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(1/3-sorry, this message ran a little long) I know I’ve already sent an appreciation post but I figured I may as well send in another, because I don’t think I expressed just how much I love this AU very well in my previous ask. This AU is one of my favorites-I’ve turned post notifications on, and I eagerly wait for the new update every day on my way home from school. The dedication you guys have shown to this comic, too, is incredible. It’s been almost two years, and you’re at 141 pages. That’s

(2/3) amazing, and I’m glad that, even though I discovered this blog this far into the story, I can tag along to see how it all unfolds from here on out. Not only that, over the course of those two years, there’s been such a visible improvement in the art style, and that’s so inspiring. The clear amount of effort put into the story, the art, and even just answers to asks is something that I and surely a lot of other people appreciate. This blog is actually one of the main inspirations for one of

(3/3) my own projects, too, an undertale AU of my own that I’m working on with a friend. Clearly you all care about the Caretaker AU so much, and that’s something that’s inspired me to put all the effort I can into my own project. So, before this ask gets too long (too late for that) I just wanted to say that I intend to keep up with this comic and the story until the end. Keep up the amazing work, and sorry for dropping this long message just out of the blue lmao. -Sketch

send all the appreciation you want! that is one thing i NEVER get tired of. ❤ for real though, this is SO sweet and we’re so appreciative that you took the time to send us all this GOOD POWER! so many people have mentioned that they look forward to our updates after school/work and it just brings me so much joy every time. 

looking back on the old art is really funny huh? but it’s been a great learning experience for minty and i – this has really prepared us well to make our own original work. the thing that’s stayed most consistent is the story itself, which has stayed in tact since we planned it before we started. if you keep working hard on your project, i’m sure you’ll learn a lot too! we wish you the best with that.

thank you so much for this!

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Can I request bakugous s/o getting hurt in a really serious fight and they find out she’s pregnant when the dr says something like “luckily both you and the baby are okay” and they’re just like “heh??”. Thank you in advance!

I struggled a bit with this one, but I hope it’s okay!

Thank you for the request! 

Bakugou sat nervously in the waiting room of a hospital, elbows resting on his knees with his hands clasped tightly. Lips pressed against his thumbs, he glared off at some random spot on the pristine white walls, his left foot bouncing from the nervous anxiety welling up within him. He couldn’t believe how long this was taking, having been waiting for nearly two hours to be able to see his lover. Every second felt like it was dragging, becoming longer every time his crimson glare flickered up to the digital clock. He had been in a panic since he first got the call that she was injured, leaving work still in his hero costume.

Many people gawked at him, some mumbled about his presence and kids even tried to beg their parents to let them approach. However, not a soul dared to disturb him, his scowl dark enough to deter even his closest friend. He felt as if he were going to vomit, and if anyone but a nurse or doctor approached him, he couldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t be leaving with puke all over their shoes. His gloves squeaked under pressure as he tightened his grip, trying to take in a few deep breaths. He couldn’t stand it, this waiting and not knowing how she was.

How serious was it? Was she dead already? Is she in emergency surgery?

Finally, Bakugou’s patience exploded and he stood, yelling out in frustration as he stormed towards the counter, the nurse behind it cowering a bit behind a folder from his rage. “Hey, is it normal practice for you people to not give those waiting a fucking update for hours?! I get a call that my wife is taken to the emergency room, and I have to sit here and wait with no one telling me shit!”

The nurse lowered the folder enough so she could speak, though she was still a bit frightened. “I-I’m sorry, sir. I’ll call a doctor right away.” Bakugou sighed, ripping his mask off his head in frustration as he went back to his chair, speaking back to her in as calm and sincere voice as he could muster. “Thank you. Sorry for blowing up.” He shoved his mask into his pocket, sitting back down into his chair. He could feel the eyes of the others in the waiting room on him, but he didn’t care. All that mattered to him right now was knowing how his lover was, and waiting two hours without a single word was destroying him.

After a while of sitting there, tapping his foot, ruffling his hair and quietly complaining how security had made him leave his gauntlets at the door, he saw a doctor coming down the hallway. The look on her face told him she was a bit uncomfortable with her task, especially as her eyes landed on him and her expression contorted a bit in nervous unease. Though, by the time she reached him, she hid her uncomfortable energy quite well, smiling at him pleasantly. Although he wasn’t sure if he needed to, Bakugou stood, trying to control the scowl on his face with no success. “Finally, I’ve been waiting a long damn time with nothing.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, your wife needed immediate care. Please, if you’d come with me, I’ll take you to her.” She was obviously not in the mood for his attitude, turning and walking away without waiting for a response. Bakugou followed, removing his gloves and shoving his hands into his pockets, unsure of what to do with himself. It felt like a never ending hallway, and the longer they walked the more he felt like the walls were contorting, closing in on him and spinning. Giving a small shake of his head, he cursed under his breath. Don’t fucking pass out, you idiot. Suck it the fuck up! She’s fine… she has to be.

