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What do you think of them saying Louis wasn't the only guy she slept with? Even if this ends babygate it still suggests Louis had sex with her and he 'confirmed' cuz he thought it was really his baby. How would they explain that later if he plans to come out with Harry relatively soon?

That will all be forgotten once they come out. Most people know what a closet is and no one will hold them to this shit.


There are two tips that I have learned in the fitness industry that struck home for me. 

1. I can do this.

Never say the word “can’t,” during your workout. Even in your head. I followed Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide for a little bit with the modifications I needed, and read her blog for a bit. She had one article where she talks about how her clients had to do 10 burpees for every time the client said, “can’t.” Any single time I am on my last set of reps have a little doubt, I followed Kayla’s advice where you say optimistic phrasing in your head/out loud, such as “This is really hard, i’m struggling with these last 4,” etc. By maintaining a positive mindset, you’ll have her head in a better space during your workout.

2. Bad days built better days

Everybody has bad days. Whether it may be a bad workout, or an unhealthy meal(s) you’ve consumed, it’s not the end of the world. Realize you didn’t like the actions you’ve made before and tell yourself, “Okay, tomorrow is a new day. I don’t care what I ate yesterday. I don’t care if I haven’t worked out yesterday. The past is in the past and I’m going to forgive myself and be a better me tomorrow.” It may sound silly, but so many people will binge eat, or avoid the gym because they feel they aren’t “good enough,” after not going for several weeks/months. Everybody makes mistakes; forgive yourself! You need to start loving your body to make the fitness journey a positive one, as your body is a temple and it will treat you well if you do the same. 

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4 & lucaya

Request a number with a ship/character from this post

4- “Because I’m in love with you and you can’t even see it”
Ship: Lucas x Maya
Fandom: girl meets world


“What’s your problem?” Maya snapped at Lucas as her date walked away from her “this is the 4th guy you’ve scared away from me”

“They’re just not the right person for you” Lucas said trying to calm her down

“How do you know that?” Maya asked with obvious anger in her voice

Lucas didn’t know what to say “I just do” He muttered

“No you didn’t!” Maya yelled “Why do you keep pushing guys away from me”

“Because I’m in love with you, Maya” he replied with a voice barely above a whisper “Because I'm in love with you and you can’t even see it”

Maya stared at him, unable to speak a word

“And you obviously don’t feel the same” Lucas sighed “I know you coul-”

He was stopped by Maya’s lips crashing into his

You invite me to dinner and
I have to remind myself that this isn’t special.
You smile and laugh and
I’ve already forgotten to believe it. Then

You mention her name

Like you’re just talking about a change in the weather
And I think maybe you are
Because all of the air in the room is gone
And it’s everything I can do not to beg you to resuscitate me.

So I listen and I smile and
I don’t ask how you can say her name the same way
You used to breathe mine.
I don’t point out the way you watch my lips when I talk,
Like you need to taste something other than her love.
Because we both know that’s just who you are—

This does not make me special to you.

Even when you love you do it with one eye open.
I know this because you used to love me.
You used to love me with one hand on the nearest exit
And the words “I’m sorry” like the softest lullaby I’d ever heard.

I’m trying not to look like your exit sign tonight.
I’m trying to close both eyes and sing myself to sleep.
I’m trying to love myself completely the way you never could.

—  “I’m trying” by Kelly M
I hope to wake up one day without trying to check my phone for your messages. Someday, I hope to spend the day all by myself without you crossing my mind even for just a while. I hope to find myself not longing for your touch or presence. Or maybe hear about how you are doing from a friend and not feel a tinge of regret or bitterness because of how we ended. I hope to cross paths with you one day without ever having to panic about what to say to you or if I’d just pretend I didn’t see you. Instead, I could smile with confidence and sincerity because I am okay, I feel better; and I can survive without you.
—  (m.b)

9 million subscribers…It’s literally the most surreal thing, I can’t quite get my head around it. It’s just crazy to me because I started this as a hobby, not even knowing where YouTube could go. It’s just really, really…amazing that there are so many of you that watch my videos, just little me, living my life, doing all these cool and crazy things and being given these amazing opportunities, all because you wanted to hit subscribe and watch my videos. I say this a lot but I hope you really, really know how much I mean this when I say I am eternally grateful for all of you that tweet me, comment, like the videos, meet me at my book signings, buy the books, or just want to be involved on this journey with me.

