I worked with a property developer who were targeting first time home buyers in India.

Client: Our competitors all highlight the native landscape, and we’d like to differentiate ourselves from them.

Me: Well, how about we run a campaign that focuses on Holi, the colour festival? It’s coming up and the ad campaigns will look amazing, and will definitely stand out next to your competitors’ ads.

Client: That sounds great! Go with it.

When we submitted the final drafts for approval:

Client: Can you remove four of the five colours? I think this is too colourful.

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Ok, I'm as against slander as anyone, but come on. XD Faggit? Really people? That offends you? It's not even spelled right. Not to mention the ACTUAL spelling is a German Cigarette. XD How about we let the whole "faggot being used to downgrade homosexuals" thing die already?


So Bellarke fam, how about we.. vote more? For the show, for the actors, for our ship, for the fandom? Just three days left, the poll closes on friday. We did come together for Bob in Alpha Male, lets do it again this time. 

Vote for Bob and Eliza: X

Vote for the show: X

Vote for Jasper/Devon: X

Vote for “The Conclave” and “I See You”: X

Vote for Shocker: X

Vote for Bellarke (sexy moment): X

Vote for Best Fandom: X

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Omg the seduction headcanons were sooo nice! How about we go from a crush to full on infatuation and get some yandere headcanons for the S and M bros? ❤️

Shu: Unlike his brothers, Shu is less upfront about his feelings even if it is a deep infatuation.  If he found himself in the position where he’s obsessed with a girl he obviously wouldn’t tell her straight on.  Shu isn’t the type to get jealous easily so he wouldn’t go through the trouble of getting angry if he saw his crush talking to another boy.  Instead, he’s more protective.  He’d do things such as give her restrictions and not allow her to leave at certain times and go out.  If she wanted to go out to a party or hang out then too bad, because Shu would prefer if she just stayed with him.  And she’s smart enough to know not to cross him.  If Shu saw a guy so much as step on his crush’s shoe, it’d end up with at least 2 broken bones and a concussion.

Reiji: Much like Shu, he’s not one to show much of possessive feelings a whole lot. Instead of going full on yandere mode, he would just subtly show that his s/o is obviously hers by stepping in if he finds some other guy talking to her and will say something like “May we help you with something?”  while giving him an intimidating stare. The guy would get the hint and back off, and Reiji would tell his lover that she needs to go home, not giving her much of a choice. Depending on how much of flirting was going on, Reiji would punish his lover (sexily, of course) to show her that she is his and his only, without straight up telling her. It’s his own way of showing that he really is a jealous guy who has eyes only for his lover.

Ayato:  Ayato is already known to be possessive so when he gets deeply infatuated with a girl, expect total hell.  At first, he’ll deny that he has any feelings for her until he sees her talking to another person, whether guy or girl, or has a different scent on her other than his.  That’s when he loses his composure and roughly pulls her inside and corners her.  He’ll force her to repeat that she’s his as he marks her with his scent.  If Ayato saw someone check her out, he’d throw a fit and blame it on her before pulling her aside again and punishing her with bites and humiliation.   Even if she repeated “I’m yours” one million times, Ayato will still get increasingly jealous when he sees her with another person.  He’d want to break her pride and make her truly his.   

Kanato: Oh god… We all know how he would react. Kanato is the DEFINITION of yandere. No exceptions, if he saw the girl he truly did care about,  talking and giggling with another guy, he wouldn’t hesitate to step in between it, either yanking her away or breaking the dude’s nose (depending on his mood). He would yell at his lover and cling onto her, making it clear to everyone that she’s his. Depending on how much she was flirting back, he would probably cry a little, feeling betrayed. Hopefully that would be enough to teach her, because Kanato isn’t one to give second chances. If he snaps enough, it could lead to him doing something really possessive like locking her in a room so she can stay with him “forever and ever.” But as long as she commits herself to him, he will mostly show his cute and sweet loving side to her.

Laito:   He truly is a very confusing one, this one.  It’s hard to tell whether he actually is infatuated with her or just merely wants to break another of his favorite toys.  Laito has a very strange way of showing jealousy.  At first, he’d belittle the girl with demeaning names for talking to another man.   Then he’d want to make her feel jealousy as well. “Ah~ Well if Bitch-chan is off talking to other men like the little harlot she is, that means you won’t mind if I go around fucking other girls, right~?”.  He’d be absolutely amused by the shocked look on her face.  In order to show his “love”, he would randomly touch her in public and humiliate her.  If they were in private he would try to provoke her more masochistic side out by biting her and maybe even tying her up with chains.  If she can handle it that shows Laito that she’s worthy of his time.

