okay so Arin’s like 20 in the AU, Dan’s 30-32, and Brian’s in this as a physics professor and he’s in a relationship with a recent graduate, Ross (22), who’s also Arin’s best friend. Brian and Ross are the only ones that know about Dan and Arin and while Brian knows that it’s not right for Dan to be dating one of his students, he can’t really say anything since he basically fucked his before asking them out after graduation.

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mileven + 29 or 9 (or both) :)

9: “Quit it or I’ll bite.”
29: “Come over here and make me.”
WC: 724

(this sounded so flirty ~ but how about instead we make it NOT) (time for a mileven fight!) 

They’re arguing, though El can’t quite remember why. All she knows is that her blood is boiling, her fists are clenched, and Mike is being the absolute worst.

Or maybe she’s being the worst. She’s still not quite sure who started the fight to begin with. They were walking back to his house from a night at the arcade (Mike had lost almost every game he’d played, miserably), when a couple terse comments were exchanged. The terse comments grew into brash declarations, and brash declarations turned into a full-on argument, right on the middle of the sidewalk.

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You don’t have to let people tell you who you can & can’t associate with. Roleplay groups can easily become very cliquey, with all members agreeing to isolate/diss certain other roleplayers—— but if you vibe w/ a person who your mates don’t like… just go with it. You’re you. Embrace that.

If Luke survived episode 5:

Bonnie and Mike: let’s steal the truck and all the supplies and leave them behind.

Luke: ok but how about we don’t do that?

Bonnie and Mike: oh ok. 


Something that has been crawling around in my head lately is how the tone of life has changed in the last year. I’m sure a lot of that has to do with how things are being dealt with and how we feel about it (I’m positive the small portion of what we actually see on the TV/Internet/media - which is the same 10 stories with a bunch of spin added - effects us this way). Let me explain.

The broad stroke of life exposes us to cultures, others’ morals , and opinion. Hopefully it forces us to compare what we see and observe to what we know and believe. Hopefully we gain insight and those things challenge us in ways that force us to asses if what we have learned and know is the truth.

The short strokes, the things the bring us joy and pain in life, is what we let define us. We love our joy and hate our pain. Our current circumstances will sometimes determine what we allow to effect us mentally, physically, and emotionally.

My personal flaw is that I always try to see the good in people. I’m hopeful. I sacrifice to move forward putting myself last because that’s how I’ve made it here. I can be an asshole but I’m a nice asshole. It’s caused me a lot of pain because that trait has been taken advantage of over and over again by women. I’m a nice guy. I’m safe. I have a sketchy background and tattoos and I swear like a sailor. I’m in the Army. A lot of these things could snag women by the handful. But I’m an introvert at heart and I’m not about to risk the things I’ve earned for someone who wants cheap thrills. Once it’s found out that I’m not that exciting the ride ends.

I could sit here all day and make lists of how I’ve been wronged and hurt. I could sit here and spell out absolute truths about how women hold the cards when it comes to sex: women can hand it out all day long (if the really want it) and never get turned down but men have to work much harder to reach the same goal.

I refuse to adopt a negative mindset when it comes to the things I want in life. I refuse to be that person. I refuse to sit here and start tearing people down with blanket statements that only apply to a select few based on my limited experience. I refuse to paint an entire group with my narrow perspective. I refuse to feed into the doubts, pain, and finger pointing that goes on when it comes to blame and accusations. I refuse to believe the all or nothing rhetoric when it comes to placing blame and hate. i refuse to make innocent people suffer due to my pain.

I am not without empathy. I feel bad for others and the wrongs that have happened to them. I don’t believe that they deserve it or that they are at fault when it comes to being mistreated.

I do believe that if we want something bad enough that we’ll find it. Whether it be companionship or otherwise. Sometimes we look before we leap. Our own wants outpace our ability to think clearly about what we’re about to involve ourselves in. We stop listening to our guts and instincts because our desires are louder. We place ourselves in harms way. We make our own beds an then lay in them. We are who our friends are.

I’m not making light of the things that do cause irreparable harm and pain. I’m not blaming victims by saying that the terrible pain that has been caused them by those who cause malicious harm is their fault. I’m not saying that they don’t get to express their pain and anger in any way they want. Their path of pain and suffering was nothing they asked for.

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I also have a prominent history of mental illness in my family. My mother's side is rife with anxiety disorders, whereas my father's side mainly present Compulsive disorders and bi-polar depression. I've already been diagnosed with GAD and I'm hoping depression doesn't creep onto the list. My housemate and I joke about how we both might develope schizophrenia (of any type), but after learning my family history I'm honestly starting to worry.

aah I hope you don’t mind me replying publicly but others might find comfort in this:

In high school I took a lot of psychology classes and - it depends on what school of thought you’re looking at - but there’s a genetic component to most mental illnesses, however environmental factors far outweigh any genetic correlation.

It’s difficult to explain. Being in a toxic environment or going through a traumatic event will cause /anyone/ to potentially have a mental illness BUT those who are more susceptible for genetic reasons have a higher chance of coming out on the other side with a mental illness.

Like, a lot of the time (not always, but a good fraction of the time) what happens is there’s a sort of catalyst for what causes a mental illness, and the genetic factor only increases the chances of that catalyst effecting you, but the genetic component itself isn’t necessarily the catalyst.

