how is he so handsome i dont understand?????

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I feel like mike would be super insecure about his appearance, but so would Eleven so mike would put away all of his insecurities to make Eleven feel beautiful


+ ok so like we all know that mike is tall and lanky and awkward bc that’s just what it means to be a 14/15 year old boy and he probably feels real weird ab it !!!

+ especially when they become freshmen and mike sees all of these guys that are tall like him but are also like built and look like they fit in the skin they’re in and mike wears his insecurities on his sleeve (despite him thinking he’s oh so secretive !!) bc he’s a SOFT BOY WITH MORE FEELINGS THAN ANYONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

+ and el kind of picks up on it bc she’s an empathetic Queen and she can especially tell when something is wrong when Mike gets like uncharacteristically upset w her for trying to get a piggy back ride (which she has done 57389 times)

+ and she’s like why are you being so weird! did i do something???

+ this turns him onto his protective!mike mode and he’s like of course not im just stressed ab some stuff and its not ur fault and im sorry

+ this appeases her enough to get her to drop it for the time being

+ BUT THEN!!!!!! a couple of days past and el decides to surprise mike with some cupcakes she baked (bc he is still kinda weird and she always loves when he surprises her with his “just cuz” gifts) and she drops by after school, karen lets her in and tells her mike is in his room, so she heads upstairs only to find his room empty and shes like Huh!

+ however! she sees the bathroom door cracked open and she recognizes those dang curls anywhere and she like sees him staring at himself shirtless in the mirror just like poking himself w a sad look on his face and her heart LURCHES!! SHES LIKE WHY IS HE SO SAD!!!!

+ so el, not really understanding boundaries that well yet, comes in without knocking and is like why are you doing that

+ and hes like holy shit el you scared the crap out of me but then he looks down at his still shirtless body and grows so red and embarrassed and is like uh nothing 

+ so she starts poking him, mimicking what he was just doing and he’s like uhhhhhhh this is not helping him from not blushing!

+ then she like lifts up her shirt enough to see her stomach - not as flat as mike’s but not like anything crazy - and mike is so confused !!!

+ she starts poking herself and looking kind of sad and is like “pretty?”

+ and mike is like aklhajkfk YES PRETTY! of course pretty! el, you know i think you’re beatiful

+ and el, of course, knows this, and she’s trying not to blush bc she’s trying to prove a point

+ el goes back to poking mike in all of the places he was poking himself, looking sad and goes “pretty.”

+ this, obviously, was supposed to be a compliment bc el doesn’t understand the lack of gender nuetrality in the english language

+ but this somehow seems to upset mike more?? like he’s not mad or anything but his body kind of shrinks and he slides to the floor, his head in his hands

+ el follows him and sits in front of him, trying to grab his hands in hers bc the last time she saw him this upset she was miles away and not allowed to let him know she was alive and she really just wants to be there for him this time

+ but he’s so irritable and upset and he’s like “el you dont get it! it’s different for boys and girls! idont want to be pretty. i want to be like handsome or hot or ripped or” and he feels sostupid so he stops

+ el does not understand a lot of things about people and how they interact in society functionally! but she understands her mike 

+ “you are all of those things, mike. but you don’t have to look like everyone else. i think you’re the best boy to look at.”

+ this makes mike kind of laugh bc she is so sincere but no one says those things besides el and no one could make me him feel so good besides el and he’s just a mess of love for that girl!

+ so mike just kind of sighs and grabs el’s hand, having her sit next to him so he can wrap his arm around her and he’s like “i know ur right but it just sucks when the guy next to me in the locker room has a six pack and im a shrimp”

+ and el is like “i had shrimp with you for your birthday and it was delicious so i dont know what ur complaining about”

+ and mike just laughs and kisses her forehead bc like she’s right! she likes shrimp (both the food…and him) so how bad could he really be


D A D D Y.



Ok I know most people say “OMG Ramin Karimloo and Michael Crawford are the best phantoms everrrr!!” And yes they are damn good but can we talk about Ben Lewis for a minute????

The man has the voice of an angel and the personality of a siant. I’ve had so many friends in the U.K. Meet him and say how kind and charming he is. He can come off as shy at first but when you get him talking hes the sweetest man. My best friend who met him compared him to an anxious puppy, how can you not love him??