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So Ive been reading some of ur blog and what you say about Percy being mischaracterized in hoo: I dont think thats because WE the readers are mischaracterizing him. Its because for the 1st time we're seeing how other ppl see him; ppl who arent in his head. So we see him as a goofy guy because that's how he presents himself to ppl he deems Not Enemy. Only really in Annabeth's pov do we see him as really SCARY. And thats why in even in other povs youll get the 7 go "woah wait a minute wtf"

That’s not really what I was trying to imply when I said that the characters were mischaracterizing Percy.

I do honestly believe that we the readers are mischaracterizing Percy, because we are taking the first impressions from the characters who know Percy the least (people like Jason, Leo, and Piper) and then treating them as undeniable facts. For example, a lot of the seven has perceived Percy as a mindless goofball, and then a good chunk of the fandom more or less starting perceiving Percy as exactly that and forgot about his other characteristics.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disagreeing with the fact that he has goofy moments, and can be silly at times, but I believe that in a lot of situations, Percy was not trying to act goofy but the characters perceived him as goofy anyway. - Things he was saying sarcastically or in dry sense of humor, were perceived to be factual statements by the rest of the seven excluding Annabeth. For example, when Percy said “The Feast for Tuna” I am nearly 100% certain that he was saying that sarcastically, he knew that that was not what was really said but it sounded similar. But I’ll bet you either Hazel or Frank or Reyna, after hearing him say that in a completely serious tone of voice, assumed that he probably wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. There are many instances were Percy will say things sarcastically but members of the seven think he’s being dumb or oblivious. Something that Piper said in MoA, albeit it was a joke, still irks me to this day. “Percy probably couldn’t find a way out of a paper bag with out you.” 

We all know that that statement wasn’t true, but a lot of the fandom started perceiving Percy as a dumb goofball around the time hoo started coming out. 

Something I distinctly remember when reading the pjo series was how much I loved Percy’s dry sense of humor. But the whole point of dry humor is that you can’t tell when someone is being serious or not. So in Percy’s head, we knew for a fact he was being sarcastic because it was very obvious. In everyone else’s, they thought he was dead serious and was legitimately not the brightest demigod, thus the reader’s perception of him started to change.

That’s what I meant when I thought that the characters and readers were mischaracterizing Percy.

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how do you feel being a gay icon/having a big gay fanbase? does it bothers you or you take it as a compliment?

Well hold on I don’t have a “fan base” that’s extreme. I know my selfies get posted a lot on gay porn blogs and so on. Of course it’s q compliment than anything. When you’re appreciated even if it’s only due to the fact people want your stuff in their butt, you say thank you. Also, I’ve been amazed at how respectful and appropriate everyone has been to me.

can people please stop reblogging that post of the man putting the mouth guard in bucky’s mouth in cap 2 with that comment on it that talks about how that scene “gives them a boner” and how bucky is “sexy” in it. please stop and think next time you reblog that post with that comment because do i really have to tell you why that’s wrong? do i really have to talk about what’s wrong with saying that a mouth guard being put into someone’s mouth /in order for said person to not bite their tongue and choke on their own blood while they’re being tortured/ is “sexy”? i’m not even saying don’t reblog that post, but if you are then just reblog the original, not the one with the “sexy” comment.

Stimulants don't make you magically smart

I think it’s so funny how when people ask me for some of my ADHD medication they say “can I have some of your pills so I can do better on the SATs” or “better on a test” as if the medication makes you smart all of a sudden. And judging by the fact that they were dumb enough to ask for my meds, I’d say they probably wouldn’t do very well even if I did give them a pill because ADDERALL DOESNT FIX STUPID. The people who believe that ADHD medication will suddenly make you smart and do better on a test are those responsible for the idea that ADHD medication is an “unfair advantage” for those who ACTUALLY NEED IT. If I make an A on my test, it’s because I worked hard and applied myself, not because my adderall knows all the answers to the questions.

