how to cheat a dragon's curse

I think I found my new favorite line from the How to Train Your Dragon Books

‘Relax…’ whispered Hiccup from the table. ‘Breathe deeply…no pressure…you’ve got all the time in the world…’ Hiccup was trying to sound as calm as he could even though half the room was on fire.”

–Hiccup to Toothless How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse

HTTYD books: first & last lines


New HTTYD book covers, what do you think?


Accidentally found these and I thought it was pretty cool to have a coloured version of Cressida’s illustrations on the covers, although I do not like the How to train your dragon font. It feels a bit generic-fantasy-book-ish.

I’m especially fond of the first, fifth and ninth cover. I also love the handwritten titles <3

(But I am also that person that wants their books’ covers to match and thus passes)

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What do you think the golden trio's snapchat would be like? If everything were the same with the whole three way war with dragons in the viking ages but throughout all of their adventures they have social media

This is a really fun and entertaining question! Love it! Unfortunately I do not use Snapchat (I’m on very few social media platforms actually) and am only semi-familiar with how it goes, so I wouldn’t be able to talk about the golden trio’s Snapchat with much depth. One thing for sure, though: Camicazi would unashamedly snap photographs of ALL their adventures, even the most dangerous ones!  

Since I’m not very good with Snapchat and wouldn’t be able to recreate any of the amusing adventures that would undoubtedly go down between these three… I hope you can forgive me as I sneak off to the “less cool” platform of Facebook and show a HTTYD books Facebook fest… XD

For the purpose of these adventures, assume everyone’s FB friends with each other.





Owari no Seraph Headcanons

-Vampires click their top fangs against their bottom ones when they’re nervous. It’s usually super quiet and humans typically can’t hear them, but other vampires can

-They make this sort of rattling hiss when threatened or angry, kinda like a rattlesnake mixed with a cat. If they’re hurt when they’re hissing, they’ll shriek

-Their bottom fangs are spurs that hook into the flesh of their victem, anchoring them in and making moving difficult. Because venom production starts right before they bite, these spurs usually have a thin coating on them that numbs them to the victem, unless the bite was intentionally done without venom, which SERIOUSLY hurts and is usually something done in fighting instead of hunting because a screaming, thrashing human is difficult to drink from even with super strength

-Their claws (we sometimes see Ferid and Krul with their claws out when they’re fighting or angry, you can catch them if you watch close enough) slide out over their ordinary nails and are tough enough to dig into rock without breaking. Some vampires like to paint them in their free time (fucking Ferid with his purple-ass claws is evidence for this headcanon)

-They’re somewhat desensitized to pain. Minor injuries don’t bother them at all, and major injuries are more of a shock thing than anything else. This is because their healing abilities mean they don’t need to be careful with their injuries, as long-term healing isn’t really a thing. Therefore, the pain reflex has been mostly deactivated as feeling pain on a human level would be more of a crux than anything

-They’re mostly visual and sound-based predators, and hunt like big cats (based off their pouncing reflex). This means that they can do that thing where they can hold their head perfectly still even when the rest of their body is moving. And yes, they probably do the butt-wiggling

-Based off their ability to apparently run on the fucking walls and ceilings if they so wished (like in the first opening), their ankles and wrists are probably more flexible than ours and can pivot at angles that would make us scream to maximize their climbing ability (like that one squirrel{?}/lemur {idk I’m not that good at mammals} that can twist its back feet around to climb down trees). They probably also have longer hooked claws on their feet to hang from things so they can grab people preying-mantis style.

