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Fic idea: Mewni rules say that star needs to get married before she can rule. star is forced to find a husband. So Marco being her closest friend offers to rule by her side. The wedding is arranged and everything is perfect except for one thing. Tom, the best man is late. Marco finally hunts him down to find him a wreck. They talk and Marco tries to get tom fixed up and off to the wedding when tom snaps and says he doesn't want to be the best man, he wants to marry Marco.

Here you go! I hope you love it! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed writing this! Thank you for the submission!


“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Star asked.

“Why would I not be?” Marco asked. “It’s a name only wedding. I won’t even have to leave Earth. Just show up to some Mewni affairs once and awhile.” Marco reiterated. Star nodded.

“That’s it. I can’t thank you enough for this!” Star hugged her best friend. “It’s going to be weird to have to call you my husband.” She said. The two friends couldn’t help but start cracking up at the idea.

“Well, at least there’s nothing more to it.” Marco assured. Star smiled.

“I love you, Marco! This is why you’re my best friend!” She bopped his nose. “Now get ready for the wedding, just because it’s not a real relationship doesn’t mean we can’t have a real PARTYYYY!” She exclaimed. “Seriously though! Five minutes and you have to be AT THE ALTAR!” Star commanded, and ran out. Marco laughed and watched Star dance out of the room. Marco took out his phone to called Tom, he was counting on him being there. But when he got his voicemail AGAIN, Marco hung up.

“That’s weird.” Marco muttered. He dialed again. The same voicemail. Marco shook his head, he had to find his friend! He couldn’t get married without Tom there! Marco grabbed his dimensional scissors and sliced a hole in the air.

Marco stepped out into Tom’s home and looked around. “Tom!” He called. No answer. He looked around and saw his demon friend lying face-down on the floor. “Tom! What are you doing!?” Marco demanded. Tom sat up.

“I’m… sitting here, and you?” Tom slurred.

“Oh my god are you drunk?” Marco hissed. Tom scoffed.

“Yeah? So what? Shouldn’t you be getting married right now?” Tom asked.

“YES!” Marco snapped. “But the best man is LATE!” Marco screamed at his friend. “We need to get you cleaned up… why are your eyes all red?” Marco asked.

“Because I’ve been crying, Marco! Why do you think I got drunk? I’m sad, so I drink, then I cry, so then I drink some more, and then I pass out.” Tom explained.

“Why have you been crying?” Marco wanted to be there for his friend but the fact that he was already five minutes late to his own wedding. Marco shook his head and stood his friend up. He cleaned him up a little. “Okay that’s good enough. Let’s go.” Marco ushered Tom to the portal.

“Marco, no.” Tom pulled away.

“Tom! We need to go!”

“THEN GO!” Tom screamed. “But I can’t! I can’t… go and see this. I can’t.” Tom sounded tired and he slid to the floor. Marco was confused now.

“Tom… what?” Marco looked at him.

“Marco! Are you stupid! I can’t watch you get married!” Tom cried. “Not when I’m in love with you! Have you ever had to stand by and watch the love of your life marry somebody else? And get ready to spend his life with her!?! Because it fucking hurts Marco!” Tom screamed, he was crying now. He pulled back and put a hand over his mouth. “I’m sorry.” Tom murmured. He turned to walk away but Marco stopped him, he grabbed him by the shoulders and gave him a kiss.

“I had no idea you felt the same way.” Marco whispered. Tom was astounded.

“But… Star?”

“We’re only getting married so she can properly become queen.” Marco told him. “It’s a name only deal… I thought you knew that? Star and I aren’t in love with each other! She’s like a sister to me!” Marco cried. He hugged Tom close.

“Tom? Marco?” The boys turned around to see Star sticking her head through the portal. The boys quickly pulled apart.

“Star! What are you doing here?” Marco exclaimed.

“Well, I was waiting at the altar, and decided to go find you! I assumed you went through the portal still open in your dressing room.” Star tried to be angry, but her face softened when she saw the boys in front of her. “Why didn’t you guys say anything?” She asked.

“You had to get married.” Tom shrugged. “There was a wedding.” Star nodded.

