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Eddie dealing with Venom’s pregnancy cravings. Eating cartloads of chocolate and all the tater tots he can fit in his stomach, between chowing down on various types of rare to raw meat and some weird spices.

Thing is it’s going to be real hard for Eddie to say no to Venom/the cravings because they are always joined with “our baby needs it Eddie.” And like consider how much food is required just to keep one sybiote alive it’s kind of follows that growing a second one would require even more in terms of intake. Still Eddie feels like he’s eating just about every waking hour. And he doesn’t know how Venom isn’t sick of the taste of chocolate and tater tots by now because Eddie sure is. 

Venom is very insistent that they fill every craving they get as soon as they get them (possibly because of differences between biology/reproduction and how having a human host might be different to him he was just creating the child by himself but I feel like that’s a separate post idea). Which  makes it hard for Eddie to do his job. because h’ll be working on a story and suddenly craving raw fish and Venom is alert and wanting to IMMEDIATELY go get it. Our spawn needs it. No we cannot wait 5 more minutes do you not care about them!? 

Honestly by the time the child is born/spawned Eddie has become able to completely not think about what he’s eating just because it’s easier for him that way. 

The Falcon: *caws*

Zane: Really?

The Falcon: *caws*

Zane: Oh Wow I would have never seen it that way.

Skylor: I’m sorry but can he actually talk to that bird or is he just messing with us?

Kai: Knowing him, it may very well be both…

22th days promt: Goth/ punk

I just slapped a gothish outfit on Jack. Yupp, that’s it.


Hopya like et!

Thanks for getting me into Darkest Dungeon Charlie, you’re the plague doc to my highwayman <3 

hey so not to be #dramatique but seeing as I’ve been harassed by both sides of the “anti discourse” at this point, if ya’ll mutuals could do me a favor and tag it that would be great, I kind of just don’t want to see it anymore because it reminds me of Bad Times.  This includes the recent AO3 discourse, and hell, fandom discourse in general.  I know a couple of you already tag it and I appreciate that very much <3 thanks all!!