Eventually, they entered into a room where Bakugou’s wife was laying on a bed, one of her arms all bandaged and held to her chest with a sling. The rest of the damage, besides a few scrapes and bruises on her face, was hidden beneath the bed sheet that covered her body. The bed was propped upright, and she was sipping from a cup of water through a bendy straw, her eyes locked on the window in the room. Though, the instant her eyes landed on Bakugou she let out a hoarse gasp, quickly putting the cup down. “Katsuki!”

In an instant, Bakugou was at her side, letting his arm hook around her back carefully as he bent forward so she could hug him with her good arm. His hand came up to caress her cheek as she pulled back a bit, her smile sending relief flooding through him. “Have you been waiting this whole time?” Her voice was broken and hoarse, but he was still happy to hear it, his thumb stroking her uninjured cheek gently. “Over two hours, yeah…” She laughed softly, her hand running down his arm. “I was told you had a bit of a fit.”

Bakugou felt a bit of heat rise into his ears, sitting down on the edge of the bed where there was some space. “Ah, yeah. I mean, I waited forever with no fucking word, I was getting anxious. I just… exploded I guess.” Her smiled grew, holding his hand tightly. “As is your nature, Katsuki. I told them to get you, I didn’t want to hear the results of what’s happened to me without you here.” Bakugou nodded, looking back towards the doctor expectantly. Now holding a clipboard she must have gotten from somewhere, the doctor gave a small smile. “Well, it really is all good news. The only bone you’ve broken is in your arm, we will bring xrays in for you later to see.”

She gave a small pause, but when there was silence, she continued. “There are multiple bruises, cuts and scrapes along your body, basically from head to toe but most are superficial. You do have some stitches in the areas that were already pointed out to you when we moved you, again nothing serious as long as they are kept clean and taken care of. So, all in all, you and the baby are going to be just fine.”

Bakugou felt confusion flood through him, glancing down at his wife before back at the doctor. “The baby? Are you making fun of me?” He pointed to himself, almost to the point of taking actual offense when the doctor quickly shook her head. “W-what? No sir, I mean… You didn’t know?” Bakugou’s gaze met back with his wife, who was just as stunned. She brought her hand up to cover her mouth, her eyes beginning to tear. “I’m pregnant? You’re bullshitting me?” Bakugou couldn’t help a short chuckle from escaping his lips at her vocabulary, finding it funny in the moment how she was the one cursing.

The doctor nodded, glancing between the two. “I’m sorry, I thought you knew. I can get an ultrasound in here, if you’d like.” Although he felt like he might implode in on himself, Bakugou looked down at his wife, who was silent for a moment before she nodded. “Please.” With that, the doctor left the two alone, staring at each other in pure bewilderment. Bakugou spoke first, reaching up to rub the back of his neck, unable to help a smile from crossing his lips. “Well shit.” Still covering her mouth, his lover began to cry, though a smile was obvious behind her fingers. “Holy shit!”

She squealed in her hoarse voice, sitting back up to hug him the best she could with one arm. Bakugou caressed her happily sobbing form to him gently, one hand coming to rest on the back of her head.

“We’ve been trying so hard-” She spoke through hiccups. “And we didn’t even notice! How stupid! I’m so happy! But oh my god, I could have hurt it today, so I’m sad!”

Bakugou scoffed, pulling himself away from her to cup her cheeks gently, making her look up at him. “Don’t think that way. What happened today wasn’t your fault, you weren’t even supposed to be on patrol… What do you think it is?” Sniffling, she glanced around a bit, starting to calm. “I think… it’s a boy.” Bakugou kissed her forehead gently, finding himself overwhelmed with soft adoration for her. She was safe, as was the child, and he was over the moon. “A boy… I agree.”

“With my quirk.”

“That I don’t agree with.” Bakugou let his his forehead rest against hers gently. “Damn it, I fucking love you. You idiot.”

“I love you too, Katsuki. You cute jerk.”

Well, Catalyst just happened. My reactions are as follows:

(Sorry about skipping Frozer. Life’s been kicking my ass lately.)