“There still will be a wedding.” She insisted, Tom’s face fell. Star smirked. “But the bride has changed.” She continued. Tom and Marco’s head shot up. “Marco I don’t want a name-only thing to get in the way of this. I want you guys to have a chance.” Star admitted. “I’m really REALLY happy for the both of you.” She told them. Marco smiled brightly and hugged his friend tightly.

“Thank you, Star!” He cried. He turned toward Tom and ran into his arms. Star smiled at the two of them and she put her veil on Marco’s head.

“Congratulations you two.” She smirked. Marco looked at Star.

“Will you be my maid of honor?”

“I would be offended if I wasn’t.” Star teased. She hugged the two boys around the shoulders. “This is such a happy day!” She cried. Star wiped away some tears. “I’ll go get everything ready! Wait here!” She told them.

“But Star? How will you rule the kingdom?” Tom asked. Star was quiet for a moment and took out her phone. She spoke into the receiver.

“Hey… A wedding… with me… no you don’t have to…. You can live in Mewni of you want…. I don’t know…. Tomorrow maybe…. Okay thanks.” Star hung up. “Janna’s cool with it.”

listen, i’m sorry but y’all can come up with 694786 different reasons of why Emma was the way she was in that AU from hell but noPE, I WILL NEVER BUY THIS SHIT EPISODE. Her parents defeated the EQ and they really want me to believe they’ve never taught her to shoot a bow and arrow? SNOWING NEVER TAUGHT HER HOW TO FIGHT. REALLY? Give me a break. She fucking thanked Raigne for killing her parents in front of her. They completely ruined a perfect opportunity of showing us a strong and happy Emma being part of a family to give us a completely OOC Emma and, ONCE AGAIN, make it all about Erigna because they know they can’t find a way to redeem her useless ass. 

So yeah.. Thanks but no thanks.

It’s so annoying that there are generic looking skinny white people who are able to pull off a perfect cosplay of almost any female character.  And I think that speaks volumes about how we treat female characters in our society. 

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So I'm very confused on why people thought Jazzy was leaving Ham. Could you explain??

Yesterday, Oak posted a snapchat video asking Jasmine how she felt about leaving and she responded with “Nobody knows yet”.
Also, Andrew posted a picture with the caption, “Possibly my last performance with the most perfect Peggy possible. I ❤️ u @jazzy_jones”.
She has not mentioned when her last show is which is why a lot of people were freaking out

  • Society: you have to look perfect
  • Society: no don't wear so much makeup you look fake
  • Society: love yourself and be who you want to be :)
  • Society: why do you dress like that you should loose some weight why did you dye your hair why did you get tattoos and piercings
  • Society: just remember to be who you are and don't change yourself for others :)
  • Society: I don't like how you look you shouldn't look like that

dear mom and dad

I feel like the two of you don’t want to acknowledge me being mentally ill. I’ve tried so hard to talk about it, and the few times I’ve actually asked for help you have told me that I was probably just having a bad day. And dad, a year ago when I told you that I have self harmed since 2013 you didn’t even give me a hug nor ask why I would do so, all you said was “How deep are the cuts?” It made me feel so so small, like I was worth nothing. It took a lot of time for me to even get the courage to tell you about it, so your reaction hurt me deeply.
It’s very hard for me to live in this house… I feel like I’m an actress doing a play, everything needs to be perfect and when something isn’t you choose to ignore it. I get trapped in it, and I will eventually never get out of this if I don’t get help soon. Do you understand? I don’t want to feel so sad, and trust me I’ve tried everything to help myself. It’s not like I’m choosing to drown in this self hatred, but I’m running out of ideas on how to get better.

I will always love you, cause you are my parents, but I will never love your way of raising kids to think mental illness is something they have to go through in silence and all by themselves.


Day 2: Two Favorite MVs/Two Favorite Songs (part 1)

Nothing’s Over

Oh my god. Here we go. Day 2.

The reason why I chose Nothing’s Over is mainly because of how imperfectly perfect it is. I’ll elaborate.