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Hi! I love your artwork so much and was wondering about your coloring process. I have a tablet and photoshop but I'm a bit intimidated by all of the fancy buttons and don't know how to start.. Plus, I love your drawing style how did you develop it?

Heyy thank you!! .. 

I dont actually use photoshop to do art (its complicated for me, and im too laz y to start learning i t) .. I use paint tool sai, it is much less complicated than photohop in my opinion (and easier to start with i guess) .. and oh boy my coloring process is pretty messy so i’ll try my best ;u; and just remember dont be nervous while coloring or even just sketching .. just go ahead and try experimenting new things and play with the colors/layers, and also remember to have fun while doing that!! 

- ( i really dont consider my self qualified to give coloring tutorials or any other kinds tutorials, because im not a professional at th i s) .. yeah so anyways, i start out with slapping flat colors like so .. I choose the colors mostly by eye and i usually lower the opacity of layers just to soften the colors a lil bit

-  then i start adding shadows to the face, i choose a red orangy sort of color to shade with, then i lower the opacity of the layer to approximately 20% and set it on multiply (thats usually the area that i focus on when applying shadows, and i just leave the rest as flats only)

- and then going over the shadows again with the same red orangy color just to add depth .. but the opacity would be just a little bit higher than the previous shading layer and i usually keep the layer normal

- then i add a blush using a pinkish color (this is unnecessary bUT …. YEA H)

- i also sometimes shade the hair (idk if its called shading but i just add another layer and go over the hair again with the same color and turn the opacity down to like 15%)

- i add a soft glow or shine to the glasses using the white color and setting the layer to overlay with an opacity of 15%

- after im done with the basic process of coloring, i add a new layer, set it on overlay, then i choose a brownish color, and lower the opacity to about 35% just to enrich the colors .. it kinda gives it a nice effect like so

- as for the highlights or lighting .. i just add another layer, set it on overlay with an opacity of 100% (you can lower it down if you want to), then just add some white lines to the face .. 

- then with another overlay layer with an opacity of 95%, i chose a shade of yellow then added some highlights to the clothes + hair + face

- remember while adding highlights to determine the direction of the light (there are plenty of useful tutorials for that)

aand thats pretty much it!! im sorry if this is long, i tried to include everything 

i hope you’ll find it useful!! and thanks again

let’s make a deal

hi guys, i need your help,in particular i need the modders help.

I offer ,in exchange of your art,my art!!

i really don’t know how to create a mod or even if my pc can do that so i ask if there is someone who can modify the amazing mod of hot-fish (she says it’s ok)

 and do a braid similar to this !What do you think?It’s possible?for this amazing favor i repay with a draw of what you want!!

Please read.

I just wanted to say that I’m proud of each and every diabetic there is out there. People do not understand how hard it is to actually live with this condition we call diabetes and people around us will probably never understand how it feels. I have learnt that we are all soooooo strong and it may not seem like it but we are and please don’t doubt for a second that you are. When your hand is trembling because you’re low and you feel like you’re going to throw up but you find the will to eat something even though it repulses you, that shows just how strong you are.
We all have to deal with so many things that other people have no clue about and i just wanted to say that if you ever feel down please talk to me. Because we are our own heroes and we can do this even though sometimes all we want to do is just give up.

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do you think Leliana has a preference towards girls?

I would say that there is obviously a different dynamic between Leliana and how she feels about each gender. Personally, I always got the feeling that she had a preference for women, whether it’s romantically or even just in general. She seems to surround herself with strong women more often than she does with men, from what has been presented to us.

Also there is the fact that with a female Warden, Leliana will make the more decisive moves and initiate flirting more, whereas from what I have seen, the male Warden initiates more of the possible flirting dialogues. To me, that seems as if Leliana is more comfortable approaching women and forming relationships with them.