Ok, a lot of people have had an issue with the fact that he doesn’t do social media and is hard to talk to unless you go to the theater unlike Kelly, Amy and Paul. However, it is understandable why. Amy says he doesnt believe in it because he hated being attached to his phone. Know what? Good for him!

Next, can we thank his parents for creating him and seeing how freaking handsome he is? AND HE I DONT THINK HE EVER REALIZES HOW HOT HE IS!! His eyes are so freaking expressive, and hes so tall and has dark brown hair… ugh he’s jus perfect.

Ok finally, his portrayal of Erik. His voice is so deep and rich, which is exactly Eriks voice. Erik isn’t a young man, he’s probably in his thirties or fourties and Bens voice pushes that characterization of Erik where as Ramin makes his Erik a but younger and more frantic. Ben is also the perfect physical match for Erik. The phantom is tall, and thin just like Ben, yet Ben obviously has some muscle to him as Erik would from climbing about the oper house. His speaking voice though, its so deep and enticing. I could listen to him talk or sing all day and Im sure Im not the only one.

Anyways, thats my rant. Ben Lewis is a gem and deserves all the love and needs more appreciation because hes amazing. I adore him.

His Angel

Fandom: X-men
Character: Kurt Wagner/nightcrawler
Relationship: Kurt/reader
Request: Do you write for xmen nightcrawler? Can you write something angsty for him?
You walked into the living room with your book under your arm and two cups of tea in your hands. You had gone to refilled the cups for you and Kurt. Ever since Raven had brought him here, the two of you were inseparable. He felt safe with you because your mutant was visible. When in moon light, your skin sparked like diamonds, your eyes and hair changed colours but your main mutation was your ability to control the element. You were best friends with Jean and she was the first to accept you but Kurt was different. He didn’t just accept you, he understood you. The two of you would sneak out at night, sometimes going for walks and sometimes going onto the roof to talk but tonight there was a storm, so you both were sitting in the living room reading.
You scanned the room but before you could find the person you were looking for, he popped up in front of you.
unfortunately, his sudden appearance started you, making you jump and the hot liquid spilled over the brim and onto your hands. The heat burned your skin, making you cry out in pain and tears slipping out of the corner of your eyes.
Before you knew what was happening, the cups were out of your hands and you were in the kitchen, sitting on one of the counters. Kurt appeared before you, a wet towel in his hands and he covered your hands with it. The feeling of the coldness made you jump slightly but then it became soothing.
“I’m zorry, I waz going to help you.” Kurt mumbled, a hint of pain and embarrassment in his voice.
“Its fine, Kurt. It was an accident. I know you would never hurt me on purpose.” You said as you smiled reassuringly at him.
He retuned your with a sad smile as you removed the towel from your hands. It was starting to heat up plus you knew it looked worse than it was. Both of you took a lot of milk in your teas which had cooled the teas down.
The skin on your hands was red but that was it.
“see.” You said, raising your hands to show Kurt. “Nothing wrong.” You felt something wrap around your ankle and lower leg and instantly knew it was his tail. Kurt had a habit of doing that. His tail always found you. The first time his tail had wrapped around your arms, he had be extremely embarrassed and thought you would cringe away. But you smiled at him and said it was okay. It was nice, almost like a sign of reassurance to you that he was there.
“Im zorry.” Kurt muttered, his hands coming up to cup your hands, his thumbs swiping over the red area. You twisted your hands round to grab his, pulling him closer.
“Kurt Wagner. Listen to me. Im fine. You have nothing to be sorry about. Besides, I could never be mad at you.” You could help but giggle at the puppy dog look in his beautiful eyes.
“Es tut mir Leid“ Kurt mumbled, looking away from you.
“You better not have apologised in German.” You said as you made a mock serious face. That seemed to make him smile inspire of himself.
“macht es Sie ärgern, wenn ich Deutsch sprechen? (does it annoy you when i speak german)?” His natural tongue sounded like music to your ears. You loved Kurts accent but you loved it more when he spoke in his first language.
“Kurt, as much as I love listening to you speak German, I don’t understand.” You said, pouting a little much to his delight.
A thought sparked in Kurts mind as he looked at your confused face.
“Sie verstehen nicht, wenn ich dich schön nennen.( you dont understand when i call you beautiful)“
Kurt said, his eyes glinding down your face to your lips, making you subconsiously lick your lips.
“you know I don’t understand.” You said, shaking your head a little.
Kurt took a delicate step forward between your knees, making your hold your breath. In the dim light of the kitchen, he was so handsome.