Everyone knows the basic storyline: There’s a guy jamming out to his favorite song when suddenly, someone out of view throws a ring at him, which hits his head and manages to fall onto the spinning record. Cue the sadness that overwhelms our poor main character. He’s moping around, because this was probably the person of his dreams! You saw how happy he was, you saw his excited smile, the way he was bopping along to the music as if everything was right in the world…. until his dreams were crushed. As the music video goes on, there’s always some other person with our main character, trying to comfort him. 

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If you ever doubt yourself, just remember what you've accomplished. You're the perfect guy for your job, you know why? Because you worry so much. It shows how much you care, and that makes a whole dimension of difference.


(Not gonna cry not gonna cry not gonna cry…)

k but i just wanna say that jihoon, boo seungkwan, and baby chan look so good. like they’re too attractive for a little emotional wreck like me to handle.

meanwhile i actually really don’t like wonwoo’s hair and i know i’ll get over it and probably learn to like it but for now i’m just like “wonwoo why? what did you do to piss off the stylists?”

also minghao needs to stahp growing up boi stay in your lane.

and can we talk about how hong jisoos the lord and saviour of the human race is just killing it rn black hair is so perfect on him.

i know the other guys were there and actual things happened but i’ve watched the mv three times and i can’t get my brain to pay attention to anything but the above. mostly woozi tho. every time he pops up on screen my mind is full of “fuck fuck fuck fuck that’s not fair” for roughly thirty seconds and i can’t acknowledge anything else.

anyways boom boom is great, especially as their first non-candy colored concept so woo.

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I CANNOT BELIEVE??? also that 'happy tie' comic you did is now my wallpaper and I smile every time I see it thank you

Oh man you would believe if you know for how long I’ve been a fan of you 

which also can probably explain why I’m hyperventilating but I want to say that the pleasure’s all mine

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I'm not even getting why there's even an attack planned. Why can't Kaneki transform into Sasako and infiltrate the lab with famously Everyman-faced Hirako? They've worked there before -- they probably know how to get in, blend in with staff, get what they need, and exit. Hell, keep Kuro so that we bring Suzuya back in. We are missing the perfect TG Ocean's Eleven mashup in favor of Ayato babysitting three unbalanced Kanou half-ghouls (well, Kuro isn't, but you know?).

Ahaha imagine that. (also, Kurona is absolutely an unbalanced Kanou half-ghoul!)

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I absolutely love your description of your love for this film! I feel that way about OLLA, where a lot of people didn't like it, but I think it's a work of art. I didn't resonate with ISTL as much as you did, altho we definitely agree on the actors' performances. But I totally understand what it means to you b/c I feel that way about not just OLLA, but also another of my favorites, The Fountain. It's pure art to me. Thanks for your reply, Havie!

Thank you.  

I can absolutely see how you would feel that way about OLLA and why you aren’t the only one who does.  I know there are people here who feel that way about Crimson Peak or about High Rise.   I won’t open up the “What is {pure} art?” debate except to say that if it touches you, it touches you - any question of “perfect” or positive reviews or box office grosses is irrelevant.  It is perfect for YOU.  It is pure art for YOU.  It isn’t a science, the goal is not to prove or disprove anything.  It isn’t an issue of being correct or incorrect.  It doesn’t have a set, rigid standard of measurement or a procedure that must be followed to the letter in order to achieve the result.  A meter is a meter and a yard is a yard.  What we create on paper and on the screen and on the canvas and on the instrument or whatever the medium may be is not like that.  That’s what makes it interesting me.  There are many things in life that I see as either Right or Wrong.  I’m comfortable with that.  But I am also comfortable with uncertainty, with questions and not having answers to the questions, with the fact that I can sit and sob like a baby over ISTL while someone else isn’t interested in it in the slightest.  

Like Mr.Knightly says about Emma, that she is faultless in spite of all her faults.  

KNK: Heejun- Evergreen

Genre: 100% Fluff

Word Count: 458

Summary: Finding the perfect Christmas tree is no easy task.

Being the youngest at the KNK dorm, Heejun was instructed with the responsibility of picking out the Christmas tree. Naturally, he decided to bring you along for some company. Little did he know, you took this task very seriously, and would not leave the lot until you’ve found the perfect tree.

