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only a little shy  ➳ theo raeken

AN//i’m pretty shy, so i went off of what i would do, hope you like it! part 2?

request: can you write a theo imagine where the reader is a shy werewolf, and she gets paired with him for a school project? thanks! :)

Stieg Larsson once wrote, “But she wished she had had the guts to go up to him and say hello. Or possibly break his legs, she wasn’t sure which.” 

This is exactly how you felt about Theo. Was he hot? Hell yeah. Would Y/N ever talk to him? Hell no. You were are werewolf, in Scott’s pack of all things. You knew exactly what had happened between them and everything that Theo had done, but you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him. It’s not like you were ever going to do anything about it, even if you wanted to, you were way too shy for confrontation. 


“Alright guys, so today you’re getting paired up for the start of your new unit project!” your teacher announced. You listened for your name, doodling on the notes sheet in front you. 

“Theo and Y/N, you two are going to be partners.” the teacher said, going back to reading names off the list. Theo turned to look at you and  you smiled softly, which he returned with a smirk. You stood up to go sit next to him and he stood at the same time, you both slightly laughed.

“Sorry,” you said softly with a red face , going to take the seat next to him.

“You okay? Your heart is beating really fast. I don’t make you nervous, do I?” he smirked.

“Shut up.” you said, feeling your face heat up. He dropped it, which you were thankful for. 

“So, how do you want to do this? We could make a poster or a slideshow or something.” 

“I don’t care.” he shrugged. You sat there in silence, not knowing what to say.

“You really are shy, aren’t you? Your heart is still beating really fast.”

“Only a little bit.” you replied quietly.

“No, it’s like really loud.” he prodded.

“Then stop listening!” you exclaimed, your eyes flashing yellow. “Look,” you took a breath, calming yourself down, “You and I don’t get along, we’re not going to get along and we are going to this project and move on with our lives as if it never happened. Alright?”

“Damn, whatever you say, princess.” he hissed, shocked that you had that much rage in you. You looked down at your paper, suddenly getting as nervous as you were before. 


“Why don’t you like me?” he interrupted .

“Wh-What?” you stuttered.

“What did I do to you, to make you so mad at me?” 

“Are you kidding me?” you whispered to yourself, but you know he heard it. “You tried to kill one of my best friends, and my alpha, you put another one of my best friends in Eichen, and most of all, you lied. Everything you’ve ever said, to any of us, has been a lie.” 

“I never meant to hurt you. You, in particular.”

You sat there silently, not knowing what else to say. 

“Alright, so, chromosomes.” you said, taking out your notes. He grabbed your hand, stopping your movements and you knew you looked like a deer in the headlights. Lucky deer though, they get to run away. He tried so hard to ignore your heartbeat ringing through his ears, he wasn’t even trying to hear it, but he did and he couldn’t help but smile softly.

“I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen you smile.” you smiled back, “And it’s not even a sarcastic smile, wow.”

He put his head down on the desk, obviously embarrassed by you pointing it out. Payback. You listened to his heartbeat and it was almost as fast and loud as yours was.

“Aw, I don’t make you nervous, do I?” you asked innocently, making fun of him.

“Shut up.” he groaned. You giggled, you had never joked around with anyone that you were partnered up with like this, you usually just get the work done and avoid awkward eye contact, but with him, it was kind of… different. But then you remembered what he had done. What he continues to do. Groaning, you put your face into your hands.

“Come on, seriously, we need to work.” you said, turning cold again. Theo just looked at you like you were royalty or something. You looked at him, and turned back to your work, your face heating up. He didn’t stop looking at you though, so you just put your thoughts aside and started reading over the rubric. Theo reached out to brush a strand of your hair away from your face, but you jolted away.

“S-Sorry, couldn’t help it.” he smiled sheepishly. Okay, who are you and what have you done with Theo Raeken? 

You just shook your head, and went back to reading, but he still wasn’t paying attention to the work. Figuring he was just going to make you do the whole project by yourself, you took out a piece of paper and started to sketch out a rough draft for your poster.

“I really like the way you have it setup, but what if,” he moved in closer, putting an arm around the back of your chair, “you moved this column,” he pointed, “over to… here” he said, dragging his finger across the paper, looking at you, your faces dangerously close.

“O-okay.” you stuttered. He smiled softly and you returned it, not knowing what else to do.

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If you actually read the theories a lot of the larrie logic is sound. Those initial outings with a named Briana, the lacklustre GMA confirmation, the complete blacklist of the topic, the J-Wirth's calling him out as a dead-beat dad... it all fits. (Except those saying there is no baby) Up until the baby was born that is! Technically some of their theories hold merit and are plausible but morally: just no. That's when I stopped. How they think Louis would do this I will never understand.