* I too know the feeling of the alarm clock going off just after I’ve fallen asleep.

* “Just like every year?” How long have Ladybug and Chat been operating? Or did the day predate their presence? THIS BEGS FOR ANSWERS!

* Giant Marinette head.

* When was that Emilie statue commissioned? How long has she been missing? Is Gabriel really that extra? (Oh wait, he is.)

* Nathalie’s really cranked up the evil.

* Also, apparently Lila did get down from the Eiffel Tower.

* Does Gabriel realize that Nathalie has a thing for him, or does obliviousness run in the family?

* She’s working her usual routine.

* Also, Marinette’s one step ahead.

* Lila playing dishonesty speed chess.



* And Lila’s trying to con her parents as well.

* Apparently Mrs. Rossi isn’t looking too hard into College Francoise-Dupont’s status.

* Nice save.

* The Owl strikes again!

* So that’s why Adrien needed those rooms.


* That sounds like a lot even given that these are all teenagers.

* Gabriel showing manipulative bastard cred.

* You don’t have a leg to stand on, Lila. Volpina was just a knockoff.

* Also, she just wasted a perfectly good laptop.

* Is he planning to use the movie just to piss off Lila? Because there’s a lot of things that could have gone wrong in the interim.

* Man, Lila’s been planning her villainous comeback for a while…

* except that, since Alya knew Volpina was Lila, Volpina being active again will prove that everything she’s been saying is nonsense.

* Wait a sec…Paris has a reporter that isn’t Nadja?


* Miss Ladybug, I don’t feel so good…

* Hawk Moth can deakumatize people willingly…

* and Lila’s still his loyal goon.

* Wait, is she on the Eiffel Tower again? Is she gonna take all of season three to get back down?




* Marinette’s about to do the right thing…





* Also, how did Hawky akumatize Chloe into two different baddies, but reakumatize everyone into their previous forms?




* “Fear is afraid of me.” Also the twins cheering.

* Oh hi, Vanisher.


* Plagg wrecks all the shit without even having to speak.

* Into the sewers!

* Vanisher went down pretty easily.


* Planning a DJWifi date in the middle of a red akuma raid.



* “Yo!” “Yo!”






* Just ‘cause it’s an urgent situation doesn’t mean Chat can’t troll Chloe a bit.


* So Pollen calls Chloe “majesty” in French.

* Oh hi, Gigantitan.




* Some serious shit’s gonna go down.

guys these few hours are precious. this is the last time we’ll be waiting for a tog book. the series isn’t finished yet until now. tomorrow it will all change. we will all finally know how it ends! after so many years! but i have loved the series for so long i just can’t imagine saying goodbye to these characters. aelin, specially has been such a fundamental part of my life. so i want to thank sarah for writing such amazing stories and inspiring so many people including me. i will forever be grateful.

Thor/Loki - Like the Very First - Pre-Thor 

Fictober Day 21/31 - 783 words - Waiting makes everything better. Even this. Especially this. - also on ao3


How long they had danced around this, Loki didn’t know for sure.

For him, it felt like forever. When he’d first realized the way he felt about Thor wasn’t as platonic as it should be, wasn’t nearly the sort of brotherly affections they were expected to have, he’d felt sick. He’d been sure something was wrong with him, and had spent months trying to convince himself it was otherwise. He couldn’t desire Thor, he couldn’t be in love with him. That was absurd. It was  wrong, and it couldn’t be what Loki felt.

Eventually, though, he hadn’t been able to lie to himself, and it had become something he hid, like a broken vase, or a particularly nasty scheme. It had to be shielded away from the light, away from Thor, away from anyone who may suspect what his true feelings were.

When Thor had first made moves that made Loki suspect he knew, he’d done what he could to act aloof. Apart from it. Like he hadn’t even noticed, like it didn’t bother him, and if it was something too blunt to ignore, he would brush it off. Push it away, and, in the process, push Thor away.

But Thor was never one to be ignored for long. He’d spent so long taking Loki away from others, where they would simply be alone, and eventually, that had been all Thor needed.

He had always been the more aggressive of the two of them. The way he’d explained what he was thinking, what he was feeling, and how he’d understood if Loki was disgusted had been rushed, panicked, terrified in a way that Loki had understood far too easily. It was the sort of thing he could only calm one way.

With a kiss.