Subaru: Subaru is a yandere in his own little way. Once he’s infatuated with a girl, he’s all about her and would expect the same from her. If he sees her flirting with another guy, he’ll get mad, but he won’t exactly show his emotions right then and there. He’d be more passive aggressive about it and sort of hold a grudge, making her wonder what she did wrong. He would hope that she knows what she did wrong so he won’t have to explain himself, but if she seems clueless, he would end up snapping at her and making it eventually clear that he’s jealous, most likely breaking a wall or two. It would soon be clear to his lover that she upset him, and would result in a night of cuddling and cutesy things that would make him blushy.

Ruki:  He’d take a more manipulative approach to it.  At first, it’d be simple little offers such as walking her to class or walking her back home.  Then it’d slowly escalate to spending the night with him instead of her friends or meeting him at a certain place at a certain time.  Finally, it’d boil over to her being at his side at all times and not being able to leave his room without her permission.   If she protested, he’d lash out at her and punish her for not showing enough gratitude to him.  His excuse would be that he’s simply trying to protect her and that she could be a little more grateful.  Ruki would use his charms to get on her friend’s and family’s good side, using his high intelligence, his wealth, and his  looks to win them over which would end up with them wanting her to stay with him.  Little do they know that behind locked doors, he becomes a complete monster wanting her to himself and would kill anyone who gets in the way.

Kou: We all know Kou…. since he thinks he’s better than everyone, he would make his lover feel ashamed in herself for flirting, making it clear that she’s lucky to have him as her boyfriend. If he caught her flirting, he wouldn’t yell or turn scary, he would most likely just laugh it off sarcastically just to make it seem like a joke, hoping his s/o isn’t serious about noticing another guy. It takes a lot to actually make him angry, so she would reeeeally have to make him jealous to actually aggravate him and show that side of him (cause it can get pretty scary as we all know). So it’s just best if she stays on his good side, because he doesn’t like to share his m-neko-chan with anyone.

Yuma:  Aggressive is one word to describe him in this state.  He wouldn’t mind publicly embarrassing his crush by yelling at her or any guy who talks to her in front of everyone.  He wouldn’t mind socking someone in the face, regardless of an audience or not.  By the time his little temper tantrum is over, his anger would direct towards the poor girl.  Yuma would wait until they were in private to properly punish her, telling her she was begging for it and that she must’ve been flirting with other guys on purpose.  During school or in front of his brothers, Yuma would possessively put his arms around her and glare at anyone who came to close.  If she wanted to go out, he’d have to come along, no exemptions.  

Azusa:  Out of all the Mukamis, Azusa is probably the most obsessive of them all.  At first, he’d put up a very innocent and cute facade in front of his crush and her friends.  His love for her would at first be very harmless and pure.  However, things would start taking a rather dark turn when he starts getting very jealous that her attention is on her peers instead of him.  Thinking she hates him, Azusa would get heartbroken in a rather…deranged….way and would not allow her to leave him.  He wouldn’t go as far as Kanato and kidnap her, but he’d somehow force her to hang out with him more and more and try separating her from her friends and his brothers.  To show his love for her, he’d cut and hurt her in several ways and expect her to do the same.  Failure to do would result in Azusa being convinced she doesn’t love him and therefore trying to force his love on her more and more.

The Final Crescendo (1)

“Baekhyun-ah” You whispered as the tears rolled down your pale cheek.

Swallowing the lump in your throat, you managed to say “ I love you”.

(A/N) : This is Baekhyun x reader. Enjoy ! 

I don’t own any of the characters nor companies mentioned and it is purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. I only own the plot.

10 years ago

“Daddy ! Take me with you.” you said extending your arms towards him wanting to be carried. 

“(Y/n) not today honey, I have an important meeting.” He saw the frown on my face “ How about next week? and we’ll even get ice cream.” He put his fingers on the corner of your lips and pushed them up turning the frown upside down. 

 You gave him the large toothy grin you had been holding in.  

7 years ago 

“Dad, why are we moving ? I like our house” you pouted 

“Baby girl, I’m a boss now and I need to be as close to the office as possible in case of an emergency. Don’t worry ! it means you can come visit daddy more often.” He flashed the same tired smile, he’s been giving you for the past few months. 

After he became CEO of SMtown. 

3 years ago

You heard the faint sounds of someone singing echo through the empty hallway, while you were taking your usual stroll waiting for father to finish his meeting. Unintentionally you followed the trail, your heart beating louder as you got closer to the source, you placed your hand on the doorknob, however the singing stopped and so did your heart for a second there, the door flung opened. Standing before you was a boy no older than yourself in a hoodie that reached his mid thighs, fluffy black hair and crescent eyes as he gave you a smile. 

