Why I love Sakamaki Ayato so much.

Today is my favorite Sakamaki’s birthday, Ayato!!! He was the first Sakamaki introduced to us in the anime, and I’m still deeply in love with him and all of his character traits. I just love everything about him, from his vibrant Vibora eyes to his seiyuu, Midorikawa Hikaru.


I think the reason why I love Ayato so much is because I can somewhat relate to him. I was the firstborn in my family too, and I was always pushed to be the smartest in school and the perfect daughter for my family. So I completely understand how difficult it is to be the best when you’re in a competition against your own family members (in Ayato’s case, his half-brothers and in my case, my cousins) and the unwanted pressure that entails with the ridiculous journey of trying to be perfect so that people will recognize you for being so great. My parents weren’t like Karlheinz and Cordelia, but I won’t deny the fact that I sometimes cried myself to sleep when I didn’t do well in school or when I got yelled at by my dad for not understanding an algebraic math problem. Of course, as time went by, I came to hate studying like Young!Ayato too, and I wanted to do other things like dance because for once, I didn’t have to think. But my parents persisted and pushed me to be the best in both, and this unfortunately gave me an egotistic superiority complex as well as an inferiority complex as I grew up and went on to high school. It was BAD, guys. I did not take “no” as an answer and I had an awful habit of dismissing people easily. I would do the complete opposite just to show them that I was great enough to do it because how dare they try to deny me, much like how Ayato questions people when they deny him.

When I saw Ayato wondering if he was good enough to be the Vampire King in the recently released Lost Eden game, I cried tears of anguish for him. I felt the same pain and sorrow and uneasiness that Ayato showed because there were times where I doubted myself and my abilities in my career path and choices. Even now, I sometimes struggle with the idea of me wanting to become a corporate lawyer when things don’t work my way or when I see that I’m competing against other college kids in the U.S. So we both share an insecurity of getting the repetitive feeling of “not being good enough” for the things that we want or are supposed to be. We both want to give up and just let go of our issues, but I think we are both stubborn enough to want to stay in the game too. I haven’t read the entire translation for Ayato’s LE route, but I hope he finds some closure and peace for himself. I think we both mentally and emotionally need a break from all the crap we have to deal with in life sometimes.

Nevertheless, I wish Ayato an EXTREMELY happy birthday today because he deserves all the happiness in the world. I hope he will learn from his past trials, and I hope he will grow and become a great Vampire King respected by the rest of the clans in the demon world. I hope he makes his family proud because he’s always been told that he needs to be the best and I want him to feel like he genuinely is one of the best out there. He’s always been my favorite character because of his complexities, so I hope we both can encourage each other to truly achieve the best, feel like we’re the best, and reach the status of being the best. I love him so much, and I want to thank Rejet, Satoi-sensei, and Midorikawa Hikaru for bringing this character to life in the Diabolik Lovers series.

[AO3] Wolf & I

Title: Wolf & I
Pairing: Chanyeol/Jongin
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: NC-17 
Genre: Fluff, Wolf!AU

Summary: Chanyeol loves Jongin, so it doesn’t matter that a) Jongin’s a werewolf and b) Chanyeol’s allergic to him.

Reasons Why You Submitted: OMG If this isn’t the best thing I read, I don’t know what is. Fluffy werewolf Jongin and super-in-love boyfriend Chanyeol … It is so unusual to find super fluffy wolf!au… and Chanyeol being allergic to Jongin and taking bunch of meds to be with him and… this was perfect. spoiler ahead: I love it how author made it seem like something really bad will happen when Yeol came to the apartment but then he just got licked by wolf Jongin, that was precious!!!!

anonymous asked:

fresh off the jr wc gala, I'm once again reminded of how grateful I am for tj and particularly yuzu for bringing some splashes of colour and flair to the sport. 'masculinity' has been celebrated as a desirable trait for men for far too long while anything else even remotely interesting is deemed taboo & queer & feminine & whatnot. sometimes I'm in awe how much yuzu suits delicate and intricate costumes; they bring out such complexity & delicacy that's in perfect harmony with his skating & style

There’s still a lot of gender bias in FS, which is a pity ‘cause FS could push bundaries all the was :)
Especially in competitions skaters tend to go more on “safer” routes, because it’s always been so and why to break something that is working (judges, I’m judging you right now. You are cause #1 of lack of variety).

It’s true both way. Ladies skaters doing programs not considered “womenly” enough get criticezed for it.

Thankfully on gala you can see something more different, but it would be great to see more of that in competition too :)

Go see Beauty and The Beast!!!

Jesus this movie was just !!!!!!

I had heard some pretty shitty reviews and I didn’t have high expectations for it but wow just


Like many others I will just tell you why you should watch this n o w. 