“Wie kann ich Ihnen sagen, dass ich dich liebe?(How can i tell you that i love you?)“ Kurts cheeks heated up as he spoke, making you only more desprate to know what he was saying. You let go of his hands to run your up his forearm and up his arm to rest on his shoulders. You were a little startled when his hands found your waist and pulled up closer to his body. Now, you were pressed up agaisnt his body with his arms wrapped around you.
“Kurt.” You whispered, your eyes trained on his lips. You could see his sharp white teeth behind those lips that had whispered sweet things to you.
“meine Geliebte.(My love)“ Kurt mumbled before his lips were on yours.
You melted into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck and trailing your hands into his soft hair. It felt so right to have him like this. It didnt feel strange or awkward like most first kisses. It was filled with a passion which supassed the inexperiance of both of you. You felt him deeped the kiss, making you moan slightly as your legs wrapped around his torso, his tail still around your leg.
Just as the kiss began to get hotter, he was gone.
You fell forward off the table but just managed to catch yourself. Looking around, the dreaded realsisation dawned on you that he had vanished during the kiss.
You leaned back against the counter you had just been perched on with Kurt kiss you. And now you were on your own.
Nothing could compare to the drastic change in your emotions as you went from feeling loved and ecstatic to lonely and heart broken. Tears clouded your vision as you sighed and left the kitchen to go to your room.
————time skip——————–
it had been 2 week since Kurt had kissed you and you had barley saw him since that night. When you did walk into a room he was in, he would vanish in a puff of black smoke. Whenever he did that, you couldn’t control your emotions and would run out of the room in floods of tears.
Everyone knew something was up. You and Kurt were normally inseparable but they saw the sadness in both your eyes.
Jean was growing increasingly worried about you but knew nothing she could do could help and that was what she told everyone. You and Kurt needed to sort whatever it was between the two of you. But how could you do that when he wouldn’t even stay in the same room as you.
It was late at night and sleep was avoiding you like he was. So you went down stairs. In the medication cupboard, there was sleep tablets that you had asked Hank to buy you, which he was reluctant on doing but then he saw the dark circles under your eyes and paleness of your skin and agreed.
You walked into the kitchen and pulled the medication out of the packaging and took it with a drink of water. You knew it wouldn’t kick in for another hour or so, so you decided to go into the living room and read the book that you had left sitting on the fireplace.
You walked in and instantly regretted it. Sitting in front of the fire with his head buried in his hands was Kurt. Your breath caught in your throat at the sight of him.
After everything that had happened, after he left you, avoided you, why did you still love him?
Sucking in a deep breath, you walked across the room and passed Kurt, who jumped when he saw you, and retrieved your book off the mantelpiece. You turned around and bumped straight into Kurt who must have stood up and came behind you.
His arm caught you from falling but you were quick to try and scramble out of his grasp but he just held you tighter.
“Dont you normally leave when I enter a room?” You hissed, turning your head away from him and letting your hair cover your face.
“[y/n], pleaze.” Kurt whispered, trying to calm you down but you were too angry and upset. Despite your hair, he could see the tears forming again and them running down your cheek.
“don’t cry.” He begged, resting his forehead on your shoulder because he couldn’t stand to see your tears.
“Get off me, Wagner.” You growled, making him flinch at you using his last name. He was so used to hearing his name roll of your tongue.
When he didn’t move, you pushed yourself away and fell out of his arms. You quickly turned your back to him and started to walk out of the room with your head held high despite the tears in your eyes.
“You said you would never be mad at me!” Kurt called desperately after you.
“I also said I thought you would never hurt me!” You called over your shoulder. “But I was wrong, I was wrong about you, Wagner. You’re just like everyone else out there!” You turned on your heel and pointed to the window with tears in your eyes. He instantly knew you were referring to the normal people, the ones who weren’t mutants. The ones who had abused and neglected you before you came to this sanctuary.
Your words seemed to break Kurt and you saw his fill with a deep hurt you had never seen before. He looked down, unable to hold eye contract with you as guilt now filled his features.