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“Came to visit you love, been missing ya quite a bit if I’m honest.” He says, smiling down at her. “Look, I made you a crown with all the pretty flowers you picked, hope you don’t mind, just thought you’d look so nice with a crown on that pretty little head.” He motions down to the crown in his hands. It is beautiful, the deep red of the flower she had been drawn to earlier, surrounded by a bed of pinks and purple, her own field of flowers adorned on her head.

“It’s beautiful H, you read minds now? Been wanting to make me one since I picked that pretty red flower earlier. How long have you been waiting for me?” She asks, because the crown is not only beautiful, but intricately made, not something that someone could just whip up in a minute.

“Recon it’s been quite some hours now, walked up just in time to see you disappear into the trees with that Nymph, thought I would leave you be. I knew you would return for your flowers, soft spot for them you have.” He sits up on his knees reaching over to place the crown on Persephone’s head. “Perfect fit, proper queen you are now.” Persephone can’t help but beam up at him. Harry has always been quite nice to her.

“Hades, god of the Underworld, fell in love with Persephone and wanted her as his bride. His brother Zeus consented to the marriage—or at least refused to oppose it. Yet he warned Hades that Demeter would never approve this coupling, for she would not want her daughter spirited off to a sunless world. At Zeus’s suggestion—or with his tacit understanding—Hades resolved to abduct the maiden.

Persephone was gathering flowers one day on a plain in Sicily. Hades suddenly appeared, thundering across the plain in his four-horse chariot. The god swooped down upon Persephone, scooped her up with one arm, and literally and figuratively deflowered her—leaving the plain scattered with blossoms of every colour.

The appearance, abduction, and disappearance happened so swiftly that none of Persephone’s companions witnessed the kidnapping. And though she called out to them—and plaintively called for her mother—no one heard her pleas. The earth opened up before Hades’ chariot and the god drove the jet-black horses down into the chasm. As Hades and Persephone disappeared into the depths, the hole closed up behind them.”

What if the myth had it all wrong? Yes Persephone was kidnapped by the god of the underworld. But maybe, he wasn’t the bad guy in their narrative, maybe Hades wasn’t as cold blooded as the myth wants you to believe. Maybe the ground didn’t swallow Persephone up. Maybe she actually loved Hades and maybe when her mother Demeter finally found where Persephone was hidden, and convinced Zeus to allow her back to earth Persephone didn’t want to go and be separated from her love. Perhaps this was just a story of two people who fell in love, (through admittedly questionable circumstances), and who were torn apart by those around them.  

Chapter 1

The day is warm and sunny, the light from the sun warming the back of Persephone’s neck. Her skin glows a light sheen from the heat of the air around her as she bends down to grab a particularly red wild flower, the colour standing out against the other pinks and yellows.

“Persephone, come play with us!” A nymph disrupts her silence and causes Persephone to give a small squeak jumping around to face the girl. She is prancing over towards where Persephone is picking flowers. The white of her dress is falling in waves behind her contrasting the dark of her skin, as she navigates the small incline, until she comes to a harsh halt just in front of Persephone. The fabric billows out around the two of them before resting, moving softly in the wind.  

“Of course love, what are we playing?” Persephone asks bending down to lay the flowers she had picked softly against the ground. She plans to return for them once they were finished playing.

“All of us are playing in the water, it is so nice and cool today, we have been splashing around in it.” The nymph smiled and grabs Persephone’s hand pulling her up, and towards the river where she had come from. Persephone can hear soft laughter and splashing water as she and the nymph grow closer to the river bank.

“You know, you are a saving grace really, been out in the sun all day picking pretty flowers, I reckon I could make myself a pretty crown with all the ones I’ve collected.” Persephone smiles over at the nymph, motioning over her shoulder towards the flowers she has left. “But, I have grown quite warm, and a cool dip in the river sounds like exactly what I need right now.” Persephone continues as they near the sparkling blue water. “Looks proper refreshing I do say.”

“Oh it is, we’re all supposed to be out here picking berries for jam, but we just couldn’t resist, has to be the warmest day of the year, I would think.” The nymph drops the hold she had on Persephone’s hand and wades into the water. The air is so hot that in the time that the nymph had left for persephone and then returned her hair had curled up into a dark messy frizz on the top of her head. The white of her skirt now reflected the pale blue of the water, billowing up around the waist of the nymph. Persephone can’t help but compare her beauty to that of the flowers she had been picking just minutes ago.