. Cast is g r e a t.  Emma Watson is amazing and perfect for this role Seriously who hasn’t thought Emma Watson was literally Belle?
Aesthetically pleasing backgrounds, costumes,everything tbh. 
.Old musics  remade and improved , original musics matched the overall melody of the movie soundtrack  
.Lefou is A+++ , people say it’s not enough representation but really I was so happy with his character!  What this movie doesn’t need is people bashing it for not being gay enough. But I’m all on board with encouraging Disney to create more movies with LGBT characters. A queer Disney princess would be so swell <3
.Racial diversity!!! <333
.It’s not just like the original animation, they improved it and even changed the story a bit without losing the main plot of the film. Many films try this and fail but this one is spot on. 
.Disney is making better films as time goes forward and I think we should all support it on the path they’re taking with these new films <3

Conclusion: See i t.

Running Home To You

Can’t say how the days will unfold
Can’t change what the future may hold
But I want you in it, Every hour, every minute
This world can race by far too fast
Hard to see while it’s all flying fast
But it’s clear now, when you’re standing her now
I am meant to be wherever you are next to me
All I want to do is come running home to you, come running home to you
And all my life I’ll promise to keep running home to you, keep running home to you
And I could see it right from the start, right from the start
That you would be, be my light in the dark, light in the dark
Oh, you gave me no other choice but to love you
All I want to do is come running home to you, come running home to you
And all my life I’ll promise to keep running home to you, keep running home to you
Can’t say how the days will unfold
Can’t change what the future may hold
But I want you in it, every hour, every minute

Jungkook’s Perfect Imperfections

So recently my precious baby bun has been getting shit about his skin because he has acne. Which EVERYONE has dealt with at least once in their life, or still is dealing with it. It’s not a big deal, it’s just skin, it doesn’t change what an amazing person Jungkook is. And honestly I love his acne, it just makes him normal and human. Every imperfection he has, in my eyes, just makes him even more perfect so that’s why I’m making this appreciation post about his perfect imperfections which I adore with all my heart 

His facial scar 

i love it so much it just makes him even more handsome asdfghjkl 

look how cute it looks, i just wanna kiss it 

my heart hurts because of how adorable he is


w o w what a beautiful specimen

His acne


bare faced kookie is my favourite kookie 

look at this sleeping beauty 

i wanna kiss all over his face. what a fucking angel 

baby boy is the cutest thing to grace this planet i cant deal

His arm scar 

lemme kiss it pls also sweaty kook will be the death of me



^^literally me cuz i can’t handle looking at his beauty 

His knee scars 


id have a few knee scars because of him if you know what i mean *wink wink* im so sorry 

two angels istg

I love Jungkook with every fiber of my being and all I wanna do is protect him. If anyone hates on him I will fite them. He is not disgusting, he is not overrated, he is none of the things I‘ve seen these assholes call him. He is the most sweetest, talented, caring human being alive and I’m just so happy to be around at the same time as him to watch him grow and shine. ❤️

How to Stop Beating Yourself Up

1. Try to understand where it came from. Why do you demand so much of yourself? Do you have tendencies towards perfection or self-hatred? If so, where do these come from?

2. Practice self-compassion. Everyone deserves to be loved and understood, to be allowed to make mistakes, and to take the time to grow. Give that to yourself. Don’t attack and hurt yourself.

3. Deliberately focus on positive self-talk. Being negative, impatient, critical and overbearing becomes so automatic that we don’t realize it’s a habit. So, interrupt that habit and be kind and positive.

4. Decide not to compare yourself to others. We tend to judge ourselves by the people who excel, or have an easier life, or who face few obstacles. It’s not a level playing field so don’t compare yourself. Remember you ARE changing, and you have a lot to give.

5. Make a note of compliments and nice things people say – then pull it out and read it when you start to feel you’ve failed. Remind yourself that others see your value and worth … And others see the good in you, and want you to succeed.

Going Somewhere?

5e, party is a halfling monk, human paladin, and a dragonborn fighter. We have been pursuing the agents of a nefarious secret society in Waterdeep, and have just encountered one unexpectedly while out shopping.

DM: You see Ludvig [the guy we’re after] handing a coin purse to a back alley vendor. He’s looking around to make sure he’s not being watched. As you see him, he sees you and bolts down the street.

Monk (OOC): Hey, [DM]? Be honest with me: is this a chase sequence? City streets, back alleys, rooftops, dodging through crowds?

DM: …Yeah, why?

Monk (OOC): Is there anything especially cool that happens in this chase?

DM: Not really.

Monk (OOC): Perfect. How far away is Ludvig from me?

DM: One hundred feet.

Monk (OOC): Perfect. I’m going to save us all a half hour of dice rolling then.