“Im sorry I kissed you.” He mumbled, the true nature of what he had done to you now seeping in. he looked away from you, lost and alone. Like you were. It was true, you couldn’t be mad at him. Well, you could, but not screaming at him.
“Its not that.” You shook your head, stepping as far away from him as you could right now without leaving the room. “I wanted you to. I really did. But then you left. You kissed me and left in the blink of an eye. You took what you wanted from me and left me, ignored me.” You shook your head, your hands coming up to cover your face from him.
“Don’t cry.” Kurt begged and in a poof of black smoke, he was in front of you, his arms wrapping about you. “Please, I cant stand it.”
You heard his voice break as he spoke, holding you tightly.
“I don’t understand.” You sobbed. “I don’t get it.”
“I didnt want to see hate or anger in your eyes. Not for me. I thought if I left, I wouldn’t have to pull away from such a perfect moment to see your perception of me change.” He confessed in your ear, stuttering over his words only slightly.
“What?” You breathed.
“I-i-I love you.” He spoke in a clear but quiet voice, the words making you freeze.
“Why-why did you leave then?” You ask, not pulling away from him. It felt a lot easier to speak to each other like this without having to look in the others eyes.
“I never thought you could love me.” He whimpered a little as he spoke, his whole body seeming to slouch as he admitted his worse fears to you.
“You’re wrong.” You state, pulling back a little to look at him. “Ive loved you since we first met.”
Kurt stared at you for a moment, unable to believe what he had heard, almost doubting his English skills.
“I-I-“ Kurt started to say but trailed off, unable to put into words his guilt and love for you.
“I just, I just don’t know if anything can happen between us now.” You frowned, looking away from him, pulling back from his grasp. His arms fell away to his side as Kurt stood there, stunned.
“Why?” He said, panic in his voice.
“How do I know you wont just vanish like you did?” You ask and you were just meaning about the kiss. What if things got hard between the two of you, or you were in a fight, would he vanish when it was convenient for him. What if things got serious and you had a child, would he vanish like so many mutants parents did.
a million scenarios rushed through your mind of important moments that Kurt could just leave you stranded in. But then a pair of hands took your and Kurt held then to his chest as he stepped forward.
“Im sorry for that night. But I’d never leave you again. I love you, I really do. I just want to make you happy.” He spoke such sweet words, his accent making them sound just that little bit sweeter.
“Do you promise?” you asked, stepping closer to him. The two of you were chest to chest, your hands dropped down so you could be closer. His lips only a few inches from your own.
“With all my heart.” He breathed, his eyes darting to your lips.
as if unable to control himself any more, he leaned down and kissed you.
You felt that same spark you had felt the first time you had kissed. It was exciting, pleasurable beyond imagination, sweet and needed.
You felt yourself melting into the kiss, but managed to stop yourself before you lost it all like before. You kept you wit about you.
If he stayed like he promised, you could move past this, start a fresh.
after a moment, you pulled back, needing to breath. Taking a moment before opening your eyes, you saw Kurts pleading eyes stating down at you.
“Waz, waz, it good?” He asked, seeming a little on edge about his kissing skill.
“Yeah, yeah it was amazing.” You smiled softly, seeing Kurt grin widely at you, his white teeth shining a little brighter than normal.
“Can we do it again?” He asked, this time more eager.
“As many times as you want.” You giggled at his eagerness. “Although, ive taken sleeping tablets so they might kick in soon.”
“Oh.” He seemed a little disheartened by this but no less happy. “Do, do you want me to take you back to your room?” He asked, looking up to the ceiling. An idea popped into your head.
“Yes please.” You smile and in a poof, you guys were in your room.
You smiled as you stepped back a little since whenever you travelled with Kurt it made you a little lightheaded.
“Goodnight, my love.” Kurt smiled sweetly.
“Wait.” You grabbed his hand before he could leave. “I didn’t say you had to go.”
There was a moment of silence between the two of you where you saw Kurt falter.
“Stay with me tonight?” You ask, knowing he didn’t fully understand what you meant. “If you want” You added, not wanting to pressure him.
“the lord have blessed me with an angel, and I shall obey her wishes.” Kurt breaths before his arms encircle you and his lips once again meet yours.

