Random Cap Stan Blogger: is clearly biased in favor of Cap… Also Cap Stan blogger: gets onto me for being biased in favor of Tony.. Why are cap stans so annoying? Like most Tony stans literally don’t even come at them. Most of us only talk to eachother. The only time I’ve seen us go at cap stans is when they strike first or intrude on a post that’s not for them. Like…. Go away. Please. Do you know how exhausting it is to defend a fave you relate to from people who are just as unreasonably self-righteous as the character they stan? Fuck off.

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Okay now I want to see the Facebook vid. Sounds interesting.....

the video keeps getting more and more viral oh my god and the comments are becoming more intense as well idk what we’re gonna do about it

It’s not “liberation” or “empowerment” or snide one-upmanship Gaitskill’s women are seeking through sexual expression; it’s something far less inanely recreational and celebratory, and far more complicated. It’s a kind of annihilation that burns away falsity and reveals a secret, tender kernel of essential selfhood; a kind of absolution of the lingering guilt from past, nonsexual humiliations; and, not least of all, a kind of inoculation against future hurt.

And Gaitskill’s protagonists never attain any of those things. The main character’s disappointment in “A Romantic Weekend” is a typical Gaitskill outcome: “How, she thought miserably, could she have mistaken this hostile moron for the dark, brooding hero who would crush her like an insect and then talk about life and art?”

S Rivecca, “What Men Talk About When They Talk About Mary Gaitskill” The Rumpus, October 8 2013.


ML FANDOM WEEK 8/14-8/20
"How To Be a Modern Gentleman"

Here’s a timeless truism: women want to date gentlemen, and they have always wanted to date gentlemen. Tom Ford recently published 5 Easy Tips to Being a Modern Gentleman, but the steps to being a gentleman can be distilled to just one quality.

In 2011, being a gentleman no longer means wearing riding breeches and owning estates and writing love letters. It doesn’t even mean eloquently expressing “ardent admiration and esteem,” or burning with passion, or dedicated and elaborate wooing.

Being a gentleman has nothing to do with class, breeding or education, and even less to do with occupation, hobbies, or appearance.

In 2011, what makes a gentleman a gentleman is the manner with which he shows respect to those around him. That’s it.

- Chiara Atik for How About We

What if the shapeshifter had turned into young Ford instead of the guy on the label of the beans, though.

Edit: I drew the thing.

Those are not tears of joy. Obviously. Guan Shan’s sweating like hell and all that. He’s still terrified of He Tian and it doesn’t seem like he has some sort of romantic feelings for him yet. He definitely wasn’t waiting for He Tian to kiss him (like some people say) and he is not happy about this. Idk this ship has a lot of potential and I’m not giving up on it but Guan Shan’s well-being is important to me. So I’m just uncomfortable with how this turned out.


It’s his responsibility to challenge you. 

Not now. Not in this state.

Character Profiles

Height: 152cm
Weight: 50kg
Birthday: 25th July
Age: Over 3000?
Magic: Full Counter, repelling magical attacks
Weak point: Elizabeth
Birthplace: Demon Realm
What he likes about himself: His ahoge
Dream/Hope: Lifting his curse
Regrets: That he couldn’t save (people I guess?)
The most embarrassing thing in his life: His past self
What he wants the most right now: Skinship with Elizabeth
Favorite animal: Elizabeth (I’m not kidding here, it says animal, omfg)
Favorite scent: Elizabeth’s body
Power Level: 32500 (at the end of volume 22)
Magic: 2700 Strength: 27700 Spirit: 2100


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