If you go back and view all of those things without larry-tinhat goggles, they actually all make sense and you don’t even have to reach to understand them. 

Louis met Briana in a club and they had fun together. He went out with her several times after that and somewhere along the way, they had sex and created a baby. It didn’t work out for them romantically, but it is what it is. Pretty black and white stuff here.

I’m not sure if you have gone back to watch that GMA confirmation with a fresh set of eyes, but I wish you would. When I went back and re-watched it, I realized that I was initially projecting my own feelings on Louis. Now when I watch it, I see a young man who is actually kind of excited about it. His smile reaches his eyes and he’s gracious. I don’t get lackluster vibes at all, tbh. 

I think he blacklisted the topic because there was nothing more to say. Was he supposed to answer questions about baby names and nursery themes? I mean really, what did the fandom want? He’s a musician, he’s there to discuss his music - his personal life is not any of our business. 

And regarding the Jungwirth’s social media commentary - I’m sure that they were a bit hurt that he chose to start a relationship with Danielle, as they were probably hoping that he and Briana would get together. I think that they probably saw him out there partying and living it up in December and they expected him to be a deadbeat dad. But now that his child has arrived, they all seem to have really changed their tunes and have been singing his praises. 

So yeah. I think that this version of events is the only one that makes any sense whatsoever. Especially when you consider we don’t have to add villains, fake tweets, coverups, stunts, NDAs for everyone from the US to the UK, fake photos, fake pregnancies, shady doctors, shady hospitals, fake birth certificates and enormous amounts of money to make it all fit. 


A request from a friend. :) I hope you guys enjoy it!! <3 - Chelsea

Don’t you just hate love? Don’t you hate how it makes you feel? I do. You see, love is like some kind of monster grabbing you by the throat and saying “Sorry darling, you’re going to love this person, even if you don’t want to”. But, of course there are those times where the love is real. But, there are those time where you’re not sure about who you love, even though you think you love them both equally, yeah, that’s my situation.

Being in the pack is awesome and everything, everyone is cool and amazing. The only downside is that when you meet the certain people in the pack that give you butterflies in your stomach and make you want to love them forever; you want to just dig up your own grave; especially if it’s between two people. But, here’s the thing, one of them isn’t in the pack. His name is Theo and he’s amazingly hot, and he’s very smart. The way he looks at me just makes me melt. He always gives me that bright smile that keeps my warm. I can just down in his beautiful eyes.

The other day he wanted me to come over to his house and have a study session. It ended up with him pleasuring me under the sheets while he kisses me all over. And when I mean all over, I mean all over. Let me give you a list; He kissed around my stomach, and hot damn he was so gentle and teasingly about it, next was my chest and around my breasts moving up to my neck and giving gently kisses, his lips were barely touching my skin, then he started to nip at my neck. I was a complete mess, because as he was kissing me everyone, turning me on even more, he was pumping his fingers in and out of me slowly; he was a very gentle person when it came to pleasure. He began to kiss my jaw line and nipped there as well.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself Y/N. I know you haven’t said you are, but I can smell it, and I can feel it. I can see the way your body is moving, the way it is reacting to my touch, and the way it’s noticing my finger in your insides.” He said as he breathed softly. I moaned silently as I bit my bottom lip a bit hard. He pulled his fingers out of me and ran his hand up my stomach and wrapped his hand around my neck, but wasn’t choking me. He stood up and held himself above me, and kissed my lips softly. “At some point you’re going to want me.” He smiled and crawled off his bed. “I should take you home now, so your parents don’t get worried. It’s only 11:00 PM.” I looked at the ceiling; I didn’t want that moment to end.

Then the next day, Isaac wanted to hang out in the school library and maybe study for our final in Algebra 2. So I agreed and we hung out. We talked about the homework for about a half hour and then we drifted off the subject and started to talk about more personal subjects.

“You know, Y/N, I’ve been watching you whenever the pack is together. You’re a beautiful sight and I just can’t help myself to think of you in my bedroom getting ready to take a warm shower slowly taking off your silk robe, showing you lace panties and bra. Then I would end up behind you, slowly pulling your bra straps down your arms as I give you gentle kisses around your neck, and eventually sliding my hand between your thighs, and into your panties, stroking your clit slowly, and I would hear you moan, feeling your hot breath against my neck, and then slide my hand out of your panties and I pull them down, but I wouldn’t be able to pull them down all the way because I want to pleasure you, I want you to be wet for me, so I would slide two of my fingers inside of you, pumping in and out slowly as you moan a little louder. I would kiss around your neck once again and then nip at your skin, sucking on your neck as I pump inside of you a little faster. Then I would pull out of you, pull your panties back up. Pull your bra straps back up to your shoulders; kiss you on the back of your head, and let carry on to whatever you were going to do in the bathroom.”

