how to train your dragon


Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible Dads and Father figures around the world and to these animated daddies from Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks ~


Someone has stolen my design and is selling it online.

I am honestly appalled and irrefutably angry that I have to make this post.

Recently, a design of mine, a yin yang of toothless and the light fury, has been stolen and is being sold online.

I have zero affiliation with the site it’s being sold on (”petotee”) and didn’t even know it existed until someone sent me a link saying, “Hey isn’t this your art?”

It is.

I reported the design and it most likely will be taken down, however this situation is absolutely despicable.

My design is already being sold on my RedBubble, and I have very little income outside of my art being sold online. Someone selling this is both erasing my name from the art as well as destroying every last cent I should be earning when it’s sold.

This site right here, also known as RedBubble is where I am actually selling the design. This goes for if you ever see any of my art being sold on a site other than RedBubble. At the moment, it is the only one I sell art on.

On a side note: This is where and how the stolen shirt was advertised. It managed to get almost 15,000 likes

I’m almost in tears imagining how many people bought that shirt from this seller and not from my own store.

Thank you for reading and please please be aware of where you’re buying art from.

Don’t erase the artist from their own art.


I was not the sort of boy who could train a dragon with a mere lifting of an eyebrow. I was not a natural at the heroism business. I had to work at it. This is the story of becoming a Hero the Hard Way. {x}


I watched the new HTTYD: Hidden World trailer and HAD to meme it.