Kinda Obvious (Requested)

Request:  Minho imagine where Chuck sees the way Minho looks at you, his friend, and Chuck drops hints at you about how Minho likes you while you’re with the two of them, then Minho fluff at the end? xx hope this makes sense!

A/N: Sure it does honey! I hope you like it! I´m sorry this is kind of trashy but it was my first day of school today and I´m kinda down…

Warnings: None

“Why not?”, Minho pouted for the fourth time today, and it was damn early in the morning. 

“Because I say so shuckface! I can´t just secretly give you more food than the other runners! That´s mean. Also we don´t have that much food this year, crop was disappointing.”, I explained before I kissed his cheek and made my way toward the kitchen. It was gonna be hot today, I knew that. That´s why I felt remorse when I had to send the runnners away with half of the food ration they normally got. But since they left early, other thoughts quickly occupied my mind. 

After I helped Frypan with making lunch, I had a few hours off because we won´t start making dinner until it´s 3 p. m. I decided to help Zart in the gardens, I enjoyed spending time with him. 

I hated cooking. Okay, I didn´t hate cooking, I loved cooking, but at this temperature it was unbearable. I was very grateful when Fry told me that someone else would finish dinner. I gave him a little smile and turned to the exit. Maybe the runners were back already. 

“Hey Y/N what´s for dinner?”, Thomas asked with a boyish grin as he jogged towards me. 

“It´s a surprise Tommy.”, I laughed and slapped his shoulder. I knew this came over the wrong way, but that´s just what Thomas and I did. When he first arrived in the glade, I was one of the few who actually talked to him, so the rumour that we´d be dating came up not long after it. We found the idea so ridiculous that whenever we met we´d make sure to flirt in the most exaggerated of ways.

“Well I want to know.”, he said in a deep, threatening voice and hovered over me. I couldn´t help but laugh at his try to be intimidating. 

“Thomas I hate to tell you but you smell pretty bad.”, I giggled. I shrieked when he simply picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. 

“Hey! Let me go! Thomas, seriously this isn´t funny!”, I yelled but was interrupted by our laughter. 

“Hey!”, someone calle from behind us. I couldn´t see who it was but the person came closer anyway. 

“What´s the matter?”

“Let her down. Now.”, the voice replied sternly. Once Thomas put me down again I recognised Minho. He hadn´t his usual face of sarcastic bitchiness, more the face of slight annoyance and aggravation. 

“It´s okay Mini we were just fooling around.”, I reassured him, and gave Thomas the subtle sign to leave. Minho had this habit of keeping me away from all the guys, and he sure did a good job. 

“Anyway how was your day?”, he asked once Thomas was out of sight. 

“I still don´t get it. You´re running next to shuckin´ Grievers in a maze and you ask me, the cook, how my day was?”, I shook my head at the dark-haired boy. 

“You´re crazy.”, I grinned up at him. 

“You might even say… wicked.”, Minho responded and wriggled his eyebrows at me. 

“Did you just… Oh my God I´m gonna leave. Seriously you´re horrible! Don´t ever talk to me again.”, I yelled and made my way to the homestead. 

“Hey Y/N!”

“Hey Chuck!”, I smiled. “Don´t go talk to Minho he´s a shuck-face.”, I half-yelled, making sure Minho heard.

“You know you love me!”, he shouted back and winked as he drank some water, 


-a few days later-

“That doesn´t make any sense, like at all.”, I said with raised eyebrows. 

“Yes it does! Think about it, Gally and Newt have always had this connection haven´t they? Am I right  or am I right shuckface?”

Chuck glanced in between us with raised eyebrows. He smiled into his soup before he replied.

“I don´t think they´re the only one with a connection in here.”

“You.”, Minho said and pointed at the young boy with a spoon. “You are more evil than you look like.”

“What? What are you guys even talking about?”, I asked. Minho seemed to silently threaten Chuck, who seemed pretty satisfied with himself.

“He…thinks uh… that I fancy Thomas.”

I spit my soup back into the bowl with such a force it actually sprayed back. I couldn´t contain my laughter and certainly didn´t care that most of the gladers were watching us by now. The idea was just too ridiculous. Through my chokes and laughter I didn´t even notice Minho´s fond smile and Chuck´s grin. 


This evening was a rather fun one, which was rare in our situation. Most of the Gladers were drunk, I was one of them, and I really was enjoying myself. 

