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Shadow: Part VIII

Prompt: The reader is a nephal. Nephalem are demon/angel children and are, I assume, very rare.  They would have ‘wings’. They can see the true forms of everything (angels, demons, etc.)  They can heal themselves, as well as manipulate holy fire. Can warp reality (sort of like Gabriel). Can also resurrect others and time travel alone without problem. Also unlike angels and demons they have their own body and do not need a vessel, however, they could infiltrate someone’s body, with consent, of course. (more)

Word count: 3,349

Warnings: Fun for a little while (ikr?)

Author’s Note: So this was supposed to be a continuation of the previous part (7.5) but it just became it’s own, complete part and *sighs* *tries not to remember the finale is in a couple of hours* Let me know what you think?

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