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Pedantic Fade Research

I needed to do something solely for myself outside of the anxiety-fueled mess that leads up to Pratt’s survey (it’s a show/presentation). My body is decomposing alive (excessive overwork), but this was very, very calming. Drawing people sleeping is nice! See y’all on the other side, after May 4. 

Hello! You might remember me as a person who sometimes draws comics on this site! I’ve been busy as heck with end-of-term work and also some work-related travel(!), so it’s taken me a while to get everything done and then also remember how to draw. The good news is that I’m working on a new Summer Comic Project–

–and the other good news is that I’m drawing it completely print-ready for once, so I’m hoping to make some A5 minicomic booklets out of it (and possibly some older material). The bad news is that there’s no way I’m gonna have it done in time to print/assemble it for Anime North in May so I won’t be able to hand out freebies and probably won’t be attending the con at all due to work/budget restrictions. (Everyone else have fun, though! Especially you fellow artists!) The consolation is that I’m hoping to finish this thing in batches and then post it a few pages at a time based on where it’ll split up naturally.  

P.S. I’m still trying to sort out the JJL timeline in my head. It’s really weird to be making something that you want to be at least plausible while running with the limited information that you have in the moment.  So many things make so little sense as they stand now…


Hippity-hop Lucio Candy/Slime Stimboard


I adore you.

Reblog for warmup doodles of your OCs

Something i’ve wanted to do for a long time is make a post for me to have a list of ‘warm up doodles’

Cause I always need to doodle something before I start working on commissions and comics and things; So!

Reblog this with reference pictures/things of your OC and I’ll draw them for my warmups! There’s no time frame or limit to it! <3 I always love having something to draw. Though it may take awhile if the list gets long! I’ll happily do them <3 —  It’ll probably be a doodle in one of these styles [cause they’re easiest and quickest for me]

[Alternatively You can also just look at my work here commissions / arttag / Comic ]

I also LOVE seeing other people’s OCs! Tell me about them!! I will happily listen!!!!! <3<3 

Edit: added the link to a list that I’ll be making of whom I will draw on my page


ODO: Tell me again. What’s going to happen when we get there?
ROM: We fly straight into the atomic explosion, expose the kemacite to the beta radiation and engage the warp engines. If we have enough kemacite, we should be able to create a reverse time warp and ride it home.
NOG: My dad! Always thinking. 

so on my askblog for Ethan, since it’s a newer account or whatever, tumblr suggests random posts from blogs that may be vaguely related to what I post/follow or that are popular or whatever to see if it’s something I’d be interested in

and so, I was scrolling through my dash on there yesterday and this got suggested to me:

and I was like “yeh okay, I don’t see why no-”



Tumblr ate the other post … so here is a redone version.

My sister loves @emuyh-art‘s spideypool au and showed me this so I had to draw it for her.


*slams fists on table* H E I G H T  D I F F E R E N C E 

feat. mah boys :D

i had a lot of fun with this, and it kinda tackles, like, several childhood au head cannons at once

  • keith starts off looking more like his dad, but as he grows up, more of his mother’s traits show (hair becomes more purple and floofy)
  • keith had to drop the bowl cut eventually cause his hair got too wild, now he does what he can to keep it at least a little tame (Lance: “He has legendary bedhead.”)
  • meanwhile, lance got his appearance under control (read: got super attractive)
  • keith was a soccer kid (but later got into knives?)
  • lance can eat whatever he wants and not gain any weight (keith is jealous)
  • they officially get together when they’re 17

god i love them


There was someone in my inbox talking about hair-down Kuroo and the first thing I thought was “it’s been a while since I’ve last made Bokuto feel gay over Kuroo’s hair hasn’t it”


northern downpour - panic! at the disco


gif request meme + hs yearbook award themes:
@aileenaison asked: bsd + most changed 


magnus playing with his rings


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 5 Year Anniversary - My Name is Lizzie Bennet - Ep: 1 (April 9th 2012)

Who am I? I’m a 24 year old grad student with a mountain of student loans, living at home and preparing for a career.

I haven’t animated in so long??