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Request: Barry overhears you talking with Caitlin one day about how hot Oliver Queen is so he tries to impersonate him. But when that doesn’t work he starts making fun of him and the reader is really confused until Cisco explains it to them.

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Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are predators, and will eat almost anything they can catch including insects, small fish and crustaceans. They will also eat fish eggs, including the eggs of other rainbow trout, and will scavenge on leftover carcasses as well.

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crocs are more related to birds than they are to lizards??

Yep! A bird is a crocodile’s closest living relative and vice versa. Furthermore the group that comprises birds and crocodiles are more related to turtles than they are to the group containing lizards and snakes. 

Reptile is a very iffy and wishy washy biological term, which, if it has to be used properly, includes not only birds, but a huge number of extinct animal groups. Animals that we would think of as reptiles today, lizards, snakes, turtles, crocodiles, are just the last living branches of this huge group. 

You can look at a proposed reptile tree of life here, but I’ll explain it a bit too. 

Crocodiles and birds are the last living representatives of a reptile sub group known as the archosaurs (meaning ancient lizards), which also included pterosaurs and the dinosaurs (and of course, birds ARE dinosaurs). Archosaurs are closely related to and share a common ancestor with another group called the Pantestudines (meaning all shelled ones) of which the only living representatives are turtles and tortoises, but the group also included in the past the plesiosaurs, icthyosaurs etc. - the marine reptiles. 

The Archosaurs and the Pantestudines form a larger group called the Archosauromorpha (ancient lizard formed) which shares a common ancestor with another such group, the Lepidosauromorpha (Scaled lizard formed) which includes the order Squamata (Scaly) - modern snakes and lizards. 

The many similarities between crocs and lizards are either convergent (evolved independently) or plesiomorphic, i.e. reflective of the ancestral state of the reptillian common ancestor between the two. Birds have many derived traits (traits different from the ancestral state) such as feathers, endothermy, beaks etc. yet this does not mean that they are more distantly related to lizards than crocodiles are. The last common ancestor between crocodiles and lizards, and the last common ancestor between birds and lizards is the same animal. You can’t differentiate between them. The split that separated the ancestor of crocodiles and the ancestor of birds occurred after the split from the ancestor of lizards. Because birds have gained more derived traits, it gives the false impression that they are more distantly related to crocodiles, who have retained many ancestral reptilian traits. But both taxa still survive, both have experienced the same amount of evolutionary time since their ancestral split, millions of years after they split from the ancestor of modern lizards. 

The Signs as Things my English teacher said

Aries: Man, I’m an a$$hole.

Taurus: I know there are people here I don’t like to work with.

Cancer: You see me dressed like a basic white guy and you’re like: he’s probably corny. Maybe gay.

Gemini: I don’t care where you go. If you want to go french you’re girlfriend on the 5th floor, go ahead, I don’t care!

Leo: Hahaha that’s what you get hoe!

Virgo: I’m not going to fritter away my money on liquor and hoes.

Libra: You know how those old racist white men are….

Scorpio: And shot the little f**ker right in between the eyes!

Sagittarius: They could be real kinky, I don’t know.

Aquarius: Oh a hand job, those are nice.

Capricorn: Do you kiss on the first date? I don’t know, have sex on the first date?

Pisces: I’m 38 and white, I don’t know about that stuff. I know how about white stuff, like how to cook salmon.

2:31 AM

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Oneshot, angsty and fluffy!

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden

Summary: “Well, what else am I supposed to think!” I yell. “You barely talk to me anymore, you have secret phone calls, you sneak out at night, and you come back smelling like perfume!”

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Glad you're doing pretty good! I am learning how to cook salmon and will spend this weekend sleeping since I will not be working. How are you spending your weekend?

That’s awesome!! Since you’re cooking salmon i’m going to share with you my mom’s amazing recipe to make ur salmon taste especially amazing (in my opinion) NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO USE LEMON!!!! Lemon offsets the super fishy smell:

  • Lemon
  • Garlic
  • Cumin
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Onions
  • Cilantro
  • Olive Oil
  • Paprika
  • Ginger or Cloves (if ur feeling extra spicy)

i realize this is completely unhelpful cuz this has no measurements & stuff but idk how to like…….. idk cuz i dont measure i just use my best judgment 

my weekend will be spent in full work mode!!! with the occasional nap :)

This post is part of The Student Guide. See the full project here or the intro post to the Study Methods series here.