-Judging from how most of them seem to have really pale colouring, all of them have a strong adversion to sun (for obvious reasons lmao), the ability to climb on stone/hang from things, and a strong preference for the underground, I’m going to take a gander and say that they’re probably naturally cave dwellers

-They’re naturally solitary predators, and only usually form strong social bonds with people left over from when they are human (even if both are turned, the bond still stays)/the affection between sires and their offspring. This is why they aren’t very emotional; they don’t need it to survive and communicate, like we do. This lone hunter mentality also contributes to the tendancy to think over feeling, and is also why they don’t really care to learn things (because they can usually just figure it out by themselves). Eventually, some vampire went ‘hey, I’m strong by myself, what if instead of competing with other vampires we can team up and pool our reasorces instead of fighting over territory and prey’, and that’s how the kingdoms were formed. Vampires have since learned how to communicate with others and formed their own communication cues, but this is also where the pride and arrogance and splendor came in, because they’re essentially always trying to one-up the other vampires around them, so they eventually just started hoarding shit like dragons to prove themselves to the over vampires (a remnant of their territoriality)

-Their need to consume blood is partially a dietary need, partially magical. The blood provides the nutrients they need to get by, but it’s also a part of the curse that threw them into vampirism: essentially, you cheated death by drinking the life force of other humans (blood), but now that you’re technically supposed to be dead you’re running on borrowed time and *need* to keep stealing the life force of others to lengthen your own time. Because you weren’t supposed to cheat death, if you run out of time (starve/die), you get turned into a demon as punishment. (At least, that’s the basics of it). It takes three days to work the blood completely through the system, (as I headcanon it gets absorbed entirely, since they have only one specific food source), but they’ll still crave or enjoy drinking blood in between neccessary feeding times because it tastes good (like eating your favorite snack: you *can* have it later, but why do so when you can have it *now*) and it revitalizes their lives, giving them a sort of living high

-Vampires have the ability to echolocate if they are sunblinded (as their eyes are the most sensative). They’ll make these sort of throaty, high-frequency clicking noises that allows them to navigate them to a safe place until they are healed again.

-Fledgeling vampires are notoriously bad at learning to control their venom, and their progenitor usually gives them a few tips after they’ve drank from them for the first time because they have a higher resistance to vampire venom than humans. Fledgelings are also really bad at learning how to control their jumps and landings, so some of their first lessons are more focused on helping them learn to walk and jump again with their fancy joints and catlike reflexes than anything cool

-Then the next lessons are how to be self-sufficiant, like how to mend clothes and items and shit because no vampire wants to clean up after another one unless they’re their progenitor or special companion (and most times, not even then)
“When am I gonna learn how to do cool vampire things” “Shut up I’m trying to teach you how to fix your shit now so I don’t have to later”

-Most teaching is done by the progenitor because the most of the other vampires just don’t have the empathy or patience to care for a clumsy newborn who can’t seem to talk without biting themselves

-Sometimes vampires will start dripping venom if they’re anticipating a bite (like salivating) and they have to spit the excess venom out because it tastes bitter. The reason why they drip venom in the first place is to try to coat the rest of their teeth and numb their bite as much as possible so the human doesn’t struggle, but if the biting doesn’t actually happen it just accumulates and then their mouthes taste bad

-They have a rough patch on their tongue that puts pressure on the bite when they’re drinking, helping to increase the blood flow more than just the blood thinner in their venom. They usually press down, gather a mouthful of blood, pull back as they swallow, then press back down again to collect more, which must feel really frickin weird for the bite victem

-Their abilities to hiss, scream, and click makes being multilingual easy, which is why they can communicate with vampires across the world with little problem

Old-time vampire duels were usually fought with claws and dry-biting at necks and shoulders until one of them was killed or forced into submission

-The younger vampires are the most terrifying because they remember less of their humanity, making them more ‘purely’ vampire

Baring their fangs when fighting is an automatic reflex. Merely flashing the fangs is just aggression, whereas gaping the mouth open and baring all four fangs hints that they’re going for the kill

Because of their blood drinking and pouncing-attack style hunting, vampires have a greater range of movement in their necks that allow to look at things from many different angles and keep the movement without strain, like owls

-This is more of an observation than a headcanon, but all of the Michaela trait carriers seem to have a blood type of O, which also appears to be a delicacy in the vampire world


In my continuing sketch folder journey, I found some doodles I don’t think I’ve shown anyone before! The canvas these are all from was originally made for observational studies, but things quickly devolved.

These are all inspired or directly from How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse as I was in the middle of rereading it at the time. I dunno if some of these count as spoilers, but I can tag that just in case?