Monk: I move 35 feet, use a ki point to dash another 70, and use my attack to crane kick Ludvig in the back of the knees with my full momentum. (rolls to hit, succeeds)

DM: *rolls* …Jeeeesus Christ.

DM: …I assume all of you have skinned a knee before?

Party: Yeah.

DM: The rest of the party sees nothing but a blur before Ludvig’s legs are taken out from under him as he’s running full speed. He skins his knees, his hands and arms, and his face on the cobblestone as he skids fifteen feet face-down across the pavement. He is unconscious and bleeding out.

Fighter: I guess I’m gonna go interrogate that back alley dealer.

Paladin: I guess I’m gonna go heal the villain.

OKAY BUT WHY: 67 questions that have popped into my head in the past 24 hours

In stream-of-consciousness order:

1. Skull hell.
2. Why kill Mary if she’s good
3. Why was the hospital dedicated in 2044
4. Why is he writing the blog post about the baby being born in an image file befORE THE BABY WAS BORN
5. What the hell was John’s letter to Sherlock and why do we never hear anything about it again
6. Why was the lady Carmichael mirror so perfect we could predict actual dialogue lines (“You promised!”)
7. Why did TAB “PROVE” Moriarty was dead when it only proved you need a friend to help you make the blood splatter
9. How did John get out of the stupid well if his fucking feet were chained to the bottom
10. Why does a gun go off at the end of TLD, but in TFP it’s a tranquilizer
11. Why bring up that romantic entanglement “would complete you as a human being” if you don’t return to it
12. How did Mary jump in front of a bullet, and why is her death scene just like the “Hollywood deaths” that they criticized when Sherlock was shot
13. Why did nobody know who John was in TLD when in THoB everyone knew it was his blog (he fucking writes it in the first person)
14. Why is the blog stopped since S4 starts
15. How does EVERYONE know the story of the Merchant of Samarra when it’s not actually that common
16. How does Mary know to call him a Dragonslayer
17. How did Sherlock know that Ghost!Mary was saying he should wear the hat
18. How did John make the deduction about how Sherlock figured out how he knew which therapist he would choose and when he’d be there
19. How did John have an affair with a woman but he DOESN’T RECOGNIZE HER WHEN SHE’S SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM AT THERAPY
20. Why has Mycroft been so clearly linked to Moriarty
21. Why set up that footage of a shooting can be altered
22. Why have Culverton say that line about revealing your secret to your friends when it’s completely irrelevant thereafter
23. How did Lastrade know about Sherlock killing Magnussen anD MARY’S PAST
24. If Mycroft knew who Mary is then why didn’t he ever say anything
25. What happened to the stupid black pearl
          a. What’s the point of DI Hopkins
26. Mirrors
          a. You will John-style never convince me that these mirrors were a lie
27. Making history? What history
28. Promos
          a. Sitting in the “married ones” room with the burnout in the shape of an                anatomical heart
          b. “Sherlock’s in love, but with who”—is this really just to be cruel
29. How does Mary know where to go when he texts “the curtain rises” but texts John the actual address
30. Let’s talk about the mysterious crypt lair that Sherlock has for ONE SCENE and then never returns to
31. How come the Six Thatchers was already a different case they had done on the blog
32. Vatican Cameos
33. Umbrella sword gun
34. James or John
35. Mrs. Turner next door has got married ones
36. What was Sherlock going to say on the tarmac
37. What couldn’t John tell Ella after Sherlock died
38. And why does Sherlock go to see Ella and talk about a recurring dream in a weird ass attic office but it never comes back around
39. Gerridebs is their favorite case but it’s made into the biggest “no homo” joke
40. Why be obsessed with Sherlock’s sex life
41. Why does the AGRA drive look different
42. How do you survive being exploded from a second story flat with no injuries
          a. You. Don’t.
43. How can you possibly redeem Euros after everything she’s done
44. Why did Euros have a random breakdown in the middle of her grand plan—ALSO THE WHOLE PLANE MAKES NO SENSE
45. Why were people not more worried about how she killed Victor
46. “Drowned Redbeard”—an ACTUAL CHILD was missing and the suspect said this and they didn’t think to check all the fucking wells
47. How did his family all agree to pretend that Redbeard was a dog and never mention his sister ever again
49. Euros appears to have super mind-control powers?
51. Why has every episode been focused on how relationships are more important than the stories, but then Video!Mary is all like “relationships don’t matter because YAY detective stories”
52. Why did Euros just leave John after she tranq’d him
53. Whole episode is about how his childhood is what makes Sherlock who he is but ends episode with “but who you are doesn’t really matter”
          a. Great man -> good man? Eh. Doesn’t really matter.
54. The camera error in TST
55. How did they get onto the boat? A helicopter? Why not just take it to the island? How did Sherlock get inside as a member of the team? They only found John and Mycroft
56. How was the chess game promo a spoiler
57. Why was he using twitter in TST but then John was surprised he was on social media in TLD
58. Lamp hell.
59. What was the lie in TLD
60. Why was the episode called the final problem? The final problem was established to be to burn the heart out of him
61. Why is the static in Sherrinford a weird waterfall
62. Why did Sherlock paste John’s face on the Vetruvian Man (okay this wasn’t S4 but also I CANNOT LET THIS GO)
63. Why wasn’t Euros in the family video and why did noBODY EVER BRING HER UP IN SHERLOCK’S LIFE AGAIN— “Euros may have been my daughter but Sherlock seems to want to forget she existed entirely so let’s all pretend we didn’t have a daughter”
64. Why are all the villains textually queer
65. Who is the woman in the photo who was looking out the window holding an elephant
66. Why did Sherlock say that Mary destroyed the AGRA drive, when it was John
67. 26 pages of dialogue.

