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In which I played around with the scenario where everyone looks the same except Astrid is still taller than Hiccup. Its quite funny in my head, don’t mind me ^^’’’

Anyways hope you guys enjoy and hopefully more art from me is on the way!


“And some good did come from that night.”

“Yeah? Like what?”

“…Oh…Well, um…I never touched a drop of alcohol after that.”

“Wait, what? Did you say paternity? Who ordered that?”

“Uhhh, doesn’t say. Results, results, results. Lets see, ‘the probability of Ryan Dalias being the child of Horace Urvidian is greater than 99.99%. The bio  statistical analysis of the PCR-”

*noises of disbelief* “What?”

“Greater than 99.99% Horace Urvidian?”

*prolonged screaming*

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hey. doctor/master fandom. if i set up a discord server, would you be interested in joining me?

(art, fic, discussion, and general doctor who talk all welcome! reply/like if you’re interested and i’ll post a link in the comments if i make it)

my gpa is higher now than its ever been n im kinda proud of myself



Coloring Book is a visual album of Chance the Rapper’s latest mixtape of the same name. Each song of the mixtape is represented by a poster, each poster taking on the emotion of the song.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the love y'all. I just finished my latest project, a little throwback this time: Yeezus. I hope y'all like it:


Kylux - On The Upper Glass Shelf

Porcelain doll Hux and cracked Knight Kylo Ren from “On The Upper Glass Shelf” by courgette96 on AO3

// @courgette96 I hope you like it and it lives up to your awesome imagination! Your fic is so poetically beautiful and tragically romantic. Thank you for the support and thank you for the Kylux! <3

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Whaddup can you recommend me some venom comics? I wanna read them but i don't know where to start (and the website i use doesn't have all of them)

okay ngl i read all comics out of order so ill try my best here

Venom: Lethal protecter is where alot of the movie stems from

Maximum Carnage will help explain that one post credits scene

And alot of people, including me, reccomend reading Venom (2016-now) starting from issue 150 

Personally the older ones arent my fav but if you do wanna read completely chronologically here is a link to help you!!

also heres this panel as a gift

Today’s Take is on: bad brothers

I don’t think that Sans is entirely a bad brother. Or even a bad person. A bad friend? Maybe. The same goes for Papyrus, even, for the people who argue it. But I think many people compare Papyrus and Sans’ relationship to a relationship between close friends, or they’re building up this huge idealistic thing that hardly any siblings will ever have, and certainly not those two.

Sans speaks a little down about his brother and refers to some of his habits/quirks in a childish manner? That’s just what siblings do, fam. He’s not gonna see his brother as this sweet, adorable figure, because he has to live with him.

Papyrus tells lies around Sans to seem a little dumber? Maybe he’s going to have the upper hand and completely blow Sans’ mind one day. Besides, half of it is for kicks and giggles, a joke system only between brothers. A constant set-up for jokes and lame comments.

Sans promised to “watch over” the human and supposedly lets them kill Papyrus? Listen, man, Papyrus is an adult, and a pretty strong one at that. They both may have underestimated the human, and Sans isn’t the loyal guardian who’s pledged a life-debt to his brother.

Papyrus seems less happy around his brother? Do you have any idea how much of a drag it can be to constantly be near one person who never leaves you alone and is a total pun-ttention hog??? Honestly, he needs a break.

TL;DR: Neither one of them is a bad brother, they’re just siblings who hardly get a break from the other and it shows.

This wasn’t a hollow threat.I believe he will deliver… very soon.

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