats

8. one of my legs is slightly longer than the other one 
9. according to my dad my first word was ‘golf’ but im not actually sure how accurate that is

10. im extremely extremely extremely terrified of heights 
11. my favorite color is lime green

anyways as you can see i am a VERY interesting person (sarcasm)
i tag: @brobeckt @gglowingeyess @slowtoown @imnotaestheticallypleasing @mintninja @zayphora (you dont have to do this if you dont want to or if i didn’t tag you and you want to do it go ahead!)

hex-101  asked:

OoOoh !! H e Y~ !!

1. First impression: 
“ohmygod Portal yes”

2. Truth is: 
“ohmygod wheaterz memes and bad puns yes”

3. How old do you look:
Tiny. Tiny and cute 11/10 wheatley

4. Have you ever made me laugh: 
heck yes! many many many times ;D

5. Have you ever made me mad: 
Ofc not! You’re the best and i’m always happy to see messages from you

6. Best feature:
Absolute portal dork. Total dork. really sweet and fun to chat with!! Seriously!!

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: 
Bestest nerd dork friend.

8. You’re my: 
newly discovered partner-in-memes-and-potatoes 

9. Name in my phone:

10. Should you post this too? 
yell heah

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on a scale of 1 - 10 how much do you hate aster @ raphie

Raphie lets out a sigh, rolling his eyes.

“Aster’s a jackass. On a scale from 1-10? I hate him at a solid level of a six.” He chews at the inside of his cheek, looking thoughtful.

“Felix likes him a lot, so he gets a bit of a pass. I can see when he’s around people he, uh, he actually fucking likes, he’s not really bad. He’s petty as hell, and he treats me like garbage, but I understand why. It still gets under my skin and I still kinda hate him for it, though.”