I just finished call me by your name and I havent stopped crying since five minutes into the movie. It was so amazingly good. Honestly I have never seen a book adapted so flawlessly into a film. The fact that it was my FAVORITE book and I feel this strongly that it was amazing say a lot, honestly. 

My only complaint is that people who did not read the book are going into the aftermath of the peach scene absolutely contextless and Olivers actions and Elios reactions in that scene could seem VERY BAD if you don’t actually know what was going through Elios head at the time. Seeing it solely as action-to-reaction make it seem so cruel and BAD if you dont know the real reasons Elio becomes so upset.

 I wondered why so many people saw Oliver as an aggressive predatory character after the movie, because that it absolutely not the case he handles Elio so carefully and navigates the complications of their relationship with such tenderness i couldnt get how some people could see him as anything other than an awkward but completely consensual lover who truly loved Elio and wanted the best for him,  and honestly I completely believe it was because of how poorly that scene translated to film. However, Elio voicing his feelings at the end really helped save it if you actually caught his dialogue there and stayed open minded to Oliver as a character after. 

A lot of people complained about the ending not actually… being the ending of the book. Not that its different than the ending- it just cuts off before the books ending. There is more to the story that wasnt covered in the movie. And yes, it does absolutely rip away a happy ending. Ouch. However I encourage everyone who loved these characters from the movie to go and read the book and then get to cash in on the glory that is the true book ending I promise, you will not regret this. The book is amazing, truly. 

I truly doubt anyone could have played these characters even a bit better. Timothee chalamet plays Elio exactly how I have always envisioned him, and Armie Hammer is such a handsome American man he made the perfect Oliver. The acting in this film is so amazing I dont understand how it isn’t all genuine. There is such love in their eyes, such raw emotion on their faces. I was in total awe at the performance. 

Olivers trepidation is so well played in the movie. I think something This movie has that the book didnt, is that we get to see things from olivers eyes , too. We get to see how scared he is of hurting Elio and how much he understands that what they have is special and sacred but ultimately, will end hurting them both. We get to see his internal struggle play out alongside Elios 

And dont even get me started on the amazing cinematography. WOO. One of the most aesthetically pleasing movies I have ever laid eyes on. I wish more Movies were shot in little Italian towns, in summer with sun rays beating down and a beautiful full sky of stars at night. 

Honestly everything about this movie was so amazing to me. I havent felt this.. fulfilled after watching a movie adaptation of a book, ever in my life. 

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This is gonna seem wierd but what anime do you keep reblogging it looks really good?๐Ÿ˜Š


Let me show you:

Yuri!!! On Ice

I’d say it’s the hottest(by means of popularity but i guess viktor dumbassforov is hot too lol) anime this season if we exclude sequels like haikyuu’s s3 and bungou’s s2

Without giving away too much it’s about a guy who feels like a failure because he fell last place in the ice skating grand prix finals and humiliated himself in front of his idol. He’s starting to doubt himself and the future of his ice skating career. Well, at least something happened and the rest is just too good to tell 

I think it’s the most realistic sports anime ever released, dare I say the realest anime ever released; ranging from incredible animation (they actually look like actual human ice skaters it’s almost terrifying) to the most human and well developed characters to a realistic plot that gives you a taste of something like this is what a real relationship is or humans are so flawed.

So the first main guy is named Katsuki Yuuri (often spelt as yuri but yuuri is more correct)

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He’s Japan’s top skater but he fell sixth in the grand prix series due to recent events that caused him stress and pressure. He’s not as pure as you think.looking at you, eros yuuri

Next is:

Trashbag Nikiforov

Viktor Nikifohoe

Victor Viktor Nikiforov !!!

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He looks like a handsome flirty man and he’s considered as Russia’s living legend and he’s yuuri’s idol ever since he was like, a fetus; but he is actually a big dork and kind of an airhead and he loves dogs!!

But - he’s just as flawed as any other human being.

One day he decides to do smth incredible unexpected > ??????? > profit!

(i love him so much you dont’ understand he’s so beautiful i started crying in ten languages do you see how flawed he is he looks so beautiful even in his derpiest screenshots i lvoe him so much i lvoe viktor nikiforov so mcuh)

the next main character is Tsukishima Kei Yurio Plisetsky

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I never signed an adoption paper so fast. Yurio is ur very typical flawed teenager. Moodiness, often grumpy, very aggressive when it comes to winning. but he’s exceptionally talented and skilled, to the point where he became the junior world championship’s gold medalist. 

now for the main character.