“How much have you had?”,Chuck asked with a grin as I began dancing back and forth in a weird way.

“Don´t know, don´t care. DANCE WITH ME MINHO!”, I laughed and pulled Minho close to me. 

“You´re wasted.”, he said.

I simply ignored him and continued with my spastic movements. I couldn´t dance for shit, but drunk me didn´t really care. After a while he began twirling me around and it wasn´t too long after that until I got reallly tired. My movements were even clumsier than before and in the end I only leaned myself against Minho and hid my face in the crook of his neck. I let out something like a groan  when he picked me up and carried me towards the homestead. Chuck passed us with a frown that turned into a smile when he realised I wasn´t injured. 

“Don´t stay up too long.”, he called after us.

I began fondling Minho´s cheeks, who couldn´t stop me while he carried me. I giggled at his serious and annoyed expression. He was just too adorable. He gently laid me into my bed and wanted to put the blanket over me but I stopped him. 

“What is it?”

“Stay with me.”

“Y/N… you don´t know what you´re saying.”, he sighed and turned to leave.

“Pretty please? I need someone to cuddle.”, I pouted and pulled him down next to me, barely leaving him time to react before I cuddled into his chest. I was already half asleep when I felt someone kissing the top of my head and pulling me closer. 

-the next morning-

I groaned at the vibrant pain in my head, clearly the aftermath of alcohol. I groaned again and shifted in the bed. For some reason there was a lot less space than usually. I realised why when I turned around. Minho layed next to me with slightly opened mouth and his arms spread all over the bed. I couldn´t help but laugh at the adorableness in front of me. I started laughing so hard my side hurt and the headache in my head got even worse but I couldn´t stop. 

“What the…?”, Minho sleepily asked as my laughter woke him up, His confused expression made me laugh even harder and I could barely breath. I squeaked when he started tickling me. I let out a strangled laugh but his hands were all over me.

“Minho…please!”, I begged between laughs.

“What are you doing?”

Minho and I turned to the door where a wide-eyed Chuck watched us. This probably looked very wrong, Minho lying over me, and me making strange noises with closed eyes. 

“It´s not what you think!”, Minho quickly said and moved from above me. 

“What am I thinking?”, Chuck quizzed and looked at the floor. I was seriously starting to worry when he looked back up at us with a wide smile. 

“I knew you guys would end up here. With lovesick glances like his.”, he grinned and left the room quickly before the pillow Minho threw after him could hit him. He muttered something under his breath as he got up and stretched. It was his free day today, so he had no reason to rush himself. I sat up and bit my lip as I glanced up at him.

“What did he mean?”, I asked and our eyes locked. He tried to think of a reply that didn´t make him look like an idiot. 

“He…I, uh…Oh shuck it.”, he growled and captured my lips with his. I froze a few seconds, but just when I was about to kiss him back, he pulled back, apparently thinking I didn´t liked him the way he liked me.

“I-”, I didn´t even think about it before I stood high on my tip toes and kissed him again. I felt my stomach fluttering at the realization that hit me. Minho, the guy I liked ever since I arrived, kissed me. It felt incredible and I cursed the human body for needing air to breathe.

“Y/N, I like you. I´ve always liked you and that little slinthead found out somehow an-”

“I know.”

“You know?”

“It was kinda obvious.”, I grinned and he inhaled deeply before looking up. It was completely different seeing him this way, all shy and embarrased.

“It really was wasn´t it?”

“But the point is, I like you too.”

He smirked down at me and I shook my head at his dorkiness.


“I knew you liked me.”, he said cheekily and turned to leave. I opened my mouth and closed it again. 

“You absolute, asshole! God, you´re such an idiot!”, I laughed and left the room. 

“Nooooooooooooooooo Y/N forgive me please!”, he whined dramatically and kneeled in front of me. He didn´t care that the whole glade was watching us. I blushed at all the attention that was focused on me. 

“You´re cute when you´re blushing.”

“Shut up Mean-Hoe.”

“Never slinthead.”

“You´re a pain in the ass!”, I exclaimed with a smile.

“Ah, but I´m your pain in the ass.”, he grinned cheesily before he smashed his lip into mine once more.

kyouhaba fic rec !

this ship has gotten so much attention in the past few weeks and im so excited!!!! so,,, i made a fic rec ( courtesy of the request from @iwaizooms , thank u !!! ) !!! here are my personal favorites out of the ones i’ve read so far !! 