I sat there; I was biting my lip and was crossing my legs together tightly. I had no idea what to say to that, but I was in shock. Isaac was never one to say things like that. He was always the sweet one that was innocent looking and he was always talking about simple things and I mean just nothing dirty.

Theo is one to be protective over people. But, most of all, the people he cared about, the people he loved. I knew that I was on the top of the list. I know that because whenever I talk to a guy, he always ends up behind me staring at the guy like he was going to rip his head off if he kept talking to me. He always had his eye on me, even if I was doing simple things, like taking notes in class when he sees someone looking at me. He basically studies me during class as he sits behind me, always clicking his pen. But whenever we were alone together, it wasn’t always about sexual pleasure. We would play around, or actually study; we would watch scary movies together where he would hold me tightly as I hide my face between his side and armpit. We would even take naps together, but sometimes I stay awake while he’s asleep, I’ll sniff his neck and smile at the scent of his cologne. His face is so cute while he’s asleep.

When it comes to Isaac, he’s not overprotective. He doesn’t get jealous easily, because he has so much trust in me. He and I will always go take long walks at the park and we’ll go sit down by the lake and he’ll give me his jacket when it gets too cold. He is a human heater after all. We’ll talk about how it would be different if we weren’t a part of the pack. We’ll talk about our past and how we feel about each other’s past. We’ll joke around and he kills me because of making me laugh too hard. Sometimes I’m always afraid that my face will be stuck as a smile on day because he makes me smile so much. When it comes to be night time he’ll drive me home and once we reach my house he’ll give me a soft kiss on the lips and winks at me before he drives off. I’ll sit on the front porch and smile to myself, knowing that I’ll be able to see him again.

But, I love them both.

Theo is a protective, loveable, pleasurable, hot human that would be able to protect me wherever I am.

Isaac is able to make me smile and laugh all the time, he makes my day, he’s sweet, and dreamy, and he always reminds me that he will always be there for me.

But that doesn’t seem good enough for me. Theo will always mean more to me than Isaac, even though I love Isaac with all my heart. He won’t be able to make me as happy as Theo does.


CRAIG: … No.
CRAIG: … I can’t do that to him.
CLYDE: Do what? Swoop him off his feet and swoon the underpants off of him?

CRAIG: You saw how happy he was with the idea of Kyle asking him out. He was giddy and redfaced the whole time he was home.
CRAIG: Without his asshole friends by his side, Kyle’s… he’s okay. Actually, even more than okay - he’s literally amazing.
CRAIG: You’ve both seen how he is with Tweek when he comes over. And he always comes over when there’s nothing to do.
CRAIG: Broflovski is… I hate to say it… but he’s pretty much, well, perfect.

CRAIG: Hotheaded, but intelligent, witty, and overall kindhearted… even if he is a daywalker.
CRAIG: Without us, and Stan, Kenny, and Cartman… they’ve both gravitated to each other.
CRAIG: Pip and Butters followed, and they formed their own group, with Nichole and Jimmy sometimes hanging out with them when they can.
CRAIG: I just… I’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it… how Kyle makes Tweek happy, and vice versa. These six years of being his cats… we’ve seen everything. And Kyle makes Tweek happy, and he makes Kyle happy too. They make each other happier.

CRAIG: And who am I to keep Tweek from something like that?

why do people tell me im fetishizing louis if i think he might be gay or at the very least not straight….. like that doesnt make any sense because his sexuality is not inherently sexual to me ?? and besides as somebody not straight themselves and somebody on the ace spectrum and a person who wouldn’t even date louis it just seems wholly ignorant to say “you only want louis to be gay for you” like no…. i just think he might be not straight based upon me looking at how modest management has handled him and based upon what louis has done and said…. 

like yall really need to stop throwing around words you dont fully understand and @ people you don’t really know 

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Takashi, My harassers are no longer saying that I abuse my child. They're saying I'm a racist who abuses my child and beat my cat to death. It's even effecting my sleep. What should I do? I mean I'm not on tumblr as much anymore so that's not working. And what's the point if a get at least 15 anons claiming the above when I do log on.

For starters, turn off anon.