My book Hiccup design has influence from movie Hiccup’s original concept art, back when the film was more faithful to the books. If you haven’t seen the concept art, it is adorable, I recommend ;w;

Also whoops, that last one isn’t quite supposed to be shippy, I just thought it was a cute scene. Admittedly I’m not much of a Hiccup/Camicazi shipper as they’re literally kids, I just think they’re fun in their own right xD

“All I want is my friend…,” he sobbed.

Even if I’m 3 days off the day, Book 4 is my favorite HTTYD book so I must.

It’s mostly thanks to how much Hiccup cares for and how hard he tries to help Fishlegs(Especially considering the actual Vorpentitus patient… ;-;)  so I wanted to draw the emotional breakdown. How do you even draw tears?

Hey, my book friends, if you thought I forgot about the httyd books you’re so wrong because there’s no way I’m stopping reading these magnificent books. First rtte hype, then my exams I had to postpone reading. But I’m back with my commentary of “How to cheat a dragon’s curse”


  • Okay so we were left on the part that the dragon stung someone but we still don’t know who it is. It’s either Hiccup or Fishlegs but I think it’s Fishlegs? dunno we’ll see
  • Oh  Gobber’s hundred and four years old granny still lives
  • Saber-Toothed dragons are called evergreens because they are always white…. Something is wrong but okay never mind
  • You gotta admit Snotlout is good at leadership I mean in his own bully way
  • Ohmydhsf Fishlegs messed everything up. What’s wrong with you
  • The hunters become the hunted (Fate being artistic over here :))
  • Oh Hiccup did his first successful shot. First and best which was enough to take down all Hysterics who were chasing him. Well done
  • All these skiing moments are so breathtaking!
  • “Easy-peasy leman squeezy” Snotlout said this in rtte
  • Look Fishlegs is really not okay
  • Don’t worry Hicc I have a feeling One Eye will help you
  • Um or not

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About Jon and Dany Targ magic baby ruling Westeros:

First of all I think we all need to prepare ourselves for the upcoming “Dany is pregnant” moment next season.  D&D are obviously foreshadowing it this season bc they are so clever and unpredictable. *roll eyes*.
But the thing is: Dany being pregnant doesn’t mean she’s gonna conceive a child. This whole plot is probably based on her miscarriage in ADWD.

Miscarriage is coming.

Season 8 is final and the show needs to lead the series to an ending similar to George Martin’s, and I do not think GRRM intend to give Dany a child.
Her miscarriage at the end of ADWD is to show us Dany is barren.
She was sexualy active and young in the books so it was more than natural she would get pregnant. When she sees the bleeding she couldn’t remember the last time she had a period. That’s very telling bc it means she was used to have periods even after Drogo’s death. That’s why in the books she is not certain of her infertility as the show Dany is.
But back to the show we had a very important change at 7x7. The leaked scripts had a scene of Cersei’s miscarriage that was cut in the final edition.
The first important implication of this choice is that Cersei is probably going to die very soon, so if she’s pregnant or not will not change the storyline very much.  The cut scenes usually are gone for good and aren’t added to the upcoming episodes. So I do think Cersei is going to die pregnant.
The second implication is that Dany also having a miscarriage at season 8 would be repetitive to the viewers. But now Cersei still pregnant, Dany miscarriage will be more shocking and way more likely to happen.

The Power Struggle.