“How about this one?” Heejun sighs, randomly picking out a tree from the row to his left.

You turn around and glance at it. “No,” you reply firmly while shaking your head.

“Why not?” He whines. “I’m cold and I want to go back to the dorm. Just pick one already!”

“It’s too tall. We won’t be able to fit it through the front door!” You giggle. You step towards him and pull on the front of his jacket until he leans down for a reluctant kiss. You brush another kiss across his cheek before stepping back. “We’ll be done soon, alright? I’ll make you hot chocolate once we get back to the dorm, but you can’t complain.”

He huffs and crosses his arms. “Fine.”

You manage to drag him around the tree lot for another half an hour, and he’s changed tactics from complaining to making snarky comments directed at you.

“How about this one? It’s short, just like you!” He holds in a snicker while pointing to a - admittedly short looking - tree that’s is about your size.

Finally, you’ve had enough and stoop down to grab a handful of snow off of the ground. You seize the front his jacket so he can’t pull away, and stuff the snow into his jacket.

“Hey!” He protests, pulling away from you while sliding his jacket off, making an effort to shake the snow out of his shirt before it soaks him completely. He shakes his jacket out while shooting a glare at you.

You shrug. “Don’t mess with short people.”

“Why? What will you do? Kick my shins?” Despite your warning, he takes a step towards you with a mischievous grin.

You instantly start to backpedal away from him, knowing he’s going to do something that you won’t like. Unfortunately, you back right into the spruce tree positioned behind you and managed to corner yourself.

“Don’t.” You hold out your hands in an attempt to defend yourself, but he just pulls you out from the tree.

“You have pine needles in your hair,” Heejun chuckles, reaching out to brush them off of you.

You sigh softly, peeking around him to gaze at the rest of the trees lining both sides the row you were standing in. “I don’t see any special trees. Do you want to come back tomorrow?”

“No,” Heejun replies honestly, then smiles. “But I will because you want to.”

the clouds parted and a single ray of sunshine shone down upon the table (despite the sun setting a few hours ago). angels cried tears at the simple perfection and beauty of the dessert. why is it slightly out of focus? it’s too perfect to look directly at.

Blue Ivy and North West are the perfect example of how black girls are not allowed to just be themselves. Even before birth, people have been calling Blue ugly and now white gays saying she look like a man. Black men fetishizing North and using her as a reason from why they want babies with non-black women. Little black girls can’t even breathe without you ugly worthless bastards demonizing and degrading them.

You’ll end up disappointed if you think people care for you the way you care for them, nobody has a heart like you do. The the best way to avoid disappointment is to not expect anything from anyone. Fall in love with actions, not words. Don’t fall in love with ideas and thoughts instead of reality, it will be the death of you. Don’t be that person to be nice and apologize when you did nothing wrong, never make unworthy people a priority in your life. You deserve someone who actually gives a fuck about you, because you’ve spent your whole like making other people happy when all they did was leave and nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the person you thought would never hurt you, it’s funny how we let 1 single person disappoint us 1000 times. It’s like we all have this perfect picture in our minds of how things are supposed to be and that’s why we all end up being disappointed.
—  I have to stop getting my hopes up for things that will never happen.

Did Usopp write this post

How to Stop Beating Yourself Up

1. Try to understand where it came from. Why do you demand so much of yourself? Do you have tendencies towards perfection or self-hatred? If so, where do these come from?

2. Practice self-compassion. Everyone deserves to be loved and understood, to be allowed to make mistakes, and to take the time to grow. Give that to yourself. Don’t attack and hurt yourself.

3. Deliberately focus on positive self-talk. Being negative, impatient, critical and overbearing becomes so automatic that we don’t realize it’s a habit. So, interrupt that habit and be kind and positive.

4. Decide not to compare yourself to others. We tend to judge ourselves by the people who excel, or have an easier life, or who face few obstacles. It’s not a level playing field so don’t compare yourself. Remember you ARE changing, and you have a lot to give.

5. Make a note of compliments and nice things people say – then pull it out and read it when you start to feel you’ve failed. Remind yourself that others see your value and worth … And others see the good in you, and want you to succeed.