-note: i’ve missed a few of the recent fics, but i’ve read the majority of the fics from prior to the date of the kyouhaba debut in the anime!!! (also… i totally am gonna include my own fics in here because im ridiculous)

-note note: fics are not in any order !!

Deal || kiyala || 1/1 chapter || 1169 words || g+ || kyoutani and yahaba go on a bookstore date!!! i literally just finished reading this but it’s suuuuper cute and i love the dynamic between kyoutani and yahaba here!!! kyoutani is such a big nerd :^)

Kiss me like you mean it || Qitana || 1/1 chapter || 3163 words || t+ || oikawa and yahaba run a kissing booth and kyoutani is dared to kiss yahaba!!!! i laughed really hard at this and…. totally blushed a ton??? its written incredibly well and portrays all of the characters in such a neat yet accurate way!!

Baby steps (or ‘Yahaba’s guide to applying eyeliner on a grumpy puppy’) || fontsizesmol || 1/1 chapter || 1597 words || g+ || kyoutani breaks his arm, and yahaba helps him with his eyeliner!! also i love this because it feels like there’s some sort of exchange between kyouken and yahaba that’s not shown in the story and its GREAT

Kyouhaba Week - Soulmates Universe || MapacheLuna || 7/7 fics || 24,318 words || t+ || a soulmate au series with some dramatic side-oikuro!!! theres a slow build and a ton of tension and i love EVERYTHING ABOUT IT,,, its honestly completely worth reading because the writing style is so nice and because aaa,,,a, theyre both such dorks

Entwined || kiyala || 1/1 chapter || 2254 words || g+ || soulmates universe where you can feel the emotions of your soulmate upon touching !! wow, i love how kyoutani is portrayed SO MUCH (i left like.. an essay about it in the tags tbh) and it’s super chill and wonderful aah

Close to the Chest || darkmagicalgirl || 10/10 chapters || 61,185 words || t+ || taking place in the canon universe, a slow build over a few years. in all honesty, this is one of my favorite fics of all time, and i’ve cried every time i’ve read it. it’s beautiful and yahaba is hilarious and WOW!!!! my breath is taken away!! please read this fic

Safe in Your Hands || shions_heart || 3/3 chapters || 8915 words || t+ || yahaba begins doing kyoutani’s eyeliner for him, and it goes from there. this fic is super great and yahaba becomes really important to kyoutani and it just makes my heart complete holy shoot 

wear your love like it’s made of hate || memorde || 1/1 chapter || 3366 words || t+ || i love fics where yahaba does kyoutani’s eyeliner can u tell,,, bUt this fic is hysterical and the first years are shitholes (in a good way) and aaaaaaaaah i scream

Stray Arrows || knightswatch || 1/1 chapter || 3801 words || t+ || this fic is very important to me because, a) first kyouhaba fic i ever read and got me into the ship, b) its beautifully written…. wow!!! this fic is super good and kyoutani’s a big dork with a rough home life and yahaba is Too Good™

you can’t trust anyone these days || knightswatch || 1/1 chapter || 719 words || g+ || seijou. laser tag. do i have to say anything else ??? this fic is pure gold and yahaba kicks ass i love him

destroy the middle (it’s a waste of time) || knightswatch || 1/1 chapter || 9683 words || m+ || this fic absolutely blew me away!!! i loved every bit of it and yahaba’s trying his best okay ,,, its super sweet and AAAAAh,,,, i love

and now we get to my own fics because im ridiculous

maybe || fortyfiveangrycats || 1/1 chapter || 7100 words || t+ || yahaba and kyoutani meet when they’re thirteen, and the fic follows the course of ten years as they fall in love,,, its sickeningly fluffy and i had a lot of fun and support writing this fic!!! it’s definitely the work i’m most proud of and i’m glad to share it with fellow kyouhaba shippers!!

putting the dog to sleep || fortyfiveangrycats || 1/1 chapter || 1756 words || t+ || yahaba and kyoutani regret their decisions of coming to team sleepovers when theyre tossed into a closet together for seven minutes, and decide to tease their teammates a bit!! it gets remotely fluffier tho tbh bUt its very gay and i wrote the plot at 3am so i apologize for this fic being a Complete Train Wreck™

SO YEAH!!!! thats my kyouhaba fic rec i hope u all like these fics because theyre AMAZING and deserve all of the love and attention in the world!! thank u!!!