They’re a bunch of cowards who keep abusing that to mess with you.

See how many of them keep saying that to you when you take away their ability to hide behind a mask.

Beyond that, I’m afraid the best you can do is report them to staff and hope Staff decides to be competent for once. 

That, or keep track of every single one, post their messages, and show the world what you have to put up with.

Bringing light to the issue might force staff to actually do something. 

To all those people who are comparing EXO to other groups and are saying they are untalented.

You can have your preference. There is nothing wrong with stanning a group. You can have your opinions but there is something called respect and being open minded. Do you even know how many hardships EXO has faced, with their company, with their members, sometimes even their fans. But even after all that they stayed as one. They worked even harder and no matter what they gave their love to EXO-Ls. Do you see the amount of stage performances they do, and they do it happily, there vocals are the most powerful vocals I have seen, there dancing is so natural and smooth, and every members counts. EXO is a group I respect. Through so much they still have fun and still pursue their dreams with passion and power.

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Remember linden ashbys tweet saying that in 5x20 there's a scene that's "been a long time coming" or something and how the finale is so amazing( I can't remember the exact tweet but j thought it was something like that) what if it's a stydia kiss ugh. I can only hope

Y’all, we couldn’t even handle 5x16. 


I mean, for the love of–

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could you explain how important advanced math is, even for folks who aren't going to go into fields of work requiring advanced math?

maths is what lets new and better technology be made, new analysis techniques for experimental and real-life data, prediction of crimes (mathematical criminology is a real thing it’s so interesting), prediction and prevention of disasters, weather forecasting, did I say better technology, medical equipment improvements, al sorts. Advanced maths is what lets us understand what we’re doing and what the world around us is doing, and its applications are without a doubt endless. Maths is still shit

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Hi Chris, I've followed you for ages and I really admire your hard work and dedication. I've used food as crutch this past year after dealing with depression and anxiety. My question is this: have you ever used food as a comfort and let it get to the extreme, and if so how did you overcome it? I've put on so much weight after dealing with everything and now I'm finally in a better headspace but I can't cut my bad habits for love nor money, I was just wondering if you had any advice? Xx

Yes, I’ve absolutely done that before. For about 5 years. That’s how I reached my highest weight. I had to change my relationship with food. I used to try to starve myself, then something would happen and I would binge, and then I would feel sad/disappointed in myself/hopeless and eat even more to try to make myself feel better.

The best thing you can do is remove emotion from food. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go out for an awesome meal or drink champagne as celebration. I’m talking about the literal act of eating itself. Eating is not bad. It is not something to feel guilty about. You don’t have to do anything to “deserve” food.

On the other side of it, you need to realize that eating isn’t going to solve your problems. Food can’t fix sadness and it can’t take the place of whatever you feel like you’re missing. Overcoming an emotional attachment to food is hard. It takes time. It requires you to really listen to your body, identify WHY you want to eat (are you hungry? are you bored? are you tired? are you sad?) and then coming up with other ways to deal with those reasons other than hunger. Journal about how you’re feeling, talk to a friend, confront the actual problem (talk about it, don’t eat about it), make a post on tumblr to distract yourself, take a walk, watch Netflix, drink some water and read a book….whatever you need to do.

Face your problems, set goals for yourself that include channeling negative feelings in a different way, and go after them. You can do this.

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I know Tywin always considered Jaime his rightful heir, even after he took his kingsguard vowes. But how would that work in practice? Did Tywin think as soon as he'd die the king (Tommen, in that case) would just "release" Jaime from the kingsguard? Because to me it seems clear that Cersei wouldn't let that happen. What do you think about it?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Tywin says how he’d do it toward the end of A Storm of Swords:

“I can,” he interrupted. “And I will. There’s precedent. I’ll look in the White Book and find it, if you like. Crippled or whole, a knight of the Kingsguard serves for life.”

“Cersei ended that when she replaced Ser Barristan on grounds of age. A suitable gift to the Faith will persuade the High Septon to release you from your vows. Your sister was foolish to dismiss Selmy, admittedly, but now that she has opened the gates—”

“You do.” Lord Tywin rose as well. “A duty to House Lannister. You are the heir to Casterly Rock. That is where you should be. Tommen should accompany you, as your ward and squire. The Rock is where he’ll learn to be a Lannister, and I want him away from his mother. I mean to find a new husband for Cersei. Oberyn Martell perhaps, once I convince Lord Tyrell that the match does not threaten Highgarden. And it is past time you were wed. The Tyrells are now insisting that Margaery be wed to Tommen, but if I were to offer you instead - ”