“I think I would have to agree with you, don’t think it’s been this hot in years.” Persephone adds, as she kicks her boots off, and picks up her dress enough so that it won’t drag on muddy ground of the bank. She wades into the water and sighs as the coolness envelops her flushed skin. She only now realizes how long she had been in the sun, a nice break was far overdo. The trees surrounding the river cast shadows down hiding them from the suns view cooling the air around them slightly. As she watches the rest of the young Nymphs splash at each other, a small smile makes its way unto her face. She continues on until she is up to her breast in water. Her own dress billows up along side her, casting a green tint up unto her face.

“Persephone!” The other nymphs have now taken notice of her wading towards them, smiling and pushing over each other to reach her. Nymphs always have such high energy to them Persephone thinks to herself.

“Hello, loves I heard you all having fun over here and couldn’t resist, had to come find out what all hustle and bustle was about.” She smiles down at a small nymph reaching out to rustle her hair.

“It’s nice to see you Persephone, been quite a while since you visited us down here.” One of the older nymphs spoke from behind the group. As the young one reaches to fix her hair, frowning, while Persephone beams back at her.

“I know, Poseidon’s been on a bit of a tear lately, been spending my time along with the others cleaning up all the messes he’s been making. Things have only now began to settle down.”

“That mans a grouch isn’t he, always hearing about him causing trouble.” The small nymph says now frowning down at the water.

“He is quite a grouch, think it’s because no one in the sea follows his rule, quite jealous of his brothers I recon. But enough about all that what are we playing?” Just like that the nymphs begin to explain their game, the topic of Poseidon and his quakes forgotten. The game doesn’t make much sense to Persephone, but she plays along the best she can, splashing when the others do, and wading around quietly, following the lead of those around her.

The group of them spend hours splashing around in the cool water, and before Persephone realizes the sun is beginning her descent in the sky, the shadows that the trees cast growing longer. The air had grown cooler but not as much as  it normally does, something that Persephone notices as she emerges from the water after bidding her goodbyes to the nymphs. She welcomes the warmth though, because even though the air did not cool the water did quickly. Wiggling her toes to try to regain some of the warmth lost, she grabs her discarded boots, not bothering to try to slide them on her damp feet. She thinks the worst feeling in the world is putting dry clothing on a still wet body. There’s no point, it’s just uncomfortable and then your clothes get wet, and nobody likes wet clothes, (even though at this very moment her dress is sticking to her quite uncomfortably). But why would she add to that? So the shoes stay off.

She begins her barefoot hike back up to where she had earlier left her flowers, hopes to grab them and then return home to Olympus before the sun completely disappears. When she arrives she is surprised to see another person seated with her flowers. Upon further inspection she recognizes the figure as Hades (though every other time they had meet he had insisted she call him Harry).

“Harry, what a pleasant surprise, don’t think I’ve ever seen you on the solid earth.” She remarks sitting down beside him. “What are you doing here?”

“Came to visit you love, been missing ya quite a bit if I’m honest.” He says, smiling down at her. “Look, I made you a crown with all the pretty flowers you picked, hope you don’t mind, just thought you’d look so nice with a crown on that pretty little head.” He motions down to the crown in his hands. It is beautiful, the deep red of the flower she had been drawn to earlier, surrounded by a bed of pinks and purple, her own field of flowers adorned on her head.

“It’s beautiful H, you read minds now? Been wanting to make me one since I picked that pretty red flower earlier. How long have you been waiting for me?” She asks, because the crown is not only beautiful, but intricately made, not something that someone could just whip up in a minute.

“Recon it’s been quite some hours now, walked up just in time to see you disappear into the trees with that Nymph, thought I would leave you be. I knew you would return for your flowers, soft spot for them you have.” He sits up on his knees reaching over to place the crown on Persephone’s head. “Perfect fit, proper queen you are now.” Persephone can’t help but beam up at him. Harry has always been quite nice to her.

Persephone doesn’t know Harry well, they have met a couple times on Olympus, but from their meetings he has been a proper gentleman, quite pretty too if she does say so herself.

“I think you need yourself a crown now, though, makes me feel quite lonely being the only one wearing one.” She says, reaching up to straighten the crown on her head.

“Already got mine lovie,” He motions to the crown of gold on his head, (if you could even call it that, it is more like a headband. One that got lost behind the curls in his hair). It is beautiful none the less. “Don’t forget I’m something of a king where I come from.”

“How could I ever? But, that reminds me, why are you here? Hades is hardly seen outside of the underworld and never seen on Earth, just under it, if I do recall correctly.” She knows she’s right, he’s notorious for scaring the mortals off as some evil being, but she thinks he’s quite the opposite. “Are you the reason its been so darn hot today? Got me sweating out of my knackers if so.”