“I’m Baekhyun, nice to meet you. “ He said reaching his hand out for a handshake “I’m new here” he added. 

“I’m (y/n).” you felt butterflies in your stomach. 

2 years ago 

“(y/n) I’m going to debut next year !! Can you believ-” he started coughing “believe it?” 

“Yea…that’s great Baek!” Trying to sound as genuinely happy as I possible could for the sake of not hurting your best friend’s feelings. “Are you alright ?” concerned of the seriousness of the cough. 

“I’m fine (y/n), why aren’t you excited ? it’s only been a year and I’m going to debut that’s like insane! ” He could read you like an open book and you hated it. 

“I am excited!” You tried convincing yourself, but you knew this just meant less time to spend with Baekhyun who’ll be so busy and broken from the amount of work and pressure there is, you saw this with many idols during your time in SM (basically your whole pre-adult years) 

He pursed his lips into a thin line, then continued by running his fingers through his now champaign pink hair. You couldn’t take your eyes off him, well you never were able to, honestly. He looked drained already and it hurt you that you had to see him that way, maybe you should have a word to your father about Baekhyun, maybe not. 

“Let’s go for some food (y/n).” He fingers wrapped around your wrist, you could see the small mole on his thumb, it made your heart flutter, goosebumps forming on your forearm. He was your kryptonite, his touch drove you crazy, your name rolling off his tongue made your knees weak, you didn’t want to admit it, you suppressed your feelings since the first day he opened that door. 

You had already fallen in love with Byun Baekhyun. 

“(y/n)?” Baekhyun snapped his finger infront of your face until you came back to reality. “Ah sorry let’s go Baek!” you apologised for your sudden trance, but like a broken record the word ‘love’ repeated in your head and you sighed as you realised there were no brakes on this ‘feelings train’ . 

1.5 years ago

You two had decided to have a Hunger Games marathon at Baekhyun’s house, because the boy had apparently never heard of the trilogy before, outrageous! 

You sat at one end of the couch while he sat at the other, the bowl of popcorn acting as a barrier between you two. You were grateful at how distracted he was, allowing you to steal glances of his through the corner of your eye, and how he was unphased when your hands had bumped when reaching for the popcorn, while you felt the blush creep up your cheeks. 

They had managed to watch the first part of the movie in silence since you didn’t want to spoil anything for baekhyun, however it reached the scene were ‘Katniss had kissed Peeta in the cave, while they were both hiding and treating Peeta’s wounds’ and somewhere deep within you, without even thinking, your conscious deciding to momentarily abandon you, 

“I like you.” you blurted out softly. 

You shut your eyes so hard, that your face was so scrunched up, praying that Baekhyun had not heard your unplanned confession. There was no sound from the other side of the couch, therefore you gather every ounce of courage you had left and decided to peak at Baekhyun.

Wrong move. 

His dark orbs were staring at you in disbelief, his mouth slightly hung open. “You like me ?” He asked still in shock and you nodded sheepishly avoiding eye contact with him. You were met with another silence. 

“Do you like me in a friend way-” Baekhyun had spoke again. 

“Please just forget about it Baek, pretend I didn’t say anything okay? Your my best friend and that’s enough for-” Before you could finish your sentence, you felt a pair of soft lips pressing against yours, “or like this?” Baekhyun finishing the question you had previously interrupted. 

Your brain was shutting off, it couldn’t quite comprehend what had happened, until it happened again. Those lips somehow ended up against yours again, releasing those feelings you had tried so hard to keep deep within yourself. 

Screw it, it’s now or never. You thought to yourself.

You kissed back, tilting your head to find a better angle, deepening the kiss as your right hand snaked around his nape while your left hand gripping onto his sleeves. There was a loud crash, you pulled away frightened by the sound, eyeing the bowl of popcorn now spilled on the floor. 

The room was filled with the sounds of short breaths and soft panting, his lips were now plump and pink, while his shirt was almost pulled off his shoulder (your fault by the way).

“When?W-When did you feel like this towards me?” You managed to stutter the question. 

“Since the day you shook my hand.” The corners of his lips were pulled up slightly. 

“Why didn’t you say anything about it?!” Baffled by his confession. 

“I was waiting for you to say it, I didn’t want you thinking I liked you because of your connections (her father) .” He admitted, his hand scratching the back of his head. 

You felt so happy, he was the first one who had not liked you in order to abuse your connections, it’d happened so many times over the years that you’ve learned to tread lightly around love. 

You got up from your seat and stepped over the bowl, standing between Baekhyun’s stretched out legs. 