Add ur own! 

He walked away from me and all I could do was stand there.

I wanted to scream and cry and beg him to stay, to tell me he loved me, to tell me that he still cared but I couldn’t. The words wouldn’t come out and I know he wouldn’t have been able to say any of those things and mean it, I’d lost him.

Because that’s how life is, one day everything is perfect and you’re happy and the next it all comes falling down around you and all you can do is watch.

No one is worth begging for, you can’t beg someone to feel something that they don’t because it’s not going to change anything, it’s demeaning and you’re worth so much more than that.

One day, I promise you, someone is going to come into your life and they will love you so much you’ll wonder why you ever thought that you had to beg for love.

—  just wait for it.

One Piece ワンピース [Water 07 Saga / Enies Lobby Arc] : Cipher Pol Number 09 (CP9) vs The Straw Hat Pirates

Nico Robin : “First with Aokiji..and now, I’ve involved you twice! If this is to continue forever, no matter how kind and compassionate you all are…someday, it will be too much of a burden. Someday, you’ll betray me and cast me aside! That’s my greatest fear.. That’s why I didn’t want you to come rescue me! If I’m going to die someday anyway..I want to die here! 
Chief Spandam : “I see, that makes perfect sense! Hahaha! Look at that symbol Straw Hats! It represents the unity of more than 170 nations…it represents the World! Do you realize how frivolous your resistance is?! Do you understand the sheer power of the organization that is after this one woman?!
Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy : “I totally get who Robin’s enemy is. Sogeking. Shoot down that flag.
“Sogeking” Usopp : “Roger. Hissatsu Firebird Star!”
Chief Spandam : Are you crazy?! Do you really think you can survive now that the entire world is your enemy??
Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy : “Bring it on!! Robin! I still haven’t heard it from your lips! Say that you want to live!!”
Nico Robin : *Live? I didn’t think I could wish for that. No one..ever allowed me to wish it. If it’s really make one little wish..I..*  “I WANT TO LIVE!!”
Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy : *heh* “Let’s go!”

A.U. where CP9 are secret paramilitary police like the Nazi SS & the Straw Hats are a (gang) crew in high school. My 2nd all-time favorite moment in One Piece! The Water 07 Saga was a superbly written storyline in OP. The twist of the Cipher Pol Number 09 members, the story of Cutty Flam & Shipwright Tom, and the clashes between the two groups blew me away. The Enies Lobby arc also revealed the Straw Hats in their peak conditions, very similar to the “Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc” from Naruto, these are my favorite kinds of arcs when you get to see many key characters fight to their full potential. Nico Robin was such a beautifully written character and her backstory was precious. I’m kind of sad to see her thrown on the backlines in the New World because she deserves better. Also, Sogeking was a huge development for Usopp, really pushed his character forward in the series. And of course, Blueno vs Luffy & Rob Lucci vs Luffy were some of the best fights in the series. Gear 2nd!

: Haikyuu!! - Makko Shobu

it’s not a big deal but i can’t get her out of my head, and how you kissed her, and how you never said sorry, and how she’s beautiful and perfect and rock climbs in her free time and how you don’t even think I’ve got something to be upset about. i’m just saying that no matter how hard you kiss me i know it’s not love. i’m just saying that we fuck with the lights off. i’m just saying that i keep waiting for magic and it never comes. i don’t know why i lie to myself. i’m never happy when the morning hits. it’s just that you look at me and i lose it.

I never quite understood why girls would cry over their broken hearts, or whine about how much ‘he loved her’ or spend their days constantly thinking of him. But then I fell, I fell hard. And it all became so clear: the late nights, endless tears, the constant babbling. It suddenly made perfect sense.
—  Classy

How do you know if a guy is right for you? 

You’ll just have to feel it. 

All I feel is my back breaking out. 

You’ll know, okay? You just have to let it happen. And then, probably when you’re not looking, you’ll find someone who complements you.