This causes him to laugh, leaning back on his arms and crossing his feet out in front of him. “That is my fault unfortunately, always running a little warm I am.” He pauses cheeks growing pink. The sun is in full set now, casting a warm orange glow onto his face. He is making Persephone feel very soft and gooey inside, turning and smiling at her again, big enough that his cheeks dimple, and she decides that she could watch him smile forever.

“To answer your other question,” his voice drags her out of the trace she was in. “Like I said I’m here for you, visited with Zeus today, said I would probably find you here.” This strikes Persephone as peculiar, while they know each other, they have never sought the other out, and suddenly she is filled with nerves, something bad must have happened, that can be the only explanation.

“Don’t look so distressed love, everything is fine, told him all about how I’m smitten with you, want to proper wed ya I recon. Asked him advice for how I could get ya all smitten with me.” He is looking at the sunset now too, staring off. He has a lot on his mind, always has, but especially in this moment.

“H, I’m flattered, but we hardly know each other..” She trails off not sure what else to say in this moment. Hades, against his reputation is the nicest of the brothers and while the stories floating around about him make his out to be all mean she knows he’s the nicest, and a romantic too, unlike all his brothers. She knows because she heard him say once:

“Wanna marry for love, I think, don’t like how my brothers do it, conquering a lady and then sleeping with ten more, gross if you ask me.” They had been at a party and he was as drunk as she had ever seen anybody, leaning up against a tree, talking to one of the olive branches. So his words now have her confused, just out of the blue wanting to marry her, he doesn’t love her, she knows that for sure.

“I know, I know, you’re just the prettiest I’ve ever seen, nice too, good company. The underworld can be quite lonely, always feel like everyones got someone ‘cept for me, ya know?” And she does know what he means, always feels quite lonely herself, Olympus can be quite cold up in the clouds and she often finds herself yearning for someone to snuggle up with.

“Well what did Zeus suggest for you to do?” She asks curious for the answer, Zeus has always been in the nature of taking what he wanted, no matter the cost, and that worried her.

“He suggested I kidnap you, take you down with me to the underworld, and hide you out there. He said your mother would never approve of the two of us courting, best to make you mine as quick as possible, with no one knowing.” He looks almost sad as he says this, as if he actually believes that is his only option, and he does. He’s conflicted between allowing Persephone to slip from his grip, and actually taking his brothers obscure advice. If he kidnaps her and hides her away in the underworld, there is no way she will ever learn to love him, that he knows.

“Well, are you going to do it?” Persephone asks, her heart is pounding in her chest as she says this, suddenly unsure of the man sitting beside her. Perhaps he is not the man she believed he was, he certainly wasn’t talking or acting like it.

“Are you going to make me?” This questions puzzles Persephone, what an odd question for someone to ask, she thinks. Will she force him into kidnapping her? She wonders if he will actually do it, he has been so nice to her, nicer than either of his other brothers, but he was god of the underworld, and perhaps she should be weary of that.


“I was really hoping you wouldn’t say that, put me in a position where I gotta do it now, can’t have you calling my bluff, I would lose respect from all the others.” He is looking at his hands, rolling them over each other in anxiety. “I think you would rather like it in the underworld, always quite cool, except for me of course, got loads of good food too.”

“If I really don’t agree to come by my own free will, you’re gunna take me then? Just to make sure I got this all straight.”

“I’m gunna have to yes, can’t go looking any weaker to Zeus, already thinks he’s all high and mighty, better than Poseidon and me.” He looks up at her, she notices now that his eyes match the colour of her dress perfectly, forest green, and reflecting brightly in what is left of the sun.

“I don’t think you’ll do it, I’d hate you, so ya know, would never forgive you.”

“I know, but I think I could live with you hating me, so long as I would make sure you’re okay. Never seeing ya again if I let you go, know that for sure.” He is right, if Persephone is allowed to walk away from this, she doesn’t ever want to see him again. If he isn’t successful this time, he definitely will be the next. He is starring at her so intensely now, like he can read her mind. His eyes so serious she has to break the contact they were holding, instead looking down at the grass she has taken to pulling out at the roots. He does know what she’s thinking, though she couldn’t be more wrong.

“I’ll hate you.” She murmurs, she knows she has lost this fight, she won’t be heading home to Olympus tonight. Whether it by force or free will, she’s going to the underworld.

“I’m sorry, but like I said,” he pauses sucking in a deep breath, “I can live with that.”