Throwing away every last drop of dignity, you sat yourself on his lap, wrapping your arm around his broad shoulder before leaning in, forehead touching his, for the long, passionate kiss you imagined and longed for every night before you slept, but this time you had the hardness of Baekhyun’s chest under your palm instead of your soft pillow. 

To be continued… 

Part 1 || Part 2 

lmao full offence but being praised for ‘gettin thicc’ is skinny gurl privilege…. how about we start w praising big girls first

  • Charles of Anjou: Hey bro.. how's about we take a little detour to Tunis before we hit the Holy Land I mean yeah this is obviously just for my personal self-interest as King of Sicily but like you know glory and deus vult why not?
  • Louis IX: ......
  • Charles of Anjou: There'll be a river that animals shit in
  • Louis IX: Oh fuck we fucking going there there

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I don’t think she meant that you are a hater. I think she just wanted to say that those people latch easily on some phrases and then blow it out of proportions so we need to be careful about how we say some things. I don’t think you came about rude or hateful. ts-sideblog

Okay. I just overreact to a lot of things. Sorry everybody.

Speaking of overreacting, like nobody has interacted with my accent post yet and I know I’ve gotta wait, but my negative thoughts are screaming at me to delete it. They are, wow. They are chatty tonight. Isn’t that nice?

TalesFromThePharmacy: Awful

I might of just had the worst day of work since I’ve started this job as a tech about a year ago.

So, a patient comes in, asks where her omeprazole is, and when I tell her it is too soon to fill, she flips out and says that she did not fill it two months ago (it is a 90 day supply). She brought in her empty bottle, which was a 30-day supply she filled three months ago, and insisted she hadn’t picked up since then. We showed her our record of her signing for it, and she left in a huff, after throughly condescending me, about how we hadn’t sold it to her and if she doesn’t find it she will switch pharmacies. She called back a few hours later profusely apologizing to me, saying she found it and how nice I was about everything. Well, that was sweet. Moving on. She still made me a bit mad, because she callled me a liar several times and it got under my skin a bit.

Another girl comes in, and I ring her out like normal. She wants a refund on one of her items. I give it to her. Everything is normal. Then, she goes up to one of the interns, a tall guy in his P4 year, and asks if he is the pharmacy manager. He says no, but wants to know what is up. She says that I asked her personal information about her medications and that I wasn’t listening to her and going too fast. I don’t remember asking her any questions about her meds, and I also don’t care what she takes, it doesn’t make a difference to me - I might have gone too fast, but refunding her isn’t that big of a deal and it was a simple mistake. I wasn’t trying to actively not listen. I also was under the impression this girl and I were okay - she doesn’t have insurance and so I gave her some suggestions once to help her out. She seemed nice enough.

Normally, someone complaining doesn’t faze me beyond what I felt for the previously mentioned women - a mild irritant, but ultimately not a big deal. But this felt personal - I’ve struggled with social interactions my whole life, and I’ve been making big strides (at least in my mind) to be able to even talk to people. I’ve never been diagnosed, but I’ve been told by a few medical professionals that I’m likely autistic, and so that adds another layer to this whole mess.

I’ve cried like twice before at work, and last time I did it (over a year ago at a different job), it was when a customer embarrassed me with a personal stab. I kind of just bucked up and dealt with it for the rest of my shift, as I sincerely doubt my boss and two interns I only know as acquaintances give a crap about my sob-story. I’m humiliated and scared that my boss will think I’m more trouble than I’m worth and get rid of me.

By: missmargarite13

bitch the instrumental INTRODUCTION to your first album alone changed everything about how we approached space and minimalism and architecture in pop. Still to this day. You can hear an entire decades worth of music born in these two minutes. Where the fuck r my tits

Why is everyone getting on admin N’s ass, including other blogs? Admin N has always been nice to everyone, and whenever someone body shames Juliet or is downright nasty, N usually tells them off. Y'all got mad when Admin M censored you (because she did, but then lied about it) and now you are all mad because N won’t censor you. How about we keep this to a theory based blog, one that isn’t about her looks but is about getting the word and awareness out that she is a scam artist and a domestic abuser? The whole point is to find someone who cares enough to stop her. Sorry N, you don’t deserve what is coming to you right now.

A/N: Thank you so much. I appreciate this. Luckily nothing that is being said offends me too much (unless people are saying horrible things I just haven’t seen). But I’ve just been ignoring the mean stuff and taking some of it as constructive criticism because I do understand this blog can be negative sometimes. But I absolutely love running this blog (and a few rude comments aren’t gonna make me stop) and I wanna thank everyone who continues to support this blog. :) -N