so pleased 19 is the age of realizing things. I had a weird feeling about this year. I kinda thought of it as ‘the year of michael’ since my oc, my fav oc, is eternally 19. I first wrote him when I was 15 tho. now I am actually 19 (and also, pleased, that I wrote his side book while I was the same age)

This year tho… I have come to learn a lot about myself recently. my response to politics. the fact I have mild paranoia. repressed emotions and trauma. learning I was FACEBLIND and not just completely out of it. Worst depression, and getting on meds. figuring I probably had an eating disorder, not just picky. finding out how I coped with isolation. how bad I am at making friends. serious envy, jealousy problems….

also I feel like I should save this for when I’m closer to turning 20 (2 months). still. good things too. some new online friends. new opportunities. another step in life. two books written. better art. better confidence. ETC

point is I feel like a lot has happened

“You. Me. A bottle of imported energon. And my berth~”

Finally, after thinking about it for so long, I managed to draw this sexy Con~ I can still remember the struggle when I first try to draw him and failed miserably, because it was still the very beginning when I actually start to draw/learn to draw Transformers. But now, with all the practice recently, I finally could draw him satisfactory^^ I wished to do this for so long, he is still one of my favorite characters and I just love his sexy appearance, so I am so glad with how he turns out ;) :3

Likes and reblogs are very much appreciated :)