Dany’s pregnancy would be very problematic for many reasons.
She’s heading to war, so being pregnant of a precious miraculous baby would make her think twice before putting herself in danger on Drogon’s back to fight.
On the other hand, the “queen of the seven kingdoms” would need a father to her child, since Westeros is not that liberating land yet,  and Dany is current unmarried. Her marriage to Jon would be very problematic once Jon heritage became public.  Jon has done plenty of things against the Northerners approval since the army of the dead is marching upon the North, but once the WW threat is done, he’ll have to face the consequences and the last time he did things like this the consequence was his own murder. You can’t expect the North will be okay to be forced to go to war for Daenerys after just have fought an army of dead people. The North will be tired and devastated and the last thing they will intent to do is fight  another war for a southern. The North will not fulfill Jon’s promises to Daenerys and will probably crown Sansa as Queen instead of keep Jon (who is actually Lyanna’s son not Ned’s and worst: it’s half Targaryen) as King in the North. Marrying to Jon would be pointless to secure Dany the North once he’s no longer their King besides she’d lose a powerful weapon to make alliances in a peaceful way.
D&D would need to write a very complex narrative to solve all these political complications and allow a Jon and Dany marriage. Also Jon’s marriage is a complicated issue bc he’s the heir to the IT, marrying him to Daenerys would  make sense only because Jon is really honorable and wouldn’t want a son to be a bastard, but aside from give Daenerys a true claim to the Throne  their marriage would bring no other benefits and would not fix the northerner rebellion. The Knights of the Vale and the northerner army are necessary to take King’s Landing since the Reach and the Dornish army are gone in the show. The key to the Iron Throne once the WW’s are gone is Sansa. And Daenerys can’t marry her. And Jon can’t marry her either if he is already married to Daenerys. The easiest way to solve all this complications is giving Daenerys a pregnancy for drama purposes and then a miscarriage. Just like they intended to do with Cersei. That’s how D&D do things.

The poetry

The whole point of Dany being called “The mother of Dragons” is the fact that her dragons are the only children she will ever have. Dany’s intimate bond to the Dragons is because of that.  It would be way less poetic if the mother of dragons could have children of her own.The slaves calling her “mhysa” wouldn’t be so beautiful  if Dany had her own kids.
Dany being barren is a crucial point to her ideal of “break the wheel”, not only because she wants to do so, but because she needs to do so. Dany can’t have children, so monarchy will not work for her, she needs to find another way to make a successor, and that’s why she’s so revolutionary compared to Cersei who wants to give the kingdoms to her child and initiate a “dynasty that will last a thousand years”.
Having a child or dying at childbirth is too off the proposition of her character. Rhaego was never born and she never saw his face because it would chance a lot her nature, like Cersei’s children affected her personality. That’s not something GRRM wanted and I don’t think he wants that now. Dany is a female conqueror, she is far from that loving and maternal figure heroines and female characters usually have. She is not bond to maternity and yet she is the only character we know to be called as “mother”. Giving Dany a trueborn son/daughter would kill the entire poetry.


“When will he [Drogo] be as he was?” Dany demanded.
“When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east,” said Mirri Maz Duur, “When the seas go dry and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a LIVING CHILD. Then he will return, and not before.”

Daenerys IX, AGOT

Dany may gets pregnant but she’ll NEVER conceive a living child.

The prophecy refers to Drogo’s return, it is not about her fertility. Dany being unable to bear a living child is a condition to Drogo never comes back to life. And he never will, that’s why she’ll never mother a trueborn son.
I’ve seen a lot of “Only death can pay for life” metas, but Mirri Maz Duur showed us that’s not very true. Dany paid with Drogo’s horse and her unborn childto have Drogo alive and the “life” he had was not a life.
Dany had three dragons coming out the fire after she had paid with only two lives in exchange.
Having a Dragon’s death, whose life was already exchanged for a person’s life, just to give Dany a son is illogical and kind of cheating. It would be an infinite circle of death for life. It’s not happening.
Dany will be pregnant because she can get pregnant. The curse was about never having a living child not “never getting pregnant”. Prophecies are tricky and dangerous, don’t try to find holes to run from them, bc that’s not how they work.

The trigger

Like a said, removing Cersei’s miscarriage from the storyline but keeping Daenerys’s is very telling.
I already told you why I believe Daenery’s ending will be tragic. She will probably die a heroin or live enough to became a villain.
Her visions at the House of Undying are very telling, she saw important things about her life and her future. But she saw no lover, no husband, no kids, no growing old, no kingdoms of her own because that’s not her future. She’ll probably not gonna live enough to achieve these things.
The show is foreshadowing Daenerys as a threat but for that, she would need a trigger to pass the point of no return. The treasons she will face, the North not backing her in the war for the Throne, the better claim to the IT Jon has, her miscarriage, I think this whole series of events will lead her to take bad decisions, face her fall and probably death.