In this post I’m going to be covering in detail some different methods that can be used when studying foreign languages. This was one of the faqs I received in the survey I sent out on studying, and it caught my interest because although I don’t study a language at school, I’m considering picking one up in my own time. I thought that by researching the topic for a post I may be able to gain some useful ideas myself as well as suggest them to you guys. I’ve sorted this post into three sections - one on starting to learn a language, one on exam prep, and one on acquiring further skills. You should think of it as a sort of step-by-step guide to succeeding at a language study. Here goes:

1. Class Time / Actually Learning The Language

My biggest tip on beginning learning a language is to start by taking a class or studying with someone who knows the language. While you can teach yourself a lot in later stages, it is better to be taught at first as you don’t want your initial mistakes to go uncorrected. Taking a class in language isn’t limited to what you do at school - other options include taking an external class, getting a native speaker you know to tutor you, or participating in online forums where people will correct any mistakes you make. 

In terms of note-taking and study methods to use when initially learning a language, I’d suggest the following:

  • Use two colours in your notes, one for your native language and one for vocab in the language you are learning. Here is an example of how I used to employ this method when writing my French notes.
  • If your language of study has gendered nouns, learn vocab with the gender attached. An example of how to do this is by including the gender in your notes and on any flashcards you make.
  • When taking notes, incorporate examples on how to use each rule or phrase in extended writing. My biggest problem when learning French was that I new individual words and rules, but I struggled to string a sentence together.
  • Read the examples you make out loud in order to master pronunciation. 

2. Exam Prep

If you are learning a language at school, chances are that you will need to take tests / exams on it. These exams might include components on writing, reading comprehension, listening skills and speaking. I’ve broken this section down into tips for each seperate task type, as different methods work best for each one.

To prepare for writing questions:

  • Use this method to quickly acquire the vocabulary and knowledge required to express yourself in your language of study. While the vocab included in the method is limited to under 300 words, it is enough to allow you to answer most generalised questions in writing.
  • Make mind-maps / posters / cheatsheets / flowcharts explaining how to use each grammatical rule or construct you have covered in class. Display them on your wall and use them as reference when doing practice problems.
  • Create a masterlist of vocabulary words specific to the topics you have studied. This is different to the first method, as it involves more specialised words (such as ones describing food, family or hobbies) that go beyond general expression of ideas. 
  • Turn all words on your masterlist onto flashcards. You can keep some of these in your pencil case or bag, and you can stick others to the object that they describe (e.g. Stick the translation of ‘bedroom’ on your bedroom door). 

To prepare for reading comprehension questions:

  • Many of the tips I suggested for writing are useful for reading too!
  • Practice identifying the information that is relevant to answering a question. For example, if the question asks “what was Eliza doing at three in the afternoon”, you’d need to scan the text for words such as “hour”, “three” “afternoon” “to do” and “Eliza”.

To prepare for listening questions:

  • Spend time listening to people talking in your language of study so that you are confident in identifying words despite the speed at / accent with they may be spoken.
  • Again, know how to listen for the information relevant to answering the question. 
  • Practice writing fast, as you may need to take down information in your language of study almost as fast as someone is speaking.

To prepare for speaking / oral tests:

  • Just talk a lot in your language of study. This is definitely a case of practice makes perfect. You can do this by reading your notes or writing random paragraphs to read.
  • Make a sheet with questions you may be asked and possible answers you could give. Practice reading these aloud, first while referencing your sheet and later from memory.
  • Try having a conversation with a friend who is also learning the language.

3. Acquiring Further Skills

If you want to do particularly well at a language, or if you are interested in learning it outside of school, there are lots of things you can do to extend your skills. Here are some ideas that will make you more fluent in your language of choice if you do them often enough:

  • Use sites such as Duolingo to learn a wider variety of vocab.
  • Find someone on Tumblr or another site that speaks your language of study fluently, and talk to them via chat in that language. You could even become penpals.
  • Keep a diary in the language you are studying! This is a great way to make sure you are practicing regularly, and it will help you learn a lot of the language that is required for everyday communication. 
  • Watch or read the news in your language of study. This will help improve your listening and reading comprehension skills respectively, and will also teach you new vocabulary relevant to current issues.
  • You could also read a simple book in the language you are learning, or watch a movie / tv show with subtitles. 


I hope these tips are of some use to those of you who are studying / considering studying a foreign language. I’ve only ever learnt a language (French) at a very basic level, so I don’t have much experience in studying language, but I hope my advice was useful regardless. Next up in the Study Methods series will be a post explaining how to employ a particular study method. I’m not sure exactly what it will be yet, but I should have it done in 1-2 weeks.
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Sometimes I like to blindly scroll through my Danny Pino folder and post the picture (or set of pictures) the cursor lands on. I hope y’all are hungry.

Valaken-Cilerus, one of the many gods in my OCverse, was one of few to give up his godhood in exchange for a physical body with which to roam among humanity. He made this decision out of curiosity and intrigue, deciding that life watching only passively was not one that he wanted to participate in. When he took physical form he made his home in Shaga’Roth, the northern mountain kingdom. He is usually travelling since observance is why he stopped being a god in the first place. He will typically stay in Shaga’Roth but enjoys the weather in Port Caell, the western coast kingdom as well.