Stay With Me - Part 3

A/N: I know this took FOREVER to do but I finally got this done because of @ilovemesomebrysontiller and @just5sossmut so THANK THEM FOR THIS. I hope you enjoy it.

Synopsis: It’s time to talk it out.

Words: 1.1k 



You sat on the couch, messing with your hair and watching the minutes tick by. Calum was back, you knew because he texted you saying he needed to “handle something” before he came over. He didn’t give you a time so for all you knew he could be outside and here you were in loose pajama pants and a t-shirt. Then again, he’s seen you naked so…

Hey brain, shut up. You rubbed your temple and sat up, walking to the window just in time to see Calum’s car park outside your house, you hurriedly checked your hair. Labeling it as decent, you went on to check your breath. No smell, good. The bell rang and you purposely waited a while before swinging open the door. There he stood in his ‘Drop Dead’ t-shirt and black jeans, hands in his pocket.

“Hey.” He attempted a small smile but he was too tense to pull it off.

“Hey. Come in.” You moved back and he walked in, taking off his shoes and sitting on the couch. Usually he’d keep his shoes on just to piss you off. Usually he’d plop down on his back and grab the remote, demanding he control the TV but, right now ‘usually’ wasn’t an option. You sat next to him, not knowing how to start this off.

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anonymous asked:

congrats on your fic! every chapter is so satisfying, and I do hope you write more! <3

At long last there is more! In fact we finally made it to the end, folks. Thank you all so much for reading and commenting and leaving me wonderful messages. Love to you all. <3

P.S. You can also read the finished fic here at ao3

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten.

Sitting and waiting outside of Stan’s office is strange. It’s even weirder when Jonny’s invited inside, the air thick with a certain kind of tension while they go through the negotiations. Patrick wasn’t joking about them not having the money to afford him, but that’s irrelevant now. He knew the moment he decided to come back that he’d probably have to take less, and he will, he does.

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i am not going to reblog my positive post with your negative comment so this is how i’m gonna reply to your ignorant comment.

first of all, did you seriously recommend one of the straightest and whitest book series as good representation of queer interracial couple? good one.

i’m not gonna talk about those problematic books because my reply would never end.

okay, let’s talk about book!malec. their story begins because book!alec has the same colour of eyes as will and book!magnus used to be interested in him in the past (great start). then we have their first kiss and book!alec is still underage at that point and book!magnus barely stops himself from going further (do i have to tell you how wrong that is?)
let’s go further… oh right, we have no idea what happens later cause it’s not even described. everything happens behind closed door. so then we have book 3 and book!magnus doesn’t even want to acknowledge book!alec’s existence cause he doesn’t wanna come out for him (show!magnus has never done this, alec came out on his own terms). so book!alec feels pressure, there’s a war going on… somehow they win and yay, they have their first public kiss. but it’s described from simon’s pov because who cares about the feelings of the actual couple that is kissing, right?
then we have book 4 and when we can finally move on to them being together, cc sends them on vacation and they are barely mentioned (because only their pics are mentioned. like twice, maybe.) so they come back, seem to be happy… so like 2 seconds later we have a situation with camille and book!alec is slutshaming book!magnus for sleeping with other people, then he has a problem with book!magnus being interested in women as well (biphobia at its finest) (show!alec never made any comments about that when he realised that show!magnus used to be with camille long time ago, it didn’t matter to him)
then we have angst, drama, they break up cause book!alec wants to literally take away book!magnus’ immortality cause he doesn’t want him to be with someone else (what. the. fuck.) aaaand in the last book they’re together again but the immortality issue is still not resolved.
yes, great representation. i feel so amazing knowing that there’s a book series that’s so amazing.
oh and the other queer couple, aline and helen, gets cast out to some island.
of course all straight couples got their happily ever after.

the show might have had their technical issues in s1, that’s why they are working on them in s2. and if you weren’t as ignorant and paid any attention at all, you would know this. i can talk about your books cause i am reading them.

and don’t worry, we will get many seasons. the show got renewed and s2 will have almost twice as many episode as s1 had. and when pretty little liar finishes, sh will become freeform’s #1 tv show and they will get even bigger budget than for s2.

not to break your bubble but even though yuri on ice might have a great representation, they’re not gonna be talked about as much as malec. because anime isn’t for everyone and many people don’t watch it because of this simple reason.

wow, i think my reply was longer than book!malec’s story.