Muhehe! I hope you like it!! 

And also thank you so much for being there for so long! It means a lot UuU Always motivating my butt dammit.

How dare you.

because nobody has talked about aubreys new eye im assuming she’s been wearing her sunglasses for the entire episode and figured she’d need a few excuses as to why so

  • im channeling roy purdy
  • i got laser eye surgery but like, not the cool kind
  • they’re to hide the tears
  • im waiting to see how long until indrid notices i’m stealing his brand
  • i have two black eyes
  • mama said i could
  • im waiting for the right moment to lower them onto my nose seductively like a bad boy in a teen movie but the time hasn’t come yet

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22 single anon: I am nearly 28, still a virgin, and am currently single. Don't rush things. Don't settle just because someone shows interest. That's how you end up miserable in the long run. My past relationships had much to be desired. Take time to date yourself. Go to a concert you want to, movie, dinner... Treat your self how you want someone to treat you. Set a high bar for someone to reach to truly appreciate you. It's okay to wait. True love takes time. Have fun and love yourself

thank you

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Happy days.

Do you ever think of them,

the days long gone

do you also wait for them,

the ones that are yet to come

have you ever thought back to your smile, when you found yourself far from it

feels like you’re in the dark, running miles just to find the sun 

have you ever had memories and dreams that seemed brighter,

I’m stuffed with hopes, constantly nudging my bar for joy a little higher 

- This was meant to be a happy poem, positive and nostalgic. Guess I’m not that happy, seem to be rather far from it. Wish Id known to just give you a call, Id probably feel less crappy. Sadly, now I’m home alone and all these feelings are here and slapping. 

- Marang Motswai

The Decision Pt.2 {Azog x Reader}

Author’s note : I’m not too sure how I feel about this, but it happened. Apologies if Azog is too OC.

Warnings: A little bit of violence.

Part One

The tavern was filled with loud noise. Breaking of a plate, laughter, cheers accompanied with the sounds of clanking ale mugs. A migraine began to grow, causing you to rub your temples before wiping down the counter. “Rough night?” Draga questioned, propping his elbows on the bartop. “Long night.” You answered, throwing the rag in the bucket. “I’m just waiting on closing..” You sighed, stretching slightly to pop your back.

Draga gave a soft smile, nodding slightly in understanding. “Have you talked to your orc-admirer recently?” His smile grew, leaning in closer as if any gossip that would pass your lips would vanish before reaching his ears. Laughing softly you shook your head, filling another ale mug.

“No,the tavern has been so busy all I’ve done is sleep and work.” You responded with a sad shake of your head. Another crashing sound caught your attention, “What now?” You asked with a frustrated sigh. “Careful, your tavern is filled with brutes tonight.” Draga said with a sour expression, wincing as another crashing sound rang out in the tavern.

Azog watched you with concerned eyes as you walked past him, wooden club in your hand. “QUIET!” You shouted out, smacking the club on the table. The tavern grew silent, besides the two drunken orcs wrestling near your fire pit. “Gentlemen, if you don’t stop this instant, I’ll have you get thrown out.” You stated, holding the club over your shoulder.

The orcs laughed, “Like you could ever do anything.” The taller one responded, moving to wrestle with his partner again. “Enough.” Your voice was firm, unwavering, and full of authority as you grabbed the back of the orcs neck, ready to walk him out yourself as you saw your security taking their sweet time making it through the crowd. Before you even knew it, you were hit across the face.

The sting across your cheek made you wince as you raised a finger to your cheekbone. A smudge of blood left its mark on your finger. “Get him out of here.” You ordered, but before your security could grab the orc, Azog was up to his feet, holding the other orc up in the air, his pale fist covering his throat easily.

“You dare hurt my lady?” Azog growled, his eyes narrowed in anger as the orc thrashed around in his grip. “If you ever lay a finger on my beloved again, you will never see daylight again.” He threatened, no, promised. Azog didn’t wait for a response, instead he threw them at your security men and grabbed you bridal style. “Let’s go get that cleaned up.” He told you, carrying you out of the tavern and into the cool night.

At first you were confused, where was he going to take you? You should’ve felt scared, you hadn’t known him for very long, you didn’t even know simple things like where he was from. But you didn’t, instead, you felt safe and protected being pressed against his firm chest.

You didn’t realize you zoned out until you heard the clasp of your gate being redone causing you to look up and see the familiar setting of your small cottage. “Welcome to my house.” You said lightly, trying to lift the tense mood a bit, giving a small smile.

