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Rosy you see how Eliza call us bellarke shit ,she has not respect for us anymore i'm so done with all of this , really i hope bellarke happen bc how you said its was the text say, but i'm done with ET.

She did not call US bellarke shit.

Come on now. Calm down. Why are you going into this looking to get offended. 

Did you know you don’t actually have to get offended at everything that is said that you don’t like? It is possible to say, “whatever” and brush it off because it doesn’t affect you. What Eliza says? It actually has no reflection on what happens in the show. It’s opinion. 

She used “shit” the same way I use “shit” when I say I am so tired of this social media shit.


You guys are flipping out over someone’s opinion. Leave her alone. She’s not the end all and be all of opinions. She isn’t going to give you the answers you want. You know this. Stop expecting Eliza to give you Bellarke. She won’t. 

For whatever reasons, whether she really believes it won’t happen or because she ships CL or because she’s not allowed to talk about Bellarke or because she’s, who knows, tired of being asked the same shit all the freaking time. Eliza is not going to give you the answers you want. You know this. Learn from the past, let go, move on. 

Give your attention to the things that can make you feel BETTER. 

Like there’s no commander. And, this should make you feel better. L will not be coming back. 

Focus on the positive.

Brush off what makes you upset.

Watch the show and enjoy all the wonderful Bellarke we got in season 3. It was really good for Bellarke. Stick to the text. Stick to the show. 

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She never called bellarke shit she was just describing how in every interaction that Bellamy and Clarke have the fans scream bellarke a.k.a "that bellarke shit"

regardless, it was rude to term it bellarke shit and that’s what people are upset about. i think they have the right to be upset; just don’t be disrespectful y’all! treat her how you want to be treated!

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lmao ur soo funny. i love how ull say eliza calling bellarke shit is disrespectful to fandoms and isn't right of her, yet when the 100 killed lexa off, killed poc off, reinforced colonialist and xenophobia thinking that was for some reason not disrespectful to the large population of the fandom??? like lmao. when jason blatantly voiced his opinions to disrespect clexa? when some of the writers blatantly disrespected clexa in a periscope?? lmao fuck off with ur crying (cont)

Wow, I’m impressed with your effort here! Four whole separate anon messages, that must have taken a whole lot of typing, glad to see you’re using your energy “productively.”

First of all, you clearly don’t know me or my blog. I am a bi chinese girl. I have made a lot of statements about various issues with the show, how its harmful use of tropes and killing off of minorities for shock value is disgusting, and how any network with morals would fire Jason Rothenberg for his oppressive treatment of cast members.

Also, man, I’m not part of the bellarke fandom. I’m friends with some of them, but I don’t know a gosh darn thing about the deep inner workings you were ranting to me about. Everyone I know on that side has actually been pretty chill, unlike some anons who have decided to step into this particular sandbox.

I also found it interesting that you wrote “no one needs your 12 year old tears.” This implies that you believe the best use of your time is sending aggressive anons (again, multiple paragraphs! Seriously, that must have taken a while. Nice.) to a 12 year old. Also, I don’t think my post that you are responding to was whiny. My post was calling out Eliza for being unprofessional in her interview. It’s about 2 sentences long, I believe. I’m a clexa fan, but I don’t think actors or actresses should ever obviously disrespect their fans. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s not great behavior, either.

And a little advice to you all out there:

Don’t lecture the queer kid about heteronormativity.

Don’t lecture the WOC about racism.

And don’t whine to someone you claim is whining.

Have a great day or a restful night, anons + followers! I’m happy with my life choices, I hope you’re happy with yours!

It’s a wild FlowerMark!!!!! Happy thing to draw while hanging around at my de-er’s. 

Also I did a speedpaint for this thing! It’s a small one, no actual sketching in the video since I’m still not good at controlling the time limit, and edited with primitive tools, and the thumbnail is shit, and the music doesn’t fit at all, but I use it anyway because I love Gen Hoshino so much. It’s weird the way you burn your first toast, but I did it so it’s gonna be here and ya’ll can’t say shit bout it. That was uncalled for. Sorry. 

Anyway here is that speedpaint: 

when reese and finch call each other by their first names

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a lot of my insecurity issues came from being the ugly friend. like, nobody would flirt with me, nobody had crushes on me, nobody called me pretty, my selfies on social media didn’t get much attention, the people i did like be talking to my friends instead. and i hate when i’m feeling trash and know imma die alone they be like “no you’re so pretty people like you” like bitch where??? guide them to me because i see nobody. DM’s be dry, ain’t nobody looking in this ugly bitch’s direction lmao

i gave him armor and now he is old 

(some bio stuff under the cut)

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I love how cute jaehyun reacts whenever he makes cute little mistakes.

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So what's Claire's blame in the controversial acts she allowed in the 8 months after she left Jamie. She let FF drink her milk, knowing Jamie asked to do that and she didn't seem to give a second thought to or regret it. She made slow gentle love to FF while pregnant with J's child. FF was a selfish manipulator but he's not the one who had just left his soulmate. C knew J &, I'd guess, wanted to honor his memory why so allow those things w/o a thought to J. So much for her so-called loneliness

Oh, bitter anon…. How you wound me so talkin’ shit about my Claire. Look at your punishment! 👇🏻 And think about what you did! 

Don’t let it happen again 🔪

Moving on… I’m going to go ahead and make an executive decision about everyone’s fav inconsistency. Breastfeeding nursery sex and pregnant with Jamie’s baby Frank sex can’t both exist as presented. Therefore I am deleting the preggie sex. It never happened. Mark it off your list, anon, of why I’m pissed at Claire and e’rybody else should be too. This leaves us only with Frank and his pre-sex snacking decision to deal with. You are welcome. 