Stop talking about Jon’s bastard Sansa will raise. Jon is Ned 2.0. Ned didn’t have a bastard as Jon will not too.   Sansa raising Jon3rys kid would be far from what Sansa deserves.

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hello! i’m just wondering, how many books of HTTYD are there? i’ve researched and saw that there are more than 12 however me being nervous and unsure i’ve come here to ask for reassurance if there are more than 12 or if there’s just 12? thanks for answering if you ever do!

Of course I’ll answer, friend! I might struggle to keep on top of my inbox, but I always try to respond to everyone. You all deserve it! Why would I be so rude as not to try? <3

There are indeed twelve books in the HTTYD series by Cressida Cowell, plus a dragon guide book (“The Incomplete Book of Dragons”) that was “written” by Hiccup between books eleven and twelve (depending on the part of the world you’re in and which printing you get, the book may be called “The Complete Book of Dragons”). So this makes the series:

  1. How to Train Your Dragon
  2. How to Be a Pirate
  3. How to Speak Dragonese
  4. How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse
  5. How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale
  6. A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons
  7. How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm
  8. How to Break a Dragon’s Heart
  9. How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword
  10. How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel
  11. How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero
  12. How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury

And that’s the series! “How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury” finishes the storyline.

There are technically a few supplementary materials and short stories. 

If you get the special edition of the first book, it also includes the short stories “How to Train Your Viking” and “The Day of the Dreader.”

Cressida Cowell also wrote a short “prequel” picture book which has, for reasons I don’t know why, several titles. But “Hiccup the Seasick Viking,” “Hiccup: The Viking Who Was Seasick,” and “How to Be a Viking” (the copy I have) are all the same book.

There are some hints that eventually Cressida Cowell will return to the HTTYD world with a new series, but it’s not like she’s announced anything like that, nor is she currently in the stages of writing any more books for this universe.

So there you go!

Sometimes it is only a True Friend who knows what we mean when we try to speak. (How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse)

I was (once again) pretty desperate about the background and then I just went for wood when the scene was inside and wow it even ended up looking a bit like wood… Or didn’t? Well much better than I’ve expected anyway. (shut up, I know I should finally learn to draw folds on fabrics)

And how I mentioned last time some details sounding different when rereading while knowing the later books - well Stoick’s note about loyal people after this scene is definitely one of them…

Venomous Vorpent

Name: Venomous Vorpent

Nickname: Vorpent

Class: Bog Dragon/Nanodragon

Fear Factor: 9

Attack: 9

Speed: 8

Size: 1

Disobedience: 9

Hibernation: Unknown

Trainability: Non-trainable

Allegiance: Neutral in the Rebellion

Language: Dragonese

Abilities: Poisonous

Colors: Bright yellow

Description: “This bright yellow nanodragon carries poison in the glands in its neck and tail. The sting of a Venomous Vorpent is absolutely always fatal. … Close relative: Sand Rattler.” (How to Speak Dragonese)

“Don’t be deceived by the Venomous Vorpent’s tiny size. It numbs the skin before attacking. By the time you realize you’ve been stung, it may be too late!” (How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword)

“The only known antidote to Vorpent venom is the vegetable that no one dares name (a potato), which can only be found in the-land-that-does-not-exist (America).” (HTTYD: The Complete Book of Dragons)

Additional Information: The Venomous Vorpent’s Vorpentitis symptoms are listed in its poem: 

“I am the Venomous Vorpent,

Deadlier than an asp soaked in arsenic,

More toxic than toadstool flavored tarantula.

Are you cough-y and cold-y and snotty and wheezy?

Are you mad? Are you sad? Do you feel queasy?

Is your skin so hot it is starting to smoke?

Is your throat so stiff it is making you choke?

If you fall down DEAD, perhaps you too

Have been stung by the VENOMOUS VORPENT.” (How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse)

Notable Dragons: The Venomous Vorpent that stung Hiccup