Reaction no. 128: When you find a song with a great beat and you pretend to be a drummer. 

Aoi Shouta 「Innocent」 Making (short ver.)  


Spencer Reid x Alternative!Reader
  • when you first meet he finds you intimidating 
  • he starts spouting facts about your favourite bands in an attempt to impress you and you realize he’s actually done research on them
  • when he first sees your tattoos he can’t help but be very curious and mildly aroused
  • him memorizing your tattoos as he sees more of them
  • he finds it cute when you dress down
  • you end up sharing a room while on a case and he discovers your affinity for fluffy socks and cute pyjamas
  • he comforts you after you have a nightmare and lets you sleep in his bed with him
  • “I always thought that you’d bite me if I came near you”
  • re-directing small children towards him when they start fawning over your appearance
  • ^OR him finding it adorable how good you are with kids, watching with a huge grin from afar as you let them touch the spikes on your jacket and tell them all the colours your hair’s been
  • having to dye your hair a natural colour and him not recognizing you at first
  • ^having to take out your piercings/cover up tatts/wear average clothing for a case and him telling you he misses how you normally look
  • him seeing you wearing glasses for the first time
  • him being able to tell how depressed/stressed out/exhausted you are by how faded your hair is
  • him noticing when you get a new tattoo or piercing
  • him thinking you’d never be into him because he’s so “boring compared to you”
  • “Being pretentious isn’t very punk rock, I like you for you, Spencer”

Gender bend week may be over but do not fret! We have another fun little event coming up brought to you by @candydelasia! It’s time to prepare for MCL Kids Weekend!!

During the 30th and the 31st of July post about your candy(s) as kids, text posts, pictures, head canons, we want to see how utterly adorable your candies were as kids. Be sure to join the fun!

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Imagine adrien totes happy being a dad &can't shut up about it to plagg about how adorable kid!mari is and how he wants a daughter like her and exasperated plagg just says "then marry and have kids with Marinette." adrien gets flustered & can't talk

OH NO OH NOO you know plagg would be a little shit and enjoy torturing adrien like that. meanwhile adrien is losing his mind like “kid mari is precious and I love her she is my daughter but ??? regular mari is also cute and I love her and maybe want to smooch her so ?? does that mean I wanna smooch my daughter????” adrien then has a mental breakdown for a week

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YASSS JIKOOK DAY! (I love any maknae line pairing, especially with Chim, so I'm pumped😂)

Ok but honestly tho, all of Bangtan adores Jiminie, & it really shows! I think that’s partly why all Jimin pairings are so easy to ship.

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Because really…

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How could

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They not

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Absolutely ADORE

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This kid??

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He’s the most precious bun and he really shows that he loves his members so much, so they easily reciprocate. And god, it’s a beautiful thing, Park Jimin being loved and adored just for being Park Jimin♥︎

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Not being biased or anything, but Christen Press’ animated story was the cutest. That part with her following the ball at the sidelines like a linesman made me laugh out loud. 

The funniest was Klingenberg’s though, with that hilarious adventure and how she told it. 

Krieger’s was adorable because a little kid collecting rocks. And that hint about a diamond made me snort. Very cheeky. I’m sold.

Sauerbrunn’s story showed what a worldly person she is. And I don’t know why, I just like listening to her talk. She sounds so smart.

Other videos I liked (well, more than the others ‘cause I liked all of them): Long, Rapinoe, Naeher, Dunn, and Heath. :)

(Now I wish France would do something like that, maybe then I’d learn more French. But I know they won’t ‘cause they seem really private. Not even hoping for England because they won’t be at the Olympics. :( :( T.T )


Imagine having a couple of kids with Michael and you were all settled down and then your kids, after seeing the large amounts of dogs Uncle Cal has, started to beg you for a pet of their own.

“Please, mom. I wanna dog just like what Uncle Cal has!”

“No, no pets in the house!”


And then when you firmly denied them in front of your husband, he started to beg you about getting a pet.

“C’mon babe! Just a dog or a cat. Or a goldfish!”

“No is no, Michael. Now help me get the kids ready for bed time.”

But once when he had the day off and you were at work, he went to the local pet store and bought a cat. When you came home and saw the cat sleeping on Michael’s lap on the couch, you face palmed but when you saw how adorable the cat was, you fell in love. And you kids were ecstatic about finally having a pet!

domestic!5sos blurb night!!

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I think that it's adorable how Kyouka's acting like that kid who doesn't want a new mom XD that tiny Atsulucy moment was the best.

The little interactions between Kyouka, Atsushi, and Lucy are soo cute :’) To think they all used to be enemies…Mafia, Agency, Guild omg