(BTW: Claire and the hubbies are all three victims, but Claire by far endures the most emotional suffering of the three. If we are going to blame someone, I say it’s Mrs Graham’s fault for not having the sense to put up caution signs at the stone… “Touching this stone may result in unwanted time traveling and JAMMF”. ) 

Think about Claire’s situation upon returning to FF. She has lost everything and everyone she loved… Jamie, Fergus, Jenny, Murtagh, all the children and tenets, her purpose in life as a healer. How would you feel if right this second you were taken away from every person and thing you worked for and cherished in life and placed with your first boyfriend. Never allowed to say goodbye to it all. Having no say in the matter and no closure. No chance at communication ever again. I think you would be devastatingly heartbroken and lost and very, very angry. 

Think of the grief she needed to deal with but was never allowed to experience. No one believed she had lost anything to grieve. Think about losing everyone you know and love all at once and then not being able to even talk about it after. I think you’d be angry. Emotionally numb. Distant. Not yourself. Isolated. Lonely. But most of all angry.

Claire is an angry lass denied the right to grieve. Angry at Jamie for making her leave. Angry at Frank for not leaving her and not being Jamie. Angry people do things to punish those they are angry with and themselves in an effort to find peace. Which of course, doesn’t work. 

Right before the nursery scene, Claire had gone to be alone in a perpetual adoration chapel.

At last, as usually happened here, I ceased to think. Whether it was the stoppage of time in the presence of eternity, or only the overtaking of a bone-deep fatigue, I didn’t know. But the guilt over Frank eased, the wrenching grief for Jamie lessened, and even the constant tug of motherhood upon my emotions receded to the level of background noise, no louder than the slow beating of my own heart, regular and comforting in the dark peace of the chapel.

“O Lord,” I whispered, “I commend to your mercy the soul of your servant James.” And mine, I added silently. And mine.

I think this is where she makes a decision to accept her situation. Let go of Jamie and give it to God. Put him away so she can move on with the task of living. Doing this though, she is having to also put away a big piece of herself. Be someone else. And so later when Frank comes to her, she’s not really Claire anymore. 

He’s dead, then?” he asked gently. I told you so, I started to say. Then I stopped, closed my mouth and only nodded, rocking slowly, staring at the dark crib and its tiny occupant.

This was the beginning of a metamorphosis for her. There is no honoring Jamie’s memory. She can’t. 

Later in Voyager, she contemplates who she was during those 20 years. 

Constraint and judgment had been a great deal of my life. I had learned at some pains the art of healing; to give and to care, but always stopping short of that danger point where too much was given to make me effective. I had learned detachment and disengagement, to my cost.
With Frank, too, I had learned the balancing act of civility; kindness and respect that did not pass those unseen boundaries into passion.

Claire did what she had to do to survive those years. Biding her time until they would meet again someday. She was not willfully dishonoring a dead man’s memory. 

Lastly… “Her so-called loneliness” Really? Anon? If you don’t understand the difference between loneliness and being alone, I can’t help you. Consider yourself lucky that you don’t. 

Making mistakes is a good thing.

If I never read something wrong, @cassammydean wouldn’t be like one of my best friends.

With the amount of money Kim & Kanye have they can’t afford a good quality camera & audio to record that phone call? Oh, not to mention how edited that shit is

I can't stand baby boomers lmao --PLEASE READ.

I’m at a cookout. And everyone is talking about how they didn’t have “options” when it came to entertainment. And how we’re spoiled brats. And how we don’t know when to stop “disrespecting” the elders.

Here’s the thing:
-whose fault is it that YOU didn’t have what WE figured out.
-We’re spoiled? Really? Oh aight. Who the fuck is buying us all this stuff. It’s grandma, who says they’re gonna spoil us this year on Christmas for being so good. It sure as hell isn’t us. We don’t have the money. No millenials can get a damn job because of the perception of laziness y'all put on us.
-What you call “disrespect” is what I call “not putting up with your shit”.

How can we respect you if you don’t respect us?
-YOU fucked up our economy and most importantly, our environment. And what do you do? You tell us that it’s OUR job to clean up what you did. You fucked it up. YOU put your heads together. YOU figure it out. Because I’m sick of it.

Oh, and yesterday. Do you know what hapened that pissed me off?

While I was outside on the deck, the power went out and my phone died, so I went to the kitchen to talk. I figured this was a good time to talk to my aunts and help out with cooking. Let me just say that up to this point, I cooked half the food for this cookout, alright?

My mom piped up and, to put in a show for her sisters, said, “Oh no your phone’s dead. What are you gonna do now?”

I simply said,
“I can manage, I’m sure.”

My aunt replied by telling me how disrespectful that was. She’s the San one who says that the Black Lives Matter movement is dumb. So let that sink in.

Moving on.

Anyways, I said that it was not, and that it’s a shame that my mom has such a sheep opinion.

Y'see, my mom is the type of person where she has no opinion. As much as she says that she is opinionated, she is not. She will change her standpoint on everything depending on her surrounding environment.

Anyways. I simply went outside again and started cleaning the tables, which my aunts haven’t even thought of doing, because the young millennial has to experience what work is.

My uncle came up to me yesterday and tried to instruct me on how to use a screwdriver, because I simply could never know how to use one. I am a stupid millennial.

He later asked me how to change the channel on the remote while talking about how Millenials should be able to work with the tv because they’re on it all day.

My whole point is this.

Just remember kids,

We are all just Stupid Millennials™

things that need to stop

kaiba calling joey “puppy” or “mutt” or any other type of dog-related name in fanfictions and fanart