Gods who give up their omniscience and ability to use most of their powers cannot ascend to godhood ever again once this decision is made. However they remain immortal and must continue to manage their godly responsibilities.

In this case Valaken is the god of death and acts as a source for necromancy. He can no longer practice this magic but instead can give the powers to those who he deems fit to have it. Once a god transfers their magic to another they become partially responsible for assisting with the God’s responsibilities. He has given his powers to very few people in his centuries walking among the living. Nobody is really sure how he decides who to give this power to and many people have tried in the past. 

Valaken doesn’t form close bonds with people in a traditional sense. He seems cold to many but is honestly a nice guy. Though he can be a bit strange occasionally, this is largely due to his time spent as a God, especially one of death. Understandably when you manage death you tend to never get too close to living things on an emotional level. Because of this he may show his appreciation or happiness in strange ways. Needless to say he has no expression of interest in love or sexuality either. 

As conflicts arise, Valaken is rumored to be seen by the sidelines of major battles. He believes that the most true showing of a beings soul is when they are engaged in war. 

What would he see in your soul?

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Prompt: Ransom asks Holster why they don't share clothes like best friends Jack and Bitty do and Holster has no good way to express how MUCH he's not wearing the salmon shorts

“Dude, did you see? That’s Jack’s fucking shirt.”

“What?” Holster has his mouth around a hard-boiled egg and isn’t paying any attention.

Ransom nods at the dining hall doors, through which Bitty has just exited. “He is wearing Jack’s fucking shirt. Shit, those two are so tight. I’m super jealous, dude.”

Maybe it’s the lack of coffee, but Holster’s not following what Ransom’s getting at. “So what? They’ve been besties since the middle of last year. No big.”

“It is a big, dude. It is a very big.” Ransom is frowning. But not at the door; he’s frowning at Holster.

Holster gets nervous. “Fuck. What?”

“How come you don’t wear my clothes?”

Oh, shit. “Are you fucking shitting me?”

“Holtzy. You’re my bestest friend in the whole wide world, but your style fucking sucks. You need to borrow my shit.”

“Okay. Stop.” Holster is sufficiently perturbed now that he puts down the remainder of the hard-boiled egg and stands. “Do not try to push your god-awful style on me.”

“The hell? I take that as a personal insult, man.”

“Salmon shorts. ‘Nuff said.”

“Those shorts are the fucking bomb. Do I need to tell you how chicks dig those shorts?”


“They make my ass look heavenly. Heavenly. A girl has actually used the word heavenly to refer to my ass, in those shorts.”


“Holtzy, believe. Believe in the power of the shorts.”

“I can’t.” Holster grabs his bag. “I can’t do this. I can’t with you and your shorts.”

“Aw. Come on, dude. I am trying to help and support you, my man. Aw, come on. Don’t go away mad.” But Holster is already shaking his head and making his way toward the doors. He doesn’t need this shit.

Besides, once he maaaaay have tried on the shorts when Rans wasn’t home. They did not make his ass look heavenly. Or anything else, for that matter. But they did ride up uncomfortably in the crotch area. It’s an experience he’s not eager to have again.

Friendship is golden and all, but salmon shorts are just not for some people.

The scary horrible thing about clinical depression is that it can hit you any time, for no reason, from zero to freight train in a second.

At the grocery store I’m thinking about how to grill this salmon, and the next moment my chest caves inward like a curled up canvas of wax paper in a cruel gnarled fist. It’s the familiar feeling of drowning in slowly frothing grief, like disappearing in acid. It’s almost too familiar. I’m trying not to weep. I tell myself, Everything’s fine, everything’s fine, a cognitive trick to pull you out of the falling, but nothing is fine, nothing is fine. There’s nothing I can do. My basket full of trinkets is weightless and too heavy at the same time. I see people rushing to somewhere, but the illusion of significance slips away from me in a long, defeated sigh. I hate this part. My shoulders crumple because I’ve stopped holding them up. I can barely look at the cashier and I don’t remember paying when he hands me the receipt. I can’t turn on music in the car; it’s unbearable to turn the wheel. I’m someone else’s ghost in someone else’s body.

I wish I could tell you I snapped out of it. I wish I could say it gets easier each time. But I never know how long it’s going to be. I never know when the colors will come back. I never know if this will be the one that wins.

The worst thing about clinical depression is that it can do whatever it wants with you. It has no rules or code or fairness or dignity. I have every reason to be happy, but I’m completely debilitated and naked. It’s a cheater. It’s a liar that sells truth.

I know I have to fight for air. I know I have to crawl for every inch of territory that’s stolen. I know I cannot make decisions unless I talk with someone first. I know there’s so much worse going on in the world, and the war inside doesn’t even compare. I know. It doesn’t make the fog lift any faster.

I can only claw for breath. I reach for every scrap of surface to escape this tunnel. I can’t let it win. By the tiniest shred of sight, I crawl.

– J.S.