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just in case you're still doing the prompt list: #4 (since lizzie's mom is "dead" i guess this is going to be red's mom lol)

Hello anon! :D Yes, I am most certainly still doing the prompt list! I need as much writing practice and experience as I can get! This was a cute prompt, thank you :) My fic is under the cut. Enjoy! <3

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Cute things that happened at the Toursies performance in Des Moines yesterday
  • In the theatre when the guy goes “Miss Medda, you’re on!” and she says “Oh yeah? How am I doing?” the guy didn’t laugh back then she makes finger guns at Jack and they both laughed
  • Joey cried during Santa Fe and therefore I cried during Santa Fe
  • Stephen H was playing Race and he left his cigar in his mouth when he was saying “erster” and Morgan gestured at him to take it out
  • When Snyder showed up in Pultizer’s office and Jack tries to run and escape but gets caught, Joey did this thing where he shouted “No, NO!” and looked around wildly and anyone who’s ever written fanfic about Jack being traumatized from the refuge had a simultaneous moment of satisfaction and heartbreak
  • And then when the Delancies dragged him away Morgan ran after him and they pushed her away and she stomped REALLY LOUDLY
  • Then when they left him in the cellar right before Brooklyn’s Here Joey just screamed and it felt so perfect
  • Also Joey’s scream after Morgan pushes him away for the second kiss (but I feel like that’s a thing he does every time not just this performance)
  • On the rooftop when Katherine goes “Oh come on, there has to be one printing press that he doesn’t control” Jack goes “Oh no…” and Joey does the FUNNIEST LAUGH I’VE EVER HEARD IT WAS SO CUTE and she’s just like “…what?”
  • During curtain call, Zachary was doing tricks with his crutch and he dropped it and just stared at it sadly for like ten seconds
  • Ethan Steiner is the cutest Les to ever Les (especially at the stage door he is adorable)

I have audio, I’m going to track it before I put it up! But sometime this week, I promise. 

Kylo Ren Imagine 3b: Modern AU!

A sinner hath spoken, and now you’re getting more. Hehehehehehehe.

Warning: Death and referenced under age.


-Imagine the day Kylo practially skips into your room. The next Star Wars isn’t coming out until 2 years, 3 month, 14 days, 8 hours, 36 minutes have passed. No, neither of you were keeping count. You have no idea why he’s so happy. He flops onto your bed, and by default half of his body is now crushing yours. “Y/N, guess what!” “You’ve figured how to make a lightsaber?” “Nope.” “You found the Light?” “Nope.” Worse. He has a girlfriend.

-Imagine going to Kylo’s place and seeing Mercedes for economics laughing and smiling with Kylo. You walk back out the front door before you’re seen.

-Imagine Kylo inviting her over to a game night, and instead of playing games, you walk out of the room when they start making out, and ask Kylo’s really hair uncle, Chewy, to play a game with you. Kylo acts like that was the best game night he ever had the next day.

-Imagine Kylo going to parties without you, not drinking because he may be without you but he’s smart enough to remember that his parents will kill him, legit slaughter him, and you’d have had no sympathy if he got drunk. Mercedes is all over him.

-Imagine, after a week of him ignoring you, he strolls into your room, face split with a grin, and proceeds to tell you his entire week. You find out he wasn’t at school because Mercedes and he were getting the dirty on.

-Things start going downhill. When you confront him about it, he’s unusually angry. He’s never yelled at you before, and all of your sparring with him comes in handy when he lashes out at a wall and nearly hits you.

-This is the first time he’s ever been escorted out of your house because he isn’t wanted. Your parents think maybe if this keeps happening, he won’t ever be wanted back.

-He doesn’t speak to you, all your texts, calls, emails, pictures of Darth Vader as memes, nothing is responded to.

-You lose your best friend. He gets a new group of friends. You get the bullies back, and they’re back with gusto. You hide the bruise you got from another girl in the IT class behind a long sleeve shirt. Kylo doesn’t look twice at you. He acts as if you’re still right next to him, but he doesn’t realise you’re even there. Or that you left his side when he left you.

-Not long before summer holidays, you see he’s missing. So is Mercedes, and all his gang of friends. Leia calls you frantically that night. Kylo is gone. No one knows where.

-Imagine freaking out for a week, wondering where he is, if he was okay. The school lets you on summer holidays early so you can try and help the search.

-Four days after the holidays start, your phone rings at 2 am. You’re so exhausted from the search, from frantically looking for your best friend, from the panic attack you had and all the emotional distress you almost don’t pick up.

-Imagine Kylo and you as kids, constantly reciting each other’s phone numbers so you memorise them perfectly.

-Imagine the phone call at 2 am being Kylo, his voice weak and croaky. “Please, help me.”

-You forget entirely to tell anyone where your going and sprint, ignoring the exhaustion, ignoring your screaming lungs. Kylo told you he managed to steal a phone, that he’s hiding and “Oh God, Y/N, please please help. They’re fucking insane.”

-’They’ are the First Order. They used drugs to make Mercedes do what they wanted. They wanted Kylo. They managed to convince him, probably by drugging him and feeding him the idea, that you were just like every other one of those girls chasing after him, except worse. He couldn’t go on, some guy patrolling the area nearby nearly tredding directly on Kylo as he hid. Kylo was never this scared of anything.

-You manage to get there, and together you both talk quietly until you meet up. You’ve never seen Kylo cry before, but the tears of joy in his eyes when he sees you were enough to make you know it was your Kylo again.

