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Can i request an athletic reader fighting with akashi (theyre dating) and and in the heat of the argument he used ankle breaking on her, then she ends up fracturing her leg? Like getting injured and she cant compete in a competition her team is competing in like the nationals or something of that sort? Something angsty and fluffy-ish in the end? They dont break up or anything! :)) i love this blog keep up the awesome work!

Okay the using ankle-break thing is a bit hard to incorporate, but I did my best. Sports injuries are nothing to scoff at though so be warned! AND BE CAREFUL. Chose volleyball because I needed something different from basketball and a sport I actually knew about xP -Admin Fyre

Female pronouns for the reader used as requested.

“Where have you been?”

You stopped in your tracks at the door of the apartment that you and Akashi shared, mentally heaving a sigh as you shifted the weight of your sports things on your shoulder. “I was practicing with the others. I left my things at the bench while I was playing.”

Akashi emerged from the shadows of the dimly-lit room, his scarlet eyes almost eerie in the dark. “Do you know what time it is?” he demanded. “I was worried about you. Why didn’t you call me back after practice finished?”

“It’s only ten thirty,” you protested. God, why did he have to be like this? This just kept getting worse as the competition grew closer. “And my phone ran out of battery. Besides, with nationals coming up I can’t afford to waste a single moment without practice. We have to win. You know that.”

Akashi crossed his arms. “Of course I know that. But it wouldn’t hurt just to let me know that you planned to stay behind later than usual.” Of course he understood about your wanting to win. He had the same mentality, after all, but with basketball and not volleyball. “From now on you’re not to stay out past nine. You must come back immediately and study, and to get your rest.”

“It was just one time!”

Recently Akashi had been way too protective of you. Sure, you were skipping some lectures in the past few weeks to practice with your team, since all of you needed to get all the necessary new techniques down, but did he have to tell the lecturer of your absence? Couldn’t he have covered up for you?

“University is too important,” Akashi insisted, eyes flashing. “Your studies should always come first. What good would it do if you were good at volleyball, but your grades are not satisfactory? What will become of your future?”

“Volleyball is my future! I could get scouted, or—” You broke off, growling in frustration. “Why do you even care anyway? You’re not my dad!”

“No, but I am your boyfriend.” He retorted boldly. “And I have every right to care about you - and our future.”

“Oh, is that it? You want me to quit volleyball and not go to nationals just so that it wouldn’t interfere in our future?” You laughed humorlessly, watching the displeasure flicker in Akashi’s eyes. Why couldn’t he understand? He used to be captain of the basketball teams in both middle school and high school, didn’t he? And in university he stopped playing competitively to focus on studying, but he still played with his old teammates every now and then. So why weren’t you allowed to play competitively?

He of all people should understand clearly.

“I don’t want you throwing away your future for a sport!” Akashi burst out angrily, taking a step forward. “It isn’t worth it - dedicating your whole life to it, it isn’t—”

You clenched your fists. “It is! Why are you so adamant that my life will be ruined if I don’t have the grades for it? It’s only numbers on a certificate. What if I can show people what I’m capable of - what I love to do?” Without thinking you added, “Just because you live under an oppressor of a father doesn’t mean we all do!”

In that instant you knew you’d gone too far. Both of Akashi’s eyes glowed amber as he approached you. “Take that back.”

That look gave you chills down your spine, made you uneasy in your stomach. “I…I need a moment.” Hurriedly you fumbled for your things and turned around for the door, only for Akashi to grab at your wrist. “Listen to me—”

“Let go of me!” You wrenched your arm free and yanked the door open, clutching your bag to your chest and hurtling out to the stairs. You needed to think. You needed to breathe, clear your mind, try to…

“I said listen to me!” Right at the top of the stairs, you felt hands on your shoulders, tugging you around, and your heart skipped a beat.

That look in Akashi’s eyes wasn’t something you wanted to deal with, you wanted to run, you were afraid of it.

And so you pushed back at him, yelling, “No!” and suddenly there was only emptiness beneath your tangled feet.

You tried to say Akashi’s name, your hand thrown out towards his outstretched arm, but you couldn’t gasp and scream at the same time, and the last thing you saw before you blacked out was Akashi’s face and his eyes wide with fear, scarlet as they always have been.

“How is she?”