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he is viktor’s dog and he is the

most important character in this show

these three people are connected to each other in a way and it shows how dynamic one’s relation with someone can be

it’s also um

gay kinda gay really gay sO FUCKING GAY YOU DONT UNDERSTAND it also shows an extremely natural and realistic portrayal of a homosexual relationship (i wouldnt say whose but it should be pretty obvious lol) that it broke barriers and expectations 

the homesexual themes might put people off but it’s portrayed properly you can almost feel like it’s natural (and it is. any kind of relationship whether it’s wlw or mlm or what, it’s natural ok and it’s perfectly fine) and it actually makes the show tastier.


it’s not queerbait.

all jokes aside

this anime is worth watching by animations and story alone, but the music is phenomenal as well.


(my uncle loves it as well so as my father and tbh almost my whole fam watches it)

[160402] Teen Top Red Point Live in NYC Fan Account

i really wanted make a good fan account of teen top concert but im still in post concert exhaustion/depression stage… so ill gonna bullet point things i remember…..

  • they came out for the rehearsal like ethereal beings. i saw ricky first and was in awe HE WAS STUNNING. 
  • they looked tired, but they are more beautiful and handsome in real life than in any pictures ive ever seen
  • changjo wore a white tee and black pants HE LOOK SO GOOD BOOTY AND BOOP AND ALL. he also had a nice middle part!! (i usually dont prefer changjo in middle parts but it was perfect length he looked so hot i was not okay)
  • cap wore expensive trash bag during rehearsal 
  • they performed im sorry and dont i for rehearsal and answer 3 question and were very confused bc organizers suck!!!!
  • during ‘don’t i’ rehearsal i saw changjo body roll on the ground i was so???/???/???!!?! is this real??/ is he real??/? it was SO HOT I REALLY WISH I WAS RECORDING 
  • chunstra happened!!! tlist literally FLAGGED chunji down to pick kettle for Q&A !!! After he saw us waving our hands and pointing at kestra HE PICKED HER WHEN HE WAS ABOUT TO PICK SOMEONE ON OPPOSITE SIDE OF CROWD SCREAMS #CHUNSTRAISREAL
  • they were walking on the balcony btw the rehearsal and the show… changjo looked down at us and saluted…i cry asjdhk
  • the mics were horrible and the sound went out during ah ah, they all were giggling/smiling and angels started singing along to make up for it and they picked up right where they left off perfectly… amazing they are amazing
  • uhhh my eyes were pretty much glued to ricky and changjo the entire night they perform so well they are so fun to watch!!!!!
  • i lost 75% of my voice to just ricky alone bc i wanted him to know i loved him and he deserves the world
  • i have to tell a thing about ricky… u could tell he was really tired, but my friend nao wore a cute ricky headband. her and i were literally screaming for him the whole night and i think it made him really happy and his energy got higher and higher throughout the night. he gave every performance and dance 200%. if the world was a perfect place everyone would be a ricky stan. 
  • during a talk ricky said he was enjoying the show bc of our energy and i was so :’) 
  • during ‘i wanna love’ ricky was on our side of the stage. so ofc i waved my light stick and called out his name… he saw and made small eye contact with me… THEN HE NODDED AND POINTED AT ME like “Yes Hello i see you”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i then proceeded to scream bloody murder and died lmao. my whole night was made with that one gesture. i love ricky so much words cannot describe. he had incredible fan service throughout the entire concert!
  • my fancam from when ricky pointing at me is on twitter here :’)
  • its also at 1:46 of this video if anyone cares at all :’)
  • ummm they are so in synch i swear to god in my  ‘warning sign’ fan cam ( they jump in perfect synchronization i shed tears
  • during ‘i wanna love’ ljoe made a heart (i think he thought it was the end of the song heh) but it wasn’t the end so he got a little embarrassed and started smiling/laughing and chunji saw it too and laughed at him… SO CUTE
  • ricky RIPPED HIS PANTS like 4 songs in and had to go change!!!!! GOD BLESS THOSE THIGHS!!!! 
  • ljoe said to us “you know you guys are still………. pretty!” (gross)
  • cap’s solo was really hot i literally just stood there like “is this really happening??” he covered action bronson’s ‘baby blue’ and said ‘bitch’ multiple times i loved it he is very charismatic when he raps!!!!! he wore a comfy oversized sweater and looked Good. after baby blue he took it off but there was tee shirt under so sad
  • changjo performed ‘i fancy u’ by crush and killed it and also killed me!!! it was literally the highlight of the concert. his voice was amazing he did high notes and all so perfectly… he did a little shoulder roll ;;;; and little bit of rapping it was so HOT HES THE BEST
  • idk which song it was but ricky took a fan’s phone and took selcas. he tried to give it back to her but he couldn’t reach past the barricade haha. chunji had to lend him a hand while he reached over and returned the phone… i love chunrick :’)
  • i teared up during ‘cry’ bc it was beautiful, teen top is so beautiful
  • i also cried bc they showed a VCR of their practice footage and with a message that said “thank you for your support we promise to come back and give you a better performance” “pls be happy til we meet again” then the tears hit me….bc they make me so happy i was very emotional
  • at the end niel said merry christmas to us…. and changjo said good morning…. so cute;;
  • i stood behind ricky during the photo session…i was so starstruck. he was literally perfect and so sweet. his face is baby face, but very handsome with flawless soft skin;;;; he literally turned around in his seat to say ‘hello’ i said ‘hi’ really nervously back at him then i looked at changjo who was sitting right beside him… changjo was so big and beautiful i love his face. he has such nice bone structure;; so handsome. then i was said “ricky i love you so much” then he looked at me like “oooo hehe thank you” KAJShdlksj
  • when we took the picture ricky wasn’t facing forward he was turned half way in this seat and im so nervous to see how the family photo turns out aslkdjhask
  • niel was first for hitouch which overwhelmed me, istg he is so beautiful…. tbh the first things i noticed was his LIPS and his pretty almond shaped eyes!!
  • then it was chunji who looked like a porcelain doll he was literally glowing i dont understand how one can be that beautiful
  • when i went to hi-five ljoe, he was so c*te…. he was smiling at me and i just froze and i think i told him i loved him bc im gross. his skin looked so smooth i couldnt look at him for long bc he was very attractive (i hate him)
  • caps tattoos were really hot thats all i remember lmao 
  • i really dont remember my hitouch with changjo or ricky at all and it makes me so sad its all a blur bc i was so nervous :( but i told them both i loved them i touched their hands a little longer bc i didnt wanna leave :(
  • all i remember was changjo’s hands were really big and soft
  • all of teen top’s hands were soft!!!
  • in conclusion i love teen top with every fiber of my being they deserve the world and more…. so polite, so sweet, amazing live performers… just…. AMAZING. if you ever get the chance to see these boys live 10/10 would highly recommend!!!!!! 
Sexy MotherClucker Friday <3