Sometimes it’s just pure genetics, that definitely happens, but environmental factors seem to play a much bigger role.

writing prompt

I’ve seen several posts about how humans screaming when they’re scared freaks out aliens but I’ve never seen one talking about how we make loud noises at other times. for example some martial arts teach a student to make a loud noise when they strike in order to give themselves confidence and scare the enemy and there are humans that still bellow which is a really deep roar that people or animals make when angry. How about a story or a couple of short stories about aliens reacting to everyday loud human noises

I had my presentation today! The teachers were amazed by the t shirt and the topic, they asked me some questions about how I think we should help people not to commit school shootings and how to help someone who’s being bullied, they were also interested in my opinion about Eric and Dylan and YAY IVE GOT AN 1 (In Germany is the best grade you can have :) )

Im so proud of myself and thanks to everyone who supported my ideas :)

So I keep seeing this post about how “we’re definitely going to lose net neutrality because people aren’t doing enough”.

Stop. Stop right there. That kind of attitude will stop people from speaking out because they’ll assume that it doesn’t matter. Its the same attitude that stops people from voting. That “oh well, it doesnt matter anyway” bullshit hurts everyone. Look at where we are now because people thought their voices wouldn’t change anything.

Things will be so much worse if you dont speak up. Think about how quickly things can go down hill when you suddenly have to pay an extra 50 or 100 dollars to fact check something the powers that be said. The mindset of them being undefeatable is what gets them what they want. So don’t buy into that.

Please, don’t give up because some people on the internet say it doesn’t matter. Keep going.


Berry: “I can help you if you let me.”

Marigold: “How…”

Berry: “I remember when just us talking would make you smile.  But you shut me out.”

I felt guilty.  Even after all these months of me ignoring his calls and refusing to see him, Berry was still here.  I’d refused to see him because he reminded me so much of Rhubarb and the time we had together.

Marigold: “I’m so sorry, Berry.  I just - “

Berry: “I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to make you feel guilty.  How about we go sit and talk with Rhubarb?  I think he’d like that.”

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“Alright, so for dinner tonight do we want Chinese or burgers?” Spencer asked

     “Um…” You thought about it and just couldn’t figure it out on the one hand you haven’t had Chinese in a while on the other burgers did sound pretty good, but you might have leftovers with the Chinese, if you did with the burgers it would get gross or by the time you get back here the condiments would have already soaked into the bun, or the grease from the Chinese food would upset your stomach, or–

     “How about we…”Spencer looked around before grabbing a napkin off the floor “If you choose the napkin we get Chinese, if you choose the hand with nothing in it, we get burgers. Deal?” You nodded and Spencer put both of his hands behind his back and told when it was time to pick. You picked the hand with the napkin.    

   “Can we get burgers anyway?” You smiled sheepishly.

   Spencer smiled in response “Sure.”

Is Everything Okay? - Richie and Eddie Part 3 of 8

Part 2, Part 1

Richie <3: Ughhhhhhh.

Richie <3: You always see right through my facade.

Richie <3: Mom was a bit out of it today, had too much to drink last night and dad…wasn’t around. It was a rough morning and the day hasn’t had many chucks either…

Eds <3: I’m sorry Rich…how about we go for some ice cream! We can talk more about it if you want? That’s the nice part about having this week off for Thanksgiving!

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do you know what that person's addition to the grimes / marina post is about??

It’s about how we all have difference but we can still find proud and gratitude.

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no offense but i would sit in harrison's lap with my chest pressed to his and my legs straddling him with my face pressed in his neck while he wolfs me and we tell each other gross mushy things about how in love we are and just inhale his scent while he rubs my back and making each other giggle bc we are so cheesy and making horrible jokes and added bonus he's wearing his adorable glasses that make me love him more than i already do i would sell my soul to thanos for this

First; I would fucking love this, so hazza please hit me up

Second; Harrison in glasses is so adorable and I love it when he wears them

Third; I wouldn’t trust my soul with that big purple grape. I would sell my soul to Crowley (sorry, i’m supernatural trash)  

My brain: so, what if you expanded your pirate trilogy into a SERIES? What if you did that?

Me: how about we focus on finishing up book 3 revisions and line edits and all the moving pieces of what we’ve got before we think about that, ya dig?

My brain: …yeah okay, but WHAT IF you did like, an alternate history thing and expanded past 3 books? What if you did what Black Sails couldn’t by warrant of it being tied to Treasure Island and ACTUALLY HAVE a revolt spread across the colonial world with a spark set off by pirates and escaped slaves? What about that? What if you just THOUGHT about it? 

Me: …you make a compelling point

Dream time

I had this really stressful dream where Sugar flew outside and got chased by this other bird out there, I was shouting at it to scare it away but it pecked her :( my mom and I took her to this weird new vet that had a drive through and they took Sugar but wouldn’t give her back. Then we found this envelope addressed to us full of newspaper clippings about how we were caught trying to sell bird organs on the black market?? And I was like WHAT no we are being FRAMED!! Give me my bird back this instant!!! Then there was this whole thing where I was trying to solve a mystery about who would do this, but it didn’t make much sense.

Also there was another part where one of my teeth just randomly fell out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