Moments later, you were sitting in your arm-chair, as Azog finished creating a fire. “Now, where are your medical supplies?” Azog asks, his piercing blue eyes now soft, holding love and care in them. “In the bathroom.” You responded, pointing down the hall, “In the left cabinet.”

Sighing softly, you leaned back into the chair as you closed your eyes, focusing your mind on the sound of the fire crackling. “This may sting.” Azog’s voice cut through your peace, causing you to jump slightly. “A-Alright…” You mumbled, opening your eyes slightly to catch his gaze. Cold liquid was pressed against your cheek, causing you to hiss, the sting on your cheek resurfacing like you were hit all over again. “I’m sorry, it’ll be over soon..” He cooed, rubbing your cheek softly.

You kept your eyes on him, taking advantage of him being this close to you to finally really look at Azog. Once he was finished and began to move away, you grabbed his hand. “Y-Y’know, I never got to thank you..” Azog looked at you confused, “For?” He grunted, your confidence now dwindling, “For the gift.. For helping me, you didn’t have to.” You explained, retracting your hand, and looking away to the fire.

Azog grabbed your hand this time, holding it gently. “I don’t need thanks, I did it because… I care about you, (Y/N).” You slowly turned your head back to him, “Then how about instead of a thanks, I give you a, gift perhaps?” You questioned, a small smile on your face as a confused look crossed over his pale face again. Taking advantage of his confusion, you leaned forward to press a kiss to his pale lips. Azog was stiff, not knowing how to respond, before slowly responding to your advances.

“I accept your courtship.” You muttered as the two of you parted lips, causing his eyes to widen and a smile to cross his face. Then he realized it, that was your courting gift to him. “I can’t carve wolves, or fight your enemies, but I’m told I do make a nice stew.” You said causing Azog to chuckle. “Just having you is enough, my little human.”

You made your decision, and you aren’t regretting it one bit.

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…passionately. With a pairing of your choice 😘

I think this might be a record for quickest I’ve ever answered an ask (I’m afraid it’s evident in the quality but hey, I got excited and couldn’t wait!)

Finn belongs to @drdevorakwrites  🖤

Entela knocked tentatively on the vampire’s door. She had come down here with a purpose, but as she waited for him to open the door, all her intentions were evaporating like a puddle on a hot day. But she had something she needed to tell him, something she should have told him from the beginning.

He opened the door wide as though he’d been expecting her. “Hello Entela.” He purred, stepping aside to let her in.

What was I saying? Entela asked herself, as she brushed past his shirtless form.

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todayintokyo replied to your photo “I went to get the application for my permanent visa today (whoop…”

Permanent residency, huh? So … we’ll be blogging about Tokyo and Kyoto from our retirement homes one day? Imagine how extra crotchety we’d be then. It’s a long wait, but I’m quite sure you’ll get it. You go, fellow gaijin!

Yup, no point in not; my husband works for a family business, so we won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Tbh the only upside I can really see to permanent residency over a regular marriage visa is that I don’t have to reapply every three years, but when you’re as lazy as I am, that sure means something. I don’t personally plan to take out any loans here in Japan, though it might make it easier for my husband to, being married to a permanent resident rather than a foreigner.

Fun chat at the Immigration Office - I asked if it was all right for my husband to be the guarantor, and the guy was like, “Of course, of course. Imagine what we’d think if you got a friend to do it, huh? We’d be wondering what kind of relationship you had with your husband!” I like the immigration center; they’re usually a lot more casual than most bureaucracy types. 

I can’t even imagine tumblr 30-50 years from now, but just think – “Today the nurse asked me if I could eat tonjiru! Imagine! I’ve been making tonjiru since I was 23; I told her no anyway, because she makes it in the Tokyo style and I won’t be having that.” And then the two of us’d get into a row over whether Tokyo-style or Kyoto-style is better, then agree to disagree because we all know the best foods involve bread and cheese anyway. 

Okay, so I just rewatched Beetlejuice for the first time in years (which like, why have I waited this long to watch it again? It’s so damn good) and can we just take a minute to talk about how much Winona looked like Millie when she was a teenager? Like damn; how is Eleven not Joyce’s daughter?


love yourself era videos


“I’m thinking that it would be a lot easier for you, if you were with people more like you.”
“I can manage having Norwegian friends, and be myself, at the same time.”

- SKAM (Season 4) Portraying Their Muslim Main Lead, Sana Bakkoush, Performing The Maghrib Salah.