“Her ankle was broken in the fall, and although she does not require surgery, she will need to undergo physical therapy after the bone has healed in order to regain her motor skills and strength. This could very well take up to sixteen weeks to heal fully.”

Sixteen weeks…? You mean—”

“Yes. Unfortunately, she will not be able to attend the volleyball nationals competition taking place next week. It will be at least three or four months before she can fully participate in sports again, I’m afraid.”

You didn’t hear the rest of the conversation, but when Akashi came into the hospital room and called your name, you turned away and pretended to be asleep until he left, so that he couldn’t see you crying.

On the day of the nationals competition, you watched the television in your hospital room almost unseeingly as the master of ceremonies announced your team into the court, noting the obvious lack of the team’s ace. The numbing weight of the cast around your leg seemed heavier than usual.

It was like after all those days of crying, you were out of tears, sadness - or emotion. You just felt…empty.

This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t stay out that night and make Akashi mad. Then we wouldn’t have gotten angry at each other, and I wouldn’t have tried to leave, and I wouldn’t have fallen.

I wouldn’t have fallen.

There was a soft knock, and you tore your gaze from the television screen to meet Akashi’s eyes, feeling your heart skip an uncomfortable beat. He stepped tentatively forward into the room, mouth opening to speak.

“________, I—”

Swallowing thickly, you turned away and pulled the blanket up to your chin. “I don’t want to talk to you. Get out.”

“I’m sor—”

Get out!

There was a pause, and Akashi sighed. “It was my fault.” For the first time, he sounded tired. Drained. “I did not take your feelings into account. I was too worried, and scared, to understand what you were trying to tell me. And I’m sorry.”

You scoffed. “You ruined my chance of going to nationals. We could lose because I wasn’t there, and just because you couldn’t get it to your head to hear me out.”

“I know.” Akashi lowered his head, his gaze gentle. “There’s nothing for me to say that will change what has already happened.”

“Then why are you here?” you challenged. In the heat of that argument he’d ruined your dream of going to nationals in university. All those months of practicing and effort, gone just like that.

Akashi sighed. “To ask you to forgive me.”

You paused, not wanting to do that just yet. Part of you wanted him to suffer just as you did. But…seeing the dark rings beneath Akashi’s eyes, the tired look, and his unkempt hair…

“I haven’t been able to sleep the past few nights,” Akashi confessed, confirming your suspicions. “The fact that I was the one who hurt you like this kept me awake for hours. And I kept thinking, if only it’d been me. And it wasn’t just about the fall either.”

“Not…about the fall?” How could this be about anything but the fall?

“What if I’d been the one to stop the argument in the first place? What if I’d controlled my temper? What if I hadn’t grabbed you, pushed you down by accident? All of this happened because of me and my selfishness. If…”

Akashi hesitated. “If you want things to end between us because of this, then I wouldn’t blame you at all. But I’d like you to know that everything I’ve ever done has only ever been for you because I love you, and even if you don’t love me because of this…”

End things?

You very nearly forgot that you were sitting in a hospital room watching your team play nationals while you had a broken ankle. End things with Akashi? Since when had you ever brought that up?

But then again…wasn’t this something that other people broke up over?

You’d never once thought about breaking up with Akashi, you realised. Sure, you blamed him, but you didn’t think that you’d want him gone from your life because of it.

Grudgingly you shifted on the bed. He did sound pretty sincere, and he looked so ragged that you couldn’t help feeling sorry for him. He just wanted the best for you after all. “Well, you’ll have to make it up to me with more than just an apology.”

Akashi’s eyes lit up. “Really?! I mean—yes, of course, anything!”

Don’t sound so smug, you almost told him. The only reason I’m forgiving you is because I can’t imagine a life without you.

But now Akashi looked so relieved, bustling by your side with a cup of water and offering you a warm towel, and asking you how you were feeling and if you could see the TV clearly while your teammates played on, that you didn’t say anything and just smiled.

He’d spent so much time worrying, in fact, that Akashi fell asleep leaning on your shoulder, his expression relaxed and serene as he breathed, oblivious to the blaring of the TV and the cheers of the crowd in the stadium shown on the screen.

“You dumb idiot,” you murmured, leaning over the kiss the top of his head. He looked pretty cute when he was sleepy. “Of course I still love you.”

You decided to tell him when he woke up that your team still won nationals. Maybe that’d ease his heart a little.