To understand Tywin it is important to understand his mindset. Jaime as the heir to the Rock is fact, not hope; Tywin acts from that fact rather than treating Jaime’s eventual inheritance as a goal he needs to work toward. Tywin will pay off the Faith and marry Jaime (so that there’s no question of him rejoining the Kingsguard later - Cersei established that a king could dismiss a Kingsguard before the lifetime service ended, but it has always been precedent that married men could not join), and all dissent will be silenced. Tywin does not care what Cersei personally wants from Jaime; indeed, he would be eager to get Jaime away and hopefully quiet those tongues whispering rumors of incest. He is the fearsome Lord Tywin, and men tremble at his words: his children will obey him.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

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I've got a question! Do you say Seamus Shay-mus or C-mus? That always bugs me.

I have always said it Shay-mus. However, it might be one of those words like scone where no one can agree how to pronounce it depending where they come from. Certainly, the Irish pronunciation is Shay-mus and, since the name was originally a Gaelic form of James, I feel this is the safest pronunciation to go for, even if it does look like it should be said C-mus.


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Hey, I have an issue. I'm very self conscious about my body and I don't know what to do. Like part of me wants to embrace my body & accept who I am but I also want to lose weight. People are always judgin me and insultin me & I feel so upset and ugly

Okay so one of the main reasons people bully is because of how they feel about themselves. It’s makes them have a sense of power.
Write down 5 things you like about yourself it could be your hobbies, school etc.
Remind yourself of these daily. You can even put reminders on your phone at certain times each of the positive things about yourself will pop up.
Embrace your body!! As for losing weight it’s up to you. What’s best for you. But whatever it is don’t go extreme. And do it for yourself. Not for anyone else. Once you start to accept yourself what anyone says about you doesn’t matter. Only you know you 🤗

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hey N, here's an interesting question, do you think most people realize that we're following a bloodline through the animus? because I saw a confession about being Altair's dad and it talked about having a little Altair which, by game logic, would be impossible. just wanted your opinion on the subject.

I was gonna say something about how Abstergo keeps improving their animus technology or whatever but fuck it. It’s a game. Stop taking it sooooo seriously and have fun, even if it’s making up AUs.


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here's a thought : you know how stydia fans always say that stalia sex scene was a rape because stiles had been medically treated in eichen? well same goes to those stydia scenes last episode. lydia had been tortured and probably medicated in eichen house and she didn't know what she was saying or doing, she could barely even stand straight (at least if we play the same dirty game stydia fans do)

Well, that’s true.. Also how they romanticized the kiss in 3x11, like he had a panic attack? So ugh, I hate these ship wars, completely unnecessary !

I hit 400... how ‘bout a stream?

It took 5,210 shit posts to get here u.u

I want to do something special this time around… would you guys watch a livestream by me? Wouldn’t it be cool if it was a VALENTINE’S STREAM where I take doodle requests of your FAVE LOVE LIVE SHIPS (maybe even yuru yuri if you ask)???? Bruh, it’s Femslash February!

Psst, if you’re down to clown with me on a Friday or Sunday night stream, like this post or shoot me an ask saying if you’d come because what’s the point of a stream for my followers without my followers??  ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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How do you think people would react if The Skin Of Our Teeth was published today? (Not even if Thorton Wilder write it-just any person)

Oh hey I did this show not too long ago! I actually think it’s very timely, with the global warming concerns, the double life of politicians, evolution, and the end of the world. It has some great things to say about private life vs public life.

It is also batshit crazy.

Part of the issue I see is that some of the styles it’s mocking (melodrama, mostly) aren’t as popular nowadays, so the parody may not register. Though I think even people who aren’t familiar with that form can tell a bad production when they see it. I like the idea of the audience focusing in for the show, seeing Sabina overacting and Mrs. Antrobus missing her cue and the anxious SM coming out, would make for a wonderfully unsettling bit of metatheater.

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How do you write such good porn as an ace?

Oh let’s not pull the punches dearest nonny. I’m not just ace, I’m a virgin, sex-repulsed asexual. But that has nothing to do with writing sex. 

When I write, I think abut the situation, I think about the senses, what would I be able to see? What would I feel, taste, smell? Then I take a step back and look at it from an outsider perspective so that when people read, they’re not a part of the action but rather passive observers who have access to all the information 

But more important to writing good smut, you need to read. Like read a lot. Not even smut, just read anything you can get your hands on. Learn new words, learn how to say something exactly the way you see it in your head, learn to translate that picture in your head onto paper. 

Sexuality does not define your skills.