Aaaand Hux, my other favorite Star Wars character, recently. 

I have a severe case of I-really-didn’t-want-to-like-him-but-he-grew-on-me-like-an-evil-ginger-space-fungus. 

There’s a whole thing below the cut I where I talk about how I learned to Stop Worrying And Love TFA and why Hux is such an unexpected character favorite for me but TL;DR. I just wanted to write it out for my own catharsis :) 

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“You. Me. A bottle of imported energon. And my berth~”

Finally, after thinking about it for so long, I managed to draw this sexy Con~ I can still remember the struggle when I first try to draw him and failed miserably, because it was still the very beginning when I actually start to draw/learn to draw Transformers. But now, with all the practice recently, I finally could draw him satisfactory^^ I wished to do this for so long, he is still one of my favorite characters and I just love his sexy appearance, so I am so glad with how he turns out ;) :3

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To all these feeling you need to work on your anatomy, want to learn how to draw etc- go to Proko’s drawing tutorials. I just recently discovered his videos, and speaking here as a person who’s been drawing for most part of my life but has no theoretical knowledge about anatomy& theoretical drawing techniques- I learnt so much from his bean technique and all the basics he explains in his videos etc. I am truly amazed because I finally understood the notions of rhythm/ I always heard about it, everyone used it, but I never actually bothered to check  or fully understood what that was/ and now that I’m sketching I am seriously feeling the anatomy a bit more… 

He has free videos that are really cool and extended videos for a one time fee.. I know it sounds like some ad but I was just so shocked because I never heard about his tutorials until this week and this is the first time a drawing tutorial actually helped me and taught me something new that made me draw better?

his you tube

his website