-You try to escape, and searchlights hone in on you both, bright and blinding. When you turn to Kylo, you see what they’ve done. A man named Snoke, scarred and snarling, tells you his plan, tells you that Kylo would have been great and was an imperative part of their plans. After all, what else would the great Han Solo and General Leia Organa do anything for.

-Han Solo was a tracker. And an excellent sniper. After that day, he’d always hug you and send little gifts and trinkets as an apology for the fact that you had seen Snoke’s head tear apart. No one asked where he got the rifle from.

-Kylo refused to speak to anyone but you, refused to leave your side. He had to be sedated when he started fighting the medical team trying to take him into emergency surgery, his frantic grappling to go back to you forcing his side to bleed even more.

-When it was all over, he appealed in court, explaining the atrocities that they did, why he was seperated from you, and why he called you first. In turn, you explained what happened, explaining that in your exhausted state your only thought was to go to him. In the end, Snoke’s group was sentence for life, for high treason, murder, and many other things. Snoke was surprisingly unmentioned.

-Kylo and you start your second last year. He never leaves your side. Not once.

-Imagine Kylo being terrified when someone asks him out. He eyes go wide, and he starts shaking his head, back peddling towards you as fast as he can. You manage to calm him down with ice cream and the promise that you’ll kick the person’s arse if he gives you a piggyback. He gives you one anyway.

-Imagine Kylo and you going back to normal. One day he asks if you want to go to a convention. You slap him upside the head and tell him to grow a brain. He turns to you with a grin. “You could go as Slave!Princess-” His cheek was red for three hours. He had a slight bruise on his jaw from how hard you slapped him. His laughter was his apology.

-Imagine hours later, suggesting that he could go as the slave princess. It takes you the rest of the night to convince him not to but the outfit online “DEAR VADER, NO DON’T DO IT PLEASE DON’T I WAS JOKING” “I AM NOT JOKING I WILL DO THIS”

-Two weeks later your door opens to see a hairy leg on the side, bent and looking as “sensual” as possible. You see a hint of the skirt. “FUCKING NO KYLO-” Kylo’s laughter rings through the whole house and he walks through your door, holding the outfit up, but fortunately not wearing it. He’s in shorts. You have to do the dishes by hand for swearing. Kylo isn’t allowed to help.

-He does anyway.

-Imagine Kylo staring at you one day, not saying anything, just staring. He has a strange look on his face.

-He doesn’t have an 18th birthday party, he just has family and you and your parents over. The cake is a Darth Vader mask. He gets a ceremonial birthday beating with sponge-like light sabers. You hit him the hardest and laugh.

-You don’t have an 18th either, 6 days after his, the ceremonial birthday beating with light sabers biting you in the arse because Kylo is back with vengeance.

-You both have an 18th party together, inviting actual friends around and laughing as Uncle Chewy, Uncle Luke, and Han have a guest list that they use to ensure none of the masses from school can get in. The other students don’t much appreciate it. You and he record it and rewatch it every night for two weeks.

-Imagine getting drunk and at the end of the party Kylo has the funny look on his face, the one he’s been giving you since before his 18th. He mumbles something and flops over, turning his face into your neck and promptly falling asleep. He cackles with laughter when you both wake up and he’s drooled on you in his sleep.

-Imagine one day you’re both playing games, having fun. And he looks so worried. He keeps biting his lip and looking to you and then away again. You pin him down and threaten lick him if he doesn’t tell you what’s wrong. “I think I have a crush on you or something, don’t eat me.” he blurts out. At first you only hear “don’t eat me” his standard phrase for you not to get angry, and then you realise what he said.

-Imagine the next day at school, both of you standing around awkwardly. You grab his hand without looking at him and squeeze. He squeezes back.

-You take the relationship slowly. Like, really slowly. As in, the only change to your relationship of just being best friends is that you now know you like one another and that you hold hands without saying its weird.

-A fangirl of Kylo’s asks him out one day. He says he taken and kisses your cheek, grabs your hand and pulls you away from the other girl to go grab lunch.

-You’ve been together for months, and you’re going out on your first official date. He has tickets to the new Star Wars. You cry with excitement. Han slaps Kylo over the head and says “You’re supposed to take someone out before you ask them to marry you, you idiot!”

- You watch the movie together. You lose your best friend again, except this time it’s because your parents refuse to allow him into the house if he won’t take his Darth costume off. The helmet sounds shit compared to the movie.

-One day he knocks on your door. He speaks with the helmet on. It sounds amazing after he changed all the parts.

-You get kicked out of your own house when you put on your own uniform. It’s great.

-Imagine the first time you get kissed by him, its after you watch the movie for a ninth time, faffing around in his room. You quote word for word the death threat from the main villain. He laughs, calls you perfect, pulls you in for a quick smooch and pulls away. He realises what he’s done a moment later. You pull him back in for another kiss.


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Thank you for not being disappointed. I'm scared. I know adoption is an option, but I don't want to carry a baby for nine months and then have it consider another woman its mother. I just want the abortion and to get this over with. I can't raise a kid. I don't have a degree or a job to provide for one. I didn't want to get pregnant in high school. I didn't want my mom to disown me. I'm really sorry about this. I know it could hurt you and Dad.

It’s okay. Don’t apologize. All I ask is that you wait a couple days to think about what you’re saying, okay? To really think about it? You, Marco, and I can talk it through with you. We love you, Amanda, we just want to make sure that this is truly what you want.

//I’m gonna make this little out of character things on each post. The views here do not reflect my own swaggity doo//