Mark Tuan

Mark is a Taiwanese-American Rapper and Martial Arts dancer in the Korean boy Group GOT7

Born in LA, California on Sept 4, 1993.  He is 5'9

His family is super close, His father even has a following on twitter, he spams funny jokes and cute anecdotes about Mark for Igot7s to enjoy :)

Mark has random bouts of extreme aegyo that just attack out of NOWHERE!!!

But he is also Beautiful and Handsome and Perfect and i am so mad at that …..

You understands how i feel, dont you Jackson?


Plus he is a HUGE TEASE and it hurts my soul !

He is just Too Much


Chloe Bennett just delivered the coolest scene in Agents of SHIELD’s two seasons.

Its official. Skye is a superhero. First we get her Quaking those dudes right in front of Ward’s bitch ass face, and then we get a ONE SHOT take of Skye going Black Widow on those HYDRA agents. Sweet lord that was awesome. Now they need to clear up what we should call her. Skye, Daisy, Quake.

Thank god nobody defended or forgave Ward. I dont care how handsome and charming he is. For him to be forgiven for all of the horrible things he has done, would make SHIELD hypocrites for every villain they face in the future. 

Unlike Ward, Mack never killed any innocent people, so if its anybody that we shouldn’t hate anymore its him. Thank god no one died tonight. I was sure that was gonna happen.Simmons is a darker person than she used to e, and I understand her hatred of Ward, but she could have waited until later. She could have gotten herself killed.

Now I cant wait for Thursday night. Age of Ultron.