how'd you end up all alone

wee hours of the morning indeed! yeesh! it is FULLY day time outside! oops! (O AO) well! (-^ O^-) i promised @jathis and @marlonbookcase some Matt/Techie fluff, and i’m a lady of my words as often as i possibly can be! HAHHAHA! XD sadly~ no time for shading though… *sigh* i drew this too lovingly and ran out of time… i can only give myself so many hours a day that aren’t for commissions while my plate is still so full! (^  v ^);; (and really… i should have gone to sleep hours ago! lets be real! LOL!) still! i think it turned out pretty damn cute!!! Jathis had sent me a zillion prompts in the past and i went for the one about Matt having to go to Iso (Dredd AU prison) ~ cuz fuck if that boy wont learn to regret his actions when he has to leave such a sweet little birdy all alone… heheheh~ (-^ ___^-) thanks for your patience guys! hope you like it! night night Tumblr family! <3