As I said though, that’s my personal opinion. I would say she leans more towards having a preference for women but really, who can say?

You hear reports on the news. Reports all over the country of people being infected. Slowly at first then more and more.

You hear rumors. It’s spreading fast. No one knows how to stop it. People are saying that those in charge are actually responsible for this. Ideas and conspiracies tossed around like pennies in a mall fountain. “Why would anyone do this?” “Is it population control?” “Are they playing god just for fun?”

It seemed like a joke at first. A big April fools prank.

Then it started happening to people you know. And it sounds worse than you could’ve imagined.

You tell yourself you’re fine. It won’t happen to you. You’re one of the lucky ones and even if it does it’s probably not that bad right? You’ve been through worse

But you know

You know it’s coming

It’s coming for you.

And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

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Biospecialist Things you said while we were driving please!

“Don’t worry,” Skye says, “we kept the Vault just the way you left it.” She’s become remarkably more annoying since shooting him, almost like it’s their first weeks on the Bus again. Except now she has superpowers and knows how to fire a weapon, so that sucks.

He lets his eyes slide away from Skye though and to Simmons, sitting directly across from him. “Which one of us do you think she’s talking to?”

He doesn’t expect an answer, so he’s more than a little surprised when she says, “Honestly, I don’t know.” Her chains rattle when she sighs and then again even worse as the prisoner transport van goes over a pothole. 

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jonghyun getting bullied by school yard bullies for being sensitive and key sticking up for him ;;; fluffy?

Jonghyun had never been a fighter.. and that was perhaps his biggest downfall. Countless times over, he’d had the speech from the school principle about how he needed to ‘stick up for himself’, or at least let him know when he was being bullied and who was the one doing the bullying. Jonghyun was always quick to nod his head and agree with what he was saying, but when it really came down to it, it was like everything went out the window.

“I bet if you kept it up for much longer, you could make him cry!”

“I bet he’s already started! He won’t even look at you!” 

Jonghyun listened to the taunts tailing behind him even while he walked; something that had become a daily routine - one of which he hated dearly, though he just wasn’t brave enough to really put himself out there to do something about it. He’d always hated confrontational behavior and if he had to confront one of the school teachers and point fingers at exactly who his bullies were.. then he might just never be able to live it down.

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Tbh your bacon/pumpkin "obsession" gender comparison is really interesting and spot on. Loving bacon is seen as manly and for "cool girls." Pumpkin spice anything is seen as feminine, from Starbucks coffee to soaps/candles. If a man is seen with a pumpkin spice latte, he is ridiculed because of the gender association being geared toward women. Even on tumblr where ~feminismTM~ is suppose to be strongest, people still make fun of women every Fall when the pumpkin spice items come out.

This is literally all that I was pointing out but people jumped to wild conclusions like “omg are you saying men aren’t allowed to like pumpkin spice and women aren’t allowed to like bacon?!!?!”

Like what how do people even read what i wrote and come to that conclusion???

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Can I just say I love your work? Your "It's Not A Race" comic, even though I'm not trans, still really spoke to me. Keep doing what you're doing!!

You can say that!  You are welcome to say that!  Thank you for saying that, haha!  But you actually bring up a great point:

Trans people aren’t the only ones struggling with gender!

The tricky thing about oppression is the majority are also victims alongside the minority (although to a lesser degree).  So while you might not be trans, how cool would it be if you could wear whatever the hell you wanted and not have to worry about being called names? or get weird stares? or have the validity of your cis-gender identity questioned?

There are many SO MANY cis-men that wish they could wear makeup.  And for every one of them there are probably 100 cis-women who would love to never pick up a razor and shave their legs ever again.

Why can’t they?   Gender scripting.

We all grow up thinking that gender is male and female.  And men should look and behave like THIS, and women should look and behave like THAT.

  It’s completely backwards, it’s extremely limiting, and the sooner we wake up and throw gender scripts in the garbage the better!Not saying that traditional masculine/feminine style/expression is bad?  But they shouldn’t be limited to a specific gender.  Just the opposite!