221B Con & Fic Question


So the lovely @awkwardtiming and I are discussing 221B con and I blame her entirely for practically swindling me into it (this is a lie, she’s not even sure if she’s going BUT ANYWAY) I am curious, are any of you lovely people going?! I may or may not have that week of work off and may or may not be attending… message me if you’re going?! I’m still trying to decide, although the fact that @prettysherlocksoldier and possibly @awkwardtiming are going has basically sold me on the idea… HELP!

ALSO I AM IN SEARCH OF A FIC THAT I CAN’T REMEMBER THE NAME OF! The premise is that John is hesitant to get into a relationship with Sherlock because he’d dated a guy in the past and he hadn’t enjoyed the sex… a little bit of hurt!john basically, but it’s from Sherlock’s perspective and they fall madly in love and it’s amazing. Please let me know if you recognize this fic! I love it and want to reread it and I CAN’T FIND IT! 

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! So good to be feeling better and back around these parts! I hope all you darling are well!

CBS Scorpion’s portrayal of mental health professionals

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Turn: Washington’s Spies + Egyptian Gods

Greek || Egyptian

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The only thing that is an abomination to mankind is smoothied pizza

You have never heard shade until you are the one calling your grandmothers to tell them their reviled mother in law died.

Because naturally your grandfather traded in for a younger model leaving you with two grandmothers that both “wish him the best in life” and “pray for forgiveness” for their former mother in law because “at least she’s with her husband and her dead son now”

Facts tag
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NAME: Holly
 NICKNAMES: Holloy, Holy, Molly, Molloy, Paper Towels, Squad God Paper Towels
 STAR SIGN: Gemini baby 😎 (though I act more like a cancer, probs cuz it’s my Venus sign)
 SEXUALITY: Straight
 HEIGHT: 5'4 
 FAVORITE COLOR: pinkish purple, so like fuchsia 
 CURRENT TIME: 8:32 pm
 FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: FRISK IS MY DAUGHTER (which means so is technically Chara) 
 WHAT I’M WEARING: Blue shirt and black jeans
 WHEN YOU CREATED YOUR BLOG: 2013? No wait, 2014. I don’t even know
 WHAT DO YOU POST MOST: Everything from memes to fandom material 
 MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWER: @connivingcanine, @imjustgoingtochangeitlater and @goodurlsjustarentmything thank you I appreciate you
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR: I fell in love with @sketchbook-and-tony-adventures and needed more dhmis 
 WHEN DID YOUR BLOG PECK: a dopey quote from when I had a crush on my best friend
 DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS: not enough I need more
 WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: cuz I am useless sass

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I was wondering how do you guys pronounce kaisoo? Is it /kai-so/ or /kai-su/? Because during EXO’luXion in Manila Day 1, I was walking around outside MOA Arena looking for D.O. banner and I was holding a kaisoo banner the whole time and many people are asking me where did I get that and I told them where and the requirement is you should have a picture of kaisoo on your phone and they always reiterate ‘kaisoo’ because I pronounced it /kai-so/ not /kai-su/ and I am really baffled because everyone of them did that to me and I feel like I am stupid because I stubbornly pronounced it as /kai-so/.

So tell me, how do you guys pronounced it? /kai-so/ or /kai-su/?

  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>me, thinking to myself:</b> oh god here comes the crush jfc hello perfection you beautiful human being you<p/><b>also me:</b> okay okay play it cool act natural<p/><b>me, talking to my crush who's walking by:</b> haha what's up you fuckin' loser you're so dumb wtf ha okay see you later you nerd<p/><b>me, to myself:</b> nailed it<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

of all the things i would’ve expected today, @likehisfather‘s message to me was the least likely one.

do you guys even understand how old i am? i was on AIM when it was like, FIRST a thing. i used IRC. i did geocities chat rooms.

AIM was my shit, though. they had this bizarre feature where you could pull up random user’s screen names and start chatting with them. i made friends with a bunch of teens in lowell MA and got involved in some petty friend drama and we sent each other snail mail and met up when i went to boston when i was like 17.

for YEARS i kept my AIM profile updated and fresh with new quotes, new fonts, new color schemes, new incredibly angsty song lyrics. that shit had to be up to the minute reflective of whatever was going on in my teen brain.

when i was around 13 i had a CREEPY ass online boyfriend named ricky who was entirely too old for me, obsessed with pearl jam and liked to say jokes from comedians like they were his own original material. i caught onto it pretty quick. he should prob be in jail also.

i think the first two MP3s i downloaded from napster were a foo fighters song and an alanis morrisette song. i used to use whatever janky search engines existed to look up “*.mp3″ and try to find unprotected FTP directories of songs i could then download.

i was there for webrings. i was there for the first gifs (the little “Under Construction” dude <3). i have been on the internet since you had to pay for it by the HOUR.